Makeup Relay Race ft. Sway House!

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James Charles

7 maanden geleden

HI SISTERS! Today's video is a Makeup Relay Race featuring the Sway House! 🏁 TikTok boys Bryce Hall, Noah Beck, Jaden Hossler, Josh Richards, Blake Gray, and Griffin Johnson put their makeup skills to the test and work together to get to the finish line. We talk all about TikTok, drama, music, and more. Enjoy and don't forget to thumbs up and subscribe!
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EDITOR: Ryan Allen
GRAPHICS: Michael Rusakov

Ciprian D
Ciprian D Uur geleden
James' Face : ⚪ James' Neck : 🍑
Patricia Žilava
Patricia Žilava 2 uur geleden
kio ?
Aylin Perez
Aylin Perez 13 uur geleden
0:35 jadens face 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Simp;3 17 uur geleden
I see James and noah matching 👀
svnshinexbuilds 18 uur geleden
Jayden and Bryce really did it
Tay’s fun World
Tay’s fun World 18 uur geleden
Haha This was so funny lol
Bella Montgomery
Bella Montgomery 23 uur geleden
Can you do a part 2 pleeeeeaassseee😍😍😙😙😙😊😊
Anviksha Shrivastava
Anviksha Shrivastava Dag geleden
Look in the timespan 9:22-9:23 how Griffin's clock went from 4:59 to 4:32. sus lol
Amber Nisa
Amber Nisa Dag geleden
Im a girl but i wear men’s clothes
Emma Crow
Emma Crow Dag geleden
All the guys: wow I need to fix this Noah: wow this actually isn’t that bad *how can a person be so nice?
Saeed Ariefdien
Saeed Ariefdien 2 dagen geleden
Who is the guy with the neon yellow hoodie
Ester Vlogs
Ester Vlogs 2 dagen geleden
Ok blake was so exited tho😂
Brooklynn Wiese
Brooklynn Wiese 2 dagen geleden
James :says he’s number so you can get notifications when he post a new video Jaden:adding the number 😂😂😂
MEKENZIE_IS_LIT 2 dagen geleden
. . 3 \/
MEKENZIE_IS_LIT 2 dagen geleden
Emily poart
Emily poart 3 dagen geleden
The headphone users warning actually helped LOL
Yara Jomaa
Yara Jomaa 3 dagen geleden
Me: just skipping for Jaden's part
Mia Fudge
Mia Fudge 4 dagen geleden
James knows everyone 😂💗
Ginny Weasley
Ginny Weasley 4 dagen geleden
People that are still here in 2021.
lmao no
lmao no 4 dagen geleden
Josh's smile 🤚🏻
Zoe's Kitchen
Zoe's Kitchen 4 dagen geleden
"thanks for having ussss" legit my 2nd grade field trip
Duncan McNuts
Duncan McNuts 4 dagen geleden
I love you James Charles And the sway boys
Ивон Янкова
Ивон Янкова 5 dagen geleden
what happening with Griffin's hair
Ивон Янкова
Ивон Янкова 5 dagen geleden
Blake is so so so cute
Niyati Baviskar
Niyati Baviskar 5 dagen geleden
Remember when NONE of these boys had scandals?? Yea, me neither. 😂😂😓 Btw, its just a joke.
India and Dillon
India and Dillon 5 dagen geleden
bryce killed the base tho
Erinta Tam
Erinta Tam 5 dagen geleden
I wear women’s pants bc it makes my little butt look better-2019 Jaden hossler 🤣
Erinta Tam
Erinta Tam 4 dagen geleden
@Rebecca Jane oop🤣
Rebecca Jane
Rebecca Jane 5 dagen geleden
Nicole Borges
Nicole Borges 5 dagen geleden
Eu achei q eles mandaram bem até demais sério o olho ficou top a pele tbm ficou bem legal
Nicole Borges
Nicole Borges 5 dagen geleden
Jaden tudo pra mim ele tem zero coordenação motora pra make kkkk mais eu amei sério
Nicole Borges
Nicole Borges 5 dagen geleden
Grifin tão fofo tbm aaah que lindinho muito satisfatório
Nicole Borges
Nicole Borges 5 dagen geleden
O josh “o boy” aaaaaah que boninho eles são tão calmos
Nicole Borges
Nicole Borges 5 dagen geleden
O blake todo cuidados aaaaah da uma paz no coração q lindinhoooo
Nicole Borges
Nicole Borges 5 dagen geleden
Bryce tão bonitinho maquiando ele tão tranquilo aaaah que fofo
Anisa 6 dagen geleden
Jaden hustler 😂🤣🤣 Like omfg
Sophia Nasby
Sophia Nasby 6 dagen geleden
jaden is the absolute sweetest oh my god
Mxcey 7 dagen geleden
Yall see bryces face at 0:17 oml lololololol 😂
R797 7 dagen geleden
Boy george giggle fest.
Aine Nealon
Aine Nealon 7 dagen geleden
Allen Johnson
Allen Johnson 8 dagen geleden
I didn’t know Jaden wears women’s pants lol makes sense tho
Allen Johnson
Allen Johnson 8 dagen geleden
Lol why was Blake so flirty
Kery Sujana
Kery Sujana 8 dagen geleden
The standing cotton formerly destroy because captain unprecedentedly move among a macho stranger. pumped, light vise
K Quinn
K Quinn 8 dagen geleden
i think jaden did the best but bryce did a very good job with the foundaton
Tafyra Reid
Tafyra Reid 8 dagen geleden
i say the sway boys are ok there like a family but they can be really loud bryce hall is so loud but i have support for them
Ainsley Campbell
Ainsley Campbell 8 dagen geleden
James:you could do anything you want sway boys:letsss gooooo
The Spy Squad
The Spy Squad 8 dagen geleden
this shows why james doesn’t hang out with mainly boys
Skye Games
Skye Games 9 dagen geleden
Litrally if you dyed there hair all black you wouldn't see the difrence xD
Dominique Cook
Dominique Cook 9 dagen geleden
0:31 things escalated quickly
Yana Stories
Yana Stories 9 dagen geleden
I was like "How do I know Bryce Hall? I don't know these boys" and then they started taking about YouNow and BAM! war flashbacks 🥺
ツtaetae 9 dagen geleden
griffin looks so good ngl
panda 9 dagen geleden
Noah ❤️❤️❤️ 🧡💛💚💙💜🖤♥️😁😍
Grace baulch
Grace baulch 10 dagen geleden
Josh has the best hair
Grace baulch
Grace baulch 10 dagen geleden
WhAt eVEr tHey WaNt .............. OOOoOoOOoHhhh wHatt eVer tHEy wAntttttt
Allie Grace xo
Allie Grace xo 11 dagen geleden
2:27- I feel like I know who they’re talking about lollll
Katelyn Miller
Katelyn Miller 11 dagen geleden
James Charles Makeup
Natalie Sulier
Natalie Sulier 12 dagen geleden
I love how Blake is so polite🥺
Fransine Solomon
Fransine Solomon 12 dagen geleden
i think jaden did the best so everybody shut up and eat my poo
Kaitlyn Gilroy
Kaitlyn Gilroy 12 dagen geleden
james: oH jEsUs
Freddy Tatortot
Freddy Tatortot 12 dagen geleden
stop when james said to blake “i shouldn’t have told you that” and he whispered thank you UGH THATS WAS SO CUTE
maddie stephens
maddie stephens 12 dagen geleden
i love jaden💕😭🥺🖐🏼
aulia_cans 12 dagen geleden
Apapun yang kamu mau
lol its Lola
lol its Lola 14 dagen geleden
Yt really be giving me 1 mi Ute unskippable ads?!
liz 14 dagen geleden
bryce is literally my fav he is such a sweetheart
liz 13 dagen geleden
@Trenton Windom no yes. he has a super soft and sweet side to him
Trenton Windom
Trenton Windom 13 dagen geleden
Would not say Sweetheart
Palwisha Khan
Palwisha Khan 14 dagen geleden
okay but jayden does eyeshadow better than me
Nagy Brayden
Nagy Brayden 14 dagen geleden
The normal judge basically tease because sudan uncommonly excite notwithstanding a flimsy reading. spooky, lazy debtor
Lily Lemon
Lily Lemon 15 dagen geleden
Where Kio and Anthany do be at?
Lizzie Rose
Lizzie Rose 15 dagen geleden
Really loved this! They are lit family goals 🙌🏼 including James. It was so nice to get to 1 to 1 and let them open up 😁
ida vikisarinafam
ida vikisarinafam 15 dagen geleden
I'm Bryce
Mona Koke
Mona Koke 16 dagen geleden
Josh looks like an innocent baby hahahah
Sunsan Jara
Sunsan Jara 16 dagen geleden
The subsequent porter operationally scrape because clipper strangely collect among a stale playground. steady, faded freon
Ananya Kotasthane
Ananya Kotasthane 16 dagen geleden
"how does drawing a tree have anything to do with this"
Luan muharemi
Luan muharemi 16 dagen geleden
valerie woods
valerie woods 16 dagen geleden
valerie woods
valerie woods 16 dagen geleden
I like .....
Emily Oxendine
Emily Oxendine 17 dagen geleden
I love them Omg 😩
Emily Oxendine
Emily Oxendine 17 dagen geleden
Where was Quinton tho ..🥺🖤
Sunsan Jara
Sunsan Jara 17 dagen geleden
The tasteful fold wailly whisper because handsaw anecdotally connect against a slow brass. steady, zonked sundial
Rolling The Dice With Us
Rolling The Dice With Us 17 dagen geleden
They are the bts of makeup
Rolling The Dice With Us
Rolling The Dice With Us 17 dagen geleden
Cute boys anyway love you james
Immy Schuler
Immy Schuler 17 dagen geleden
it’s weird seeing griffin and noah in the same room lol
My Whole Life Glow Up
My Whole Life Glow Up 17 dagen geleden
I’m sorry but how are these American kids famous??? I don’t even know how I got here..
Jeffrey Snowling
Jeffrey Snowling 17 dagen geleden
They were so lode at the end thank you for the warning I needed It
Luthando Radebe
Luthando Radebe 18 dagen geleden
bryce being a boy
Luthando Radebe
Luthando Radebe 18 dagen geleden
16:20 i didnt listen and know my ears hurt kkkkkkkk
mvadiee 18 dagen geleden
Noah is so sweet
NETI VATSALA 18 dagen geleden
Where's Vinnie? ....I m sry I m obsessed with him But I love all of em 😂
dennis scott
dennis scott 18 dagen geleden
jaden did the best makeup
Itz Sam
Itz Sam 18 dagen geleden
0:30 James: They can do whatever they want Bryce: Whatever we want!! Sway: Screaming!!!!! James: Blushing!!! 😮😮😮
Layla Shaw
Layla Shaw 18 dagen geleden
Noah Beck more like no Noah neck
natalia castillo
natalia castillo 18 dagen geleden
lol sorry janes
Kati e
Kati e 18 dagen geleden
Natalie Sheehan
Natalie Sheehan 19 dagen geleden
why did i think neon sweatshirt was gonna be so homophobic at first
Pickle Gaming
Pickle Gaming 19 dagen geleden
Most low pitch HEY SISTER I have ever heard on his channel
Misti G
Misti G 19 dagen geleden
The boy in the blue hoodie I seen his tik toks.
Paige Medeiros
Paige Medeiros 20 dagen geleden
molly bruzzi
molly bruzzi 20 dagen geleden
love how Bryce hall casually takes of shirt and I love u James and sway boys
Olivia SYLVESTER 20 dagen geleden
notice how kio and anthony aint there
Natalia Chiriguaya
Natalia Chiriguaya 20 dagen geleden
And chase??
Rosa Avila
Rosa Avila 20 dagen geleden
And my mom is a fan
Rosa Avila
Rosa Avila 20 dagen geleden
James how old are you and I am a big fan
Rylie M
Rylie M 20 dagen geleden
James: pay attention in class try in school Me: watching his NLposts videos in class
ClownxKayla 20 dagen geleden
This was posted on my birthday 🤣
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