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When a ferocious storm leaves a man adrift in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean he quickly realises help isn't coming any time soon. For 76 days he must adapt to his new surroundings in the deep blue to fight off an endless bombardment of life-threatening blows. From starvation to dehydration, and insanity to predators. This is well and truly a fight for survival.
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Wonder 9 maanden geleden
Steve published a book about his incredible story titled “Adrift: Seventy-six Days Lost at Sea”. We wanted to share our favourite quote from the book, just in case any of you need some positive words today... "Dreams, ideas, and plans not only are an escape, they give me purpose, a reason to hang on." - Steve Callahan 💜
Anizar Tiawarman
Anizar Tiawarman 2 dagen geleden
Hunie 5 dagen geleden
They ever figure out what caused the sink?
Ferial Khaled
Ferial Khaled 8 dagen geleden
Vir Sanghavi
Vir Sanghavi 9 dagen geleden
Vir Sanghavi
Vir Sanghavi 9 dagen geleden
you can reply to a reply to a reply
Chozer 13 minuten geleden
my question is why diden't he use the tin can to collect rain water with?
Zoro 21 minuut geleden
لي منعند قادة و ميلود يكومونتي نشوفو رواحنا 🥀🥀🥀🥀
Robert culepa
Robert culepa 28 minuten geleden
Dziękować Bogu że człowiek przeżył tylko Bogu !!!
Michael Dalpiaz
Michael Dalpiaz Uur geleden
Similar to what happened back in 1978. Two Italian sailors spent 78 days adrift in the arctic sea after their sailing ship sunk.
Marcia Hudson-Vassell
Marcia Hudson-Vassell 2 uur geleden
Amazing true story. GOD was with you. This was no coincidence. Thank GOD you made it.
shaher aldarwish
shaher aldarwish 2 uur geleden
make a movie out of this please
Karimxade_ 3 uur geleden
We all adore Steve’s courage and commitment but let’s start appreciating the camera man filming all this and surviving with Steve
Sean Harper
Sean Harper 4 uur geleden
He lived to tell the tail
Mary Haleney
Mary Haleney 4 uur geleden
Steve published a book about his incredible story titled “Adrift: Seventy-six Days Lost at Sea”. We wanted to share our favourite quote from the book, just in case any of you need some positive words today... "Dreams, ideas, and plans not only are an escape, they give me purpose, a reason to hang on." - Steve Callahan 💜
predictonz 4 uur geleden
Thats crazy how there was a camera man with him the whole time and didn't die for not eating for 76 days
Sarah Kim
Sarah Kim 4 uur geleden
He suffered unnessacerry for too much long time. If he only asked God to help him, He could have been saved a lot earlier. I experienced so many miracle after I prayed
Kamal Wilders
Kamal Wilders 6 uur geleden
We still saw his “night” at the ocean with light imagine this guy’s real life time of it during night time at the ocean its dark asf you cant clearly see nothing only the moon man that would be scary asf
Space X
Space X 7 uur geleden
Pls make a documentary on 435 days at ocean
Seo Cante
Seo Cante 10 uur geleden
Very bad actor who play this or its the bad director
Joy Regala
Joy Regala 10 uur geleden
my god,I can't stop crying 😭💔
Arjunan S
Arjunan S 13 uur geleden
If i were in your place, i would have lost hope.. you're great
Noah The king
Noah The king 14 uur geleden
I watched all
Chris Ralph
Chris Ralph 14 uur geleden
We are watching this because this guy CHOSE not to give up. Perhaps you are watching this and there's some areas of your life that is like an ordeal. You need to know that there's always hope. With God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit, nothing is impossible. There's always hope.
Jay jaytv
Jay jaytv 15 uur geleden
At 9:20 the wave saved his life ❤️
Edwin Rodriguez
Edwin Rodriguez 17 uur geleden
This man has lived all of our fears
Laura Kaspar
Laura Kaspar 18 uur geleden
I feel so bad for him when he’s crying
Maxygok 4 uur geleden
Me too
God is my help Peace & love
God is my help Peace & love 19 uur geleden
All things possible with God
God is my help Peace & love
God is my help Peace & love 19 uur geleden
YoBoiiKingNoCheese 19 uur geleden
respect for the people who had to go out and find a shark attacking them
DiamondKing 21 uur geleden
there is only 1 unrealistic thing with the actor he has really white teeth
Chuck Manson
Chuck Manson 22 uur geleden
Harsha Kaligotla
Harsha Kaligotla Dag geleden
Can someone tell me the major source of his food? I dont wish to watch the entire hour
OahuSlams 23 uur geleden
it was fish and he got his water from little ocean filters :)
Doberman Dobie
Doberman Dobie Dag geleden
Lonnie Passoff
Lonnie Passoff Dag geleden
Never give up. Never surrender!
fawkes78 Dag geleden
That moment when the nearest people to you are in the International Space Station
Jin Shun Lin
Jin Shun Lin Dag geleden
Damn this is so engaging it should be a movie.
Happier Life
Happier Life Dag geleden
Incredible story, amazing video. It's just funny how the actor has different eye color than Steve :)
MrPixiles Dag geleden
“Steve has drifted an epic 700 miles” this made me laugh
Meheboob Islam
Meheboob Islam Dag geleden
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mike mailei
mike mailei Dag geleden
Is a true story?
Michael Fungazan
Michael Fungazan Dag geleden
This is nothing compared to life of pi
Islamic Legends
Islamic Legends Dag geleden
Are thses documrtys real 😊
teAM_NigentO :
teAM_NigentO : Dag geleden
This guy looks like he can walk on water
Salma Gomes
Salma Gomes Dag geleden
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Zed283 Dag geleden
The question is, how trustworthy is his recount of what happened?
Christian Skov Nielsen
Christian Skov Nielsen Dag geleden
So, no EPIRB in the raft or in the boat nor hendheld VHF? When solo crossing, why wouldn't he sleep with his VHF?
ejalTV Dag geleden
Yes Man
Yes Man Dag geleden
Story’s like this is why we need real life cinema mode
ALL CAPS BOY Dag geleden
Jasmine 52 minuten geleden
Somehow, you HAD to bring politics into this. Y'all are OBSESSED with Democrats.
Yes Man
Yes Man Dag geleden
Stfu, kinda funny tho
ALL CAPS BOY Dag geleden
Sandyarani M P.
Sandyarani M P. Dag geleden
God help those who help themselves
realyoutuber 3d
realyoutuber 3d Dag geleden
Maybe he even met titanic sink 🤣🤣🤣🤣 (No hate and dhoutout to him survive)
Yes Man
Yes Man Dag geleden
True story tho, it’s on national television
Savanna Patterson
Savanna Patterson Dag geleden
*excuse me why is he ALONE here*
Ayman Kp
Ayman Kp Dag geleden
Wait people always avoiding africans now you can see there they didn't think he is a wait we don't need to help him that is the humanity respect them
Mr BDS Raid
Mr BDS Raid Dag geleden
just a couple simple things wouldve got him rescued much sooner .. a flare gun ?? Blinking light on top of the raft
Sans Vlog
Sans Vlog Dag geleden
Explore more from Nepal
Mr BDS Raid
Mr BDS Raid Dag geleden
New idea.. make the drifting boats collect rainwater automatically into a rafts container
Osasgold King
Osasgold King Dag geleden
DiamondKing Dag geleden
this could be turned into a movie
Andy Zinck
Andy Zinck Dag geleden
He said he didn’t need people or society, he got it alright.he should have been thrilled...
brooke Larkin
brooke Larkin Dag geleden
Steve published a book about his incredible story titled “Adrift: Seventy-six Days Lost at Sea”. We wanted to share our favourite quote from the book, just in case any of you need some positive words today... "Dreams, ideas, and plans not only are an escape, they give me purpose, a reason to hang on." - Steve Callahan 💜
Josiah Caraballo
Josiah Caraballo Dag geleden
Now this is the real Oliver queen
Technical Ajaz Asghar
Technical Ajaz Asghar 2 dagen geleden
Good Story life
Dushyant Kumar
Dushyant Kumar 2 dagen geleden
Lucky him it was a shark not a kraken
Sunil Bajantri
Sunil Bajantri 2 dagen geleden
Yes it's 💯real story but acted by other great inspiration to leave life.
Super Luxury Lifestyle
Super Luxury Lifestyle 2 dagen geleden
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OMG Crazy
OMG Crazy 2 dagen geleden
Him almost at sea The camera man 🤙
Leonardo 2 dagen geleden
He is exactly Neil Strauss 😂
123 PT 28 Bristol
123 PT 28 Bristol 2 dagen geleden
Frankie Yates
Frankie Yates 2 dagen geleden
8.1k people who disliked be like: "yes we do this in regular basis thats very common u know"
emil kanestrom halvorsen
emil kanestrom halvorsen 2 dagen geleden
Nguyenhoang Son
Nguyenhoang Son 2 dagen geleden
When someone loves you, the way they talk about you is different. You feel safe and comfortable.
Tigerraupe 2 dagen geleden
36:27 me after 1 day:
gemmint77 2 dagen geleden
Amazing what the human body can live through.
Mimi S
Mimi S 2 dagen geleden
was it confirmed to be 76 days. what if it wasn't that long in reality
Jessica Silva
Jessica Silva 2 dagen geleden
I was wondering the actor looks exactly like the Steve and surprisingly its his son
Kian Habibi
Kian Habibi Dag geleden
No its not
joey fedele
joey fedele 2 dagen geleden
What 0 coochie does to a man
Mirno 2 dagen geleden
God bless
D Nesbitt
D Nesbitt 2 dagen geleden
dang. He didn’t eat in days, and I feel like I’m dying when in class I don’t have snack in an hour.
Pero djungla
Pero djungla 2 dagen geleden
Mr Steve how posibol so little boot can swimm with 1.000000kg cochones
GreenMinds Fitness Club
GreenMinds Fitness Club 2 dagen geleden
Nice life boat very durable
Bona Traveller
Bona Traveller 2 dagen geleden
Realy good.
tyrese white
tyrese white 2 dagen geleden
my question is how are they recording wtf
Menachem Mevashir
Menachem Mevashir 2 dagen geleden
His website:
Aktarmasdocs 3 dagen geleden
At least he was not running the risk of getting infected with covid.
Indian rider omkar
Indian rider omkar 3 dagen geleden
Iam today subscribe bro
f e
f e 3 dagen geleden
this is really a WONDER !...It seems, to be, that there have been energies from God or Angels....
Ranjith Ranji
Ranjith Ranji 3 dagen geleden
Camara man ellea mairea
bugsybielby 3 dagen geleden
the shark story is made up
pj 3 dagen geleden
its always the fishermen, forget these sea rescue team whatsoever. these fishermen are the real heroes.
Jono Murphy
Jono Murphy 3 dagen geleden
I'd love to know how he made that fork fix that bottom rings patch in place
Aphelele Ntlukwana
Aphelele Ntlukwana 3 dagen geleden
after watching this i realised how short life is
Human Being
Human Being 3 dagen geleden
Daniel Keerer
Daniel Keerer 3 dagen geleden
Realizing how long of a period that is. Insane
John Doe
John Doe 3 dagen geleden
This guy can literally say " I don't need anyone in my life" he's earned it
OM SHANKAR MISHRA 3 dagen geleden
hagna mootna kaha hua iska?
Aemon Satti
Aemon Satti 3 dagen geleden
Where did he poop ? Or was it constipation for two months
Aemon Satti
Aemon Satti 3 dagen geleden
This. This is the reason I don’t travel by sea
Sharp Baller
Sharp Baller 3 dagen geleden
I would need a much bigger boat to feel comfortable when sailing that far
dayik 3 dagen geleden
a imagine mapping entire ocean like that controlling marine vehicle with playstation controller antarctic google streetview ocean le monde de némo jeu vidéo a . . .
dayik 3 dagen geleden
a but is it useful to be super fat if you're in steve's situation, like the body consumes fat a .
dayik 3 dagen geleden
xaxaxa this is uploaded the day of my ban but at 40:04 it looks like instareck talking to seashell in bathroom on twitter a . i just wanna ride lanadelrey ride remix a . .
dayik 3 dagen geleden
a while watching i'm woneering how many people are in this situation.. also thinking about far cry 2 's lush vegeta état végétatiF? xaqxaxa a ;. .
dayik 3 dagen geleden
why don't they make metallic or other material life rafts, if you have enough space.
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