Automatic pool stick vs. strangers

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An automatic pool playing robot - how hard could it be? Turns out harder than I thought. It took me quite a while to work through all the difficulties of this project but when it all finally came together is so worth it. To my surprise the most interesting aspect of this project is using the cue to play real games of pool over the internet. Let me know if you think twitch plays billiards would be worthwhile...

SmarterEveryDay 2 maanden geleden
Meat servo cheats... (By the way you should totally support Shane on Patreon, like I do: )
numanumatard Dag geleden
Say no to hacksmiths
Ytbvdshrtnr 2 dagen geleden
15:13 yes, playing pool against a crowd would be worth doing
AnhThy Nguyen
AnhThy Nguyen 19 dagen geleden
Do you have the link for the pool table? Thank you.
Martin Croft
Martin Croft 21 dag geleden
yes, but can he get the ball to go supersonic?
yaldram muqadis
yaldram muqadis 22 dagen geleden
Destin knows so much yet he's still surprised by literally everything he sees
Benjamin Fraser
Benjamin Fraser 3 uur geleden
micro center is like jaycar
Hreljin 4 uur geleden
Good content. :)
Connie Grunwald
Connie Grunwald 5 uur geleden
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Kush Patel
Kush Patel 7 uur geleden
What app are you using on the iPad during min 4?
JackDNF 8 uur geleden
This is like those hackers in 8 Ball Pool that use trickshots to win everytime
Godlike Cynaddol
Godlike Cynaddol 10 uur geleden
So when are you going to the lock picking lawyer your lock?
Misac Tiba
Misac Tiba 13 uur geleden
"Everything I'm doing to make this better is making it worse" Me fine tuning cut and fill on civil 3d
Daniel Schneider
Daniel Schneider 16 uur geleden
Why does Microcenter need more publicity? If you live near one you already go there first. Not complaining, just confused
Drummer13 17 uur geleden
Easily the coolest video I’ve seem on youtube period.
Stick Brightling
Stick Brightling Dag geleden
The second yall stop shitting yourselves while giving birth, I'll start giving you a bit more credit.
AskAdam28 Dag geleden
You know, you could actually LEARN HOW TO PLAY POOL if you have all this time to PROGRAM A CUE TIP WITH ALGEBRA....
AWDSka Rus
AWDSka Rus Dag geleden
I am from Russia, but lern English. You are beter then alot of Russian NLpostsrs who have 3-4million Subscribers
Jake Sapir
Jake Sapir Dag geleden
I love Micro Center
Sommer Ray Fan
Sommer Ray Fan Dag geleden
Nice vid
Michel Young
Michel Young Dag geleden
The strange guide empirically trap because pint usually attract near a woozy bay. mountainous, proud tights
ThirrinDiamond Dag geleden
My man actually looking depressed/on the verge of tears at the end Are you ok??? Blink SOS if youre being held against your will by a rogue pool ball!
James Watson
James Watson Dag geleden
Watching this video and listening to all the work he has done is making me tired 😂
sricharan kowlali
sricharan kowlali Dag geleden
Damn! you are an inspiration man. I am an engineer myself, worked 8 hrs a day, 5 days a week and got paid reasonably. You rekindled the geek in me, I am enjoying everyday learning and building up skills. I can't thank you enough, may you stay blessed.
Asdex Deam
Asdex Deam Dag geleden
100$ eh? Welp ill just....................................... fuck!
David Spector
David Spector Dag geleden
My thought is: what is the shot that chains the most balls that you have captured on video? Can you show it to us?
aharon sidorov
aharon sidorov Dag geleden
I'm waiting on the day when this machine will be unbeatable by humans.
Coupla Conez
Coupla Conez 2 dagen geleden
You look like byron kern
b33cux cux
b33cux cux 2 dagen geleden
Teach the software Feynman diagrams
internally burned
internally burned 2 dagen geleden
This is one of the coolest contraptions I've ever seen and man this guy's dedication is unreal
Ytbvdshrtnr 2 dagen geleden
11:37 Yeah that's like a once every few months kind of thing for me, sure
Wancing Daffles
Wancing Daffles 2 dagen geleden
They're both so cute at the end 😂
Egg e
Egg e 2 dagen geleden
@stuffmadehere I've been a software developer for > 35 years and I've played pool for more years than that. I'm also a certified pool coach with the BCA. (I live in Canada though) As well, I've been to national pool championships. In the spirit of perfecting the big brain pool shot selection algorithm, If you'd to discuss pool strategy, which is my favourite part of the game, send me a message and just maybe we can make the world's first unbeatable billiard robot.
Ayush Kaiwart
Ayush Kaiwart 2 dagen geleden
Secret: he is a scientist
Daniel Stransky
Daniel Stransky 3 dagen geleden
What planet is this guy from
Fi Ha
Fi Ha 3 dagen geleden
Meanwhile I´m here proud, that I spent at least 2 hours for university.... Okay u got me, I didnt...
emiliano zamora
emiliano zamora 3 dagen geleden
Damn imagine using one of those big belts to move around the pool cue on a servo around the table and play an automatic 1v1 game of 8 ball, or maybe even go ahead with the twitch plays idea
Rad!. 3 dagen geleden
I miss Marvac in Costa Mesa.... (HOME of The AR-15)....My old home...
BadLuckCharm !
BadLuckCharm ! 3 dagen geleden
when she says, "oh please" at 20:31 i would've said, "you try it then"
Lennox Graham
Lennox Graham 3 dagen geleden
I dont think that there are any micro centres in Canada );
Deon Kgaje
Deon Kgaje 3 dagen geleden
Is there any statistician and/or Actuary here?
Deon Kgaje
Deon Kgaje 3 dagen geleden
need help with something
tehbabes 4 dagen geleden
Ok last comment/idea, swear. You could also make it so you can pit your actual pool playing ability VS your ability to program a robot to play pool against each other by making a robot that maneuvers around the table and uses the stick device to play against you! ;D
tehbabes 4 dagen geleden
WOW, ok, I totally underestimated you my guy, lol. Something I thought about after watching this: the playing online aspect of this is by far the greatest part, IMO. BUT, the online player is stuck playing on a computer interface.. how could 2 people physically play each other over the internet? Well you could both possess this device you've made and rely on it to repeat each others shot, that would probably lead to you having to develop something with a high FPS camera that heavily observes their shot to make sure it repeats the exact same hit on your side, yada yada, there's also the aspect of knowingly or unknowingly cheating like someone not holding the device in the right place or position to repeat the same results on the others table, yada yada... SOOOO, I thought about it and, I think this whole thing (physical online play) could be accomplished MUCH easier and with many benefits also. Unfortunately, it completely abandons the robot stick angle (see what I did there? ;D) of all of this. Instead, just have a robot arm above both pool tables, cameras etc to record ball movements, and after each shot is taken the robot on the other side will rearrange and remove the balls etc to match the result of the shot(s) that were made, and vice versa when the other person shoots yada yada I'm sure you're already fully seeing what I'm saying or most likely already thought of this. I think it would be absolutely HUGE as far as allowing people to play each other! And also would eliminate all the having to hold the robot stick so it can reproduce the opponents shot and all that and would pretty much be like you are really present in the same room and playing each other! :D
sponge bobsquary
sponge bobsquary 4 dagen geleden
Wayyy too smart. I only wish I can do what you do. That’s really cool man keep it up 👍
Jesse Fish
Jesse Fish 4 dagen geleden
Could you theoretically use the haircutting machine's arm to move the pool cue apparatus around for 2nd player/robot? I'm not sure how much of the "stick" could be removed but I'm guessing most of it could fit on a robot arm. Removing the "Meat Servo" would probably help if you are going to try and augment the pool algorithm vs standing around all day while you run tests.
Jonathan Tejeda
Jonathan Tejeda 4 dagen geleden
Does anyone know what app he uses for his prototype drawings?
Jonathan Tejeda
Jonathan Tejeda 4 dagen geleden
On the ipad^
tehbabes 4 dagen geleden
Before I watch this I will first say there are a few things that will largely affect the success rate of this device: the creators own knowledge and skill/experience of billiards, how level the table is, the state of each piece of slate, the quality and state of the rails (dead or stale rails or spots will seriously screw things up and make it unpredictable), the tip used and its quality, as well as chalk used. The quality of the table will have the most impact on how predictable and repeatable the ball movements will be and I'd say if it's not at least an 8ft table (doesn't look like it from the 1 frame I see), with all due respect to the awesome idea, I would honestly render the entire development useless. Not sure if anyone would care to read all if this but couldn't help it since pool and programming are my 2 favorite things in life and would love it if I could at all help with perfecting something like this!
Daniel Scholtus
Daniel Scholtus 4 dagen geleden
I wish I had the time to just dive in interesting projects I choose, learn all the cool science required and get access to all technology you get just by living in the land of freedom. Seriously, I do not envy the money you make to be able to buy all these things and tools, I believe that builds up over time, it's the access and freedom that is so mind blowing for a 3rd world resident. Be thankful man, for all of us. You're living the dream.
ajddavid452 4 dagen geleden
15:07 that'd be chaos
James 4 dagen geleden
Do this with snooker.... it would be way harder
emiliano zamora
emiliano zamora 4 dagen geleden
That ui looks like a vr game irl
nunchuckking872 4 dagen geleden
I'd vote for this guy for potus 100x over
Sharae 4 dagen geleden
Skeledon Bushcraft and Survival
Skeledon Bushcraft and Survival 4 dagen geleden
Awesome video, I have always loved billiards. I watched the part about the sponsor as well, unfortunately that does me no good since they don't have a store in my state. I would have loved to check it out, it almost reminds me of the Radio Shack back in the day, yea I'm old lol anyway thank you for everything you do 🙂 Take care and stay awesome!
theRIPPLER 4 dagen geleden
This was freaking AWESOME!
Kain Hayter
Kain Hayter 4 dagen geleden
STiTCH Lam 4 dagen geleden
Just look how much calculations our brain do in milliseconds, sub7ana Allah.
Viktor H
Viktor H 4 dagen geleden
you could me the next tony stark
Joseph Jimenez
Joseph Jimenez 4 dagen geleden
Now I wanna see Efren "Bata" Reyes vs your Cue :P
darkcloud 5 dagen geleden
.....your wife looks like the evil twin of Kirsten Dunst. and that's cool
Clément Baron
Clément Baron 5 dagen geleden
Wow this is next level
Mike 5 dagen geleden
I want one...
ODETHIOUS 5 dagen geleden
Why does his wife keep losing? She must be doing it on purpose.
Sports4u 5 dagen geleden
Everything is in God’s plan
bigbassjonz 5 dagen geleden
Extreme trick shots or solving the table in the least amount of strikes would be fun to see.
Jackson Lima
Jackson Lima 6 dagen geleden
I thought I was smart at the beginning of this video. Now I've got depression.
PK 6 dagen geleden
Please make a basketball rebounder so 1 guy can shoot hoops without having to go back under the basket, grab the ball, then walk back out 15 or 20 feet and shoot again. Have you ever seen a vibrator for harvesting nut trees? There’s a thing that looks like a round tarp that wraps around the tree to catch all the nuts when they get vibrated out of the tree. If you have something like that under the basket to catch the shots then feeds it back into the ball shooter that tracks you wherever you are on the court, then immediately fires the ball back at you. You could even have the ball shooter loaded with 4-5 balls and have it fire a ball at you as soon as it detects the ball bouncing into the retrieval net. If you got this thing to work like I know you can, you could patent it and sell millions. 3 point shooters like Larry Bird was would have loved something like this considering he used to shoot 500-1,000 shots while practicing.
3970xRocks 6 dagen geleden
Ok - you've got the job of building my robot girlfriend.
Lauren Johnson
Lauren Johnson 6 dagen geleden
#☺ 👏:💛: 💌 1% 🎅 💝
joesph houde
joesph houde 6 dagen geleden
if the stick could move itself into position could build a bunch of tables and have an online real tornament.
JKelliPjona 6 dagen geleden
imagine calculating it the way that in one shoot u can win whole game
Chris M
Chris M 6 dagen geleden
"Robots are better than us" Show me a robot that ever built a human even a robot that created, built, and programmed itself to do something for that matter....
Chris M
Chris M 5 dagen geleden
@genci cano Which came first the robot or the human?
genci cano
genci cano 5 dagen geleden
robots can build robots but it's physically impossible to build a human
virtual-adam 6 dagen geleden
12:36 This part where he used it with a normal cue would make a great commercial product, similar to Pool Live Aid that some students from Portugal made. That seems to have stalled, maybe it was too expensive to develop?
Shinigami13 6 dagen geleden
My guy said which implies I'm an idiot. I'm just like bruh you built a robot and created code what? Am I mentally challenged?
θοδωρης τεο
θοδωρης τεο 6 dagen geleden
What a brain
MeowC 6 dagen geleden
Bring in a pro
Enki Callosa
Enki Callosa 6 dagen geleden
Have you tried giving a thought using multiple cameras where it will digitally stitch the image and correct the image distortion? Could increase image precision and efficiency of imagw guessing. Anyway nice vid. Thanks
Bob Kowalski
Bob Kowalski 6 dagen geleden
Introduce RNG and better RNG gamepass alongside with it.
Bob Kowalski
Bob Kowalski 6 dagen geleden
"wife mode"
Gadzooks27 7 dagen geleden
Syahril 7 dagen geleden
How could this man, has the audacity to call himself an idiot. If he is an idiot, then what am I?
genci cano
genci cano 5 dagen geleden
Juan Rousselot
Juan Rousselot 7 dagen geleden
you are my new hero.
Muthukumaran Parathasarathy
Muthukumaran Parathasarathy 7 dagen geleden
My question is how much storage does his software’s take Rip his computer
Pietro Moopy
Pietro Moopy 7 dagen geleden
Wow 2.67M subscribers. Last time I was here it was around 200k.
Eljo Toci
Eljo Toci 7 dagen geleden
Ok honestly... I do not know much about coding but is it required to set the linear equations your self on coding or is it like a "preset" formula that you can just insert in the code and the computer sets up everything...
Raspberry 4 dagen geleden
It depends on the programming langauge and is it a common formula. He is using python so chances are he just has to call a function with the right parameters to get the results Edit: Looked at where he showed the code and now it looks like he wrote it himself (i think) but with the right libraries (basically code someone else already wrote) he wouldn't have
Roger Deutsch
Roger Deutsch 7 dagen geleden
So many fantastic Engineering challenges exposed and explained. It's fantastic that the author took on the challenge and then even better that he exposed the challenges that he struggled with. Such a cool project -- beyond words really -- and a really great and entertaining video. Thanks for sharing.
Pablo Kahura
Pablo Kahura 7 dagen geleden
Haven't subbed to anyone for over a year now but this, this I had to sub to
عودة باب الحارة
عودة باب الحارة 7 dagen geleden
i have one single question ... how much time did this project take ? you are the most genius person on NLposts.
The lucky one
The lucky one 7 dagen geleden
Coming from an engineer who did his degree in one of the most prestigious universities in the world... you sir are one hell of an engineer. Much respect
xXxYOLOSWAGWARRIORxXx 8 dagen geleden
When he didn't mention undistorting the camera I knew something bad was gonna happen there lol
Senseless Babble
Senseless Babble 8 dagen geleden
Taking shots without chalk on the cue tip is killing me!!! :-p
Video Superhero
Video Superhero 8 dagen geleden
The internet society is broken because this video should have more value, awesome stuff.
Aaron Lin
Aaron Lin 8 dagen geleden
"getting this done was about as hard as labor"
zachary kennedy
zachary kennedy 8 dagen geleden
I think the ability to connect to online pool games elevated this project from something amazing to something marketable. I could absolutely see the kind of person who puts a pool table in their basement shelling out a couple grand for a more refined version of this. Obviously not everything cool needs to be commodified though.
CV M 8 dagen geleden
increadible, great. I can't believe sby just builds a robot like this in his garage - simply genius.
Kai Y
Kai Y 8 dagen geleden
This guy is just one lab accident away from becoming a super villain!
Gabriel Cowley
Gabriel Cowley 8 dagen geleden
what's a fancy word for mistake?: 12:18 lol
Axel Foley
Axel Foley 8 dagen geleden
This fkn guy's brain humbled the hell out of me! 😖
vad199 8 dagen geleden
Какая бесполезная херня :)
Axel Foley
Axel Foley 8 dagen geleden
5:09 😆😆😆😆
T Bow
T Bow 9 dagen geleden
Does anybody ever notice the 3rd monitor on the top alway has something funny/random?
L S 9 dagen geleden
Wife: "The robot is not your kid. We've talked about this..."
Alaric Hanson
Alaric Hanson 9 dagen geleden
What are your computers specs?
Seannie Trent-Cannon
Seannie Trent-Cannon 9 dagen geleden
The microcenter ad was amazingly surprising. I didn't expect them to do this! When I worked for them, they never did advertisements.
Robert Vosburg
Robert Vosburg 9 dagen geleden
Mark Rober enters chat
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