"This is disrespectful!" | Haaland, Reyna, Reus & Co. react to their FIFA 21 Ratings

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Borussia Dortmund

11 dagen geleden

Every year the FIFA ratings cause a lot of discussion, also among the players of the BVB. Gio Reyna and Erling Haaland present the new ratings to their colleagues and discuss together whether the ratings are justified. What do you think? Write your opinion in the comments!
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zijuiy wttuy
zijuiy wttuy 6 uur geleden
FIFA, was like " Oh he's playing on the USMNT, lower his rating by -5.
John 9 uur geleden
Just kiddin', absolute nice guys, all of them! Good luck, Borussia Dortmund !
Satrio Rio
Satrio Rio 11 uur geleden
Sub indo please
Jamie MacMillan
Jamie MacMillan 14 uur geleden
Erling: I'm really happy my shooting is better than yours Marco: *pause* REALLY?! Golden 🤣
zijuiy wttuy
zijuiy wttuy 6 uur geleden
2 am at the bed , me: watching Dortmund players reacts there rating
Swag Sheesh
Swag Sheesh 14 uur geleden
Fifa is dogshit
Rafael Raimundo
Rafael Raimundo 15 uur geleden
Faltou o Reinier o rei do vapo vapo de 2019
7625e 15 uur geleden
haland face reminds me of the titans from attack on titans
Espazjan 19 uur geleden
Where is PISZCZEK?
agung leo
agung leo 20 uur geleden
Rigved Singh
Rigved Singh 21 uur geleden
Other clubs player gets angry. Dortmund laughs on each other’s rating😆😆😆
Aldo Isai Ortega Olguin
Aldo Isai Ortega Olguin 22 uur geleden
Haaland va a llegar a ser un grande en el futuro saludos desde 🇲🇽
Fifa- Legend7
Fifa- Legend7 23 uur geleden
For Haaland must be fun seeing his card go higher from silver to gold with improve stats, but for Reus probably sad seeing his card decline used to be a great card back in Fifa with his informs now EA will keep downgrading him
amer 23 uur geleden
Haaland should be 86
Mikkel Andersen
Mikkel Andersen Dag geleden
Erling Haaland best signing ever
JuanMM Dag geleden
love reus hahahaha
Nzila Ng'andu
Nzila Ng'andu Dag geleden
The new Stevie G
Ask to seduce Miss
Ask to seduce Miss Dag geleden
REAL RATING: Erling: Killerness 99, Gio: Dribbling 99, Marco: BVB-Kult 99, Mats: Basketball 99... :)
Daniel Guerra
Daniel Guerra Dag geleden
No one: Haaland to some who has more than 60 in pace: “This is too much”
x Fahd
x Fahd Dag geleden
2 am at the bed , me: watching Dortmund players reacts there rating
T K Dag geleden
Reyna underrated
Ask to seduce Miss
Ask to seduce Miss Dag geleden
Leonard Jr
Leonard Jr Dag geleden
Pause at 0:27 AHAHAHAHAH
"Shooting not bad, 51" jajaja
Tony McCarthy72
Tony McCarthy72 Dag geleden
N ahhh
Jaime Rodriguez
Jaime Rodriguez Dag geleden
It’s disrespectful when Halaand has 87 shot > benzema 85
NiLau Dag geleden
Ur capshyonz be broken fam, me don't understand Japaneeze.
boeler boeler
boeler boeler Dag geleden
Erling haaland: and
Mujahid Mohammed
Mujahid Mohammed Dag geleden
Ceo of 'ennee' haaland feel very good
Chef Dag geleden
Haaland übel korrekt
sujal Krishna
sujal Krishna Dag geleden
I was wondering where is Sancho
hornby396 Dag geleden
Pile of shit game these days
Александр Шамов
Александр Шамов Dag geleden
1:34 для Русских
TheYouInar Dag geleden
Reyna rating is sad, cry
Vanessa Dag geleden
poor reyna, he was dead inside :(
David Young
David Young Dag geleden
Halaand is a geg
FC เด้อครับ
FC เด้อครับ Dag geleden
Jon Morgan
Jon Morgan Dag geleden
Where is Sancho? Why not unveil his rating??
Soo Dag geleden
How underrated gio is?!
M.D Luffy
M.D Luffy Dag geleden
Why does it look like Haaland runs Bvb lol
Team. slomobunnys
Team. slomobunnys Dag geleden
Bayern beste
Farhan Danial
Farhan Danial Dag geleden
i guess Steven Gerrard is one of Haaland favourite idol
Hans Wurst
Hans Wurst Dag geleden
schön vorbildlich mit 1,5m Abstand
Khalifa Mohamad
Khalifa Mohamad Dag geleden
Where is zagadou
Ezorelle Dag geleden
these guys are so....underated like wtf
Ryland Whitaker
Ryland Whitaker Dag geleden
Jude and gio are underrated big time
Oliver Cortez
Oliver Cortez Dag geleden
Nick Dag geleden
This is the FIFA rating Lord Lingard deserves 👇🏻
Dani. Ls
Dani. Ls Dag geleden
No entendi nada pero me cage de risa jja
1865 Clough
1865 Clough 2 dagen geleden
Omg, reyna 68 rating? He is a world class player already!
azprego 2 dagen geleden
Our new Stevie G🤣
Misco Alarcon
Misco Alarcon 2 dagen geleden
Worst game everr
Lawbringer boi
Lawbringer boi 2 dagen geleden
I love Reus man
username7 !!!
username7 !!! 2 dagen geleden
Haaland is a funny guy
Sniper 05
Sniper 05 2 dagen geleden
Reus cannot be 85 rated so low
barbaros dertli
barbaros dertli 2 dagen geleden
Reus:wait ım german not swiss
Late Night Tune
Late Night Tune 2 dagen geleden
Reporter: What is your rating in FIFA 21? Halaand: 84 Reporter: Why is that? Halaand: Because it is my rating card.
Aswin BUC
Aswin BUC 2 dagen geleden
Stanimal Vlogs
Stanimal Vlogs 2 dagen geleden
To everyone in Quatantine LITSEN UP! If you are bored and maybe have time, I would apprechiate you with all my heart if you checked out my latest vlog. Corona Cancelled my FLIGHT (Part 1)
Ethan Israeli
Ethan Israeli 2 dagen geleden
Haaland to his teammates...You have a good Picture tho🤣🤣🤣🤣
Joshua Hernandez
Joshua Hernandez 2 dagen geleden
Naeem Khan
Naeem Khan 2 dagen geleden
I love it, Stevie G getting the respect of legend
Provocunt !
Provocunt ! 2 dagen geleden
Respektlos is nur, dass der sauhaufen als einziges buli team meilenweit overrated is, weil sie ea partner sind und nur deshalb.
ADI YT 2 dagen geleden
Number of own-goals phil jones will score this season 👇🏻
Tiago Silva
Tiago Silva 2 dagen geleden
Doesnt matter your ratings guys, at the end, the script Will decide who's faster...etc
Rhys Borge
Rhys Borge 2 dagen geleden
This ea sports we need more of these videos
CAT 2 dagen geleden
What is disrespectful is how shit game FIFA21 is.
Narek Petrosyan
Narek Petrosyan 2 dagen geleden
so your telling me Even though Halland has 87 shooting he’s 84 shouldn’t be 87?
Husia Cat
Husia Cat 2 dagen geleden
Have to agree, shocking.... A young player can be an 87/88 Haaland.... I'd agree. Disrespectful.
Na hui
Na hui 2 dagen geleden
1:13 Reus released his inner führer
Sad User
Sad User 2 dagen geleden
Porra os caras põe legenda em alemão aí é foda entendo 3 vão pro quarto
Sebastian carbonel
Sebastian carbonel 2 dagen geleden
Should be Reus 87 Hummels 88 Witsel 85
Akash Khan
Akash Khan 2 dagen geleden
Marco reus is the best player of borussia dortmund and l like him very much
ItzKaiYT 2 dagen geleden
I guess Sancho didn’t turn up for training that day again
Clxp Esports
Clxp Esports 2 dagen geleden
Haaland mit 84 Pace, lächerlich
Vue is a dino nugge
Vue is a dino nugge 2 dagen geleden
Reyna needs 83
Birat Pandey
Birat Pandey 2 dagen geleden
Haaland has an aura about him like Zlatan.
etc etc
etc etc 2 dagen geleden
The new Stevie G🤣🤣🤣
sh4guar gamingNthangz
sh4guar gamingNthangz 2 dagen geleden
Holland is so funny, my friend you are bronze, LOL.
אדיר סולימני
אדיר סולימני 2 dagen geleden
Where is sancho
sh4guar gamingNthangz
sh4guar gamingNthangz 2 dagen geleden
Yo my man's gio reyna deserves to be atleast a gold regular, but EA never gives 17 yr olds anything higher than silver, theirs always next years.
Moose Sqwad
Moose Sqwad 2 dagen geleden
Sancho ?
Volatile Toes
Volatile Toes 2 dagen geleden
Did i hear haaland say the newest stevie G??
minij hooi
minij hooi 2 dagen geleden
Ich würde gerne Sanchos gesicht sehen wenn er sein Pace sieht😆✊✊✊
gehteuch nichtsan
gehteuch nichtsan 2 dagen geleden
Reus:"Ich komme zurück" . Diggi du warst schon 258 mal zurück und ich freue mich jetzt schon auf die 2 Spiele mit dir um danach wegen nem Windstoß 8 Monate wieder lost zu sein
Isaac Chamberlain
Isaac Chamberlain 2 dagen geleden
FIFA, was like " Oh he's playing on the USMNT, lower his rating by -5.
Newt Rockstar
Newt Rockstar 2 uur geleden
Yeah they does this with México and and why isn't Croatia, Japan in these fifa games wtf why is China and India in it?
sh4guar gamingNthangz
sh4guar gamingNthangz 2 dagen geleden
I dont know why fifa is so mean to us mens nat players?, I mean dont over rate them, but dont under rate them either.
Azka Putro
Azka Putro 2 dagen geleden
Haaland deserves at least 86
minij hooi
minij hooi 2 dagen geleden
Love how it’s in English 👏🏻💛
Harjinder Singh
Harjinder Singh 2 dagen geleden
Erling Haaland Interview- 99 Tom- 99 Cheetah- 99
Tom MOORE 2 dagen geleden
2:55 nice
Chuckey Chort12
Chuckey Chort12 2 dagen geleden
I love haaland just taking the piss the whole time.
Jason Winter
Jason Winter 2 dagen geleden
So good that it's in english that's brilliant
Lovro Dasovic
Lovro Dasovic 2 dagen geleden
Wo ist Sancho?
Delax `
Delax ` 2 dagen geleden
Vor dem video die fifa 21 werbung bekommen xd
Eduardo Escorcio
Eduardo Escorcio 2 dagen geleden
Haaland its literally one of the fasttes players in the world EA: Haaland pace 84.
One Baked Bean
One Baked Bean Dag geleden
Akinfenwa would breeze past him
GEORGE TECHY Dag geleden
Mbappe: Hold my beer
infernal campana
infernal campana 2 dagen geleden
La gente hablando Ingles o en Alemán y yo hablado Español
Dd 221
Dd 221 2 dagen geleden
Ricma 2 dagen geleden
He's just a prick thinking he's good and stuff comparing him to lower teammates
Musa 2 dagen geleden
So many German comments I'm english😢
Aleksandar Cermelj
Aleksandar Cermelj 2 dagen geleden
It would be awesome if someone said "nah I'm a PES fan so not interested" 😂😂 That again, EA would cut that in editting 100 percent.
serp k
serp k 2 dagen geleden
This kid reminds me of Donald Trump, so rude and immature.
The Beautiful Game
The Beautiful Game 2 dagen geleden
Hopefully you are being sarcastic about him being immature and rude? Looks like a great kid and teammate.
Sam Crane
Sam Crane 2 dagen geleden
Anyone else wonder why they are playing basketball not football
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