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Richard Hammond reveals the engineering connections in NASA's Space Shuttle - the world's first re-usable space craft. He goes backstage at Kennedy Space Centre, in Florida, to discover how an organ pump, tram tracks, a WWII anti-sonar device, a camera iris and a cannonball all helped create the most technologically advanced machine ever engineered by man. Conceived in the early 1970's as the successor to the Apollo Moon missions, the Shuttle is a delivery system, designed to transport payloads such as the Hubble Telescope, and most of the International Space Station, into orbit, and return for its next cargo. The delivery van is the Orbiter - what most people call the Shuttle - which is mated with a huge external fuel tank and rocket boosters which are all jettisoned. Surviving the huge destructive forces of travelling to space and returning in usable form called for ingenious engineering compromises. The Shuttle is a rocket for the first part of its life, then morphs into a plane for the return journey.
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mita tohin
mita tohin 5 uur geleden
isnt that the small dude from that car show
Bread Crumb
Bread Crumb 12 uur geleden
Not really
Thomas 13 uur geleden
shuttle was an amazing waste of money lives and science. really cool though. Dag geleden
Space Shuttled sucked.... Apollo-Saturn was the best by far.. the biggest, fastest and most power machine ever built by man. Stupid shuttle cost more per launch than disposable rockets, an utter failure, especially considering all the dead astronauts
Liam Orozco
Liam Orozco Dag geleden
[Jeremy Clarkson voice] HAMMOND!
Adi Saha
Adi Saha 3 dagen geleden
he looks like Hugh Jackman
ottopuppy 4 dagen geleden
Very interesting how they cool the engine nozzles
NO NAME 5 dagen geleden
It feels like Britain is trying to take credit for American 🇺🇸 space engineering. #jealous
Rower Power
Rower Power 6 dagen geleden
Quite a shame these engines gonna be expended in SLS
Dino Pulizzi
Dino Pulizzi 7 dagen geleden
Great Documentary Richard !
Alain Mulder
Alain Mulder 8 dagen geleden
Amazing episode! I always thought the water was for protection (or cooling) of the launch platform, because of the beams of the engines projected on it.
Kelley Brown
Kelley Brown 9 dagen geleden
Miss you, Space Shuttle 🌌
D Weir
D Weir 11 dagen geleden
I am getting really tired of this "wip-pan and woosh" editing style.
Marcus Haun
Marcus Haun 12 dagen geleden
I am a American what the satan living room is celsius I measure stuff in Bud Light and Fahrenheit.
Gina 12 dagen geleden
Beer 🥃 Whiskey 🍺 Biden = Rosie O’Donnel 🎅🎄🎅 ​Revenge! 🎅🎄🎅
Robert Kelly
Robert Kelly 14 dagen geleden
Dont eat all the Ice-cream Leonard, err......I mean Richard Hammond, err......No it's gone I don't know what I mean.
Azurgen 14 dagen geleden
Imagine what NASA could do with the military budget
FLY MEDIA 14 dagen geleden
26:11 nice fake with bricks xD
qqleq2 15 dagen geleden
I want a spaceX engineer voice over to tell me how everything is either outdated or not.
Diane Reid
Diane Reid 16 dagen geleden
“Well, it works better then our Reliant Robin shuttle!”
TechNo1geek 17 dagen geleden
Should of done this before building the Reliant Robin Space Craft
Joseph Luke
Joseph Luke 19 dagen geleden
I use the coldest liquid known to man to cool our engine, shortly before burning it through the hottest engine... When your fuel doubles as a refrigerant, that is a real 200iq play.
Ralf Tiidermann
Ralf Tiidermann 20 dagen geleden
claire mckernan
claire mckernan 20 dagen geleden
isnt that the small dude from that car show
Abdi Piano
Abdi Piano 23 dagen geleden
Many years ago in Africa. We discovered boiling water in grocery plastic bags was possible. We managed to boiled tea and cook spaghetti in open flames. We realized even hot water could cooldown thin plastic bags from the high temperature of the flames who actually touched the plastic.
Sidazz 23 dagen geleden
19:06 there you can see NASA is lying to us the Earth is Flat i knew it
saurabh cg
saurabh cg 23 dagen geleden
"4:45" Yeah I've been getting paid daily with *p p l o n c a s h . x y z* I'm making over $1105 a week with them! είναι ένα εργαείο ερσίας για όλ
Dorothy Gray
Dorothy Gray 24 dagen geleden
[Jeremy Clarkson voice] HAMMOND!
Matteo Gardenghi
Matteo Gardenghi 25 dagen geleden
this isn't really reuseable if you need months of refurbishment to send it back to space
Anthony Micheal
Anthony Micheal 25 dagen geleden
I love science
mark hart
mark hart 26 dagen geleden
At 18:52 some thing streams across the sky what is it?
mattmoose 26 dagen geleden
It's "Chocolate Teapot", you muppet.
Konrad Alexander Prinz von Hessen
Konrad Alexander Prinz von Hessen 26 dagen geleden
Big and Wall in the same sentence? What are you, Donald Trump?
Boi 28 dagen geleden
0:40-0:51 Lastly the stig will be piloting this shuttle around our track!
SDtoby123 Maand geleden
A guy from w I p e o u t just has visited nasa
John Porten
John Porten Maand geleden
Great video
Kenneth Moaratty
Kenneth Moaratty Maand geleden
That is absolutely brilliant to use the fuel to cool the engine on its way through the coils to the engine
alan weyant
alan weyant Maand geleden
Works better then a Reliant Robin...
Christopher Seiber
Christopher Seiber Maand geleden
Richard Hammond is a horrible host i absolutley dispise listening to him and seeing him speak on topics that i do find interesting however wont listen to because of who it is comming from.
Somphoth B Siratsamy
Somphoth B Siratsamy Maand geleden
a l9ot of borrowed innovation
Somphoth B Siratsamy
Somphoth B Siratsamy Maand geleden
ppl say erosion is bad, I say erosion is powerful
Somphoth B Siratsamy
Somphoth B Siratsamy Maand geleden
i like bio-engineering better. Its like magic, doesnt matter what type of field ur'e practicing, we are all chemical compounds.. if i wanted to, I can turn a person into a super solider, I can turn gases into solids.... I can create a new world, or a solar system. a real functional natural solar system, but it would never be natural, for the fact that it was planned. Foils!!!
Somphoth B Siratsamy
Somphoth B Siratsamy Maand geleden
turbine on a turbine exhuast out through a turbine
Jonathan Hunt
Jonathan Hunt Maand geleden
The shuttle was definitely one of a kind ship, absolutely love it.
Mac 23 dagen geleden
what about the buran
Pizza Boy
Pizza Boy Maand geleden
Mr. Hammond as usual very professional and straight to the point! Breaking the wall with sound - awesome! As much as the space shuttle of course! Good job!
TheSeattlegreen Maand geleden
Cant wait till these free Masonic scumbags gets whats coming to them
Thuyen Nguyen
Thuyen Nguyen Maand geleden
Is trump the evil twin brother of this guy??
Pratheep Anumat
Pratheep Anumat Maand geleden
Hillo afternoon
RedLP5000S Maand geleden
Thank you, Richard, for educating me. This was fascinating.
Jessie Huijsing
Jessie Huijsing Maand geleden
tonight on bottom gear richard steals a space shuttle and blows up the iss
Leppalimes Maand geleden
The most remarkable thing about the space shuttle is that Hammond hasn't crashed any of them.
Gabriel Ramos
Gabriel Ramos Maand geleden
Well, The term "Reusable" isn't that accurate, Is better to say Refurbish able in my opinion.
nobody went to the moon , earth is Flat , felix baumgartner video , see it , examen it , this pig , when he opens the door ,, 2 seconds Flat Horizon ,, it is called a ,,Real Camera ,, compare to ,, No Pro Camera ,, fish eye lens ,, OMG , how can you people live with yourselves lieng like that to all Humanity. you too discusting youtube pig ,, Richard Hammond ,, maybe you do not know , that you are stupid , sorry for that still you are feeding carbadge to people
Mark O’Reilly
Mark O’Reilly Maand geleden
I’d love to know the IQ of that rocket scientist guy! I doubt the numerical alphabet could cope!
Youshain Brooks
Youshain Brooks Maand geleden
We need to see more environmental protection (against global warming to be exact) from these coorporations and or government agencies who are engaged in these activities.
xi ips2_16_ heissel nicholas pramoedya
xi ips2_16_ heissel nicholas pramoedya Maand geleden
I remember watching this when i was 8
Shaheen Abou Assali
Shaheen Abou Assali Maand geleden
who is that guy being shot with a canon though!?
salty potato
salty potato Maand geleden
37M Hp holly fuck 🤩
Jose Torres
Jose Torres Maand geleden
What is it that a nazi was one off the engineers for the nasa. So the US goverment is a fucking hipocrates lifes matter shit to them they give a fucking world criminal a free pass and a great paid job and full freedom for his service in the nasa. Fuck the US hipocrates bitches racis. And clame to be a democrate country the greatest hahahahaha yeah great on hidsing and been the most fake goverment especially the fucking republicans. Look now the have a crappy POS. Representative KKK leader. Now we know that goverment is a fucking joke just like hollywood all just a fake show fucking bitchesssssssssss.
Graeme Sharp
Graeme Sharp Maand geleden
Anyone else notice the meteorite at 19:23?
chad clyburn
chad clyburn Maand geleden
Wow what a great video SO informative!!!
Freddy Maand geleden
Where do they carry the fuel to travel that distance
Robrecht saski
Robrecht saski Maand geleden
whipped-up hype ..........going nowhere ! 'Moon Landing Hoax- NASA Scientist Admits We CANNOT Go Through Van Allen Belts!' 'Could Solar Storms Destroy Civilization? Solar Flares & Coronal Mass Ejections' NLposts NLposts 'NASA: "We Destroyed The Technology To Go To The Moon" [mirror]' op NLposts what a joke bonus: '5 Reasons Going To Mars is a TERRIBLE Idea | Answers With Joe' op NLposts
Dreadful Engineering
Dreadful Engineering Maand geleden
We should use 37 million horses instead, it would be cheaper
Rayhan_2k Maand geleden
However...the space shuttle program is actually more of a failure considering the fact it was actually far more expensive than nasa thought, more expensive than the saturn 5. Oh and btw the Russian equivalent of the shuttle was better in every way
Amonginsanity Maand geleden
Thank you so so so very much Mr Richard Hammond and other members of your team and collaborators who produced this video and posted here. You have shared incredibly inaccessible sites and information about different systems with us. The inspirations that may have come from unthinkable places and technologies been amazing. Ofcourse you have produced a few other documentaries on these lines. To date I had seen only one. But now I am going to look for each one of those and will watch. Sharing knowledge and information with the world is one of the most noblest of things to do. God bless you and all those who endeavour to do this.
Lunokhod Maand geleden
might have been inefficient and dangerous but the shuttle is incredibly impressive and cool
Homura Akemi
Homura Akemi Maand geleden
great channel man I reallly need a vortex gun
AirborneFCA Maand geleden
*wait didn't they made a space reliant robin in top gear*
Yadinator 197
Yadinator 197 2 maanden geleden
Ah yes the multi-million dollar robot to scratch noses 👃
Dingensen 2 maanden geleden
Elon Musk: "laughs in SpaceX"
1 Minute Oof
1 Minute Oof 2 maanden geleden
space is fake
Dr. A Preobrazhensky
Dr. A Preobrazhensky 2 maanden geleden
Hydrogen is perfect for cooling engines because it has the highest *heat capacity* of any substance, not because it is cold. The fact that it's kept at extremely low temperatures doesn't hurt, but that's not what makes it a good coolant. The heat capacity of Hydrogen gas is 14.3 kJ/kg K. That means it takes 14300 joules of energy to raise the temperature of 1 kilogram of Hydrogen by 1 Kelvin. The heat capacity of liquid water is only 4.186 kJ/kg K, less than a third that of Hydrogen. Heat will always flow from a hotter object to a cooler object. Something doesn't have to be cold to provide cooling, it just has to be cooler than the thing it's cooling. Heat capacity makes all the difference. I understand that documentaries have to simplify things sometimes, but when you simplify things too much they just become wrong.
Clive Piper
Clive Piper 2 maanden geleden
The Upgrade Zone
The Upgrade Zone 2 maanden geleden
25:48 "I can use Stray Cat's ability to control the air for Killer Queen's explosions."
Selinor578 2 maanden geleden
24:13 Donald...are you watching?
Liepa Užusenytė
Liepa Užusenytė 2 maanden geleden
Ivan Michialiov
Ivan Michialiov 2 maanden geleden
666 dislikes
Passing Through
Passing Through 2 maanden geleden
Very wasteful and dangerous technology. NASA is now old news and so to their space politics. Thank the Cyborg Gods for Elon Musk!
M R L 2 maanden geleden
I love the fake robot sounds that they used on the arm
Jeramithehuman 2 maanden geleden
22:35 that’s what she said
Hector Alejandro
Hector Alejandro 2 maanden geleden
Americans don't have tea kettles.
TheChemist OfDiscord
TheChemist OfDiscord 2 maanden geleden
Some say he belongs to the Church of Legos; some say the dreams in swirls of brake fluid -- we call him...
Deepak 2 maanden geleden
NASA has a lot of genius scientists and engineers. Great.
Marko B
Marko B 2 maanden geleden
Christopher allen sutton
Christopher allen sutton 2 maanden geleden
did you know every space launch destroys 75.000 cubic yards of ozone? it is costing more than you think to feed your white elephant go where? a place we don't need to be...
ALPHA MONSTERS 2 maanden geleden
Did anybody saw that thing flying in the sky @19:22????
Geoff Kirk
Geoff Kirk 2 maanden geleden
Brilliant doc
jtan163 2 maanden geleden
"See if I can scratch my nose with it".
Josiffrank 2 maanden geleden
How old is this documentary? The "space shuttle" doesn't fly anywhere anymore is basically a recyclable item
Dr Talkbox SA
Dr Talkbox SA 2 maanden geleden
Having the habit of using mnemonics at varsity, this is how I cram the Shuttle names ACCEDE( Atlantis, Challenger, Columbia, Enterprise, Discovery and Endeavor) Disasters happened for those starting with the letter C.
Waxsoda61774308 3 maanden geleden
Well the first shuttle did burn up
[TRUMP]-[TOTAL WAR] 3 maanden geleden
thats that ass hole from time commanders.
Quentin Askin
Quentin Askin 3 maanden geleden
Why don't they just land the booster rocks like space X lol
Simo 3 maanden geleden
And now sience for stupid people episode. Jesus go watch good documentary if you have more than 80 iQ
Alok Sahrma
Alok Sahrma 3 maanden geleden
Just great...
Melvyn Drag
Melvyn Drag 3 maanden geleden
9:00 They use 1080 distribution tubes? Why this many? Did the computer programmers have a say in the number? Thats a number programmers love!
Kaiarahi80 3 maanden geleden
"For some reason, NASA wouldn't let me play with their hundred million dollar arm". I wounder why.
Chetan Tangadpelli
Chetan Tangadpelli 3 maanden geleden
SpaceShuttle is my favorite
Dio Brando
Dio Brando 3 maanden geleden
33:10 so Minecraft physic is right. put water on the wall and it'll be blast resistance
Ricky Bojangles
Ricky Bojangles 3 maanden geleden
Although I love Richard Hammond, I think this was a documentary for James may 🤷🏻‍♂️ I felt like Richard really was just a presenter with no real idea of what he's talking about. No disrespect to him, just clearly not his specialist field
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