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In this segment of our “How far away is it” video book, we cover the structure of the Milky Way galaxy.
We start with a high-level description of the three main components: the galactic center with its black hole, the galactic disk with its spiral arms, and the galactic halo stretching far out in all directions using the European Space Agency spacecraft Gaia’s findings. We also show how full images of the Milky Way can be created from within the galaxy.
Using the full power of the Hubble, Spitzer, and Chandra space telescopes, we take a deep dive into the center of our galaxy with its central bulge. We detail the evidence for the existence of a supermassive black hole, Sagittarius A*, at the very center of the galaxy’s core. We cover and illustrate the work done by the UCLA Galactic Centre Group in conjunction with the new Keck observatory on top of the Mauna Kea volcano in Hawaii, and the Max Plank Institute for Extraterrestrial Physics in Germany and more recently and the European Southern Observatory with its array of Very Large Telescopes in Chile. This includes a look at how close the star S2 approached Sgr A* and what that black hole might look like. In addition, we cover stellar interferometry with ducks on a pond to see how these measurements were done.
Next, we go a level deeper into the nature of a Black Hole singularity. We cover the Schwarzschild radius, event horizon, accretion disk, gravitational lensing, and gamma-ray jets. We then actually build Sgr A*. In addition to the supermassive black hole, we take a look at a solar mass black hole.
We then cover the structure of the galactic disk including: the bar core, the two 3 Parsec arms, Scutum-Centaurus, Perseus, Sagittarius with its Orion Spur, Norma and the Outer Arm. We review the locations of various celestial objects we’ve seen in previous Milky Way segments, to show how close to us they are. We also cover the disk’s rotation and the Sun’s orbit. We look at our solar system’s Ecliptic Plane with respect to the galactic plane. And we cover the galaxy’s dust clouds and how we see them with radio astronomy. We also cover the galaxy’s rotation curve and its connection with dark matter.
Next, we cover the galactic halo. We start with Shapley’s globular cluster map that first showed that we were not at the center of the galaxy. We cover the size of the halo, the inner and outer halos orbital motion, and the newly discovered galaxy within our galaxy called Gaia-Enceladus. We end with recent discoveries of massive amounts of Hydrogen in the halo and this findings impact on the Dark Matter debate. And we end with a calculation of the entire Milky Way’s mass.
We end our galaxy coverage by illustrating how far one would have to go to take a picture that would include what we see in our illustrations. We conclude the chapter with another look at the distance ladder that took us across the galaxy.
@00:00 Beethoven, Ludwig van: Symphony No.9 in D minor Op.125, 'Choral' : III Adagio molto e cantabile; Daniel Barenboim & Staatskapelle Berlin; from the album “Beethoven : Symphonies Nos 1 - 9 & Overtures” 2004
@24:47 Tchaikovsky, Pyotr Ilyich: Symphony No. 5 in E minor, Op. 64; Bernard Haitink, Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra, Amsterdam, 2012

Susan F.
Susan F. 20 uur geleden
J’adore these videos ...
Bill Lawson
Bill Lawson 2 dagen geleden
Kids should have to watch these, there will be more physicists, astronomers, and brains in general, less religion and politics, thank you sir I have waited for simple explanations all my life. I spent a long time learning less than half the info I received in one episode
Gumbo72203 3 dagen geleden
I can't believe there was a period of my life where I didn't have your videos. I can't begin to thank you enough for this creation of yours. A true wonder.
Bo Reed
Bo Reed 3 dagen geleden
This guy got me to comprehend Higgs! he is awesome at simply saying it with science no politics 👏 👍 😀 😄 😉 👌
Garris Hurt
Garris Hurt 4 dagen geleden
This was like a massage for my brain
Anks S
Anks S 5 dagen geleden
Use of this classical music and kind of narration with that soothing voice make this a unique astronomy channel.
Abelis 6 dagen geleden
Thank you for your work, this is so fascinating... I got back into Astronomy following forced retirement due to back injuries. I don't sleep well so instead of watching tv from the couch when I wake up in pain, I go outside and observe with my 10 and 12 inch Dobsonian telescopes... I have learned ALL of the sky from my latitude in Victoria British Columbia Canada. Thanks again!!!
tinge1954 6 dagen geleden
Very, very interesting video and the background music does not disturb the narration at all. I just had to sub this channel, awesome stuff, thanx!
Susan W Uehara
Susan W Uehara 7 dagen geleden
Scared me but I’m sure many billions of years of death and rebirth. Of our universe.
Hugh Hammond
Hugh Hammond 9 dagen geleden
i love the question you ask at the end are we not quite there to ask folding space finding that short cut just because we can't do it or yet. Doesnt mean its not possible.
TrueHamal 10 dagen geleden
Una maravilla en 4k.
Ayad Meskin
Ayad Meskin 11 dagen geleden
I would give my life to witness the end of the universe!
James A
James A 13 dagen geleden
Black holes? Dark matter? Kind of stretchy. The bottom line is in the plasma universe.
sergio 13 dagen geleden
oh science fiction for the herd
Screww Googlle
Screww Googlle 13 dagen geleden
Guys like this Clown who repeat the Main Stream Scientific Community's Bullshit about The Big Bang.... Dark Matter, Black Holes etc. are the reason Mankind will never successfully travel any further into Space than our Lovely little Moon !
𖥠 ꧁Æ♱ℍᴲᮄℜᴲⅅ꧂𖥠
𖥠 ꧁Æ♱ℍᴲᮄℜᴲⅅ꧂𖥠 13 dagen geleden
David Butler can put you to sleep. In a good way. I was watching something about ants where David Atenburough (jees, spelling? ) last night and my wife was trying to put blankets on me and I kept yelling about ants all over me for some reason. Don't remember a thing. I just fell asleep to an ant documentary. Ok. goodnight hopefully.
yunas saxer
yunas saxer 15 dagen geleden
Jessie Duncan
Jessie Duncan 15 dagen geleden
I wish the Professor had more time available to create more of his excellent videos. Thank you from all of us admiring your work on these videos. Excellent!!!
paulinerochin 15 dagen geleden
The information is meticulously and extensively provided. The voice and reading are adhoc with the quality of the content. They are also extraordinarily artistic and generous in their pace and diction; almost mesmerising.
Robert Metzger
Robert Metzger 15 dagen geleden
Incoherent light ? I Feel incoherent!! LOLOLOLHAHA
Audie Bavington
Audie Bavington 19 dagen geleden
Wonderful video. Subscribed!
dirtdude 19 dagen geleden
its just more proof of earths flatness, anyway, earth is the center of our galaxy, you can tell because all the stars go around and around the earth, just look up at night! golly!
MCS The Threequel
MCS The Threequel 19 dagen geleden
Some people don't understand how mysterious and fascinating the universe is. Some people just think theres a few Infinite flying balls on a family road trip.
liam gerard
liam gerard 22 dagen geleden
Never stop teaching us.....the world needs you and your type now more than ever.
Adrian Cotirta
Adrian Cotirta 22 dagen geleden
you'r so close to a big black hole! :)))) i will not ruin your day saying your living with it! :))
LincolnTek 23 dagen geleden
It is like asking: 'How far away you are from a Ford ?' When seated in a Ford.
Billy Workman
Billy Workman 25 dagen geleden
Blows my mind every time
Suleyman Eliyev
Suleyman Eliyev 25 dagen geleden
Центр галлактике жызни помоему не сушествует Жызн на краю галлактик может Каждым краю галлактик 98% сушествуеть жызнь
Pierre 25 dagen geleden
Outstanding video document.
عبد الله Abdallah
عبد الله Abdallah 25 dagen geleden
🌷قال الله سبحانه وتعالى قبل 1442سنة، بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم : {{ أو لم ير الذين كفروا أن السماوات والأرض كانتا رتقا ففتقناهما و جعلنا من الماء كل شيء حي أفلا يؤمنون }} الرتق يعني الإندماج والإنكماش الإنضغاط والتكتل عكس الفتق الذي هو الإنفجار والتحرر والإنفتاح والإتساع والتباعد.
Bryan Drewry
Bryan Drewry 26 dagen geleden
This guy's voice is so soothing I fall right asleep. Just like a good astrophysics video should.
NoX Regulator
NoX Regulator 27 dagen geleden
Torben Rudgaard
Torben Rudgaard 28 dagen geleden
So we feel so alone... where are all the aliens? Is there a great Fermi filter etc etc... but now I know the answer.. I believe there are millions of alien civilizations but THEY ARE REALLY REALLY REALLY FAR AWAY!!! If its gonna take voyager 562 MILLION years to reach that photo point, and us humans have only been watching space for what... 200 years? Even a close alien civilization would be VERY hard to communicate with. Talk about waiting hundreds or thousands of years for an answer to a signal.
Austen Fon
Austen Fon Maand geleden
easily, the "David Attenborough" of space.
the sweaty pro
the sweaty pro Maand geleden
It's in the firmament. Like the sun, moon , 🌟
Melting Hippo
Melting Hippo Maand geleden
I recently subscribed to this channel and it is blowing my mind. Excellent!
FOWST Maand geleden
Simply excellent narration and background music.
Bo Riddley
Bo Riddley Maand geleden
........I hear it’s only down the street at Walmart where they sell them for 2 for $1.99.......
Bill Chalmers
Bill Chalmers Maand geleden
ness pluto
ness pluto Maand geleden
So what makes spiral galaxies? The spin of the black hole?? Like a whirlpool? So basically we're alll spinning in this Billions of years of us spinning in this whirlpool into the blackhole our galaxy goes? And then turns black matter is what the Narrator is trying to say
ness pluto
ness pluto Maand geleden
Why theres so many thumbs down?
Chris Klein
Chris Klein Maand geleden
Phenomenal video, and channel. I woke up in the middle of the night with this on and now I have many MANY videos to work through
Joey_No_Bologna Maand geleden
Black holes are nothing more than a drug-addled idiot's idea of something stupid.
Kevin Ryan
Kevin Ryan Maand geleden
i dont know if david is a beliver in a creator if not all the scientists through history will be very pissed off when the truth is revealed it will be to late to change their minds
Punkichu Maand geleden
The Black Holes.. no matter how many times I have heard about them it still blows my mind, 17:11 "In this region, space itself is dragged around by the black hole's spin" its impossible to imagine something having that much power. - Also wouldnt it be wild if humans and life on earth is not of the Milky Way but of Gaia Enceladus? XD 35:08
theholyghost Maand geleden
Oh yeah this is good
Mr Ed
Mr Ed Maand geleden
Our Galaxy has a center!? WOW you must be some genius!
El BonitiilloO
El BonitiilloO Maand geleden
but how was a picture of milky way taken? when haven even gotten out of our solar system yet.
David Butler
David Butler Maand geleden
How pictures like this are created is covered in the video. Watch it to the end and you'll see it.
Larry Toporek
Larry Toporek Maand geleden
Big Bang Theory is crap
Martin Jansen
Martin Jansen Maand geleden
You see Black matters..............
عبد الله Abdallah
عبد الله Abdallah Maand geleden
قال الله تعالى في قصة سليمان مع ملكة سبأ قبل 1441سنة : ( ( قَالَ يَا أَيُّهَا الْمَلَأُ أَيُّكُمْ يَأْتِينِي بِعَرْشِهَا قَبْلَ أَنْ يَأْتُونِي مُسْلِمِينَ * قَالَ عِفْرِيتٌ مِنَ الْجِنِّ أَنَا آتِيكَ بِهِ قَبْلَ أَنْ تَقُومَ مِنْ مَقَامِكَ وَإِنِّي عَلَيْهِ لَقَوِيٌّ أَمِينٌ * قَالَ الَّذِي عِنْدَهُ (عِلْمٌ مِنَ الْكِتَابِ) أَنَا آتِيكَ بِهِ قَبْلَ أَنْ يَرْتَدَّ إِلَيْكَ طَرْفُكَ فَلَمَّا رَآهُ مُسْتَقِرًّا عِنْدَهُ قَالَ هَذَا مِنْ فَضْلِ رَبِّي لِيَبْلُوَنِي أَأَشْكُرُ أَمْ أَكْفُرُ وَمَنْ شَكَرَ فَإِنَّمَا يَشْكُرُ لِنَفْسِهِ وَمَنْ كَفَرَ فَإِنَّ رَبِّي غَنِيٌّ كَرِيمٌ )) النمل/38- 40 . وأنا أقول لكم يا علماء الفلك والفيزياء والكيمياء والرياضيات وجميع علوم الأرض والبحار والفضاء ووو ♦️ أقول لكم أنكم ضعفاء ولا تعلمون إلا الشيء القليل جدا ويكاد يكون صفرا 0 وإني لا أبالغ بحديثي هذا، وإني أخاطبكم وأدعوكم إلى تأمل وتدبر الآية من 38-40 من سورة النمل في عهد النبي الملك سليمان يقوم رجل عنده علم من الكتاب بإحضار عرش الملكة بلقيس من اليمن وحتى القدس الشريف بلمح البصر وبطرفة عين، وأنتم تعرفون المسافة بين اليمن والقدس ،عرش عظيم وثقيل ينقل بسرعة البرق وفي لحظة يستقر أمام النبي سليمان، منذ آلاف السنين فأين علمكم وتطور أبحاتكم يا علماء الدنيا مما سبق ذكره والله إن الإنسان لضعيف إلا من كان مع الله، وشكرا.
عبد الله Abdallah
عبد الله Abdallah Maand geleden
🙋‍♂️أنظر إلى حجمك في الكون أيها الإنسان،وتفكر في عظمة الخالق. قال الله سبحانه وتعالى قبل1441 سنة : > غافر[57] صدق الله العظيم.
عبد الله Abdallah
عبد الله Abdallah Maand geleden
قال الله سبحانه وتعالى قبل 1441سنة : {{ أو لم ير الذين كفروا أن السماوات والأرض كانتا رتقا ففتقناهما و جعلنا من الماء كل شيء حي أفلا يؤمنون }} الرتق يعني الإندماج والتجمع الإنضغاط والتكتل عكس الرتق الذي هو الإنفجار والتحرر والإنفتاح والإتساع والتباعد.
Barrera Science Lab Universe
Barrera Science Lab Universe Maand geleden
Very good about black holes!
Barrera Science Lab Universe
Barrera Science Lab Universe Maand geleden
There is just one problem with your measurements of light speed: it is valid at one point time with one point position in the Universe. It does not take inflation in account.
Chris Schaiberger
Chris Schaiberger Maand geleden
Agreed...but recognize that in virtually every possible realm of measuring anything the assignment of a value is valid only from 'your' unique perspective. The designation of a fixed value, much less a maximum, to the speed of light has forever been an obscene claim. Our delving into the essence of the realities of 'physics' is nothing but infantile at best. The future will be bemused by our having claimed the certainties now promulgated.
MEDiAgamer Maand geleden
If life doesn't exists out there, other than on the Earth... Then what's the point of all those starts and planets?
Mayank Chauhan
Mayank Chauhan Maand geleden
Life did not exist on earth for billions of years and it will b like that in the future too. Life is just a bi-product of universe, we might never know what's the point of billions of galaxies and trillions of stars. We are too insignificant to understand.
Tim McGee
Tim McGee Maand geleden
Does a photograph of the galaxy also qualify as a 'map'?
alteans Maand geleden
It is a bit unsettling how many silent assassins wondering around in our galaxy alone. Sol is at least destined to be a 😊
Ray Saginario
Ray Saginario Maand geleden
It's hard to listen to the narrator mispronounce THE SUBJECT of this piece over and over. It's a SOFT G. Saj A, not Sag A. How do you pronounce Sagitarrius, duh?
alteans Maand geleden
It is for the matter of general understanding and not being too precise for description.Deal with it. :P
În 2018 a lot of radio signals appared from Univers, from others places, different în Univers, others as The Earth!
The radio signals are different în every Point of The Univers and depends of The distance and The gravity of The Univers!
În The big Univers îs harmony, The number of Young stars îs equal with The number of Old stars, în our galaxy, The Milky Way !
Without Light, The Earth îs died. The Light îs The fire of life on The Earth! Einstein studied a long period of Time The Univers and Nicola Tesla, also. But their ideas about Light were different !
The Milky Way îs our place from borning în Univers! IT îs a wonderful place, îs The place where our planet Earth or Terra was created !
moreno franco
moreno franco Maand geleden
DAVID! This is incredible. Thank you for your fine work. I have been interested in astronomy all my life - and your presentation is one of the easiest to follow an understand. Many other good presentations present only "a portion" of your presentation - because that is their focus. Here I gain a wide-angle, deep perspective in ONE SHOT! I love it. Thanks, again. Now! Andromeda!
Nathan Guice
Nathan Guice Maand geleden
Albert Chehade
Albert Chehade Maand geleden
Humans are not designed to fly in Space.......just Air.....
I AM IMMUNIA!!! Maand geleden
Christine Still
Christine Still Maand geleden
"It did not wobble" my favorite line in this series.
Christine Still
Christine Still Maand geleden
Dr. Andrea Ghez. Got. The Nobel Prize for her work on exactly this subject.
Casius CBU
Casius CBU Maand geleden
the bulge as center geography related but where the civilizations centered? the big ones? any youtube videos on these? these could be an important data to talk about just saying
Rick Evans
Rick Evans Maand geleden
Yes some terminology correctionsi? It's not pronounced good are but gawdered like God I live near that bit of nowhere that the founder of american rocketry did his experiments the town there now is Goddard kansas. Also there is no such thing as incoherent light the term is non coherent for light that is not coherent I have worked on microwave generators that had a special non coherent modification done to it referring it as the incoherent modification would get you laughed at.
David Butler
David Butler Maand geleden
Thanks for the corrections.
Rick Evans
Rick Evans Maand geleden
Yep the galaxy has had a colission or 2 my wife drives like that....
Quantum Squatch
Quantum Squatch Maand geleden
Ok people, enough with the incorrect paradigm.. black holes do no exist and have been scientifically debunked by Pierre-Marie Robitaille , PhD and S.J. Cothers. Many of you are so engrossed in the teachings of old, which by the way, had the science incorrect on many very important topics. Don't believe me, as of course you will not, but seriously.. do your own research with an open mind and lets get this back on track. Yeah it may seem hopeless, why would over a century of what has been taught, be revisited to ensure the accuracy of theories etc... academia has nothing to gain... and why would any professor, especially those who are being funded on their work, change that in which they have revolved their entire life on.. ( albeit, and sadly on bad science) but I still have faith. Why am I even spending my time and energy on this... BIG SIGH!!
Ash Maand geleden
Patrick Dwyer
Patrick Dwyer Maand geleden
GREAT video Mr. Butler, i'm a sub now and will definitely spread the word on your fantastic channel sir. Your calm and clear teaching style is very effective, and your collection of teaching aids is second to none I have seen so far on NLposts or elsewhere. Thank you for your content and your efforts, they are noticed indeed and I suspect your viewership will continue to grow steadily with no upper bound.
James Young
James Young Maand geleden
I will stick with the Electrical Universe theory
Alan B
Alan B Maand geleden
The milky way isn't far away because we ARE IN THE MILKY WAY.... 🤦‍♂️
Archie Doughman
Archie Doughman Maand geleden
thank you very much explanation... in terms of outer space, still there are many questions to be answered... After our galaxy its a huge outer space and to many galaxy outhere also..and what was beyond after those galaxy, a never ending space and it seems no boundary at all. Why it was like that...
shaneboxhall Maand geleden
How far away is earth
Scrooloose Maand geleden
Please give more examples using ducks!! :)
exxodas Maand geleden
He has the potential to be the next Carl Sagan
Jonny B
Jonny B Maand geleden
I wonder if voyager 1 and 2 is still within that small circle. I'm guessing it is..
NIBBIE NIBIRU Maand geleden
Very Ver Very good information. What people cant understand is they are looking at controlled Creation. Everything you see in our Milky Way is involved in the creation of our Milky Way. Creation might go on for millions of years but i promise you it will be controlled by a Mighty force that is in charge of every thing in the Milky Way. We are very privileged to have scientist that dont lie.
NIBBIE NIBIRU Maand geleden
Hear you now the mystery of mysteries: learn of the circle beginningless and endless, the form of He who is One and in All. Listen and hear it, go forth and apply it, thus will you travel the way that I go. Mystery in Mystery, yet clear to the Light-born, the Secret of All I now will reveal. I will declare a secret to the initiated, but let the door be wholly shut against the profane. Three is the mystery, come from the great one. Hear, and Light on you will dawn. In the primeval, dwell three unities. Other than these, none can exist. These are the equilibrium, source of creation: one God, one Truth, one point of freedom. Three come forth from the three of the balance: all life, all good, all power. Three are the qualities of God in his Light-home: Infinite power, Infinite Wisdom, Infinite Love.
NIBBIE NIBIRU Maand geleden
hey David Butler. I searched hard and wide for Scientist that dont lie. I find in their comments they lie more then preachers and cant answer my questions. I will look at your utube and if you lie I will let you know. If you dont lie you wont hear from me..
kahfi bonboy
kahfi bonboy Maand geleden
who else feels sleepy listening to this?
El Mostrito
El Mostrito Maand geleden
Much respect to this guy for using real images and not resorting to mostly artist’ renditions/cartoons to appease the dumbed-down normies who think the purpose of science is just entertain.
Mark Kelly
Mark Kelly Maand geleden
all the money spent looking at the milky way sending out sat what a waste when we can never ever go to these places distances just to far
Robloxplayzs Maand geleden
Thank you Mr. Butler. Such a delight to watch and listen to your work. Everything is so well mapped out and explained. Last year I played Sagan’s Cosmos to my kids at bedtime. This year it is your channel (the relaxing music adds to it). Kudos to you.
Taleb Taleb
Taleb Taleb Maand geleden
Thank you @David Butler. My thirst for more knowledge of the amazing universe we are so part of is hard to quench, but I really believe that subscribing and watching your channel is going a long way to help do just that. Highly appreciate your hard work.
neil rusling
neil rusling Maand geleden
Good afternoon, hope you are well and continue to keep on teaching thicko's like me...quicky question, you said that the newest Milkyway mass estimate is 1.5 trillion solar masses, I think I remember seeing somewhere that Andromeda mass estimate was 500 billion to 1 trillion solar masses and its usually described as larger than the Milkyway, sometimes said to be far larger. So is Andromeda now smaller than the Milkyway or am I comparing apples to oranges and have got the wrong end of the stick? Edit, Just occured to me to ask something else if this does get your attention, Concerning fusion in stars...Why is the next step up from Helium Carbon via triple process, why dont 2 Heliums fuse to form Berylium? or Helium and Hydrogen fusing to form Lithium or some combination of the two fusing to get Boron? Why does it go from element 2 to Carbon at 6, why is there never a Boron or Lithium or Berylium shell in the cores of stars?.....I did warn you im a thicko if this question is really stupid. Ive one more question...but lets leave it at just 2 today....Have a nice day!
Greg Dent
Greg Dent 2 maanden geleden
Thank you for the videos sir. I wonder if you would mind me asking a question. What happened to time during inflation?
David Stavros Onassis
David Stavros Onassis 2 maanden geleden
giganova 2 maanden geleden
What a fantastic video, thank you!
Matt 2 maanden geleden
Cool Story Bro.
Matt 2 maanden geleden
The universe is a flat disk just like the earth.
Kyaw Mintun
Kyaw Mintun 2 maanden geleden
Dear Sir.I am interested in our milky wave.just only inquiry cause don't know too much about scientific. Let me ask you one thing that is we,our planet is just beside of big big milky way galaxy.And it is so much huge...big more than billion lightyrs of our solar system. The questiin is how do you see the over view or the top view of milky way we can see today.I think it is so much big and so far away,watching from the ground or by satallite.... My questions is may be childish or.... cause i want curious!....Pls reply Best regards...
David Butler
David Butler 2 maanden geleden
Kyaw, I think your issue may be related to a lack of understanding of the English language. I recommend that you download the text document and translate it to your language. Then you can follow along with the video. Good luck and re-ask your question if you still have one after that.
Ian 2 maanden geleden
Try special candles!
Claudio Campanella
Claudio Campanella 2 maanden geleden
Excellent, even more if you would have not converted all the times the Km with miles. One time is enough more than that is distrcting especially if you know it. Go with KM and that is it, who cares about miles when you have km.
David Butler
David Butler 2 maanden geleden
There are hundreds of millions of people who know miles and don't know km. The videos are for everyone.
Life Is Good
Life Is Good 2 maanden geleden
We love these shows, admirable and necessary BUT can we get all you wonderfully talented scientists together and help solve some of our home planets future ? Career changes in these times are needed for great people who can help in these times 🙏
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KA - Daar Met Jou (prod. Monsif)
Hella Cash
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PlayStation 5. Hard-to-get spelen.
Sidney Powell: It will be BIBLICAL
Newsmax TV
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Reageren op.. SCHOOL RAP!
Milan Knol
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