Making transparent wood

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A few years ago I tried making transparent wood and it kind of worked. The pieces that I made were somewhat okay, but I was never really happy with the result.
I finally decided to try it again though!
Old video:
Procedure that I followed:
Procedure that went viral recently:
CBC article on it:
Nile talks about lab safety:
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NileRed 14 dagen geleden
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Zachary Frankow
Zachary Frankow 6 dagen geleden
Rn I'm playing with water soap and oil
elijahjajah 8 dagen geleden
dude he is epic. he could get more money but he chooses our joy before his :) liked the vid
Sarah Chen
Sarah Chen 11 dagen geleden
Cool mate
Andrea Fiore
Andrea Fiore 12 dagen geleden
Andrea Fiore
Andrea Fiore 12 dagen geleden
Justin Li
Justin Li 13 minuten geleden
Bobby duke!!!!
Rama Bary Baratha
Rama Bary Baratha 21 minuut geleden
Yes. Please the window installation.
White Boi
White Boi 23 minuten geleden
Are you still gonna make a magnet like you said in the superconductor vid?
music x
music x 27 minuten geleden
I am very interested in chemistry, what do you truly need for most experiments. Can someone please help me get me all sorted? Thanks ;)
Gabriel NSA
Gabriel NSA 40 minuten geleden
Its just plastic
Aaron Lucas
Aaron Lucas Uur geleden
Will you put a wood window in one of your lab doors?
Clinton Calhoun
Clinton Calhoun Uur geleden
Hey, hey... I'm the glass in all of this. I got you, bring it on!
Sesu yuki
Sesu yuki Uur geleden
You should try to make a rip off jolly rancher
Kurumi raks
Kurumi raks 2 uur geleden
Jitin Reddy
Jitin Reddy 2 uur geleden
Tee Simon
Tee Simon 2 uur geleden
I level everything and then slam my oven door shut
sleepy_clover 2 uur geleden
Just realized he's wearing a wewd shirt because it's a video about wood! Also happy to see another average Bobby Duke Arts enjoyer :) gotta love NLpostsrs supporting NLpostsrs
Xander Contreras
Xander Contreras 2 uur geleden
The NLposts algorithm never fails to surprise me
Marc Wolfe
Marc Wolfe 2 uur geleden
Not click baity title "I bleached wood and filled it with resin"
Evan Sullivan
Evan Sullivan 2 uur geleden
I was reading about vanilla on wikipedia and it said you can make synthetic vanillin from lignin. That would be a neat experiment
Robin Thrill3r
Robin Thrill3r 2 uur geleden
Make a video on the fluoridation of methylphosphonyl dichloride plz 🙏
Cooking Parker
Cooking Parker 3 uur geleden
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tocadn 3 uur geleden
Nice effort!! I want to be chemist when i grow up!!👍🏼👍🏼
Sam Benedict
Sam Benedict 3 uur geleden
Love the new sound effects. Nice and dramatic.
Marilyns Glovery
Marilyns Glovery 4 uur geleden
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Jimbo7 4 uur geleden
god my brain is so fried from the internet, the only thing I hear when he says Lignin is Ligma
David Zelenka
David Zelenka 4 uur geleden
Make a clear tree!
Diavolo 4 uur geleden
2021 : Making transparent wood 3021 : Making transparent human
Syran Bz
Syran Bz 4 uur geleden
Wow Vince Gilligan is so good that he even made another prequel to breaking bad in a form of a NLposts channel truly a Mastermind
max maximus
max maximus 4 uur geleden
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Z Ling
Z Ling 4 uur geleden
You can publish a paper now
Master Gecko 117
Master Gecko 117 5 uur geleden
The next logical step should obviously be transparent aluminum
Pac Fell
Pac Fell 5 uur geleden
i laughed so hard when he say that mms can cure autism
Pac Fell
Pac Fell 5 uur geleden
i laughed so hard when he say that mms can cure autism
Albert Jaro Hong
Albert Jaro Hong 5 uur geleden
oh the wewdv merch
William Taira
William Taira 5 uur geleden
So a thought for the final oven cooking: Use something to make a well (heat stable, of course) to contain the plastic so it doesn't spread. The thought had crossed my mind was something similar to silicone caulk (not temperature stable so alternative needed) to "draw" the well lines, put the treated wood inside that well, then cover with the top plate. Should remove the need for a second application/cooking. The problem is getting something that could deform under pressure in order to keep the top plate pressed against the wood. A high temperature stable foam?
Nv7 5 uur geleden
“Carefully smashed it to pieces” - NileRed, 2021
thebishtable 6 uur geleden
I wonder if the tungsten cube was acting as a heatsink and causing the heat treatment to be uneven...
Hero of Twilight
Hero of Twilight 6 uur geleden
Helium nitrogen tantalum iodine
A Very Rare Snom
A Very Rare Snom 6 uur geleden
Ah yes torturing wood using wood and science
TwentyTwo 6 uur geleden
after adding and removing all that stuff, it is even wood anymore?
Domenic Porter
Domenic Porter 6 uur geleden
at what point do you just make windows out of epoxy
Zachary Huss
Zachary Huss 6 uur geleden
Ah, a Bobby Duke Fan!! Much respect
Ruv 6 uur geleden
oml i just noticed i just watched a really long video, i've been staring at my screen for 45 mins :O
Diamanté Lomax
Diamanté Lomax 7 uur geleden
I think Imma start a fake cult where it's literally just eating a balanced diet and some light daily exercise make the same scam claims and throw in about 30mins of meditation and steal victims of real scams all money gained will go to some foundation or charity fight fire with fire
Ketaminepizzaghost 7 uur geleden
You can't beat your meat if you can't see it
Malclaire Erialclam
Malclaire Erialclam 7 uur geleden
As a chef I'd say simple is easy. Flip it in the oven every 30 minutes. Micro scale it and have a rotisserie machine in the oven. Evenly distributed and heated evenly as well.
Rex The'BBuilder
Rex The'BBuilder 7 uur geleden
Man you came a long way Nile
Rex The'BBuilder
Rex The'BBuilder 7 uur geleden
Like I’ve literally watched everyone of your videos and I’m inspired to get into Chem for college💯
ZipplyZane 7 uur geleden
I presume that strength is the reason they don't just use the acrylic for windows? It seems much clearer than the wood.
BirdosAnimations 7 uur geleden
The Bobby duke mercy though
ZipplyZane 7 uur geleden
Did you consider turning it over during the baking process?
Shan Chipo
Shan Chipo 7 uur geleden
"can cure anything from cancer to autism" Me: dint seem to cure their autism..
Askobhal Labostru
Askobhal Labostru 7 uur geleden
Have you tried making kevlar?
BeFaithful00 7 uur geleden
Can I assume that all of your classmates who sat within your wingspan and had decent eyesight were straight A students?
Allie Lima
Allie Lima 8 uur geleden
Really nice thing, I think i'd like to use it in my windows tbh, bc it looks like it isn't really see though from afar do it would guarantee some privacy
Jason Brodie
Jason Brodie 8 uur geleden
-NO! DRINK THE BLEACH! -Bleach is healthy. It's mostly water. And we're mostly water. Therefore, we are bleach.
Correlander 8 uur geleden
Why not just make a pane of the stuff you are soaking the wood in? Or is the wood like a scaffolding almost?
Carter Rice
Carter Rice 9 uur geleden
Who saw Bobby dukes weed shirt
Weird Science
Weird Science 9 uur geleden
My friends: Gaming is entertainment! Me: sureeeee...... This is true entertainment here!
Brandon Garwood
Brandon Garwood 9 uur geleden
Why would they cut down more trees for windows when there is so much sand to make glass.
First name Last Name
First name Last Name 9 uur geleden
for try number 3, try a wood with a larger grain structure so the solution in the first step can penetrate the wood more easily, maybe try a selection of woods to see which look best after they have been treated. also maybe compare results between hard wood and soft wood? White maple is already very light in color and has a wide grain structure its also pretty strong so a thin piece probably wouldn't fall apart after all the lignin had been removed. Another thing I was wondering was maybe try sanding the wood before the first step maybe with 320 grit sand paper to help open up the grain more and may help with a more consistent surface after the final step. Finally maybe you could flip the piece halfway during the curing process to prevent the the polymer from flowing away from top while it cures?
01a 9 uur geleden
ricki martinez
ricki martinez 9 uur geleden
Why do I feel like he would be the person to find a way to turn something into gold?
RanMind YT
RanMind YT 10 uur geleden
He did it
Mar Maryto
Mar Maryto 10 uur geleden
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Mar Maryto 10 uur geleden
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Mar Maryto 10 uur geleden
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Mar Maryto 10 uur geleden
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Mar Maryto 10 uur geleden
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Yoann Tan
Yoann Tan 10 uur geleden
Could you try putting it under a microscope?
Eblo 11 uur geleden
you did not make transparent wood. you chemically changed wood into something else
Jack Sancya
Jack Sancya 11 uur geleden
U remind me of an irl dr stone
Sakura Haruno
Sakura Haruno 12 uur geleden
My only comment on this is Masterpiece.
qoɔɐuos 12 uur geleden
love the bobby duke arts merch
Michael Glover
Michael Glover 12 uur geleden
I cant help but point out this is just reinventing the wheel. If you have the materials for making polycarbonate, you could just make the polycarbonate, you know, without the wood...
Skrexxy 12 uur geleden
“They clearly still weren’t transparent though” Heh, get it?
White Raven
White Raven 12 uur geleden
I think itz not wood anymore, but its very pro.
Masterlittlejoe 13 uur geleden
can someone who knows how to science tell me how to use a microscope?
Jack Pryce
Jack Pryce 13 uur geleden
one day he'll snap and teach us how to make meth r something
Donnie V.
Donnie V. 13 uur geleden
I think we should stick to glass windshields.
Brianna Owens
Brianna Owens 14 uur geleden
For a small suggestion about the yellowing, try adding a small amount of purple dye. It will counterbalance the yellow, and you might get a bit closer to a neutral color.
leo february
leo february 14 uur geleden
Can you please make THICC water
Locklear33 14 uur geleden
Please make a video on Chlorine Triflouride, its awesome….kind of
Matthew Sanders
Matthew Sanders 14 uur geleden
*Wood* you say you had fun?
RanDx 15 uur geleden
i want that.... *w e w d*
•Lilly Bean•
•Lilly Bean• 15 uur geleden
Aii the Bobby Duke March goes well with the video lol
W4L _ Nightfall
W4L _ Nightfall 15 uur geleden
Americans building their houses be like:
sᶣᵞᵓᶜᵕᵇᵕs 15 uur geleden
at this point I'd just go with plexi windows.
Y-i-k-s 16 uur geleden
Why can’t this one minute just showing the wood? Like 40 mins just for some wood you can see through is too much
Y-i-k-s 13 uur geleden
@Mechanarian Yeah, ok but still 40 mins is still a lot even for fans
Mechanarian 14 uur geleden
All the people whose watch this channel seriously Are just as interested in the process than the actual product, if you’re here to look at cool stuff like the end product of the experiment just go look it up
Littleton Suite
Littleton Suite 16 uur geleden
skip the second treatment and go to a finer polish
Thomas Isaac
Thomas Isaac 16 uur geleden
Autism does not need to be cured
Rahul Mallik
Rahul Mallik 16 uur geleden
U talk too much
Job John
Job John 16 uur geleden
Every time you said "I carefully hit it with the hammer" I was fully expecting the hammer to just slam down full force
El gatito Gamer
El gatito Gamer 17 uur geleden
Is the teddy bear yet reverted?
BIG FRANK 17 uur geleden
At 27 minutes im yelling POLISH IT!!!
Alan Hoggard
Alan Hoggard 17 uur geleden
How about you try to extract quinine from tonic water.
badabing 17 uur geleden
06:19 did anyone else think "lignin my balls" or was that just me
FixedKarma 17 uur geleden
This is the least scientific video he's made so far.
FixedKarma 13 uur geleden
@Mechanarian well for one he just assumed something would work, and he just threw a random thing on top for weight. (Luckily it was a god damn tungsten cube)
Mechanarian 14 uur geleden
How so?
Chris Kakumba
Chris Kakumba 17 uur geleden
i think the reason why the wood glass was yellowish is because he used the number 2 and the number 2 might have been from the sewers
XanWasting 18 uur geleden
So, it's not wood made transparent per se, but plastic being injected in place of wood, using it's structure to look like wood... well, it is neat though.
s a m
s a m 18 uur geleden
I came here to see some transparent wood, not get an A+ in chemistry
Julio Vannini
Julio Vannini 18 uur geleden
Transparent... or translucid?
Slush 18 uur geleden
2:34 Nile blue: I just put it in at 10,000 for 13 seconds
EarthToEllaa 18 uur geleden
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