King Von - Armed & Dangerous (Official Video)

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King Von

King Von

4 dagen geleden

From the album "Welcome to O'Block". Out now!
Shot by @jerryphd
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Official music video by King Von - Armed & Dangerous © 2020 Only The Family Entertainment / EMPIRE

CinderBlock 56
CinderBlock 56 Uur geleden
Man how quick I zoned in to listen to this, quickly became a fan, Long Live Von
Eryk Uur geleden
Landon Irvin23
Landon Irvin23 Uur geleden
He didn’t scream von
Alejandro Shropshire
Alejandro Shropshire Uur geleden
Long live king von you will never be forgotten
stun wurld
stun wurld Uur geleden
KING VROY legend never die ///polie stay and watch to me
Alejandro Shropshire
Alejandro Shropshire Uur geleden
There will never be another King Von he had a big Heart we miss you
Jayden Thomas
Jayden Thomas Uur geleden
RIP VON 👑🕊❤️
Ese Dankz
Ese Dankz Uur geleden
welcome to BIG OBLOCK rip kingvon
RTS cxiicidence
RTS cxiicidence Uur geleden
Last non animated hope it’s not :(
Robert Macklin
Robert Macklin Uur geleden
How dose it says 3 days ago but he died on Friday 🤔
King Von Fan
King Von Fan Uur geleden
Maybe hes not dead
raniya barton
raniya barton Uur geleden
Boy, I'm talking tragedies, massacres, casualties" damn von
raniya barton
raniya barton Uur geleden
crazy because before von died he never go 6 mill in three days and in 1 day he got a mill dats crazy
Metro Go Off
Metro Go Off Uur geleden
2021 goat 🐐🐐🐐 long live a king and y'all listen to my channel more otw
Nickoy law
Nickoy law Uur geleden
Sosa started now the wrld went viral
Nickoy law
Nickoy law Uur geleden
Very armed
Kizayah Correia
Kizayah Correia Uur geleden
I'm waiting for lil durk to remix this he would go crazy on this
Brian Johnson
Brian Johnson Uur geleden
rip bayvon as in king von
SlattPapi Uur geleden
Crazy how Juice, Pop Smoke, And King Von All had songs Named Armed and Dangerous 💙🕊
Walter King
Walter King Uur geleden
Long live von we not from 63rd
Yung Savvi
Yung Savvi Uur geleden
1:12 did he die
King Von Fan
King Von Fan Uur geleden
I think no
muhammad reza Arshad
muhammad reza Arshad Uur geleden
he sounds white
RPH Uur geleden
RIP von ❤
Fortnite Beast Kid
Fortnite Beast Kid Uur geleden
He still alive
Rodolfo Perales
Rodolfo Perales Uur geleden
Smh wouldve went farther than most live by the sword die by thr sword
Mary Tate
Mary Tate Uur geleden
We are not From 63
Mary Tate
Mary Tate Uur geleden
rip von
Bre Officials Vlogs loves
Bre Officials Vlogs loves Uur geleden
Long live king Von🙏🏻🖤
Moises Tijerino
Moises Tijerino Uur geleden
Rip von lil Tim bitch for bringing a gun in a fist fight
LaSonja Evans
LaSonja Evans Uur geleden
rip king von
Knight Huff
Knight Huff Uur geleden
rip von bro
swvyupnext _
swvyupnext _ 2 uur geleden
RIP Von🙏❤
Fortnite God
Fortnite God 2 uur geleden
This post to be posted that same day he died
aintdat jay
aintdat jay 2 uur geleden
rip king von🕊❤️
BryceTOgoated 2
BryceTOgoated 2 2 uur geleden
Grandson 💚🖤
manmanSZN 2 uur geleden
Rip von best rapper #llkv
kingrapheal gamer
kingrapheal gamer 2 uur geleden
long live grandson 💙🕊
Trell1k Tv
Trell1k Tv 2 uur geleden
Rip king von 🙏🏾
EvadeSunshine 2 uur geleden
Where I'm from they only love you when you die
HXRRY 2 uur geleden
new title: Armed & Dead
Rashad Marshall
Rashad Marshall 2 uur geleden
Rip King von
Skinny Mane Va Don
Skinny Mane Va Don 2 uur geleden
Laquita Wright
Laquita Wright 2 uur geleden
Laquita Wright
Laquita Wright 2 uur geleden
I I'm a big fan
Brooklyn Soulā
Brooklyn Soulā 2 uur geleden
Long Live Von He Da Truth ☝🏾
Jaden Watson
Jaden Watson 2 uur geleden
whit i thot king von was dead
CTM Plug
CTM Plug 2 uur geleden
the music video is old , but they posted it now
scolls 2 uur geleden
Compilations 101
Compilations 101 2 uur geleden
Long live von
Jessica Henny
Jessica Henny 2 uur geleden
Von is and Always will be the KING 👑 ❤️
SheLoveDaee 2 uur geleden
0:58 straight 🔥
Gocu Frm40s
Gocu Frm40s 2 uur geleden
which armed and dangerous is better juice or von?
Ahsek Shahid
Ahsek Shahid 2 uur geleden
this is old i can tell because i remember he was on live with jail clothes recording and people thought he was in jail on live lol
Hextor Jango
Hextor Jango 2 uur geleden
When he said sosa started rapping going viral damn
KD Gaming
KD Gaming 2 uur geleden
Rip king von 💯
CountsMula 2 uur geleden
Still feel bad about this ...just senseless
matthias Richards
matthias Richards 2 uur geleden
0:43 when ya home boy start pillow talkin for da females
LoCc 2 uur geleden
For some reason ion think he dead
Michael Frye
Michael Frye 2 uur geleden
Rip love u
Ramone Lowe
Ramone Lowe 2 uur geleden
Rip king von
Kayjun Williams
Kayjun Williams 2 uur geleden
RIP king von
Nate Cerdamunoz
Nate Cerdamunoz 2 uur geleden
Rip von
Thomas Morrelli
Thomas Morrelli 2 uur geleden
How the nigga dead if like every couple months new songs of his come out don't make sense
CTM Plug
CTM Plug 2 uur geleden
the music videos are old but , his label are posting them now
slapoco wich
slapoco wich 2 uur geleden
Captain Inner Monkey
Captain Inner Monkey 2 uur geleden
Armed??? He need to pull up them pants wtf saggin in skinny Jeans...
Aj Gang
Aj Gang 3 uur geleden
Rip to the king of the rap game 💙💙💙❤️❤️💜💜
The Rave
The Rave 3 uur geleden
Von my guy
Blxxi zz
Blxxi zz 3 uur geleden
The look he gave that white women . 😂
Lamonte Farris
Lamonte Farris 3 uur geleden
Canyon Carter
Canyon Carter 3 uur geleden
Rip king Von👑🕊🕊
thatone_ bloxburguy
thatone_ bloxburguy 3 uur geleden
why do ice box always says''Long Live King Von 💙🕊''
Inasia Gill
Inasia Gill 3 uur geleden
wait till we get our hands on that quondo and timmy pack
I ain't never seen 2 pretty bfs
I ain't never seen 2 pretty bfs 3 uur geleden
I thought he was dead-
CTM Plug
CTM Plug 2 uur geleden
? he is , the music video is old , his label are still posting his music videos though
JJCC G 3 uur geleden
Ozjani Travis
Ozjani Travis 3 uur geleden
Jayde Davis
Jayde Davis 3 uur geleden
R.I.P. OTF Von
Ozjani Travis
Ozjani Travis 3 uur geleden
sme body is form 63
Fernando Retana
Fernando Retana 3 uur geleden
Rest up bro 🪦 🙏🏽 ❤️
Kenneth Hicks
Kenneth Hicks 3 uur geleden
Rip von we love you :(
Amir Dunn
Amir Dunn 3 uur geleden
😔😔 rip
IKnowIm_ Bad
IKnowIm_ Bad 3 uur geleden
Facts Everyone Know 1.If Drew DIDNT film it then it ain’t filmed right 2. Von show up to all his shows 3. He ain’t got no flaws
Juug Lifestyle
Juug Lifestyle 3 uur geleden
LLV🙏🏾. Follow me @Huncho Man appreciate
Isls Keke
Isls Keke 3 uur geleden
T Money
T Money 3 uur geleden
Adrian Hernandez
Adrian Hernandez 3 uur geleden
King von too nice wid it
Lamarr Blount
Lamarr Blount 3 uur geleden
Kemari Powell
Kemari Powell 3 uur geleden
Man I’m mad cuz this bitch sooooo hard and bro can’t drop another rest easy fam 💯💯💯
I'm Ralph
I'm Ralph 3 uur geleden
0:03 ayy look how von is carring Lil pump
Damien Mangual
Damien Mangual 3 uur geleden
how von fans take trash out
Ethan & Adam
Ethan & Adam 4 uur geleden
Rip V-Roy😓🖤
Cypher 4 uur geleden
1:31 man von with his hair back is bringing back memories of his autopsy photo leak rip von
krozif 4 uur geleden
Every song hits different
Jason Turner
Jason Turner 4 uur geleden
Durk knew this boy was taking over smh
Bullet 4 uur geleden
This song slapp
Lewdogg 4 uur geleden
The exact type of music and lyrics that got him killed unbelievable nothing to praise about this song
BRUNO EVANDE 4 uur geleden
This song is great and tragic at the same time
depression test came true
depression test came true 4 uur geleden
Walt Everson
Walt Everson 4 uur geleden
King von the best
Tekashi 6ix9ine
Tekashi 6ix9ine 4 uur geleden
Imagine hes a gta 5 character
Walt Everson
Walt Everson 4 uur geleden
Rip von
Yande-Chawe Simunyola
Yande-Chawe Simunyola 4 uur geleden
but he's dead
Rubenn Dean Paul Alws
Rubenn Dean Paul Alws 4 uur geleden
Very beautiful guy!
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