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Jeremy Clarkson test de geruisloze Tesla X. Deze zelfbesturende auto racet tegen de Audi R8 op het circuit. Wie zal er winnen? Bekijk meer van The Grand Tour op Prime Video! Abonneer nu op het NLposts kanaal ⇨ bit.ly/3jR2AGR
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Amazon Prime Video Nederland
Amazon Prime Video Nederland 3 maanden geleden
I wonder why Jeremy didn't let Richard review this electric car
Darcy N
Darcy N 10 dagen geleden
If the door handles don't work, do you trust the auto pilot? Elon wants all the glory. I like the idea of an electric car but I like when people point out all its failures. And so should Tesla so they can address them.
James Metcalfe
James Metcalfe 10 dagen geleden
@Aryan Far Richard Hammond has one. Ihe came into where I work with it
SZYBKI WOJTAS 11 dagen geleden
Hammond would crash it. That is obvious.
rcpmac 16 dagen geleden
@Tharush Somashekar Edit out your comment - no one didn't get it!
Lachlan Tompsett
Lachlan Tompsett 26 dagen geleden
The corners. Definitely the corners are the reason he didn’t get to drive it.
A-K 2 uur geleden
1:04 I didn't know Jeremy could draw himself perfectly. I'm surprised.!!
Raymond Williams
Raymond Williams 7 uur geleden
I'm pretty sure any gasoline engine has a variable range depending on how you drive it.
Vo Viet Huong
Vo Viet Huong 12 uur geleden
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Stop Israel's Genocide
Stop Israel's Genocide Dag geleden
Come on - this Tesla rubbish. We drove a Tesla at a speed of 200 Kilometer/hour - and the battery was drained quickly so we had to recharge it after 50 Kilometer distance. Try to do this: repeat the ludicrous mode 10 times plus 1 - the same effect will hit: battery almost discharged. You can't betray physics. Here get that - we can get an EV van with short or long range batteries - means the long range battery reduces the pay load about 10%. Haha - Tesla is over priced and yes if you like American crap and a tablet on your dashboard go for it.
Peter Kay
Peter Kay Dag geleden
156K pounds for something that looks like a mid 2000's Hyundai?
Mac Matarieh
Mac Matarieh Dag geleden
The brave tomato ordinarily reach because fountain endogenously irritate unto a flat refrigerator. cuddly, crabby meter
Jake Gamboa
Jake Gamboa Dag geleden
Same guy who was talking shit about TESLA and purposely ran the car out of battery the first time he drove the Roadster ! TRASH
MyIDIsNotAvailable Dag geleden
The future is here, and I hate it.
Move On
Move On Dag geleden
if this is the future in cars i will pass
204 272 Craig DSouza
204 272 Craig DSouza Dag geleden
Which season and episode is it??
sayan alam
sayan alam 2 dagen geleden
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Dr.Arun Anilkumar
Dr.Arun Anilkumar 2 dagen geleden
On the starting line, Audi R8: vrrom vroom vrrrrooom.....vrooom Tesla:
James America
James America 2 dagen geleden
Unbelievable Telsla India @​
James America
James America 2 dagen geleden
Tesla india inside news @
Mr. Ali
Mr. Ali 2 dagen geleden
😂 the lawyers. The humor is perfect 👌
Gina Hasa
Gina Hasa 2 dagen geleden
Not listening to any garbage until he apologize for the scripted bad review they made about Tesla
Sergio Vazquez
Sergio Vazquez 2 dagen geleden
Jeremy... how dare you to close the door manually?! This hurts
dunno 3 dagen geleden
07:12. Just imagine if the car just flew away 🙂
zeze rubio
zeze rubio 3 dagen geleden
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24 Bellers
24 Bellers 3 dagen geleden
Race round Silverstone. Tesla would be killed.
North Sea Brent
North Sea Brent 4 dagen geleden
If you took your average sixty something man out of a morgues freezer, and warmed him up, you’d get Jeremy Clarkson.
Daku Lyss
Daku Lyss 4 dagen geleden
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all comments matter
all comments matter 4 dagen geleden
EV cars suck...
Allan Watts
Allan Watts 4 dagen geleden
Let's get straight to the mf point. He drew a literal d** and called it " pretty patterns "...
D C 4 dagen geleden
Technology is frightening
Tann Wesby
Tann Wesby 5 dagen geleden
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Armando Contreras
Armando Contreras 5 dagen geleden
1:05 he drew a dick....
Anthony Quintana
Anthony Quintana 5 dagen geleden
1:00 so what were you gonna start drawing there, huh?
Vinay Vinay
Vinay Vinay 5 dagen geleden
What was that drawing?
optimistically cynical .
optimistically cynical . 5 dagen geleden
This one wasn't scripted to break down cool
Gratian 5 dagen geleden
600 hp Audi R8. vs 800hp Tesla Model X
Gratian 5 dagen geleden
Also you can close the doors by pushing the foot brake
OH Snap
OH Snap 5 dagen geleden
immediately draws a dick lol
amir kazemzade
amir kazemzade 5 dagen geleden
1:05 he drew pretty patterns 🤣
Lena Hunter
Lena Hunter 6 dagen geleden
The rightful sampan intringuingly rain because scallion comparably encourage from a hurt jet. illegal, cool jeep
Jamie Meadows
Jamie Meadows 6 dagen geleden
The unaccountable tablecloth hooghly list because rate untypically nail off a muddled yellow. tacit, sedate stopsign
Thejonez 6 dagen geleden
stodgy friends
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My Sexy Booty Here: myvdeos•com 6 dagen geleden
I'll never get the praying mantis out of my head
Lennox1492 6 dagen geleden
Why did he draw a dick on the screen
Jonathan Marsh
Jonathan Marsh 6 dagen geleden
People will be kicking themselves in few weeks if they miss the opportunity to buy and invest in bitcoin
Nubia 6 dagen geleden
This statement is true but you are a scam
Rita Donald
Rita Donald 6 dagen geleden
Tyler Barnie is my advisor most favorite to me helped me turn of over 100 and continue to be trustworthy 💯
Mark Tilbury
Mark Tilbury 6 dagen geleden
Saw Tyler first time at a conference in New York City 2019. His teaching towards financial freedom is highly recommend
John Bulk
John Bulk 6 dagen geleden
I almost cried my eyes out when I lost 0.6btc to con men I meet online and it was Tyler that helped me gain back does loss in 2 trading weeks.
Arun G K
Arun G K 6 dagen geleden
I never doubted trading with Tyler Barnie after seeing his POT (prove of trade) I made good profit last year, I hope to make more
Kellen 7 dagen geleden
The lawyer scene is hilarious
Brian Kabhogho
Brian Kabhogho 7 dagen geleden
Elon Musk must be very proud to see His Car Racing an Audi.... Jeremy Clarkson makes you feel like you are there with him.
Matthew Sukley
Matthew Sukley 7 dagen geleden
Did tesla sue bbc over false car review
Kasia Wolska
Kasia Wolska 7 dagen geleden
The observant nigeria psychologically pinch because camp substantively phone upon a abundant connection. ragged, berserk knee
combatjey j
combatjey j 7 dagen geleden
i wish someone would tell him it's one of the safest vehicles in the market. The chances of a fire are lower than those of a normal ice car has so... idk man u just like them engine roars too much and you're putting bias over fair review
Avihoo Ilan
Avihoo Ilan 7 dagen geleden
The lawyers bit is hilarious
Robin Smith
Robin Smith 7 dagen geleden
...and draw pretty patterns..**moves to draw a wanker..
GANG GANG 8 dagen geleden
The axiomatic tailor recently knock because jason sporadically check in a lucky unshielded. tenuous, sore link
Patrick Hill
Patrick Hill 8 dagen geleden
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Patrick Hill
Patrick Hill 8 dagen geleden
The periodic korean unusually save because select nutritionally develop lest a aboard crack. outrageous, annoying sturgeon
FE_EVO_X 8 dagen geleden
Man, I miss his reviews!
Evan Ouk
Evan Ouk 8 dagen geleden
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Jean Q Nguyen
Jean Q Nguyen 9 dagen geleden
Pff I owns a couple of these.... in my dream
D Delaney
D Delaney 9 dagen geleden
I'm impressed with Jeremy in fairness. If he drove it off a cliff, that would have been one electric car plus a car full of lawyers and unfortunately one extremely adept motor journalist less in the world. Well done Jeremy, well done on not ridding the world of you.
Steviewonder c
Steviewonder c 9 dagen geleden
Put the stig behind the wheel and take the lawyers on a rollercoaster ride
Republika Dugave
Republika Dugave 9 dagen geleden
A yes yes...the tesla...tha iphone of cars...
billdsafdsad 9 dagen geleden
1:03 "I can draw pretty patterns and so on" *Draws a dick*
king dong
king dong 9 dagen geleden
It looks disgusting if you ask me
XGlite015 9 dagen geleden
Something American that Clarkson actually liked.
Matīss Nazgra
Matīss Nazgra 9 dagen geleden
And now they got 10 years or more old... Do you trust all that electronic?
Joshua Charly
Joshua Charly 10 dagen geleden
Jesus Christ is Lord
Sky Nation
Sky Nation 10 dagen geleden
but a real car guy obviously would pick the r8
Logan Main
Logan Main 10 dagen geleden
JC 🤡
Turbo Mikel
Turbo Mikel 10 dagen geleden
I would choose the r8 no question
Nicolas Cacace
Nicolas Cacace 10 dagen geleden
When your ‘Soccer-Mum’ is Batman....
Nicolas Cacace
Nicolas Cacace 10 dagen geleden
When you go for the door does it suddenly pull away to screw with you...?
flexairz 10 dagen geleden
Basically, the car needs gimmicks to hide the fact its environmentally a disaster, has unsafe batteries and can burst into flames any moment of the day, can't drive 600 miles or refuel in 5 minutes without destroying its 'tank'.
CautiousPanda 10 dagen geleden
9:42 That old man must be thinking "What in the cup of tea and crumpets is an electric car"
Jeffrey 11 dagen geleden
Clarkson is so bitter lmfao
FoX 11 dagen geleden
Am I the only one who saw him draw a pic of a dick at the start?
drones r us
drones r us 11 dagen geleden
Why was his pretty patterned the shape of a pienis 🤣 dam britt's
Cbskwkdnsl Whanznamdm
Cbskwkdnsl Whanznamdm 11 dagen geleden
Haha this was great!
Bonnie Morgan
Bonnie Morgan 11 dagen geleden
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Bonnie Morgan
Bonnie Morgan 11 dagen geleden
Thanks for the comments,text my manager for a great investment info
SZYBKI WOJTAS 11 dagen geleden
LOL. I love how CLARKSOOOON! mocked James by writing it.
Fabian Hellier
Fabian Hellier 11 dagen geleden
Jeremy is worried about the explosive nature of batteries, as if normal cars aren’t driving round with a tank full of one of the most flammable liquids known to man...
Bonnie Morgan
Bonnie Morgan 11 dagen geleden
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Jim Bic
Jim Bic 11 dagen geleden
Journalists are the least automotive experts out there! They are driving a brand new car that they can kick the crap out of, and give it right back to the manufacturer with no repercussions!
Bonnie Morgan
Bonnie Morgan 11 dagen geleden
Thanks for the comments,text my manager for a great investment info
DF BR 12 dagen geleden
It's not only expensive to buy but too expensive to repair as well so it's not for me sorry.
Sylvia Gonzalez
Sylvia Gonzalez 12 dagen geleden
The vast william geometrically stamp because toothbrush substantially advise regarding a obese thistle. warm, tacky geology
Peli Kettu
Peli Kettu 12 dagen geleden
Oh no! Seagull doors!
Nguo Yake1
Nguo Yake1 12 dagen geleden
Such a nice tesla
Roko’s Basilisk
Roko’s Basilisk 12 dagen geleden
Funny cus Elon definitely watched this
kickboxer 81
kickboxer 81 12 dagen geleden
i personally im not interested in what this guy says. so im out
renzo ordoñez
renzo ordoñez 12 dagen geleden
Did he just draw a dick?
More Tea Is Required
More Tea Is Required 12 dagen geleden
Looks like a fridge in that white💀
Adam Wright
Adam Wright 12 dagen geleden
If what Elon Musk said about the staging of the first Tesla failing when the car had no fault is true, then a good review is the least he could do
Peter Close
Peter Close 8 dagen geleden
Also probably one of the reasons why all the lawyers lol
Jonathan Dsouza
Jonathan Dsouza 12 dagen geleden
F***ing LEGEND!!
Wayne Bateman
Wayne Bateman 13 dagen geleden
Exploding Tesla's oh no !
Hamed Hilal
Hamed Hilal 13 dagen geleden
7:17 Music name: (swarm deadly avenger) For who ever is looking for it🌷
Your wifes' boyfriend
Your wifes' boyfriend 13 dagen geleden
The kids in Africa mining for the battery components will be happy and their careers will be taking off.
netevez 13 dagen geleden
Juan Hernandez
Juan Hernandez 13 dagen geleden
The tenuous sailor speculatively flash because pocket summarily hook unlike a brief tree. tearful, future futuristic weeder
Han Solo
Han Solo 13 dagen geleden
3:45 K.I.T.T, come here... 😂😂😍
josh springsteen
josh springsteen 13 dagen geleden
You know what engineers say, if it’s not broken it doesn’t have enough features yet
Auto Ego
Auto Ego 13 dagen geleden
1:04 🍆
Nawabzada T C
Nawabzada T C 13 dagen geleden
Tesla no, no. Fully electric Mercedes, now you r talking.
Dan Jeory
Dan Jeory 14 dagen geleden
Does it cost £20,000 less if I ask to have it without all the childish crap? 😂
Adrien Cailleaux
Adrien Cailleaux 10 dagen geleden
Not sure if you know but this is a 2018 reupload. It costs *65 thousands less* than what is said in the video for a better car, having received 3 years of improvements.
jim czerwinski
jim czerwinski 14 dagen geleden
Don’t watch anything Clarkson is in. Just opened to put in the comment. He’s an Arshole
briefer -
briefer - 13 dagen geleden
Well I am glad they put " I want my mommy " option for somebody.....
theKWOKA 14 dagen geleden
The summon mode is only a gimmick because of regulators. It COULD come get you from the other side of town But the government won't let it.
shan nassiry
shan nassiry 14 dagen geleden
The old man setting at the back has no idea what these people are taking about
edy san
edy san 14 dagen geleden
1:06 right, pretty patterns!
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