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my all-over-the-place-but-nowhere-really november / a lot of time at home and the office working, trying to stay busy and happy :)
➸ INSTAGRAM: vanellimelli
⁄ music
Pictures of the Floating World - Waves
Driving Home for Christmas - Chris Rea
Imaginary Place - Tikket
⁄ things:
collier punky -
earrings -
ear cuffs -
Vegan Cashew Carbonara Recipe -
adidas -
+ old Leica lens
+ and old camcorder I bought on eBay
+ Canon 814 Auto ZOOM 8mm
+ iPhone
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( // I cut my videos with premiere pro cc )

Gabriela Markuss
Gabriela Markuss 3 dagen geleden
Do you have spotify?
naomi w
naomi w 5 dagen geleden
it takes me hours to finish vlogs this long. not hate I love u sm I just have a horrible attention span
Ombre Ombre
Ombre Ombre 8 dagen geleden
Sei bellissima 👑✌
livethisummer 11 dagen geleden
The coolest vlog ever, mate
Olivia Koné
Olivia Koné 15 dagen geleden
desperately trying to find the song from then end of the clip but can't find it on spotify or youtube :'( anyone ? Loooove the volgs btw
_haennahbanana_ 16 dagen geleden
Haha bei der Situation mit dem Lied weiterschalten, musste ich plötzlich so lachen😂 ich habe dich in diesem Moment so gefühlt und dieser Blick🙌
quartz queen
quartz queen 19 dagen geleden
You look so much like Carla Gugino! (from Netflix Haunting of Hill House & Gerald's Game). Love ur channel/energy/vibe. Subbed! 🖤 Edit: Apparently I'm the minority and the world thinks u look like Julia Roberts instead. 🧐 Idk I don't see it. 🤷🏻‍♀️But dead ringer for Carla G!
Inspired by Cats
Inspired by Cats 20 dagen geleden
I miss dancing too...
Christa Dresch
Christa Dresch 21 dag geleden
Es is so chilling das du noch mit analogen Bildern arbeitest. Kannst du vielleicht mal erklären wir du die Fotos scannst un welchen Drucker du verwendest, finde ich mega interessant ✌️
çağla 23 dagen geleden
go vegan
Brooke Stephenson
Brooke Stephenson 24 dagen geleden
the song is sort of different then what you had linked, are you sure thats the same or is it a remix?
Valeria Giannini
Valeria Giannini 25 dagen geleden
You give me Steven Tyler vibes 🤭take it as a good thing by all means
Ezgi 25 dagen geleden
I'm enjoyed now🤍
Dennys Zuniga
Dennys Zuniga 27 dagen geleden
Julia Roberts
Francine Cartier
Francine Cartier 29 dagen geleden
Where did you get these sunglasses?🤩
Hannah Sophie
Hannah Sophie Maand geleden
I just l love your voice, so calming
gerlindelang Maand geleden
did you really say "my end vlogs here"? :)
Moon 27 dagen geleden
Lmaoo she did Aw I don’t think she noticed
Basma Ammar
Basma Ammar Maand geleden
your hair is everything 💘
In Out
In Out Maand geleden
Ur so cute 😎
Ellen Benkwitz
Ellen Benkwitz Maand geleden
How can someone be always so beautifull???? Im mad :((( Bye y´all, Bye you
Whatever Goes
Whatever Goes Maand geleden
Someone in my neighborhood casually used a leaf blower at 2 AM 🙄
Sophia G
Sophia G Maand geleden
does anyone know the song in the end? name vom letzten song?
Fräulein Wunderlich
Fräulein Wunderlich Maand geleden
where are those (fake) - leather pants from?
Fang margot
Fang margot Maand geleden
你知道bilibili吗 希望你可以来中国🇨🇳
Ritika Priya
Ritika Priya Maand geleden
she lowkey looks like martha plimpton
Amanda Hallberg
Amanda Hallberg Maand geleden
Ur soo freaking cool, I'm obsessed!
Thea Sigvardt
Thea Sigvardt Maand geleden
Love your vids! How tall are you?
Yara Maand geleden
Aquarius energy or am wrong?
Jen _29
Jen _29 Maand geleden
you look a bit like if Grace Vanderwaal had an older sister
King Ro
King Ro Maand geleden
I love your style!!!
Nouf A
Nouf A Maand geleden
You have the best style I’ve ever seen, your videos and editings are perfection ⭐️🤍 i’ve been a subscriber since 2016 🤍 ... all the way from saudi arabia.
Nika Lippert
Nika Lippert Maand geleden
Really liked the video and your style. It seems like you're an amazing person with great taste. Could someone please tell me the brand name of the sunglasses? Cant find it. Thank you
J Maand geleden
your voice is so dreamy :)
Clarissa Paniagua
Clarissa Paniagua Maand geleden
so glad I found your channel
Baptiste Piriou
Baptiste Piriou Maand geleden
More more more videos 🖤
christine ris
christine ris Maand geleden
what’s the name of the song they are dancing to with her bestfriend? i’ve heard it so many times at parties and i still don’t know the name
christine ris
christine ris Maand geleden
@Annoeffel hahaha it is as old as i am! thank youu
Annoeffel Maand geleden
Played-A-Live (The Bongo Song) by Safri Duo, sooo old, but still a classic
Koyuki Cooke
Koyuki Cooke Maand geleden
Do you have a Spotify account? I love your music taste 💕
_.jeanne .snd._
_.jeanne .snd._ Maand geleden
I want the name of that song in the back, give me all sorts of feelings
No Space For Sadness
No Space For Sadness Maand geleden
5:10 oohh common i was thinking how gorgeous hair you have ♥️♥️
Annick Schmid
Annick Schmid Maand geleden
Watching you since yeeeears, nearly the same age as you, feels like growing together. Still love you, topped that when i saw you're eating so much plant based 😍
Alexandra Restova
Alexandra Restova Maand geleden
can you please tell us how old r u ?
peanuts26 Maand geleden
Samantha Antao
Samantha Antao Maand geleden
What’s the song at the beginninggg
Júlia Franzese
Júlia Franzese Maand geleden
you remind me of Julia Roberts! I love so much your style and your vibee wiishh meet you! 💖
Carina Bittroff
Carina Bittroff Maand geleden
Ach Mel🤍.
mik Maand geleden
i literally didnt realised you were german until you said you live in berlin this is the first video im watching on your channel and i really loved it so pls keep going your auch a nice person
Bella Black
Bella Black Maand geleden
She is the perfect mix between Julia Roberts and Victoria Pedretti
Jenny Sturm
Jenny Sturm Maand geleden
I just love that I had this feeling that you were living in Berlin, just by your thumbnail. Ich erkenn die muddastadt confidence. Miss my home
koolmjo Maand geleden
You look so much like Julia Roberts in the first clip when you laughed! :)
tess burchell
tess burchell Maand geleden
Julia Robert's. Julia. Robert's. Julia.... Robert's.?
Zoe Maand geleden
Tutorial for u hair💖
Cillian Murphy
Cillian Murphy Maand geleden
why do you look and sound so tired and unenergized
Roberta Marandola
Roberta Marandola Maand geleden
which type of camera are you showing in this video? I kinda love it!
Sandy g.
Sandy g. Maand geleden
Aw she reminds me of a young Julia roberts 🥰 Edit: I see now that many others in the comments think that lol
Kathi Lauber
Kathi Lauber Maand geleden
Kannst du mal ein auf Insta oder NLposts zeigen wie du fotografierst und welche Kameras du für welche Fotos benutzt ? Vielen Dank :))))
Naïade Lacolomb
Naïade Lacolomb Maand geleden
I love the music you put in your videos, have you got a public Spotify or something like that? ❤️
Rachel Mallasch
Rachel Mallasch Maand geleden
more speaking in german vlogs!
Joseph Swafford
Joseph Swafford Maand geleden
Nissrine Azz
Nissrine Azz Maand geleden
Man i’m begging you! PLEASE film these vlogs, like pleaseee🥺
Justyna Rudzińska
Justyna Rudzińska Maand geleden
I just found you. I love your vibe. And you're so beautiful :3
Alessia Maand geleden
You have the most beautiful apartment ever!💕
Alessia Maand geleden
Your best friend looks exactly like alicia silverstone (cher from clueless)!!! Maand geleden
Incredible Work 👍
Mariana Andrade
Mariana Andrade Maand geleden
do you have spotify?
Julia Höhne
Julia Höhne Maand geleden
Lobe this vlog ! Where is the cute coat your friend is wearing from ?
Bridgette Amofah
Bridgette Amofah Maand geleden
i enjoyed this a LOT. It made me miss Berlin though... xx
Luba Kalishuk
Luba Kalishuk Maand geleden
please write the name of the song that played at the end of the video
stan mark lee
stan mark lee Maand geleden
btw what's the first song on the radio called? i hear it everywhere but never found out the name
yipyipitsme123 22 dagen geleden
@stan mark lee omg so it is 😣😣 glad u found it!!
stan mark lee
stan mark lee 25 dagen geleden
@yipyipitsme123 nvm found itt, it's gimme gimme
stan mark lee
stan mark lee 25 dagen geleden
@yipyipitsme123 are u sure 😳
yipyipitsme123 Maand geleden
at the beginning of the video? it's voulez vous by ABBA 😊
clara pasqualini
clara pasqualini Maand geleden
i just love your content so much. you are such an inspiration for real! keep doing this. keed just being yourself, you are amazing, i relate to you. kisses from brazil!
lama AQ
lama AQ Maand geleden
this is the first video i've ever watched of u ... and im subscribing NOW!!!
PAUL SEETHALER Maand geleden
louise Maand geleden
blowing leaves is so ridiculous when you can suck them up...also that time is not early and no care for others.
Kateryna Puryk
Kateryna Puryk Maand geleden
you are such a precious thing, Mel! wish u well:*
Se Gie
Se Gie Maand geleden
What kind of vlog camera do you use?
444 han
444 han Maand geleden
okay i’m in love w u
444 han
444 han Maand geleden
woah you are Stunning i can’t even express???? thank you youtube algorithm!
Myra Roth
Myra Roth Maand geleden
Kannst du vielleicht mal eine Haar Routine machen? 😊 deine Haare sind super nice 😍🥰
Prsten11 Maand geleden
You remind me of Carla Gugino, the mom from spy kids lol
hailyluve rose
hailyluve rose Maand geleden
mit welcher app bearbeitest du deine vlogs ? :)))
nasia mourgou
nasia mourgou Maand geleden
julia roberts left the chat
miriam_ smpl
miriam_ smpl Maand geleden
Ngl ich dachte bevor man im Hintergrund den deutschen Fernsehbericht gehört hat dass du muttersprachlich englisch bist🤭 das nen ich mal gute englisch Kenntnisse
Julian Christl
Julian Christl Maand geleden
Wie heisst der track am Ende :0
Maisy Bignell
Maisy Bignell Maand geleden
she reminds me so much of julia roberts in pretty woman
emma. bruh
emma. bruh Maand geleden
Also ich find dich ja tatsächlich einfach cool, du bist definitiv eins meiner Vorbilder
Wanderin'Joe Maand geleden
Just found this channel and wanted to tell u that you’re gorgeous :)
Emma Aigeldinger
Emma Aigeldinger Maand geleden
Where are your black boots from? The ankle cowgirl boots are super cute!!!!
Camille Yzebe
Camille Yzebe Maand geleden
Hey ! What’s the brand of your sunglasses ? 🧐They are so cool but I don’t understand which brand it is in your vlog 🥲🤩 You’ve just appeared in my timeline, happy to discover a new face on NLposts 🌟 Thanks in advance !!
Camille Yzebe
Camille Yzebe Maand geleden
@Melanie Kieback great thanks ! I didn’t know the brand !
Melanie Kieback
Melanie Kieback Maand geleden
Hey 👋🏼 they are Lexxola ! Awww happy to hear 🥰
M S Maand geleden
Hi! What kind of film scanner do you use??! Thx
Flippie Maand geleden
Hahaha the sounds you make when you get a lens or clothing item you love *YES, oh YES*, same girl, same!
Bug Maand geleden
this is the first video of yours i am seeing, instantly subscribed.
Megan Mann
Megan Mann Maand geleden
I was thinking how amazing your hair looks literally just before you said “I don’t like my hair today”!
Basma Ammar
Basma Ammar Maand geleden
444 han
444 han Maand geleden
Einfach mal mit Stroh bauen
Einfach mal mit Stroh bauen Maand geleden
'i just wanted to be comfy and warm' -zeigt leggins :D :)
Stella Devon Rain
Stella Devon Rain Maand geleden
I heard VOGUE and subscribed within a second
Mila Rudolph
Mila Rudolph Maand geleden
Bratwurst is called bratwurst as well in English ♥️
chaka laka
chaka laka Maand geleden
what is the song called you're listening to at 3:52 - 3:59?
Carina Maand geleden
i think it’s ivy by frank ocean!
Kora S
Kora S Maand geleden
Who wants to see a video about Mel's favorite jewelry? 🙌🏼
Lisa Ricci
Lisa Ricci Maand geleden
I loved the blog!! You have a great aesthetics and give such good vibes :-) do you mind sharing your Depop account?? Thanks!
Mitra Maand geleden
but where do I find your depop my dude 🥸🥸🥸
Natascha Kor
Natascha Kor Maand geleden
I loveee your style its sooo cool and the hair looks super good on you. 🤍 This was in my recommendations and I am not mad at it. Stay safe and keep vloging pls 🦋 ~
kerstin loidolt
kerstin loidolt Maand geleden
sooo schön dass deine vlogs zurück sind. Geben mir ein so gemütliches, entspanntes gefühl
Caroline Martinussen
Caroline Martinussen Maand geleden
has anyone ever told u that u look SO much like Julia Roberts?!
Annie Finley
Annie Finley Maand geleden
@V P Subjective opinion, she does resemble her slightly, mainly because of her big smile. That doesn't mean she's uglier or prettier than her... They're both gorgeous glowing women.
Ama Cela
Ama Cela Maand geleden
@V P You're acting like Julia Roberts is not a world class beauty. Lol.. Julia Roberts was gorgeous when she was younger, for sure.
V P Maand geleden
Oof, I think she looks way better than Roberts.
Lisa Maand geleden
exactly what i thought!! Her smile and face shape at the beginning :o Really gorgeous!
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