FBI arrests Nashville zip-tie suspect from assault on U.S. Capitol

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A self-described "hidden patriot" from Nashville, outed on social media as a rioter who invaded the U.S. Senate chambers Wednesday with a weapon and zip-tie handcuffs, was arrested Sunday on federal charges, NewsChannel 5 has learned.

vango6295 5 minuten geleden
F****ing traitors, All of them should be tried for treason, every last one. Patriotism is to a country not a damn President or person ." TO THE DAMN COUNTRY " YOU MORONS.
Miguelon 5 minuten geleden
The Zip tie bandit!
geomcc39 7 minuten geleden
please no trump 2024 America !
HyperJunk 1987
HyperJunk 1987 9 minuten geleden
America is fucking pathetic.
Kearstin Ivory
Kearstin Ivory 10 minuten geleden
We’re a lot more alike than some folks want to admit. Dumbass rappers aren’t the only ones that self-snitch. Stupid is an equal opportunity descriptor.
I G 13 minuten geleden
A “Nashville bartender” Go back to school loser
tyler martin
tyler martin 13 minuten geleden
mario zombie
mario zombie 14 minuten geleden
It's flex cuffs, not zip ties.
Marc Woodward
Marc Woodward 14 minuten geleden
If he in fact took the zip cuffs from a Capital Police supply area/locker vs bringing them in himself, it's even worse for him since that's "theft of government property" in addition to any other charges the Feds hit him with!
Charlie Rosenthal
Charlie Rosenthal 15 minuten geleden
Oh no! Not a GUN AND A CAP!
Crash Bandicoot
Crash Bandicoot 16 minuten geleden
Fox news....
karnak monroe5
karnak monroe5 21 minuut geleden
no offense, but if the guy was black im sure his sentence would have been more than violent injury and disorderly conduct.
Ep Bailey
Ep Bailey 24 minuten geleden
Darrell's Moto Diary
Darrell's Moto Diary 25 minuten geleden
Rot in jail !,
Slim jim
Slim jim 30 minuten geleden
It doesn't matter if brought them- someone gave them to him or even if he took them from the police he was up to no good. Why are they just allowing them to just walk through.. SMFH
b earth
b earth 31 minuut geleden
Charles Manson never physically killed anyone himself. It was his lies and ideology that motivated those women to kill. If trump is innocent, than Manson is innocent.
YensecaTube 33 minuten geleden
Proud Boys in federal prison are getting their crap pushed in literally
nomadic traveler
nomadic traveler 34 minuten geleden
Throw him and those zip ties in a cell with big Bubba.Bad boys,bad boys,who you gonna call when they come for you....
Any A
Any A 37 minuten geleden
Fanculo Bidè faccio sega
Lanoi 40 minuten geleden
Great job on the investigative work! Way to find to this jerk. Put him in jail please! 🙏
CISCO KID 40 minuten geleden
Jax 45 minuten geleden
These POS's dont love cops they love that cops kill black and brown people at the rate they do. These idiots and the cops all attend the same kkk meetings.
C Liverpoolboy01
C Liverpoolboy01 45 minuten geleden
There was another guy with zip ties, as well!
harry callahan
harry callahan 45 minuten geleden
Imagine if we put this much effort towards getting gang bangers and traffickers caught and off the streets.
It's a me Mario
It's a me Mario 46 minuten geleden
Show much stupidity "This is our house, we built that " Yeah with help of a few slaves
angelina t
angelina t 46 minuten geleden
Gonna meet a lot of new friends in jail. Not so tough when you alone
Justfactsman2020 50 minuten geleden
The unanswered question is why Capitol Police "offered no resistance"?
Christopher Blake
Christopher Blake 50 minuten geleden
Duuuuuummmbbbbbbb people....just so dumb....lol, well he did.call them very special people....and they are... lol Enjoy your time in jail bud....you can really get to know America's finest in there
Nicholas Sookdeo
Nicholas Sookdeo 51 minuut geleden
Why these trump supporters love larping. Such nerds.
It's a me Mario
It's a me Mario 52 minuten geleden
Trumptards are upset they can't own slaves anymore, the south lost. Get over it
Adrian Foster
Adrian Foster 52 minuten geleden
We built that........ someone hand this man this big ass L
Elliott 56 minuten geleden
Keep it coming!
TheRaiderra 58 minuten geleden
All these terrorists will be identified and arrested.
ᎦᎯᎯᎽᎯNERᎽ Uur geleden
Terrorists apply in many shapes from burning or modify the flag to manipulation don’t be to bigot.
Alain Archambault
Alain Archambault Uur geleden
Hmm, doesn't look like an "Antifa" either. Where are those antifa's they kept saying was in that riot?
Rand Steele
Rand Steele Uur geleden
So many Republicans (Christians plus Mormons equalling the Republican base, the holy trinity of American disgrace) have stood in allegiance not to the Red, White, and Blue but have stood up in favor of sedition. So opposed is the Republican base to Constitutional law and order that anyone who claims alliance with that party of base minds bring shame upon themselves. Rock on!
JELO BEAN Uur geleden
samira badat
samira badat Uur geleden
May God help you
angelgabrielmiamor Uur geleden
"I'm just a hidden patriot" No, you are an out white supremacist.
Wilton Bobble
Wilton Bobble Uur geleden
What up dog ? Can you say 93% of your sentence in federal prison. Time to cop a plea.
Jardins Marizá
Jardins Marizá Uur geleden
Instant Karma....
Mister Quantum
Mister Quantum Uur geleden
Zip-cuffs are not the same as zip-ties. If you're husband/boyfriend has zip-cuffs, and he's not using them on you in the bedroom, he's probably a psychopath.
Tariq Sardar
Tariq Sardar Uur geleden
Its lovely watching America fall apart from the inside out.....it's karma..it makes a nice change from watching all the damage and death it causes all over the world. Keep up the good work the world is watching how pathetic you all really are 😂😂
CambreyGoG Uur geleden
Another "tough" guy.
Chuck 2
Chuck 2 Uur geleden
shin's koala
shin's koala Uur geleden
"We paid for it." Judging from the amount of unemployable seditionists, i doubt most of them have paid taxes in years.
Dragonvang87 Uur geleden
Lol I guess the trumptards can't say it was antifa.
Timothy Uur geleden
Traitor needs to be charged as one.
Bradley Kynoch
Bradley Kynoch Uur geleden
Little did they know that trump set a trap for them . All arrest And Viking man was the pied piper or the patriot kind
Drew G
Drew G Uur geleden
I hope he sits in prison for a long, long time.
carlos rivera
carlos rivera Uur geleden
No Mercy !! Lock homie and give him a life sentence !!!
Siri Erieott
Siri Erieott Uur geleden
And down the rabit hole, through the looking glass, and in the forest of witches and warlocks. Lost in a fog of lies and self delusion.
kuzjoe Uur geleden
Why are the cops letting people walk right in ?
StutesNstuff Uur geleden
Love me some Black Rifle Coffee in the morning though
JT's stories and gameplay
JT's stories and gameplay Uur geleden
I thought it was Patty Mayo in the thumbnail
arthur clark
arthur clark 2 uur geleden
The FBI to the rescue of a bunch of little pigs who can't find a mountain and couldn't move one if found. And far as Nashville the same little pigs better start singing and it better sound like the cash register is working overtime. Funny the same little pigs and the FBI couldn't figure out who the president was or is or who is actually worth hearing and STILL CAN'T .
Chris S
Chris S 2 uur geleden
Cult - this is nothing but a cult filled with losers. Losers in the sense that they have never felt success in their lives. Hitler tapped into this same human condition.
Insanis Stultitia
Insanis Stultitia 2 uur geleden
I'll say it again. Trumpers are STUPIIIID!
Ryan Rodriguez
Ryan Rodriguez 2 uur geleden
More like STUPID patriots
Jeremy Arrieta
Jeremy Arrieta 2 uur geleden
he might be a vlogger!!
Jeremy Arrieta
Jeremy Arrieta 2 uur geleden
They hate the CEO of fb. But now there are using it.
Valerie P
Valerie P 2 uur geleden
I think my favorite part was "that's our house! We built that house!" Umm, y'all have aged well! 200 year old construction workers must have found the fountain of youth
HUEY Newton
HUEY Newton 2 uur geleden
Alot of people need deep meditation and detachment from politics.
Jose Torres
Jose Torres 2 uur geleden
I don’t see any patriot here all I saw was a bunch of brainwashed cultists who have no idea that the capitol building was built by slaves not citizens. If they don’t even know their own history, they bound to repeat it.
Satan Lucifer
Satan Lucifer 2 uur geleden
Roasting them and their work 😂
ᎦᎯᎯᎽᎯNERᎽ 2 uur geleden
By the way the real law enforcement never use the punisher sticker I know for sure those are posers pretending to be law enforcement same some woman’s wearing the blue flag shirt.
ElevenBravo 11b
ElevenBravo 11b 2 uur geleden
At the end of the day they did it right. I hate protesters but these guys stormed the capital. The BLM crowd burned down their own neighborhood.
ᎦᎯᎯᎽᎯNERᎽ 2 uur geleden
In the way is see wear the flag is a crime I think captain America should be an jail too. Patriot has nothing to do with any kind of terrorist and the flag has been enough abused.
Demarcus A
Demarcus A 2 uur geleden
Trump doesn't like bartenders😂 just ask AOC. This guy is going straight to the cell and only mama is going to come visit because his old ass.
Bullet Shard
Bullet Shard 2 uur geleden
Bartender 🤣🤣🤣
Demarcus A
Demarcus A 2 uur geleden
Looks like a trump antifa to me
Girth Worm Bill
Girth Worm Bill 2 uur geleden
Well, let's be honest, it's the seat of a lobbiest influenced representative oligarchical democracy, not a true democracy 🙄 In a true democracy we could all propose and vote to enact or remove legislation without the need for corrupt legislators 🤨
Demarcus A
Demarcus A 2 uur geleden
Got his ass! Thank god
Douglas Clyant
Douglas Clyant 2 uur geleden
My understanding is the construction crew still have not been paid
M Thompson
M Thompson 2 uur geleden
Leave him alone. He didn't do nothing wrong. He is being Patriot the hidden one 😜😁👍
wkruit 2 uur geleden
Does that “thin blue line” support for the police include Brian Sicknick or was that police officer “expendable”? Not the sharpest tool in the box...
Tuutuu CT
Tuutuu CT 2 uur geleden
if were not camer america will not became the greatest country in the world so camera ha lot if job
Sound Spoon
Sound Spoon 2 uur geleden
Qtee S.
Qtee S. 2 uur geleden
He didn’t steal those zip ties, it was given to him. 😏
Aaron Shruby
Aaron Shruby 2 uur geleden
Is that his girl? 🤣😂
Mister G
Mister G 3 uur geleden
L 3 uur geleden
Drain the swamp! These idiots needs to be jailed!
Trisha Jane
Trisha Jane 3 uur geleden
It's almost like most of them were only there, simply because they wanted to look cool with their "American gear" and simply show off. Violence isn't cute people.
tareese78 3 uur geleden
Hopefully he gets what he deserves
NetTubeUser 3 uur geleden
The man supported the Police, but acted violently? It doesn't make any sense at all. He's an imbecile.
The Re-bar Kid
The Re-bar Kid 3 uur geleden
So the weapons was a taser ... New Channel 5 ... unbiased reporting. Stolen from capital hill police storage facilities ... how the hell is any un-authorised person accessing secure police storage facilities?? More American unbias news reporting.
Tom Morrissey
Tom Morrissey 3 uur geleden
News is quick to expose these freak show idiots. But still refusing to report the antifa and BLM terrorists who were in fact the tip of the spear going in.
Andrew Hodges
Andrew Hodges 3 uur geleden
I'm not going to say all Trump supporters, but these specific ones are idiots. Why would continuously wear that same cap (that he probably never washed) and post all this shit on social media?
wolfman sicario
wolfman sicario 3 uur geleden
These are the same fools that went out on last year's protests to turn it against the protesters!!
Super Dave
Super Dave 3 uur geleden
I think the formula is simple. If you were on the grounds it was a protest (no matter how misguided), if you were on the steps you committed a misdemeanor, if you interfered with a Police Officer doing his duty you committed a felony and if you entered the Capitol Building you committed a Treasonous act against our Democratically elected government. There are no excuses.
jersey city61
jersey city61 3 uur geleden
Lock him up and her dum ass
chai xiong
chai xiong 3 uur geleden
This guy is cringy as hell from the short photos and clips of him. Clearly a loser trying to find an identity.
Ken P
Ken P 3 uur geleden
He didn't build or pay for the Capitol our ancestors did and slaves built it. He defiled it in his costume. Hope he gets a striped uniform to wear.
Tomy Nguyen
Tomy Nguyen 3 uur geleden
Pranav M
Pranav M 3 uur geleden
Trump: I don't like bartender. Never heard of them.
James P
James P 3 uur geleden
Lock him up! Lock him up! Lock him up!
John Atkins
John Atkins 3 uur geleden
Violence must be condemned, but USA citizens must also contemplate what prompted the protest in the capitol.
Nick995 3 uur geleden
The Dude looks like a young Robert knepper from prison break
Kiki 3 uur geleden
Hey news station let’s talk about Ellen Oprah and rest of Hollywood for human trafficking. Talk about Pizzagate and frazzle drip Hillary and Huma
Maximus Sarcasticus13
Maximus Sarcasticus13 3 uur geleden
10 years per executive order by none other than DJT. Outstanding.
Thomas James
Thomas James 3 uur geleden
Some people did something jan 6th
Trump Rioter ARRESTED After Ex-Wife IDs Him
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