Barack Obama: The 2020 60 Minutes interview

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60 Minutes

9 dagen geleden

The former president shares the advice he would give President Trump, his thoughts on the killing of George Floyd, and what's behind the divisions in Washington and across the U.S. Scott Pelley reports.
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60 Minutes, the most successful American television broadcast in history, began its 52nd season in September. Offering hard-hitting investigative reports, interviews, feature segments and profiles of people in the news, the broadcast began in 1968 is still a hit in 2020. 60 Minutes makes Nielsen’s weekly Top 10 nearly every week and was the #1 weekly television broadcast three times last season.

The program still averages more than 10 million viewers, more than double the audience of its nearest network news magazine competitor. The average audience for a 60 Minutes broadcast is 150% higher than those of the network morning news programs; the audience dwarfs the number of viewers drawn by the most popular cable news programs.

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60 Minutes has won every major broadcast award. Its 25 Peabody and 150 Emmy awards are the most won by any single news program. It has also won 20 duPont-Columbia University journalism awards. Other distinguished journalism honors won multiple times include the George Polk, RTDNA Edward R. Murrow, Investigative Reporters and Editors, RFK Journalism, Sigma Delta Chi and Gerald Loeb awards.
60 Minutes premiered on CBS September 24, 1968. Bill Owens is the program’s executive producer. The correspondents and contributors of 60 Minutes are Sharyn Alfonsi, Anderson Cooper, John Dickerson, Norah O’Donnell, Scott Pelley, Lesley Stahl, Bill Whitaker and L. Jon Wertheim.

Sishaoabaiab AJabahakabah
Sishaoabaiab AJabahakabah 18 minuten geleden
Located in California’s Central Valley, Fresno, a hub for many major highways, is experiencing a meth epidemic.-
John J
John J 53 minuten geleden
Wow look at that a bright clean black man - JOe biden
Zanodia 56 minuten geleden
I wonder if anyone will try to claim that this was a deep fake?
Antonio Teixeira
Antonio Teixeira Uur geleden
Despite having a vocabulary...alas...he was never the real "ruler" of USA, during os term time. Presidents are like ice cream sellers. They come and go....yet....theres always, ALWAYS, the "Burocracy-Deep-State-Military-Industrial-Complex" that is ever present in power...and rules. To them: Broadly speaking....: 1889, Power line harmonic radiation. Supression of Earths natural magnetic field. 1918, radio era began. Powerfull LF and VLF frequencies pumped out to magnetosphere. 1918, Spanish influenza. 1957, the radar era. Hundres of powerful military early warning stations littered high altitude latitudes of northen hemisphere. Milions of microwave energy surged skyward. Asian flue of 1957. 1968, satellite era began. Hundreds launched. Although, they had weak broadcast power, but compounded the already existing radio wave pollution in the magnetosphere. Hong Kong flue of 1968. Next, Haarp activation and the beguining of the wireless era, cell phones included (4g and 5g etc) Result? Porphyrins and the Basis of Life... Marconi, the idiot savant, learned his lesson quickly (or did he🤔😔) about the dire effects of eletromagnetic radiation and its interaction/disturbance within Human Self Organising Biology(and other animals/insects. Bees specialy!)...because dear reader, for the great luck ( or curse)of the indewling Life aspect, incarnating within the Biologicaly Self Organising presets of Inception, these Bioverses are, after all, responsible for automating Trillllllllions of processes...Self Organisation fractals no less!! Let that, sink in! Pregnancies being THE best example. Or does the reader think thats it the mother (of ANY species) that assembles their pristine, profound, Highly Complex, offsprings....??? 🤔🤔🤔 indeed... Such hubris does our species have, that incarnating life awhereness in symbiosis with these Self Organising Bioverses, that it goes on destroying it all!!! 😔😔😔 I mean the military not ""Global Warming"" (it should not take an advanced human being to perceive that it is the SUN, that does it all. RA) That military fiat currency is best used for the emancipation of the Human race..but no.......100000s of years of stupidity culminate in some curious choices🤔 and genetic predispositions🤔 Free Will indeed... How very advanced this present reiteration of incarnating humanity upon this Yuga is🤔. Greatly advanced🤔😂😂😂 I do believe i have seen more inteligent potential sentience in Cats( despite their neural interfaces not allowing them to aproach human biology IQ levels) then in our "species"🤔...Very much so..🤔
Hasnah Hasnah
Hasnah Hasnah Uur geleden
Barak obama can bake a can cooks.we can share a recipe.i also like you .,when you smile.llt cute.take care white house ..and take care my mission.regard to mission
Hasnah Hasnah
Hasnah Hasnah Uur geleden
I'm hasnah omar.singaporea. i support barak can speak the indonesia .
Lord Saruman
Lord Saruman Uur geleden
11:00 "You lie!" There are three very different reactions here: Biden looks shocked and disappointed at the disrespect for a sitting President. Nancy Pelosi looks enraged and vindictive. Obama is unfazed as he scans the room to see what's going on then calmly and rationally continues. Which of these temperaments makes for a better President...
Jojo Jojo
Jojo Jojo 2 uur geleden
Emma McDaniel
Emma McDaniel 3 uur geleden
I like how Obama has a vocabulary.
Istvan Urba
Istvan Urba 3 uur geleden
Istvan Urba
Istvan Urba 3 uur geleden
Istvan Urba
Istvan Urba 3 uur geleden
Neller Neller Neller Neller Neller Neller
Istvan Urba
Istvan Urba 3 uur geleden
Istvan Urba
Istvan Urba 3 uur geleden
Tim Masarik
Tim Masarik 3 uur geleden
love how obma didn't support biden until the very end. I guess Trump found the magic wand lol this guy is an idiot lol
Joe Brown
Joe Brown 4 uur geleden
Very intelligent man with a broad vocabulary! A good moral role model to all!
Bossy Bossy
Bossy Bossy 4 uur geleden
Obama the president of the world
Belinda 4 uur geleden
I love the eloquent use of words....I can listen to him all day.... oh how we miss him
Jhonny Deep
Jhonny Deep 5 uur geleden
His presidency was so bad that people voted for Trump.. fact.
Bradley Whelchel
Bradley Whelchel 5 uur geleden
Bradley Whelchel
Bradley Whelchel 5 uur geleden
writed the book
Chris M
Chris M 5 uur geleden
obumer worst illegitimate president there ever was. unless harris gets in.
joskemom 5 uur geleden
Yes, he speaks so well. His policies and weak stance around the world resulted in a country that was financially unstable and was leaning toward America being a sub servient of the UN and the global collective. Uncontrolled immigration, undue taxation on the nation, EPA standards that destroyed businesses, unleashed isis that ran amok, Russia taking over countries, NK firing missiles, China taking over our assets and growing their military as we degraded ours. Record number of people on welfare and people on part time because full time by the employers would mean higher health insurance. But, yes, he speaks so well.
gioyu comi
gioyu comi 4 uur geleden
how many got the Romeo and Juliet reference in this interview???? maybe 20%?
steve craig
steve craig 5 uur geleden
Look at Obama showing off with complete sentence.
gioyu comi
gioyu comi 4 uur geleden
first cameth The One, the Lightworker, then spaketh He..
Zimx 6 uur geleden
Isabella Co
Isabella Co 6 uur geleden
A president who can see clearly his own shortcomings is more relatable to the people.. He didnt deny anything.. He owns up to everything. He's setting a very good example for us to see and follow. He's human just like you and me. Trump didnt make himself relatable. He believes he never did any mistakes which is impossible. His mother shouldve teach him better for him to have a decent character
Илья Полилей
Илья Полилей 7 uur geleden
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Zinaida Tcacenco
Zinaida Tcacenco 7 uur geleden
1 Read the comment. 2 Found the "Walter CoinCoin" Telegram channel. 3 Started profiting. These are the three simple steps to financial independence
DJ Mona Lisa
DJ Mona Lisa 7 uur geleden
Jacky Kong
Jacky Kong 7 uur geleden
Indeed democracy is in chokehold. Hoping the knee will be lifted up soon. Democracy is grunting under the chokehold.
monisha lewis
monisha lewis 7 uur geleden
We need to address social inequality via prevention, diplomacy and healthy communication.
Southern Belle
Southern Belle 8 uur geleden
President Obama is the WHOLE PACKAGE!! Smart, Educated, Charming, Handsome & African American..👏🏼👏🏼
Rex Eightyfour
Rex Eightyfour 8 uur geleden obama care code icd9e978 legal execution "The Guillotine" Welcome to the great reset. New world Order ... ... ...
Yvan 8 uur geleden
If you like Obama, check this out:
ferooze ali
ferooze ali 9 uur geleden
Temporary Occupant.... That statement is so deadly yet subtle.
p diddy
p diddy 9 uur geleden
Trump heard interview and tweet on twitter we will win🤣
greg y
greg y 9 uur geleden
first cameth The One, the Lightworker, then spaketh He..
Keith Davis
Keith Davis 9 uur geleden
how many got the Romeo and Juliet reference in this interview???? maybe 20%?
TN BN 9 uur geleden
Now he can shut up and go back to Martha's Vineyard
Christos 10 uur geleden
This man literally rejected an elbowbump from Obama
bonanzatime 10 uur geleden
I like Obama personally, but ideologically I think he is an idiot..
MegaWorldadventure 10 uur geleden
Trump actually won 2020, history will show it
Kyeong Lee
Kyeong Lee 10 uur geleden
If there was ever a time for Key&Peele’s Luther the anger translation....THIS IS IT!
Chille Moss
Chille Moss 11 uur geleden
I wanna a see the unedited version💔
Austin Jones
Austin Jones 11 uur geleden
Everything he’s saying is important, but, damn man. What a good use of the word galvanizing.
Sanne Jensen
Sanne Jensen 11 uur geleden
er det ikke alm kendt i hele verden efterhånden at han står for at blive anholdt meget snart da der er klare beviser mod ham??
Schroeder Bartosiewicz
Schroeder Bartosiewicz 11 uur geleden
"Democracy doesn't work without informed citizens" how true is that
Scott Guilfoyle
Scott Guilfoyle 12 uur geleden
Donald Trump is a disaster I cant even put into words
Grim Reaper
Grim Reaper 4 uur geleden
Your mom is a disaster to let an idiot like you to be born
Lisa Bunch
Lisa Bunch 12 uur geleden
Obama is not kindhearted! He lies all the time. He is not good for this Country and he is not a good man!!! He is evil!
Alabama Outdoors44
Alabama Outdoors44 12 uur geleden
Alabama Outdoors44
Alabama Outdoors44 12 uur geleden
@Amira Hussein good for you
Amira Hussein
Amira Hussein 12 uur geleden
There is nothing in the constitution that states a Muslim cannot be president. By the way, I am Muslim and my great grandparents were born here 😉😉😉
Julia Norwood
Julia Norwood 13 uur geleden
I miss this guy--and i love when he talks about Michelle
CJ Boyle
CJ Boyle 13 uur geleden
Indeed democracy is in chokehold. Hoping the knee will be lifted up soon. Democracy is grunting under the chokehold.
hrh Ridge Gloria lukusa
hrh Ridge Gloria lukusa 13 uur geleden
Obama was the president of 3 continents , Irish and Kenyan by origins & American by identity...miss you sir❤ Europe by his mother African by his father American by identity
Twan Hardy
Twan Hardy 13 uur geleden
Athba Omar
Athba Omar 13 uur geleden
President Obama is an intelligent and kindhearted man. God Bless you sir
Passer By
Passer By 14 uur geleden
Obama really is an amazing speaker: truthful, direct and concise without exaggeration.
The Watchman
The Watchman 14 uur geleden
Go To Anthony Patch and NLposts for the breakdown of the Covid Vaccine which also will change your DNA..
Miriam Canizales
Miriam Canizales 15 uur geleden
Are sounds really safe
Bill Mall
Bill Mall 15 uur geleden
Most of what he says is spot in, however his memory is selective. What Trump is doing may be dangerous for democracy, but so was a phony impeachment trial brought on by the Dems. Both parties need to knock off the nonsense. It's going to be tough for the GOP to bite the bullet and accept Biden as president, especially since there are some legitimate questions regarding the election. For the good of the nation though, Trump needs to either produce undeniable evidence that there was massive voter fraud, or concede. Then we move on and hopefully heal.
James Moreau
James Moreau 15 uur geleden
We need to DEMAND that Emily Murphy of the GSA be Fired!!!! She is Not doing her Job.
Ruben Smit
Ruben Smit 16 uur geleden
Why is it called 60 minutes when it's only 27 minutes long?
Kevin Graham
Kevin Graham 16 uur geleden
President Obama was classy. Not like our current president.
Ryan Porcun
Ryan Porcun 14 uur geleden
Softball questions. If you can't see that you are blind.
Aisha Davida
Aisha Davida 16 uur geleden
"Democracy doesn't work without informed citizens" how true is that
Kevin Graham
Kevin Graham 16 uur geleden
Very classy President Obama 👏
Pa Yang
Pa Yang 17 uur geleden
Where Mr george bushe we need he came out to speak to us
Pa Yang
Pa Yang 17 uur geleden
Thank you Mr obama for came out to speak out we are dyi ng the virus we need a good leaderships in this country
RC 17 uur geleden
This whole 2nd stimulus check is like when you ask your boss for a raise.
mekka moons
mekka moons 10 uur geleden
Diane Bays
Diane Bays 17 uur geleden
I miss president Obama. Such a gentleman.
SHAMAИ 18 uur geleden
I have no idea why some Americans have this burning hate for Obama, demonizing him. In the first minutes he already sounds more coherent and intelligent than Trump did in 4 years
Keisha Sharp
Keisha Sharp 8 minuten geleden
Because people focus on his actions not his actions.
J Smith
J Smith 10 uur geleden
Because he’s black
Evangeline Williams
Evangeline Williams 18 uur geleden
Wow! I can't believe that I missed this I'm going to run out and get the book right now.
dwoodman26 18 uur geleden
'My first 60 minutes will be so successful I will complete them in 27'
William Smith
William Smith 18 uur geleden
Obama devided this county THREE WORDS BLACK LIFES MATTER Obama should have stumped that before it took off
C&M Fan
C&M Fan 15 uur geleden
Show me evidence that this divided the country. Not your opinion, bona fide evidence that those words were uttered by Obama and therefore caused division in our country. If you can’t find actual evidence don’t respond
Connor Schaffer
Connor Schaffer 19 uur geleden
elbow bump
David Mcfarland
David Mcfarland 19 uur geleden
Your time is up obama
David Mcfarland
David Mcfarland 19 uur geleden
Go away obama get this country is much better without you
مورو حجر
مورو حجر 20 uur geleden
Steve 20 uur geleden
the dr. Lexus of our generation
Jeff Bland
Jeff Bland 20 uur geleden
President Obama is an intelligent and kindhearted man. God Bless you sir
tigerrx 20 uur geleden
Pugilistic. New word of the week for me. Thanks Presi!
Khun Tom
Khun Tom 20 uur geleden
The problem is the education system in america.
Khun Tom
Khun Tom 21 uur geleden
I love president obama, i met him when he was in high school he asked me if he should join the military i said no he should go to college. He is a great man.
OiFiloi 21 uur geleden
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Ashton Zee
Ashton Zee 22 uur geleden
"This Democracy doesn't work if we dont have informed citizens" Said's the guy who put Snowden on a terror list.... Mr. Obama, actions speak louder than words.
yve b
yve b 22 uur geleden
Whether you agree with his political policy or not you cannot deny that Obama is a knowledgeable and skilled speaker who understands democracy and people. I always enjoy listening to him.
The Humble Onion
The Humble Onion 22 uur geleden
20:30 the man quotes romeo and juliet without missing a beat... goat.
Станислава Тремблюк
Станислава Тремблюк 23 uur geleden
7:54 problem is, people did call on Trump when he did something that wasn't right, but just they got fired from their jobs.
Independent Pictures
Independent Pictures 23 uur geleden
If you want a comprhensive documentary that doesn't last 60 minutes but only FIFTEEN then check out our latest offering at IP.... Don't forget to subscribe!
Brunilda Santana
Brunilda Santana 23 uur geleden
Obama is the real antichrist 👿👿
unbiased reality
unbiased reality 20 uur geleden
is that what your parent's say? you're like 8 years old making cheetos videos
Jason G
Jason G 20 uur geleden
Hey, that is very rude. We do not talk like that. That behavior is not appropriate.
V media productions
V media productions 23 uur geleden
Right?? It’s got to be Obama ... Not the “billionaire playboy” president who used to literally provide sin for millions in the form of gambling, lust, and gluttony. The man who feels no need to ever repent anything and has followers who literally ware his mark across their forehead on a hat. It’s not that guy....
wizpig64 Dag geleden
thank you michelle
Maira Rodriguez
Maira Rodriguez Dag geleden
I love you Mr. President. Always. ❤🙌
Ww Lib
Ww Lib Dag geleden
God loves you. All the evidence you need will be found by humbly and sincerely seeking Him through John 3 16 - His invitation to know how much He loves you, what the desire of His heart is for you and what His promise is to you. Have a great day.
S Monster
S Monster Dag geleden
Man damn Obama
Jerry Hugges
Jerry Hugges Dag geleden
Gees, I miss a President like this. Look what we have now. God help America.
cledwyn stafford
cledwyn stafford Dag geleden
The ununited USA is the laughing stock of the world.
kinn grimm
kinn grimm Dag geleden
I like people not walking out of their interviews to avoid tough questions or their inability to get over themselves.
Karina Solina
Karina Solina Uur geleden
*Only 18+* 👇👇👇 🔞
Maria Johnson
Maria Johnson Dag geleden
Our elected president and Mr JOE BIDEN. The people voted for him. AMERICA AND THE PEOPLE. NOT A GROUP THINKING THAT DECIDES WHAT IT WANTS AND WITH ITS IDEAS DIVIDES THE PEOPLE WITH THE IDEAS OF A GROUP .. Once again, what should be an example continues to try to change and disrupt our reality of our beloved and beloved reality Trying to change our history of pride and example for the rest of the world. Disrespecting our TAO AMADA AMERICA.
Umanfly Dag geleden
At the End of the Day : Adams was ahead of his time in protectionism for a New Government , but extenuating to our Generation ... Its a New Horizon predicated by reason of insanity in the case of Donald Trump . We have a clown in the drivers seat and have to remove him by ( Any Means ) So as to Protect our Values and the Virtues of The American Way.
Wale Banmore
Wale Banmore Dag geleden
Good talk.
Kahla Gerard
Kahla Gerard Dag geleden
How I’ve missed Obama’s intelligence, compassion and integrity... three traits that have been missing these past four years. Trump’s black hole will mean the world will continue to pay a huge cost in the coming decades.
Sam k
Sam k Dag geleden
Why are you still talking to this guy.. Washed up looser and the weakest worst president ever.. Ran on changes changes changes then 8years of nothing.. Ok fine.. He did Obama phone
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