Doctor and Lawyer React To Grey’s Anatomy Malpractice Episode

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Doctor Mike

Doctor Mike

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Watch the second half of this episode review on Legal Eagle’s channel here:
Legal Eagle and I went head to head last year to see which was harder, Med School or Law School. We decided to bury the hatchet this time and join our forces to react to the popular medical malpractice episode of Grey’s Anatomy, Season 10 Episode 9 “Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word”. I brought my medical knowledge about a surgery gone wrong for a snowboarder who loses his legs above the knee. Devin Stone brought his legal expertise to break down what was accurate and what was fake during the trial of Dr. Callie Torres.
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-Doctor Mike Varshavski
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LegalEagle 12 dagen geleden
The sponge was wrongfully accused! #spongejustice #justiceforthesponge
mythplatypuspwned Dag geleden
Sam Cannon
Sam Cannon 3 dagen geleden
In a court situation would patient privacy laws still be intact if so how could you state what happened?
Maddi Horsburgh
Maddi Horsburgh 4 dagen geleden
@Keith D They still didn’t show proper care when he WAS in the hospital
Alex Crick
Alex Crick 6 dagen geleden
Justice for Sponge!
Erik 6 dagen geleden
bReAtH Uur geleden
Best cooperation since Avengers Endgame! MORE PLEASE!
Miss Random
Miss Random Uur geleden
Dr Mike's face after he says "and that's neurosis" 🤣🤣🤣
ginger daer
ginger daer 2 uur geleden
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Psycho Pathetic
Psycho Pathetic 3 uur geleden
You guys need to make this a tv show... LAWYER UP DOC! Hows that for a name?
Madi Roach
Madi Roach 4 uur geleden
the best collab!!!
XXB00tYL0rD69 8 uur geleden
so nice of you to invite your dad to be part of a video
Hannah 9 uur geleden
My uncle died at 54 in 2012 because of a surgical good left in his chest after heart surgery. I wonder if these precautions were in place then? At least my cousins never have to work a day in their lives, and can spend a lot of time with their babies. I feel bad for the doctors and nurses involved because I do IT for medical staff now, and I know NONE of them would ever purposely hurt anyone or be negligent in any way. But the closest thing this world can offer to making someone whole again after a tragedy like that is malpractice payouts, so that's the way it is. The important thing is that hospitals are doing better now, and will continue to do better. Just as we all strive to do. =)
George Greener
George Greener 10 uur geleden
Wow, a crossover! This should be good!
Y’all need to collaborate with attorneytom
mekkiepoo 11 uur geleden
So not only did they fail at legal realism, they completely failed at medical as well... gj Grey's Anatomy xD
silvercookies 11 uur geleden
Loved this! More collabs please :D
760SAVAGE 11 uur geleden
Dr.Mike got the AP on aye
Mayara Gomes
Mayara Gomes 11 uur geleden
Doctor Mike, I've watched Greys Anatomy 15 times. And I recommend that you watch those episodes more than once.
Anne Harrison
Anne Harrison 12 uur geleden
If surgeon's weren't prepared to do surgeries they have never done, some of us wouldn't be alive today. I had an extremely rare condition that my surgeon was quite frank that he had never seen, that meant we delayed surgery until I had become very ill, if he hadn't operated then, I either die or need a far more major surgery.
Anne Harrison
Anne Harrison 12 uur geleden
You know what I find odd, that an athlete becomes a double amputee and someone is pushing his wheelchair, I mean they could stage that, but putting him in a shitty wheelchair isn't realistic. I've been in court (though never with a jury) in a wheelchair multiple times, I didn't stand, but I certainly didn't comment on it!
Anne Harrison
Anne Harrison 12 uur geleden
So, I do actually have arthritis in my hip purely due to a single injury, but it was one of the ones you mentioned, a labral tear. Delayed diagnosis was actually the issue as most of the damage occurred in the 2.5 years between injury and surgery.
Christian Huff
Christian Huff 13 uur geleden
Auto thumbs down for legal eagle being on. Next time have Attorney Tom on. Legal eagle is a complete tool.
Jack McNuggets
Jack McNuggets 16 uur geleden
nice video, love you both!
Lucas 16 uur geleden
This but the Tips from the ER guy and Attorney Tom.
Faisal Sohail
Faisal Sohail 17 uur geleden
It's the Dr. Lawyer show
J_Jammer 17 uur geleden
This is why jurors should be professional because a smart juror wouldn't be so stupid to fall for dumb lawyer tricks.
J_Jammer 17 uur geleden
I don't trust men in suits that think white is he only shirt color.
Eradin 18 uur geleden
Hey Docctor Mike! I'm a newer viewer and I'm a person who is hearing so I stay away from ear buds. NLposts subtitles are on the bottom of the screen, is there anyway your editor could put the videos you display above the subtitles. And I know it's not an easy ask I have alot of respect for content creators and video editors but I know there is a huge community of people like myself who rely on subtitles :) thanks for you all you Dr Mike.
Duda Saldanha
Duda Saldanha 19 uur geleden
The 5W appears in the first episode of Grey's!
Michael D
Michael D 20 uur geleden
Thank you for the smart entertainment Dr. Mike. I love learning while laughing. I love hearing from the actual professionals about these shows. I feel like I learn more as a layperson as a result. So much of our expectations are set from television and movies (unfortunately) so to hear them laugh and react to the fiction of it all is really---refreshing.
Doctor Bashir
Doctor Bashir 21 uur geleden
OMG. I’m an Orthopaedic surgeon and I had to stop watching greys anatomy very early on (my wife enjoyed it for awhile). The medicine is sooooooo wrong. I know they are trying to tell a story, but non medical people think the shows are accurate. This premise is ridiculous. That’s not how this happens.
Elweese 22 uur geleden
I had 2 broken legs several years ago and the nurses and doctors drove me nuts checking on me constantly all throughout the day and night, especially the night. That they didn't know what was going on with this guys legs is unbelievable. Thankfully my doctor Dr. Gnau was fantastic in fixing my legs to the point where I have 100% use of my legs when they told me I would be lucky if I had 80%. Although part of that had to do with me taking my physical therapy very seriously as well.
Molly Parker
Molly Parker 23 uur geleden
I cannot believe they chose this one as malpractice and not the whole denny situation
Arlene Scoza
Arlene Scoza Dag geleden
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Spaghet Noodle
Spaghet Noodle Dag geleden
Most ambitious crossover events of all time. Dr Mike x Legal Eagle
김니사 Dag geleden
This is my first time watching your video. I'm hooked! And I don't even watch Grey's Anatomy so I have no idea what you're discussing, but I really enjoy it.
nieooj gotoy
nieooj gotoy Dag geleden
him etc. Soooo eh.
Leslie Mascarel
Leslie Mascarel Dag geleden
A woman was driving and on her phone when she crashed into my father (who was on his way to see my newborn brother at the hospital). Fortunately my father didn’t get serious injuries but the injury he got on his neck because of the seat belt caused early on arthritis he was 42... and YES we are suing !
Pope Pius IX
Pope Pius IX Dag geleden
I don't find it very appealing when people brag about suing someone.
Rock Storme
Rock Storme Dag geleden
The gaping computer chemically pass because crush concomitantly sprout past a violet donna. wrathful, well-groomed mayonnaise
nieooj gotoy
nieooj gotoy Dag geleden
dr. mike:”amputation i see are usually related to diabetes...” me a diabetic:*immediately shoots in the coffee i just drank*
Ed Paradis
Ed Paradis Dag geleden
I like this doctor he reminds me of my doctor. very though and to the point as well and answers questions as needed. He even explained how to listen to the heart on a stephascope as well and lungs Nice doctor
Terminator YG
Terminator YG Dag geleden
I think it‘s quite sad how in court you really have to use all sorts of stylistic, linguistic and presentation devices to convince the jury instead of just laying bare all the given facts and testimonies and finding a rational decision... a little stupid in my opinion.
Pope Pius IX
Pope Pius IX Dag geleden
Court is a popularity contest.
beatrix po
beatrix po Dag geleden
Doctor Mike- your description of how a patient is treated while inpatient postop MUST be the best case scenario, because I have had, in order: And oopherectamy, a c-section, a completely botched hysterecomy, and oops i forgot the miedical term for gall bladder removal. In 2/4 surgeries I received care the way you described it ( all the surgeries were at one of 2 hospitals) My BOTCHED (unnecessary) hysterectomy? yeah- apparently the surgeon's pride was more important than my aftercare. No one from him or his 'team' ever came in to explain what happened during the surgery that led to the ghastly outcome. After my gall bladder surgery? I woke up I guess??? too early in the recovery room and there was a nurse reading a gossip mag who told me this was all a dream and go back to sleep. I couldnt I was in agonizing pain and i was wide awake for whatever reason. I told 'my' nurse that, and also that i was freezing, and my shaking was making everything that much more painful, response? He told me to keep it down so i didnt disturb other patients. It was a total of THIRTY MINUTES before another staff member happened by and scolded the nurse and began doing whatever the correct procedure was for my situation. Since my surgery was more complicated ( for quite a few reasons) than most laporoscopic gall bladder surgeries- i was inpatient for three days. During my time there none of the nurses would even look me in the eye- like i was a snitch or something, and i heard on more than one occasion nurses 'warning' each other at shift change about me being a 'difficult patient.'Between that and the consequences of my botched hysterectomy ( I eventually learned that i had 1/2??????????????a cervix left, and a floating ovary... many complications.. massive, painful adhesions...ALL BC my surgeon had the hubris to tell me that i was a PERFECT candidate for a laporoscopic hystercetomy when in fact I saw 4 more surgeons post op who ALL agreed that was absolutely untrue.. I will never have more surgery. I dont care how serious the issue is. I never sued either because I dont believe it litigious justice. I did make formal complainta, but they all still have their jobs - nurses and surgeons. I dont know if there are any 'black marks' on their' records' butt ehy were not demoted either as far as I can tell. Perhaos your lawyer buddy would like to tell me if there is a statute of limitations with malpractice suits? NOW i regret not suing! NOT bc of $$$ but bc maybe I could have saved other, future patients from what I went through with these people. I just think you should know that Ive joined support groups for people who have been through ordeals like mine and its really not uncommon as you seem to think
Akos Sarfo-Kantanka
Akos Sarfo-Kantanka Dag geleden
My question to you both as an EMT, what if the patient left AMA and sIgned off after being told the risk? I know it’s different in the field, but do have any CYA things in the hospital to prevent lawsuits (best cya is charting charting charting I know)
beatrix po
beatrix po Dag geleden
Ive heard that in order for a medical malpractice suit to move forward there needs to be another doctor in the same field to testify that in their view- yes, it was malpractice: is this true?
bely21sa Dag geleden
I love this duo
Alice Grimmett
Alice Grimmett Dag geleden
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lei ka
lei ka Dag geleden
This collab is genius, please make it happen more; we will eat it up!!!
datboiluffy Dag geleden
Could he help mith my current situation of malpractice?
Boleniana Dag geleden
14:45 I know that a few years ago, I had an infection on the skin of my sternum, a large lump and pink lines coming off from it; the doctor didn't SAY anything in response to first seeing it, but I could see his face visibly change. (I was on horse pill antibiotics for ten days, and I have a scar from where it burst, but otherwise I was fine, with treatment. WITHOUT treatment, I'd have died.)
Jeffrey Gomzalez
Jeffrey Gomzalez Dag geleden
I love when my favorite you tubers collab !!!
phantom of fire
phantom of fire Dag geleden
Hui Lin Chen
Hui Lin Chen Dag geleden
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CADguru78 Dag geleden
Had a doctor tell us "I haven't done this procedure before but I'm confident in my abilities to perform it" went to a university hospital that had a doctor that had done many of the procedure and invited the first doc to assist so he could learn while an experienced doctor was doing it.
Valeria R.
Valeria R. Dag geleden
dr. mike:”amputation i see are usually related to diabetes...” me a diabetic:*immediately shoots in the coffee i just drank*
Natalie Sue
Natalie Sue Dag geleden
I wondered how much of Grey's is accurate. Thanks for this video. 🤣
Deborah Ryder
Deborah Ryder Dag geleden
I once went to a doctor as I had a really sore throat and when he looked at it he went ‘ooo that doesn’t look good’. I had very bad strep and couldn’t swallow and I have no tonsils so you can imagine how bad it was. Always remember to this day his reaction, I think my reaction was something like, yeah I know it’s bad, it’s so painful. Haha
Matt Michel
Matt Michel 2 dagen geleden
ohmygod can you imagine telling a doctor where to put his stethoscope just because you watched greys anatomy?! what kind of arrogant ignorance
Owen Tan
Owen Tan 2 dagen geleden
Dear Dr Mike... How well are Chinese herb and traditional medicine are acknowledged in the western countries... I'm always curious bout it... Does doctor recommend to patients? Does patients accept the recommendation?
Josh Packer
Josh Packer 2 dagen geleden
The amount of brain in this video is crazy🤯🤯😎😎
jeann 2 dagen geleden
I really enjoyed this collaboration and learned so much! Thank you!
Haya Buzon
Haya Buzon 2 dagen geleden
This the best crossover between these sorts of channels I've seen in so long
John Cline
John Cline 2 dagen geleden
Amber Spencer
Amber Spencer 2 dagen geleden
You’re so shocked that he wasn’t seen for 2 weeks... my experience** has major abdominal surgery, and a baby all at the same time, isn’t seen or checked on for 6 weeks.. is barely looked over and sent on my Mary way 😂
Jaja Raguini
Jaja Raguini 2 dagen geleden
This is the collaboration we needed. It's entertaining and educational. We love learninggggg
rosih emerim
rosih emerim 2 dagen geleden
I love you both and now I can't believe in this video, it's AMAZING!!!! I LOVE IT
Luz M. R. P.
Luz M. R. P. 2 dagen geleden
i think i love you
Tsambika 2 dagen geleden
fasting the CURE to all illness
Tsambika 2 dagen geleden
3 million out of 7 billion people supposedly died of the corona virus which means it is 0 percent. why is everyone waling around with masks? why are there ANY lock down? borders closed? people isolated, job losses?? the nazi world governments want to paralyze and kill us off through the lethal covid vaccine. many villages in India has been closed off by the nazi Indian government because 99 percent Indians REFUSED the covid vaccines.
Michael Killey
Michael Killey 2 dagen geleden
More collaborations please!!!
DataBass 2 dagen geleden
It's called service of process not process of service
Taylor Greene
Taylor Greene 2 dagen geleden
I cannot tell you how excited I got when I saw you did another greys review. Just put off driving home after work and sat in the parking lot to watch! Love this one so much!!!! Please do more greys reviews!! For so many people my age who went into medical fields, this show is what sparked our interest when we were little so watching you review these episodes is everything!!!
Ashl3y K3lly
Ashl3y K3lly 2 dagen geleden
There was a surgical towel left in my Nana during surgery in the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN. That “sponge” story hit home. 😢😭 (Early in 2000)
Jeffrey Epstein
Jeffrey Epstein 2 dagen geleden
Some girl at my school watched this and was genuinely convinced she could do brain surgery
Stephanie Rose
Stephanie Rose 2 dagen geleden
I love that you asked eachother questions!
Brittany Nicole
Brittany Nicole 2 dagen geleden
Not me wanting to protect Callie from anything they're gonna say 😂
Penny for your thoughts?
Penny for your thoughts? 2 uur geleden
love your blue hair you're so cool
Successful np
Successful np 2 dagen geleden
Nice collaboration!
asila mehribon
asila mehribon 2 dagen geleden
No‘mirdi tashlag
asila mehribon
asila mehribon 2 dagen geleden
Robby Ziemer
Robby Ziemer 2 dagen geleden
Please do a sons of Anarchy on I’m Begging you
a s
a s 2 dagen geleden
I hope we can see more episodes like this in the future!!
Demon_Trollz 2 dagen geleden
"Avengers Infinity War is one of the most ambitious cross overs" Doctor Mike: "Hold my scalpels"
Samuel Hathaway
Samuel Hathaway 2 dagen geleden
When I got my tonsillectomy i only had to go back to the hospital 2 months later for a check to make sure the stitches had dissolved. do other surgical practices have checkups more often? also are there stronger and less strong painkillers prescribed to people after different surgeries
Shoelacy 2 dagen geleden
I love that you guys did this ep specifically because my grandfather had both legs amputated from arteriosclerosis.
Bandaid Baby
Bandaid Baby 2 dagen geleden
Which episode… because there’s a lot where they practice malpractice😂
Endless Summer
Endless Summer 2 dagen geleden
There's a combination of law and anatomy in "Bones" as well. Could you do a realism check on an episode of Bones sometime? That would be cool.
Soffian Ismail
Soffian Ismail 2 dagen geleden
I can almost hear the ovaries popping
Max Smith
Max Smith 3 dagen geleden
Im shipping them.
Emily Menke
Emily Menke 3 dagen geleden
at this point just watch and react to the whole show 😭😭
natty Guthrie
natty Guthrie 3 dagen geleden
that’s actually crazy you said that because I’m 22 when I was 12 I sheared most of my cartilage off from gymnastics I also tore my meniscus and ACL my cartilage has been growing for 10 years I’m getting a transplant next week! but I had no idea you could get arthritis from a injury like that I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis when I was 8.... my orthopedic surgeon said as far as knee surgeries go this is the worst you could have done
Marianne Johnson
Marianne Johnson 3 dagen geleden
I thought that was Ryan Reynolds for a sec.
Whitney Griffith
Whitney Griffith 3 dagen geleden
if you are comfortable with the idea can you do a video discussing the stigma around the reproductive system in women and masturabtion for women
Lolo Future
Lolo Future 3 dagen geleden
They both have killer hair 🧑🏻
BlueOtterAnimations 3 dagen geleden
Two bros talkin' bout' law stuff, few feet apart cuz' they're good friends
Sam Cannon
Sam Cannon 3 dagen geleden
In a court situation would patient privacy laws still be intact if so how could you state what happened?
archel mendoza
archel mendoza 3 dagen geleden
Dr. Mike looked so guilty (pun intented) when @LegalEagle talked about contrast colored shirts and french cuffs because Dr. Mike enjoys those fashion choices and even have photos on Instagram and videos on his channel about dressing well. 😁😄😃 But he shouldnt because he only dresses fancy for events and special occasions and not for his profession. ❤❤❤
David 3 dagen geleden
Hey Doctor Mike can you react to The Good Doctor 4x16? Would be interesting to see your opionion about it.
Jack Riley
Jack Riley 3 dagen geleden
Ah, so they put a medical professional, and a joke in the same room. Hope you had a good time Mike.
Im ngl i think he should react to an episode from s17 cause of the covid storyline on this season and with season 18 coming soon idk how but it is but it would be cool to see him reacting to an episode during the covid situation although the entire season the main storyline is covid
Caitlin P
Caitlin P 3 dagen geleden
I was really hoping "dispositive" was legalese for "negative" 😂😅
youtuber youtuber
youtuber youtuber 3 dagen geleden
"you are supposed to dress nice for a jury" but a jury is supposed to be unbiased.
Lolo Future
Lolo Future 3 dagen geleden
I wonder who’s richer?
J F 3 dagen geleden
As a digital artist, I have to say, psychology of color is a thing and colors absolutely do matter, just in a subtler way. We associate different colors with different ideas and feelings, and they can even evoke feelings in us, just by seeing them. Edit: this is about the portion where the lawyer in the show was scrutinizing the color of outfit the defendant wore.
AtlasPB 3 dagen geleden
Doctor Mike and Judge Judy next
tom 3 dagen geleden
Not related to the video kinda, but blue scrubs really bring out your eyes
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