Must-See New Video Shows Capitol Riot Was Way Worse Than We Thought | All In | MSNBC

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Chris Hayes: “It is entirely possible that there were people in that crowd, looking to apprehend, possibly harm, and possibly murder the leaders of the political class that the President, and people like Mo Brooks, and even to a certain extent Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley, have told them have betrayed them." Aired on 1/8/2021.
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Must-See New Video Shows Capitol Riot Was Way Worse Than We Thought | All In | MSNBC

Cassandra Handley
Cassandra Handley 5 uur geleden
Saying someone has to come through is a threat? No.. people are just being lied to, money is being used for personal reasons and it bothers citizens.
Davis Ellis
Davis Ellis 5 uur geleden
This dude sounds like tucker carlson
Leon Juszkiewicz
Leon Juszkiewicz 5 uur geleden
I think everyone would've just tar and feathered them all. 🤣🤣🤣
Shania Ellen
Shania Ellen 5 uur geleden
Is this what Trump meant by "Make America great again" ? ... Hmmm...🙄
shake and break
shake and break 5 uur geleden
I love how Chris makes things out to be more than they are. What a joke.
Jeff Ramos
Jeff Ramos 5 uur geleden
Mike Banning not doing his job properly.
Cassandra Handley
Cassandra Handley 5 uur geleden
Lies can make people crazy I suppose.
James Pluta
James Pluta 5 uur geleden
I was suprised Pence didn't use the 25th ammendment. TRUMP turned on Pence yet Pence stands tall . Very Loyal Pence but Trump doesn't deserve your loyalty after putting you in danger. Shame you anti American rioters
Leon Juszkiewicz
Leon Juszkiewicz 5 uur geleden
If yall want murica back vote leon/sean 2024
coltoncyoung 5 uur geleden
So no reporting the timeline? Trump was speaking when some rioters broke in. Keep telling one narrative eventually MSNBC will be cancelled too.
Leon Juszkiewicz
Leon Juszkiewicz 5 uur geleden
We don't hang white people in public..
M Parry J
M Parry J 5 uur geleden
Just shoot em
Leon Juszkiewicz
Leon Juszkiewicz 5 uur geleden
The gaurds opened the door for rioters. How did someone get shot??
Ace 'Em
Ace 'Em 5 uur geleden
I'm curious of why more people didn't get shot with at least rubber pellets and bean bags? I've seen more law enforcement retaliation at much more peaceful demonstrations, and I'm not referring to the BLM riots.
shake and break
shake and break 5 uur geleden
Those 3 men, dressed in black, that attacked a woman, are nothing but COWARDS!
AnThraxMK 5 uur geleden
Rizki Pratama
Rizki Pratama 5 uur geleden
8:55 why is he dressed like Agent 47?
Okyere Darko
Okyere Darko 5 uur geleden
American's people need to surprise dis is coming from American people. God save America
Rizki Pratama
Rizki Pratama 5 uur geleden
We will find cure for Covid-19 but we will never find cure for stupidity.
paltu boyz
paltu boyz 5 uur geleden
And we will get democracy from this country. Thnx god I am not american
Puraskar Chakrabarti
Puraskar Chakrabarti 5 uur geleden
I'm no American but I find this very unfortunate! People must not shrug this off, start introspecting rather. What kinda people we elect!
mac scrambles
mac scrambles 5 uur geleden
Burning down churches and businesses is peaceful protests but standing up to our government is riots? More fake news bias
mekanix1968 5 uur geleden
Witnessing chickens coming home to roost...
Lionmane 5 uur geleden
Wow these savages are unruly. Nothing but Thugs and terrorists
thefruitbar 5 uur geleden
This is what happens when you have too much entitlement and not enough education.
Ramon van Hoeijen
Ramon van Hoeijen 5 uur geleden
Jane Smith
Jane Smith 5 uur geleden
donald trump should be banished from North America
jason hopson
jason hopson 5 uur geleden
Keep spreading your BS , lol. The storm is coming.
tim engledow
tim engledow 5 uur geleden
All amfascist and BLM will be held accountable for the business as usually. Go Trump!
Bo Weeks
Bo Weeks 5 uur geleden
Vladimir is binge watching this
GrimRaven 5 uur geleden
You have said more to insight than Trump has . possibly possibly possibly!!
Melons1054 5 uur geleden
History will show that, indeed, the election was stolen
Danny Cottrill
Danny Cottrill 5 uur geleden
3 words ( Tear it down ) if it's about lies and power then so be it take the dam thing down because I don't want a capital that pushes me around and don't care about the people of the U.S.A
Priyanshu Gupta
Priyanshu Gupta 5 uur geleden
Trump to America: Aur Bhai!!? kaisi lagi? 😂😂😂 Aagya swaad?
Ryan B
Ryan B 5 uur geleden
Did people forgot what happened last year where a left organisation called BLM who was led by marxists destroyed cities, murdered and did anything they wanted to and got away with it.
Andrea Deans
Andrea Deans 5 uur geleden
Obviously funded by George Soros. Another new world order planned riot propaganda to turn people against people
Glen Durrant
Glen Durrant 5 uur geleden
Andrew Chabwela
Andrew Chabwela 5 uur geleden
Jack Bauer Chloe O'Brien and CTU where are you?
Frank Liew
Frank Liew 5 uur geleden
You sounded full of disappointment but when things exactly happened in Hong Kong you say nothing, hippocrates.
Markhia Marwein
Markhia Marwein 5 uur geleden
The Clown causes riot.
Andrew Chabwela
Andrew Chabwela 5 uur geleden
Trumps doing. So evil.
Jamie Loulouch
Jamie Loulouch 5 uur geleden
Why they were not stopped where are the forces secret service the army?????
Сий Господин
Сий Господин 5 uur geleden
I am usually against the death penalty, but at this point, these terrorists deserve just that.
J H 5 uur geleden
Do we have the truth about Benghazi yet? Absolutely you have this one figured out in less than a week
mattmc20 5 uur geleden
Wish you followed all the other riots with this much attention and detail? Funny how others with death are “mostly peaceful” and this, you’ve based to the ground. Media malpractice at its best.
Faith Adetunji
Faith Adetunji 5 uur geleden
This people are not even scared, US is in mess
Slipetka Postrach
Slipetka Postrach 5 uur geleden
Thanks GOD I am not living in US - this country is freaking stupid
Nature Boy
Nature Boy 5 uur geleden
Hillary never got in trouble for Bengazhi so what’s your point
Native 5 uur geleden
HYD 5 uur geleden
Freaking terrorists!
B 6 uur geleden
This is footage from 2020 when ANTIFA was rioting and set the town on fire.
Perceus Us
Perceus Us 5 uur geleden
LynksWRLD 6 uur geleden
“Peaceful protest” yeah IGHT
K Sal
K Sal 6 uur geleden
Mary Ortiz
Mary Ortiz 6 uur geleden
In 2016 I was proud to be an American. Now I'm proud to be a Mexican. Eff that I am ashamed of these idiots!
Matt Williams
Matt Williams 6 uur geleden
This one is on yall white America!
Kizzy Dreamer
Kizzy Dreamer 6 uur geleden
Connor RKL
Connor RKL 6 uur geleden
The man who allegedly threw the fire extinguisher is Robert Sanford. A retired Chester Pennsylvania firefighter.
Woo Kang
Woo Kang 6 uur geleden
Idiots together, Strong.
Sutera Asri
Sutera Asri 6 uur geleden
I can't believe this happened in the "most democratic" country. Embarassing
Mateo Reyes
Mateo Reyes 6 uur geleden
Lucas Top
Lucas Top 6 uur geleden
The USA coup plotters in other countries came home to roost?.
Jeremiah Hopkins
Jeremiah Hopkins 6 uur geleden
White American 🇺🇸 , this was them.
Ben Menzies
Ben Menzies 6 uur geleden
You lying snake
Blinks vision
Blinks vision 6 uur geleden
🤣🤣🤣 you lot aint watching whats going on, trump said he's coming out with documents to expose obamagate!! It was on fox, fbi already knows who the perpetrators are 🤣🤣 5 more days an yall gonna learn!! Biden will never be president, I hate trump but truth is truth tbh!!
annag cocl
annag cocl 6 uur geleden
this is hilarious they are such idiots to do everything they did
Nye Mechworks
Nye Mechworks 6 uur geleden
Remember last june when the White House got attacked and everyone laughed? Not funny now, is it?
Reggie Hammer
Reggie Hammer 6 uur geleden
Lots of dems are being arrested for inciting at the senate. A blm leader was arrested today for storming the building. Hmmmmm
Mel Cualpas
Mel Cualpas 6 uur geleden
BLM protest are more worst you evil left dems!
annag cocl
annag cocl 6 uur geleden
Ice Tufele
Ice Tufele 6 uur geleden
Mark my words. Jan 20 something will happen watch
PieCrust Slob
PieCrust Slob 6 uur geleden
This is why they wanted they asked for it
Store Dot Com
Store Dot Com 6 uur geleden
Did the democrats in Melbourne take the australian army? Or? 🤷‍♂️ DHHS and POLICE UNION OF AUSTRALIA (escorts for escorts r us inc. international 😉) = CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY ✌️ 😎
Kisha White
Kisha White 6 uur geleden
I thought Democrats didn't like the cops. Why are they now outraged. Didn't blm do worse than this just a few months earlier
joy joy
joy joy 6 uur geleden
But when BLM and antifa did it.. it was ok
T Sm
T Sm 6 uur geleden
Days before the riot, the FBI and NYPD told the Capitol Police Chief, Nancy Pelosi and Mitch McConnell that an attack was coming January 6th. Pelosi and McConnell purposely did not call the National Guard. This was a set up. They are responsible, not President Trump.
mturner2003 6 uur geleden
Ok. I’ll admit it. I didn’t know that this much happened. Very disappointing. As Albert Einstein once said...”Peace cannot be kept by force. It can only be achieved through understanding.”
anrie 6 uur geleden
Perfect time to attacc america?
Tyler Strong
Tyler Strong 6 uur geleden
The left are ripping this nation apart!! The left threatened the right to certify the results even though they didn't want to. Talk about seeing stuff clearly lol. You guys need to practice real news amd not what fits your narrative. What about the blm and antifa? You guys never called them a mob! Hypocrites!!!
Che Anarchist
Che Anarchist 6 uur geleden
Nice way to kick of 2021 USA I wouldn’t be surprised if the joker turned up at this s point
Tyler Strong
Tyler Strong 6 uur geleden
🤣🤣 you guys are a joke
Tim Welch
Tim Welch 6 uur geleden
Apparently y'all only watch OUR news. Thats sad.... The better part of 2/3 of the globe right now is in the same state of affairs. Fact is, no matter where you live, man kind is getting tired of being nothing more than government puppets and have had enough of not mattering to the governments that are supposed to be there to support them and protect them even from themselves and EVERY SINGLE ONE is and has been failing it's people for some time. Asian countries, middle eastern countries, African nations, Russia, South America and Mexico....the list goes on. This is not an American issue. Were just the ones with the light on us at the moment.
davide khalil
davide khalil 6 uur geleden
America is doing its evil CIA coups at home this year because COVID prevents doing it abroad... Not as funny as it seems when you do it to other people, eh?
Lei G.
Lei G. 6 uur geleden
The fact that any candidate is able to be voted to be sworn in as the leader of a democracy, is both ironic and not ironic lol
PVP SAAAN !! 6 uur geleden
mini big digger
mini big digger 7 uur geleden
Why is Trump not going to jail over this this proves the type of country America is when you let an animal run the country this is what happens America has lost the standing in the rest of the world over this something severe has to be done to fix the trumps and it should be jail
Cookie Of Chaos
Cookie Of Chaos 7 uur geleden
I dont like how whenever this topic comes up, the people on the terrorist side (yes terrorist) always have to bring up the unrelated "what about BLM or ANTIFA?" yes those are pretty bad too but are untreated to the topic :v stop trying to diverge the subject and bring attention away from that us crazy display really is .-.
syd hughes
syd hughes 7 uur geleden
Poorly educated Americans that Trump has taken advantage of as his base supporters. The same thing happened in the UK, where I live, with the British National Front party.(Fascist racists) I did not see any black faces in this riot, they respect democracy. Thankfully many BNF leaders in the UK are now behind bars. They were the smart few who led and manipulated the uneducated masses. Never take Democracy for granted,
David Chaudron
David Chaudron 7 uur geleden
If it was black lives matter the cops wouldve stood down and let them take the entire block surrounding it and called it a peaceful protest.
Sacrili 6 uur geleden
Clarence Thompson
Clarence Thompson 7 uur geleden
It's important for these politicians, who have screwed us ALL, to know how easily their heads could roll. This wasn't an attack on democracy. This was an attack on oligarchy. The only attack on democracy is what the people in that building have been doing for the last 60 odd years.
Josh Gannon
Josh Gannon 7 uur geleden
You people are shameless. You always conflate issues. The funny part is you were all for burning the country down over the summer, with your Democrat so called leaders allowing it and in most cases were made public appearances supporting it. Why didn't you guys report on that stuff as it happened. Truthfully. You reported those stories as tales of justice? Where does Trump say burn down the Capitol? As always conflating protests with violence. You're party cheated...a lot. What did you think people would do? Trump will gone soon...what will these rags report on the next 4 years? I bet it's Trump!
glenn wilson
glenn wilson 7 uur geleden
how about to make it fair we go back to all the death and damages the msm and dems have created and hold them responsible
Trey Hemopo
Trey Hemopo 7 uur geleden
To all the Americans living in Washington d.c right now just trying to get home from work back to their families please make it home safe there's alot of crazies out there
Jay Sheer
Jay Sheer 7 uur geleden
How many people died during the riots of the left when they were burning down entire cities?
Mour Nukes
Mour Nukes 7 uur geleden
Good question
Alan Lincoln
Alan Lincoln 7 uur geleden
you are correct I do not respect this nation anymore and I am a Democrat and they are Republicans and I agree with what they did at the capital one hundred percent let's go revolution time baby
Amir Zaim Azryne
Amir Zaim Azryne 7 uur geleden
fokin trumpets
stan the man
stan the man 7 uur geleden
8:33 Trump
funkyfiss 7 uur geleden
We know from identification software that the violent rioters were Antifa members dressed up as Trump supporters. For the past 4 years we have witnessed that they are the violent side. As noone has ever seen Trump supporters with Communist tattoos. Thus is a pure propaganda piece. No journalism whatsoever.
hutzelweibl 7 uur geleden
As a reporter I would not use "Trump supporters", as long as it not clear under which real flag these destructive rioters were. For me these destructive people worked under false flag, pretending they would be Republican supporters. Guess more homework should be done before going public?
Mr. Tree
Mr. Tree 7 uur geleden
What USA needs now to unite is for a foreign enemy to threaten them. If that doesn’t happen they will split america in 2
Nathan 7 uur geleden
Trump fans: if trump wins , biden fans will riot and won't respect the country they will act like low IQ animals Also trump supporters:
Lewis Bancroft
Lewis Bancroft 7 uur geleden
Death to America and her allies!
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