Firing Leroy Up With His NEW 76mm Precision Turbskies!!! Found Deeper Engine Issues...

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Cleetus McFarland

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Just like that Leroy is back in action! His NEW 76mm Precision Turbskies are sounding freaking sweet!!!
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Cleetus McFarland
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United States of AmericaThe first time we've ever been pulled over in either of these cars...
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Cleetus McFarland
Cleetus McFarland 29 dagen geleden
We may have released some merch early.... and by may I mean we did release some merch early...
Ruby Red Nation
Ruby Red Nation 22 dagen geleden
Ruby Red Nation
Ruby Red Nation 22 dagen geleden
Man I would love to accomplish a build like this one day❤️ this is awesome I love your channel
Mod Squad
Mod Squad 27 dagen geleden
Where's cooper the hooper
Cody Johnson
Cody Johnson 27 dagen geleden
How much for those valve cover brutha
Timothy Stark
Timothy Stark 27 dagen geleden
@Ben Patsy that would make a difference😂, I'm in Texas so, alot closer😁
Dead Soul Walking
Dead Soul Walking 13 dagen geleden
Ralph H Bernstein
Ralph H Bernstein 17 dagen geleden
Also get the welder to fill the tubes with argon (purge) so the inside will look as good as the outside. Ralph
Ralph H Bernstein
Ralph H Bernstein 17 dagen geleden
Please lower the guard on the Band saw ! Thats a lot of blade just waiting for you to do something dumb ..... Ralph
Scott Holbert
Scott Holbert 17 dagen geleden
The correct way was to hit the valve stem with air pressure in the cyl to blow any ash on the seat out
Springfield 0612
Springfield 0612 18 dagen geleden
Want to raise some $$$ for a good cause? Raffle or auction off those valve covers! And have the team autograpgh them!
Louis669 20 dagen geleden
This got those old school vibes FSFS
Louis669 20 dagen geleden
Could have ggheto lapped Leroys valves. Just spin em on the drill couple dozen rotations
jeremy fairbanks
jeremy fairbanks 21 dag geleden
Love the show, but the time lapse isn’t good content, seems like just a filler. Miss the old days.
todd schindler
todd schindler 22 dagen geleden
Euan Swejda
Euan Swejda 23 dagen geleden
those turbo be bussin
Aaron Opperman
Aaron Opperman 23 dagen geleden
oh james man he should join an expert explaining team with his harmonica. lol #HellYaBrother
Aaron Opperman
Aaron Opperman 23 dagen geleden
oh james man he should join an expert explaining team with his harmonica. lol
Jack Thompson
Jack Thompson 24 dagen geleden
My mullet grew 76mm from this video. Keep up the good work cleetus! One day I’ll get my third gen off the blocks in my front yard and install an s480 on the stock 305 and pick up my cousin from her high school dance!
Casey Todd
Casey Todd 24 dagen geleden
That poor manual trans is going to DIE!!!
Aaron Unknown
Aaron Unknown 24 dagen geleden
Did you turn the camshaft to make sure the Valves were shut before testing them with air? Or they will be open
Philip Smart
Philip Smart 24 dagen geleden
You should do a comp or giveaway for the old valve covers. Don’t clean them either they would be so cool hung up on the wall
Lucas Hoffman
Lucas Hoffman 24 dagen geleden
10:29 last i saw this car was a drift car now it is a burnout beast, and it looks amazing with the blower the size of the car
Matthew Corcoran
Matthew Corcoran 24 dagen geleden
This is how we do twin turbskies in Australia. Two turbos into a supercharger! Hell yeah! Notice he does not lift his foot until the engine blows, and THEN keeps on going. He was probably just running away from the crocodiles and snakes in the grass I suppose.
Doug Hooper
Doug Hooper 25 dagen geleden
NOOOOO COMMENT...... ok ok, i gotta comment, lol... Cleeter? your motor is SHOT.... face it... lol
Pete Llewellyn
Pete Llewellyn 25 dagen geleden
Soo u should tap valve spring with soft mallet to insure u have no carbon deposits between valve an seat then if u have air it's more then likely burnt or bent or seat is beat out round from valve train harmonics rattling valve at high rpms. Even tho generally these performance engine don't run rich enough or under conditions that create deposits but u can always hope for the sake of it being an easy fix that's what it is. Keep in mind Leaking valve seals contribute to said deposits. Also could relap them but man that is alot air. I'd be worried about burning a valve with that much leak down just sending it. I love ur guys videos and how u show nessasary details to work being done for viewer to understand. U have a great team working on those cars to. Keep it up.
Adam Grant
Adam Grant 25 dagen geleden
I didnt see him put the pistons to TDC before pressurizing cylinders.... of course air will leak out of the exhaust valve
chris ruiz
chris ruiz 25 dagen geleden
So you thought multiple beatings New set of turbos was going to solve your issue? C’mon you really thought you didn’t need a rebuild?
jon lucas
jon lucas 25 dagen geleden
they should not leak pull the heads
jon lucas
jon lucas 25 dagen geleden
Thats Bad
Mason Rzepka
Mason Rzepka 25 dagen geleden
I love how they always time it to where they have a big event immediately after putting a brand new turbo kit on😂
TheCarribeanCowboy _
TheCarribeanCowboy _ 25 dagen geleden
I don't think the exhaust valve is actually broken/leaking/not working properly... If there is air coming out wouldn't that mean that this specific valve is up on the cam lobe??? The valves don't all sit at closed position when the engine is off they just sit wherever they stop when the crank shaft and cam shaft stop at when you turn off the engine. So there may be valves that are open there may be valves that are closed there may be exhaust valves open and there may be intake valves open... Correct me if I'm wrong.
OIF/OEF-0341 26 dagen geleden
I'm loving the new time lapse music
Shito ryu Karate
Shito ryu Karate 26 dagen geleden
Time for a new engine builder!
Adgfss Afghajajs
Adgfss Afghajajs 26 dagen geleden
So that blue smoke your seeing from the exhaust, is the valve seats your hearing leaking, when they sit for alittle while oil leaks into the cylinders and when you run them it cleans the cylinders out and you won’t see much oil in the exhaust till it sits for awhile and you run it. The cylinder heads definitely need to be remachined where the valve seats, or the valves could potentially be worn down that happens to.
ApeRiot 26 dagen geleden
12:38 for the turbski start!
Austin mason
Austin mason 26 dagen geleden
Who else really wants to see leroy with twin 91mm turbskis
Matt Hauck
Matt Hauck 26 dagen geleden
Preppin it for a front clip aye
B Foz
B Foz 26 dagen geleden
James out here droppin hard cold we got that youtube backing, well send it and texas speed can deal with it hahaha
harley ely
harley ely 26 dagen geleden
Can we get a dyno pull once all put together
somethingsochill 26 dagen geleden
Wouldn’t you have to rotate each cylinder you were pressure testing to TDC for the exhaust valve to be 100% sealed????
Navylife 26 dagen geleden
Huh might need a valve job
W4KEnJ4KE 26 dagen geleden
I just watched an old video of you getting Leroy aero tested and you still haven't gotten panels! You missing out on 200 horsepower! Your aero needs to be set up like an open wheel car
kearon sherwin
kearon sherwin 26 dagen geleden
Could Leroy ever do 200mph?? I'm curious
tubeyourself 26 dagen geleden
Why cant they make a proper valve spring tool? I was cutting one of my good sockets up the other day to get my springs out. Its always a travesty.
Milan Vermaat
Milan Vermaat 26 dagen geleden
13:36 is he pregnant 😂
Chris Stevens
Chris Stevens 26 dagen geleden
Hey I ran into that same issue when filled my cylinders with air.. what I found out was I grabbed my.spring pulled in up and it stopped all the air. And after that it stopped.leaking
Shawn Lack
Shawn Lack 26 dagen geleden
Love to see Leroy, love the car to death, started my journey into the LS world, use to be mustang only, now I have my GTO
not you
not you 26 dagen geleden
always amazed at what i see them do
Janue Muzik
Janue Muzik 26 dagen geleden
For a second I thought James was welding on a glass table.
Tony M
Tony M 26 dagen geleden
Metal shavings on hand next to exposed valvetrain / head with newly cut this less of an issue than the potential engine carnage I'm imagining?
Joshua Pierce
Joshua Pierce 26 dagen geleden
James knows his shit. Definitely one of the best mechanics I have seen on youtube. Cant wait to see leroy rippin again.
RANDOMNESS 26 dagen geleden
How did you guys Learn to work on cars? Did you go to school for it I’m very curious as I really want to start working on my own cars and start a build
Mack James90
Mack James90 27 dagen geleden
Kickstand, Maddie, and Tie, are sick.
William Davis
William Davis 27 dagen geleden
Nice job fellas!!!!
ShadowGamesTv 27 dagen geleden
You had my like with the harmonica thing I was dying laughing 🤣
steve kissel
steve kissel 27 dagen geleden
That car is just Amazing!!!!!!!
Canal do Tutu
Canal do Tutu 27 dagen geleden
Why don't you guys use Fueltech as a fuel injection system??
edd summat
edd summat 27 dagen geleden
Sorry didn't look to see no rocker Arms on
edd summat
edd summat 27 dagen geleden
Look at the proper leak down test procedure for each cylinder and where to have the crank/cam to test each cylinder
edd summat
edd summat 27 dagen geleden
U need to turn engine over to make sure valves are closed the way it doing it the cam could have valve open
Greg Wharton
Greg Wharton 27 dagen geleden
Thats not leroys eyebrows. Thats his new stache!
tonymayo1973 27 dagen geleden
Does James know that you're shooting a NLposts video? Is it possible for him to whisper any lower?
XxNightHawk77xX 27 dagen geleden
Ohhhhhhh sneak peek at my boy TOAST
James Lampe
James Lampe 27 dagen geleden
Unpopular opinion: Leroy needs clear body panels.
Tanner Robinson
Tanner Robinson 27 dagen geleden
When you were using air to hold the valve open was it full shop air like 120 150lbs or on a regulator?
Bill El
Bill El 27 dagen geleden
The new turbo setup not only looks better but seems to be better for lime of sight to drive it also. Nice job gentlemen.
Creator 262
Creator 262 27 dagen geleden
2:20 I guess now we know why the rocker threads stripped out...
07Phye 27 dagen geleden
Cleeter and James a.k.a Build God, put those rocker covers up for auction and put the money into the cars or the factory. They WILL sell!!!!
XprettylightsX 27 dagen geleden
Great game
FKing Bear
FKing Bear 27 dagen geleden
I mean where is the CAM at.. some valves WILL be open and SOME won't if you just did that to all of the cylinders without moving the cam.. :D Too fuckin funny, but if you were moving the cam then obviously yeah that engine wasn't running when you brought it in.
FKing Bear
FKing Bear 27 dagen geleden
You have the rockers off that shits fucked.. :/
John Sheetz
John Sheetz 27 dagen geleden
James keep your eyes on that sawblade bud. You need all your fingers!
Lowcruzr24 27 dagen geleden
If ya just ran some air filters, ya wouldn't have the valve leak!
marco 5.0
marco 5.0 27 dagen geleden
Just coyote swap bro
Ethan L
Ethan L 27 dagen geleden
Personally not a fan of using air to keep valves up to change valve springs, use a vinyl/cotton rope fed into cylinder leaving at least a foot sticking out, turn engine to tdc slowly and change springs.
Jay Hohman
Jay Hohman 27 dagen geleden
Tye putting in that work!!
Oscar Thorpe
Oscar Thorpe 27 dagen geleden
4:35 tap the top of the valve stem with a small hammer
Stevel Plays
Stevel Plays 27 dagen geleden
When isn’t there deeper engine issues?
Your Fan
Your Fan 27 dagen geleden
two small turbos
Kenneth Atchley
Kenneth Atchley 27 dagen geleden
Hit the top of the valve stim with a mallet with the air on it
Dakotah Bellville
Dakotah Bellville 27 dagen geleden
Ty TIG welding: T-shirt, Shorts, Office chair - Shoes optional Me anytime I go to the garage to MIG weld anything: Clothes that I don't care to catch on fire - Check Homeowners insurance up to date and paid- Check Burn cream - Check Grinding wheels and paint - Check Ok, just need to tell my family I love them and I can start cussing out this Harbor Freight welder for an hour before I lay a weld
Kendall O'Neal
Kendall O'Neal 27 dagen geleden
Definitely less smoke lol I remember seeing the turbo blow smoke during a burnout 😂 gotta be fixed now turbo went from 😎 to 🙂
investwax 27 dagen geleden
This is an excellent video for those of us still learning the intricacies of powerful engines. The weather balloon video was amusing, but the best videos are when you and Jackstand explain what you’re dealing with.
Greg Rogers
Greg Rogers 27 dagen geleden
I love the wrench idea. I do the same thing and I keep the pieces close together after the job is over and if I need it again for anything else just tig-er right back up
Thomas Jones
Thomas Jones 27 dagen geleden
I got a big question cleetus and James what app and what hook up to tune the LS motor?
zach e
zach e 27 dagen geleden
How come yall don't run an intercooler?
Vaughn Hill
Vaughn Hill 27 dagen geleden
Wtf happened to putting the turbos lower. Looks like you made them higher than they already were guys. Maybe i misunderstood. So much for better vision over the motor cleeter
DevWolf 27 dagen geleden
You already have that massive intake manifold and forged build... Have you considered compound boost? We do that on hellcats with internal mods to support it. Turbos are hidden under the car by the collectors (and sometimes back where the resonators used to be, if its an air cooled turbo), then they feed the supercharger pre-compressed air. It basically gives back the parasitic loss that the supercharger alone will take from the engine. While keeping that low end power, and giving higher peaks. The supercharger also helps the turbos a little bit by pulling air in and helping them spool up a tiny bit faster. Some of those cars are doing low 8 second quarters on 315 comp radials and skinnies up front. And thats wile weighing about 4500 pounds with the fuel and bolt-on weight. Imagine what Leroy would do.
The Cow Watcher
The Cow Watcher 27 dagen geleden
Does Leroy have an OnlyFans account yet?
Mark Glantz
Mark Glantz 27 dagen geleden
(((((((((((Your oil catch can is a Zephyrhills 20 oz bottle is that correct?))))))))))))))))
Chris Gagnon
Chris Gagnon 27 dagen geleden
Use the old Honda trick. Feed some rope in the sparkplug hole and raise the piston. That will hold your valves in, letting you change springs.
tk106 27 dagen geleden
Ty looks like Always Testy 😂
WhoBeDankeyKang 27 dagen geleden
Yo what’s the song at the beginning during the time lapse
K B 27 dagen geleden
Gets to sit in his office chair while miggin up some xhaust. Betcha he works bankers hours toooo
Casanova TheBarber
Casanova TheBarber 27 dagen geleden
Leroy needs a go kart flag on em
Clint Johnson
Clint Johnson 27 dagen geleden
Yall do me a build. Lol. My truck
Grady G
Grady G 27 dagen geleden
Put a 12 or 10 cylinder engine in it it would be sick
Patrick Rowan
Patrick Rowan 27 dagen geleden
Sell the valve covers off, I'd buy em.
mfarrachi 27 dagen geleden
Jack stands belly lets me know that he’s a “ Its five o’clock somewhere” kinda guy! Haha!!!!!
mfarrachi 27 dagen geleden
Leroy is going to fire me up this summer!!!
Keith Clayton
Keith Clayton 27 dagen geleden
I got a build idea 💡 Buy a super cheap car like less than $1,000 and build it with all extremely cheap parts and see how it’ll preform lol
Adil Chaudhry
Adil Chaudhry 28 dagen geleden
Hell ya Brother
Jake H
Jake H 28 dagen geleden
Time for Egt sensors.
Jays200 28 dagen geleden
Can you guys seriously consider introducing an electric car to your lineup? Luv ya work.
JW S 28 dagen geleden
09:14 , pan for the action fabricating shot.... "he's just staring at it?" LOL
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