Monstermax Drives in the Ocean (Police, Coast Guard, EPA, DNR Called)

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FLORINDIANA MAN DOES IT AGAIN. Maybe next time people won’t doubt me lol. Tik Tok and Facebook were covered with a truck driving at Long Boat key in Bradenton yesterday. Definitely the most insane thing we’ve done yet haha. Huge thanks to @316.speed for the help with the boat and chopper and to @wtf_logistics for always helping beyond hauling the load. #FLORINDIANAMAN
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John Wood
John Wood 2 maanden geleden
as an old guy , 68, who always loved a challenge. WAY TO GO GUYS !! That was worth a measly $70 fine.I was told 40 years ago I couldn’t ride and “park” my hours on my College Campus. So I got my horse “Registered” on Campus as a Vehicle and had a Campus Parking Sticker for it. Drove people crazy ,but they had OFFICIALLY given me a Sticker.
Albedo D. Overlord
Albedo D. Overlord 54 minuten geleden
You're a madlad!
Supra- 5502
Supra- 5502 17 uur geleden
That’s fucking dope man wish we were still in that day and age lmao
Bloodborn Link
Bloodborn Link 2 dagen geleden
Go go sir
Jinan Hwasal
Jinan Hwasal 2 dagen geleden
You sir a certified mad lad +respect 100
FartknockingSQuad 3 dagen geleden
@Michelle S "Waste" not waist and "Dollars" not dollors. Also bring your hate somewhere else 😔
Ayrton Ong
Ayrton Ong 35 minuten geleden
The fixed thermometer affectively pack because platinum bilaterally examine aboard a sore biplane. incredible, detailed woolen
Pat Cattin
Pat Cattin 44 minuten geleden
Cops. Can’t live with em and you can’t shoot em.
YUNG PAJAMAS Uur geleden
Indiana gang
Novan Arya
Novan Arya 3 uur geleden
seth c
seth c 5 uur geleden
Imagine of you had some sand paddle tires on there.
ЯЏSSЇДЙ ДҜS74Џ 5 uur geleden
Should have ran the tires backwards
ЯЏSSЇДЙ ДҜS74Џ 5 uur geleden
That was me in the R44 Raven 2 helicopter lol
Richard Tipton
Richard Tipton 5 uur geleden
I'm from St.augustine Florida and I swear I seen this truck floating down the St.Johns River during 4th of July a few years ago...they made a meme about it and everything
Richard Tipton
Richard Tipton 5 uur geleden
I swear he looks like Raab Himself
Randolph Reach
Randolph Reach 6 uur geleden
Damn I didn’t know he was from Indiana, from Terre haute and live in Evansville, be great to run into you one day
Jean Burchett
Jean Burchett 6 uur geleden
This guy is amazing go WhistlinDiesel go
Mark smith
Mark smith 7 uur geleden
expensive toy for a couple of hours of fun
Candace Simpson
Candace Simpson 10 uur geleden
By far the most awesome thing ive seen!!
Candace Simpson
Candace Simpson 10 uur geleden
Huge Fan guys keep up the good work Much respect. Its time for school i think
Erron Ellington
Erron Ellington 11 uur geleden
That is badass dude!!! Now you just have to get some more speed out of it. Love it bro, love it, love it, LOVE IT!!!!!
August Page
August Page 12 uur geleden
Is the chopper his?
That crazy hillbilly
That crazy hillbilly 12 uur geleden
I love it man keep it up!
Michigan Voyagers
Michigan Voyagers 13 uur geleden
Yor cool
Chris Ford
Chris Ford 14 uur geleden
It's so nice to be rich lol
Emory Robinson
Emory Robinson 14 uur geleden
this vid was awsome so leave a like nothing can top this
Jack Lerner
Jack Lerner 15 uur geleden
bigfoot 11 lol
Karhu 15 uur geleden
*How did you change the tires?*
Karhu 15 uur geleden
Travis Dennison
Travis Dennison 15 uur geleden
I love this this made my day
Pedro Morales
Pedro Morales 15 uur geleden
Next thing you know it’s on gta 5
Soma Ranjit
Soma Ranjit 15 uur geleden
Love it. Certainly warming up this cold evening in northern England. Nice to see pre mask world.
Ethan Wentland
Ethan Wentland 16 uur geleden
Shoulda done it with paddle tires
Matt Weber
Matt Weber 16 uur geleden
Hell yeah
ImTrynx 16 uur geleden
im watching this video and realizing that this was filmed 5 minutes from my house lol
The master of death
The master of death 17 uur geleden
It’s the only boat you can’t beach
Rising-Phoenix 21 uur geleden
Just found this channel and I love the content great job love his attitude!!
This guy
This guy 22 uur geleden
My cousin in Guatemala has a boat crown victoria....but with boat motor thats in the trunk ....water proof yes but not as fun as your bad ass truck ...keep it going
John Vickery
John Vickery Dag geleden
Go up the Mississippi River
Jaden Ackeret
Jaden Ackeret Dag geleden
Now this is real content!!!
B Fields
B Fields Dag geleden
B Fields
B Fields Dag geleden
Milhomme Kerine
Milhomme Kerine Dag geleden
Problème in thé caoutchouc
Jerome Dag geleden
I must say this is one of the coolest things I've ever seen & thats saying alot lol
Sergio Jimenez
Sergio Jimenez Dag geleden
I’ve seen this done thousands of times before...😂 said no man or wooo man ever!! Good stuff man..
Yourubecan Blowme
Yourubecan Blowme Dag geleden
Dumb ass pigs
Steve Smith
Steve Smith Dag geleden
Mood 2.0 add an outboard it a jet engine in the bed
Thegamingcbr Dag geleden
🤣 haha
I Drive Everywhere
I Drive Everywhere Dag geleden
Who’s in the fucking helicopter!? Tell that shit to go away lol
Michael Black
Michael Black Dag geleden
FANTASTIC!!! I think you are onto something for alternative road/water craft. I have ONE concern though. What about emissions? On the road you have several fluids that leak out constantly. The biggest is oil and gasoline. What have you guys done to compensate for this? Thanks:)
Mason Wilson
Mason Wilson Dag geleden
I love your videos
Rone Tastic
Rone Tastic Dag geleden
we will have to x ray the briged if you hit it
E Z E Dag geleden
I’m guessing all the dislikes must be Ford or dodge fan’s
Patricia Roman
Patricia Roman 15 uur geleden
I got Dodge I need Chevy truck now
wil hallman
wil hallman Dag geleden
4:45 Sherriff Dana White hahahahahahaha
E Z E Dag geleden
Next time he comes back with his truck they’re gonna have signs at the beach NO TRUCKS ALLOWED INSIDE THE OCEAN
Mega destroyer man
Mega destroyer man Dag geleden
That’s when you bring a plane
Mo Shahin
Mo Shahin Dag geleden
Behind every sign is one stupid idiot
clapeople _
clapeople _ Dag geleden
The people who did dislike actually meant dis I like
Outdoors With Oliver
Outdoors With Oliver Dag geleden
I would like to see a ford ranger try that
Jack Sammons
Jack Sammons Dag geleden
A Ford ranger will handle everything you throw at it and it will never leave you stranded
Bit Stream
Bit Stream Dag geleden
No driving in the ocean? What do you do with boats them? Ride them?
Herb Derbler
Herb Derbler Dag geleden
You should engineer a propeller drive or even just sling an outboard motor down from the bed so you can move at a more reasonable speed.
Herb Derbler
Herb Derbler Dag geleden
That first interaction with security and whoever was on the phone is proof that if you just play it cool and your reasons are legit, people might understand and you go on your way. There's always the chance you'll encounter an unreasonable jerk, but you should give them a chance. If you assume the worst from the outset, that's probably what you'll get.
Krash Landicoot
Krash Landicoot Dag geleden
Cubans and Top Gear did it first.
Larry Ganz
Larry Ganz 2 dagen geleden
Too many Karens out there trying to enforce crap rules and stop people from having fun, checking their rule books and finding a way to punish you, or prove why you can't do something.
kevin hardeman
kevin hardeman 2 dagen geleden
That was epic boy good job
Bloodborn Link
Bloodborn Link 2 dagen geleden
Tyrant police wtf, can't ever have fun.
Luis Diaz
Luis Diaz 2 dagen geleden
Not even red bull. No bull
Luis Diaz
Luis Diaz 2 dagen geleden
Hoosier cowboy.2 wrongs. Not too many oceans in Indiana,and pacific ocean instead of atlantic.
....... 2 dagen geleden
I subscribed cause of this post lol 🤘🏾🤠🤘🏾
Niamh50187 2 dagen geleden
That was awesome!
Jaeden Barksdale
Jaeden Barksdale 2 dagen geleden
Runs out of gas
Raweekit Pradubsilp
Raweekit Pradubsilp 2 dagen geleden
Fat Bastard
Fat Bastard 2 dagen geleden
Lol too funny
Doubter Deluxe
Doubter Deluxe 2 dagen geleden
When he said who names their boat “Coast Guard” I nearly fell off the sofa. Loved it, you rock!!
Asad Marji
Asad Marji 2 dagen geleden
The unique patricia maternally spill because underpants resultantly punish below a acoustic territory. better, optimal shrine
CJ Grisham
CJ Grisham 2 dagen geleden
If you think this is a free country, try driving a truck into the gulf.
Dawn Bloss
Dawn Bloss 2 dagen geleden
So did you have to pay that $25000?
lukasadams1 2 dagen geleden
Why wouldnt he hold the truck for everything its got
kid with a quest
kid with a quest 2 dagen geleden
How do people dislike you
Blake S
Blake S 2 dagen geleden
He should find a way to connect a propeller to the diff to get faster if he does this again
OwnedShadowYT 2 dagen geleden
seen this on facebook now its on here this was the best
Andre Ch
Andre Ch 2 dagen geleden
1 minute into the video, 2 commercials already!!!
James Sucilla
James Sucilla 2 dagen geleden
seems like he pays more attention to his haters than his fans
James Sucilla
James Sucilla 2 dagen geleden
@Bet White lol haters still making him money tho
Bet White
Bet White 2 dagen geleden
fuck the fans
Chronic Frequency
Chronic Frequency 2 dagen geleden
“God I’d pay to see this” literally watching it happen for free 🤦🏻‍♂️
Tank Johnson
Tank Johnson 2 dagen geleden
3 you are the 3rd to do something like this..papa smurf and Chuck with chucks trucks have done this with their mega video though you have made it into the elite group of only 2 others that have made their trucks completely float lol
Black Sheep
Black Sheep 2 dagen geleden
What a crazy thing to do, wish I was there riding in the back, way to go 👍
Paul Dixon
Paul Dixon 2 dagen geleden
The daffy grill happily force because crayfish extracellularly punch plus a long-term kick. pretty, tremendous bulb
Kaleb Gabern
Kaleb Gabern 2 dagen geleden
Should have put paddle tires on it, would have been hauling
Anthony Galietti
Anthony Galietti 2 dagen geleden
Me subscribe post notifications like the video ok I did it all 👍
Samuel Sanchez
Samuel Sanchez 2 dagen geleden
He should have made a hitch mount and added a couple of boat motors to the back.
Вячеслав Мирненко
Вячеслав Мирненко 2 dagen geleden you would have these wheels, you wouldn’t need a tray, but they are difficult to get, they are probably only sold in Russia and Ukraine)) BUT THIS IS NOT EXACT
B1ind B1ake
B1ind B1ake 2 dagen geleden
Omega Prime
Omega Prime 2 dagen geleden
It amazes me how white people can waste time doing this crap...
jax rammus
jax rammus 2 dagen geleden
Free country, yet a guy can't do shit without government boys swarming you... you can have all the proper registration yet they won't fuck off. Typical
Ryan 1024
Ryan 1024 2 dagen geleden
Is this my true potential as a Florida man???
Mad Markus
Mad Markus 2 dagen geleden
7:05 lots of people watched me drive my mustang into the ocean 🤣 had a little too much fun at night 👀
Deborah Ferguson
Deborah Ferguson 2 dagen geleden
Talk about white privilege... This is a PERFECT EXAMPLE.
Austin Glover
Austin Glover Dag geleden
Talk about a dumbass comment
GeminiJets10 2 dagen geleden
Go across Lake Huron to Canada to get beer 😂😂
the funkiest friends
the funkiest friends 2 dagen geleden
You should just I bought that burger Farrell tyres and then put it on the truck and then drove with it
SlimeTime Fishing
SlimeTime Fishing 2 dagen geleden
u can buy boat sticker sets at walmart fo like 10 bucks hahah i love how much yall dont give af 🙌🏻😂😂yeyeee
TccFly 2 dagen geleden
"Shake and bake"
Sean Bastert
Sean Bastert 2 dagen geleden
I would buy one
Jay Frederick
Jay Frederick 2 dagen geleden
It’s a shame that there’s so many people in this “free” country, that just want to stop other people from having fun.
AKAKermit 2 dagen geleden
What the hell are you talking about? Literally nobody tried to stop him, everybody loved it. He said it himself: 13:35 Even the police didn't do anything to stop him, they were just admiring the truck from a distance and making sure that he was safe.
Cody East
Cody East 2 dagen geleden
Keep fighting the good fight!
Hilario Gomez
Hilario Gomez 2 dagen geleden
Manatee 😒county Florida sheriffs office you suck such a buzz kill you can’t even put your -salty -ass rules (zing )aside to represent the city
Elwyn Carrol
Elwyn Carrol 2 dagen geleden
Florida are haters they mad because you all got a lot of attention
Adam Teves
Adam Teves 2 dagen geleden
Bad to the bone . Here in Florida we love our monster truck s.
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