Deep Focus - Music For Studying, Concentration and Work

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Quiet Quest - Study Music

Quiet Quest - Study Music

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Enjoy this Deep Focus Music for Studying, Concentration and Work from Quiet Quest Study Music.
This relaxing music to study combines soothing ambient music with beautiful nature images, so you can play in the background while you focus on your exams.
Please feel free to leave your comments and suggestions and to share your love by liking this video and subscribing to our channel.
Listening to focus music for deep concentration while you study can help you with memory retention and recall.
This deep focus music can also be used for work, reading and writing.
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QUIET QUEST - STUDY MUSIC youtube channel
Music by Quiet Quest - Study Music
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Story Teller - Baby Sleep Music 2 maanden geleden
Dear Simon, I would just like to say that we really appreciate your amazing work with Quiet Quest - Study Music. Thank you so much for putting in all the effort, the results are brilliant! Our day definitely gets more fulfilling when playing your videos, so we are really grateful!
RJ - 01CM 912901 SouthFields Village PS
RJ - 01CM 912901 SouthFields Village PS 7 uur geleden
@DiaJaguar Pommes congrats
RJ - 01CM 912901 SouthFields Village PS
RJ - 01CM 912901 SouthFields Village PS 7 uur geleden
Apsaras Gaming
Apsaras Gaming 3 dagen geleden
@DiaJaguar Pommes congrats yo
D Ojo
D Ojo 7 dagen geleden
Ditto to all the thank you comments and I specifically thank you for not adding adverts to this 💪👌
Gavin Downs
Gavin Downs 16 dagen geleden
I have adhd, and the end of the semester is this friday. I have some pretty big missing assignments. It's really hard to focus, and this is my last resort. I sure hope this works...
tiffany brown
tiffany brown 5 uur geleden
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elle mays
elle mays 6 uur geleden
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RJ - 01CM 912901 SouthFields Village PS
RJ - 01CM 912901 SouthFields Village PS 7 uur geleden
Dear Simon every day when writing or work stresses me up I put this 🙂
Zach Is gay
Zach Is gay 7 uur geleden
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RJ - 01CM 912901 SouthFields Village PS
RJ - 01CM 912901 SouthFields Village PS 7 uur geleden
Good luck everyone 😀😀
RJ - 01CM 912901 SouthFields Village PS
RJ - 01CM 912901 SouthFields Village PS 7 uur geleden
RJ - 01CM 912901 SouthFields Village PS
RJ - 01CM 912901 SouthFields Village PS 7 uur geleden
Qq every day when writing like now. I always put this
bryan arthur
bryan arthur 8 uur geleden
i know this is deep focus music but i cant stop looking at these beautiful comments. I hope y'all having a great day ❤❤🧡💗💗
LYDIA LEWIS 12 uur geleden
All of my assignments are due at midnight tonight and I already pulled an all-nighter last night and I just don’t know if I’ll be able to get them in on time... I got behind when I was going through a really rough spot for me and now I’m just paying the consequences for not being ok in the first place. Life is just rough sometimes ig... it’ll be ok
mithali angela
mithali angela 12 uur geleden
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Mister Smith
Mister Smith 12 uur geleden
The amount of love, concern, and general caring in a lot of these comments is awesome. ✌️❤️😁💪
Sunset skies
Sunset skies 13 uur geleden
Me: getting alot of work done and The video: *calm music* Me:hears cheetos add AHHHHH
justin samuel
justin samuel 21 uur geleden
tbh this sounds like im going to heaven
clemons nikita
clemons nikita Dag geleden
Recently I found a new app called KOOK, almost nobody knows about it, but I think it is very useful for me to concentrate on my study, it’s an online study room with background music and streaming, I feel like I’m next to others so I should be on my best behavior but I also have full control over my privacy.
Davon Beckerman
Davon Beckerman Dag geleden
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ookggi Gaming
ookggi Gaming Dag geleden
Time to focus up on Animal Crossing boys
Line Dag geleden
i turned this music on to focus and all i did was think of sad things.. funny how things worked out... back to dubstep, techno, dance, house.. See ya soon Kream music.
Fletcher Linhos
Fletcher Linhos Dag geleden
Everyone stop reading the comments and get your work done that’s what the music is for not reading the comments
GRACE 8309
GRACE 8309 Dag geleden
sounds like the minecraft theme music :)
camila lodi
camila lodi Dag geleden
Wow I can't believe I'm sharing this music with such amazing and intelligent people, I'm currently in highschool having no idea what I want to do, but all these stories of people studying so hard for their dreams are truly inspiring. It's amazing just thinking that I might just be doing a simple assignment that is probably not going to effect my future in anyway, but right now someone listening to this music with me, is sooo close to achieving something beautiful! geez i gotta get back to work lol
Bryan Loke
Bryan Loke Dag geleden
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Henry Backe
Henry Backe Dag geleden
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(2G) Isabella Kelly
(2G) Isabella Kelly Dag geleden
play this in the background of ur school calls its so funny
james earl
james earl 2 dagen geleden
petition to disable comments for this video.
tomato48 7 uur geleden
This is my favorite comment
Ariea Ilezion
Ariea Ilezion 2 dagen geleden
i hate homework. one of the worst things in life. its been proven to be useless and actually harmful and it takes time away from me and adds stress.
jake rave
jake rave 2 dagen geleden
I've been listening to this for 2 months now and I'm in love I use it for everything especially school work but I have noticed that this is a perfect fit for ezperanza rising book and it describes how her whole life is so basically im trying to say is this song is something out of this world that I do not have words for it :)
Pharsa Sky
Pharsa Sky 2 dagen geleden
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Pharsa Sky
Pharsa Sky 2 dagen geleden
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The skaper kid
The skaper kid 2 dagen geleden
Wallace Trisler
Wallace Trisler 2 dagen geleden
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Stupid Boi
Stupid Boi 2 dagen geleden
all these comments are boring I couldn't focus one bit and I don't get relaxed in the slightest listening to this either I'll get hate or get ignored bad video :|
pasnag sherpa
pasnag sherpa 2 dagen geleden
focus on work instead of writing and reading comments smh.
Aziret Umraliev
Aziret Umraliev 2 dagen geleden
This is the only thing that can calm me.
faasd fer
faasd fer 2 dagen geleden
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Cassandra Barrera
Cassandra Barrera 2 dagen geleden
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marlon detorres
marlon detorres 2 dagen geleden
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marlon detorres
marlon detorres 2 dagen geleden
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Chelsea Hormoza
Chelsea Hormoza 3 dagen geleden
its so amazing like af
Chelsea Hormoza
Chelsea Hormoza 3 dagen geleden
like a went to went ot
Chelsea Hormoza
Chelsea Hormoza 3 dagen geleden
i love it
Marjorie Gardner
Marjorie Gardner 3 dagen geleden
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Anita Dunn
Anita Dunn 3 dagen geleden
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Sam Holland
Sam Holland 4 dagen geleden
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Armasescu Teodora
Armasescu Teodora 4 dagen geleden
omg it is great, but at some point i became rly rly sad :(
Juneann Tagabuel
Juneann Tagabuel 4 dagen geleden
Hey man, thank you so much for all your help because this actually helped me with my homework,it helped me focus a lot,and again thank you so so much for your help have a grate day
taylor •
taylor • 4 dagen geleden
i just finished a writing test and social studies test in 30 minutes. bro this music is magic.
GreenCatz 4 dagen geleden
Everyone here trying to study Me: Finishing my million missing assignments
Rochelle Spencer
Rochelle Spencer 4 dagen geleden
KIARA MUNIZ 5 dagen geleden
KIARA MUNIZ 5 dagen geleden
This help me a lot today thank you random person who I've never met before.
Jordanlovesstuff 3D
Jordanlovesstuff 3D 5 dagen geleden
This really helped me focus. I love the music and the pretty backgrounds
Nourin afsana
Nourin afsana 5 dagen geleden
I am Neet ug aspirent........after 4 mounth,,my eaxm.........feelings mixed ,,,,
Marjorie Rice
Marjorie Rice 5 dagen geleden
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MohamekTheGamer 5 dagen geleden
sorry but this doesnt help focus it creeps the hell out of me
Simon Wang
Simon Wang 5 dagen geleden
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Muhammaf aliJameel
Muhammaf aliJameel 5 dagen geleden
I feel so good and amazing after hearing this song Thanks for the song
Positive Vibe
Positive Vibe 5 dagen geleden
Only with your help I can reach 1k views, help me win the bet with my mom that I can make it by the end of the month or get kicked out . Thank you ^_^
Vania Kirana
Vania Kirana 5 dagen geleden
I hope the song works...
Muhammad Ali
Muhammad Ali 6 dagen geleden
fuck my brain hurts after hearing this
Charles Newton
Charles Newton 6 dagen geleden
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Cipher 6 dagen geleden
Wow! :)
Lisa Morse
Lisa Morse 6 dagen geleden
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Flower Rose
Flower Rose 6 dagen geleden
Apsaras Gaming
Apsaras Gaming 3 dagen geleden
Stay safe for ur family and u
Apsaras Gaming
Apsaras Gaming 3 dagen geleden
Stay safe out there
Viola Blache
Viola Blache 6 dagen geleden
Instead of studying I spent the last hour trying to remember where I know those chords from.... Max Richter "On the Nature of Daylight" ! Beautiful..
Dmx12 6 dagen geleden
Good 🤔🌏🌏🌏🌏🌏 🍟🍜
Alvi Fatima Rizwi
Alvi Fatima Rizwi 6 dagen geleden
Don't scroll! You! Yes you. Focus and get the work done❤️
TOM Dag geleden
Me too , hope you works are done , Mate
R S TEMUTAI 4 dagen geleden
i needed that thanks i was just reading comments earlier
Hugsicat Cat
Hugsicat Cat 5 dagen geleden
I read that and suddenly felt guilty. I am sick so im doing work at home and procrastinating. Thx for that.( Know this sounds angry but im not)
Katie McGlew
Katie McGlew 6 dagen geleden
thanks, I needed to hear that
TM YEE 6 dagen geleden
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B. Ben.
B. Ben. 7 dagen geleden
Fuck me this shit make me sleep
Coronel Kernel
Coronel Kernel 7 dagen geleden
Does anyone actually know where these places in the video can be found?? 🤔 They look amazing in video, I cannot imagine how breathtaking they must be in person
Mosammat Nazmun Nahar
Mosammat Nazmun Nahar 7 dagen geleden
I looked at the number of views and the date of uploading and I was so amazed that they managed to reach 5million+++ views in less than a day. But then I realised that today is January 20th 2021 and this was uploaded exactly a year ago, not today. Now it's starting to sink in that we're in the year 2021 and 2020 has gone by in a blur.
ImperialShadowRodent 1
ImperialShadowRodent 1 7 dagen geleden
Amazing, but maybe turn off the comments cause I cant stop reading 😂
Faith May
Faith May 7 dagen geleden
Great work love the song
Johnson Bronson
Johnson Bronson 7 dagen geleden
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Derrick Hui
Derrick Hui 7 dagen geleden
Deep Focus Yes, but I can't stop reading the comments below.
TOM Dag geleden
Me too ☹️
REHAB Bling 6 dagen geleden
Thinkin' with Lincoln
Thinkin' with Lincoln 7 dagen geleden
Thanks for the music I literally use it every day
Danyal Danish
Danyal Danish 7 dagen geleden
To anyone listening out there, this really helps. Keep listening & get on working
Truong Uyen Tram
Truong Uyen Tram 7 dagen geleden
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Jennifer Lee
Jennifer Lee 7 dagen geleden
it's ok
Jennifer Lee
Jennifer Lee 7 dagen geleden
i love it! very helpful.😊 ❤️❤️
SAM 7 dagen geleden
Hi random person. I just want to tell you that you will pass your exams and every other things you do. Be positive on what you do and one day all your hard work will pay off. Have a good day.
Kai 17 uur geleden
I’m doing a study guide for a exam right now
Kilu Kilu
Kilu Kilu Dag geleden
Thank you and I wish you and all the other people best of luck!❤️
zeze_mor artists
zeze_mor artists 2 dagen geleden
Thank you! I needed this ❤️
Apsaras Gaming
Apsaras Gaming 2 dagen geleden
@Epicmarksman no problem and have a nice day 😎😁
Epicmarksman 3 dagen geleden
Thank you for all of your support i am glad to say that i believe i can pass my exam 😄
Therese Delos reyes
Therese Delos reyes 7 dagen geleden
the thing is i have this music on great right but my brain is empty so how the freak am i gonna do this assignments when i dont know anything the frivck
Khong Muon
Khong Muon 8 dagen geleden
Very nice….
Christian Denmark
Christian Denmark 8 dagen geleden
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Janine Martinez
Janine Martinez 8 dagen geleden
*Everyone here trying to study* *me trying to finish 34 missing assignments*
GreenCatz 4 dagen geleden
Thats exacly wat im doing
karolinaatosia 5 dagen geleden
Jimin Park
Jimin Park 6 dagen geleden
Gurll u have 61-
Among Uss
Among Uss 6 dagen geleden
I am going school tommorow after 312 days of quarantine. I havn't completed my notes from last 4 months. I better hurry. But I am super depressed that's why Iam here. 🤣
DynastyCC 7 dagen geleden
Wow same🤣🤣🤣
Jade Allen
Jade Allen 8 dagen geleden
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Onstage Muffin24
Onstage Muffin24 8 dagen geleden
Abel Rock Gaspar Edwards
Abel Rock Gaspar Edwards 8 dagen geleden
This helps me a lot with concentrating with homework, I really appreciate it.
Erin Lanigan
Erin Lanigan 8 dagen geleden
This music makes me so emotional. Like the end of a movie where the main character is driving away into change, and you are sitting there sobbing happily. Deep feels. Thank you. I needed that.
Laz Noyb
Laz Noyb 8 dagen geleden
i appreciate the effort. but this new age elevator music makes it almost unbearable to me. i prefer some american indian flute music, or some mellow middle eastern oud music.
Caroline Bell
Caroline Bell 9 dagen geleden
Who watches this video so often, that every time they see the cows they get excited?!🐄🐄
Tranquil Music
Tranquil Music 9 dagen geleden
The vibration of music surely makes a good impact on my mind. Thank you
Steven Jackson
Steven Jackson 9 dagen geleden
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Roshan KM
Roshan KM 9 dagen geleden
Now I'm focusing on comments..
Teresa Chen
Teresa Chen 9 dagen geleden
Thank you so much for sharing so beautiful music. I am feeling peaceful and grateful.
Hallie Zhao
Hallie Zhao 10 dagen geleden
The naive network broadly bleach because cement anecdotally measure excluding a special scarecrow. discreet, abortive octave
Charles Lim
Charles Lim 10 dagen geleden
By any chance, is this tuned to 432Hz?
Rarified Apparel
Rarified Apparel 10 dagen geleden
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Elisa Hughes
Elisa Hughes 10 dagen geleden
The inquisitive candle greely precede because soy extracellularly greet an a gifted join. perfect, snotty sweets
Ariel Dee
Ariel Dee 10 dagen geleden
When You're Trying To Focus, But Can't Stop Watching This Video 😫
Nicolás González-Jiménez
Nicolás González-Jiménez 9 dagen geleden
I mean, it shouldnt have such beautiful images to distract us :'(
Arpit Raj singh
Arpit Raj singh 10 dagen geleden
Go study why u looking in comment section vruu!😂
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