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HEY GUYS! I hope you enjoyed the vlog.....
I’m sure a lot of you can relate to how I’m feeling at the moment, we are all in this together❤️
Love you all x
Molly-Mae xxx
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Black trench
Black boots
Cream boots
Cream wrap jumper
Black puffer
Leather look leggings
Nude bomber
White hoodie
White biker boots
White shirt
Knit leggings
Cycle shorts
Oversized sweater

Linda Smith
Linda Smith 39 minuten geleden
Linda Smith
Linda Smith 39 minuten geleden
Elizabeth Harper
Elizabeth Harper 3 dagen geleden
u r doing brilliant doing all of this i find your content on here and on instagram very intresting so proud of u and i always will be
Scarlett Benson
Scarlett Benson 5 dagen geleden
she is so genuine and really keeps it real she definetly deserves her platform and all the love and support from everyone i dont know how anyone could ever hate her she is the sweetest
Tiarna Annakin
Tiarna Annakin 8 dagen geleden
awwwww love this xxx
Ella Sofia
Ella Sofia 8 dagen geleden
I love the way you talk to your viewers like a friend its so much more enjoyable to watch! I hate watching youtube vlogs where peoples lives come across as perfect and productable because thats not always reality, so thank you for keeping it real and this is why I continue to watch you :)
Olivia Murphy Herdman
Olivia Murphy Herdman 10 dagen geleden
Please don't apologies take care of yourself! 💕
Iyla Hesketh
Iyla Hesketh 11 dagen geleden
I’ve got bad exams too and we have the same birthday:)
Imogen Mullins
Imogen Mullins 14 dagen geleden
i'm now obsessed with watching these videos, ah she is so sweet and genuine!
Sally Lincoln
Sally Lincoln 15 dagen geleden
I love you are so sweet we all do it you are so pretty
Faith Maria
Faith Maria 16 dagen geleden
aww love how real u are. when u had the chat whilst putting on your face mask, I put my one on too lol .x But yea don't be too hard on yourself, think everything going on in the world, everyone's emotions are heightened
Nicky Dunn
Nicky Dunn 16 dagen geleden
Take time for yourself. x I feel stressed when there is a mess, totally relate, take care of yourself
Ahmed Alf
Ahmed Alf 17 dagen geleden
The first film from the lady of heaven movie is nlposts.info/past/ZX_HqKS7ZqGKvoE/video
Tiegan Crook
Tiegan Crook 17 dagen geleden
you make my day :)
Jessica Jones
Jessica Jones 18 dagen geleden
Anyone know what the Nike zip up she was wearing is called xxx
Freya Grace
Freya Grace 18 dagen geleden
OMG I love molly She was talking about how she need to get dressed Then she sees someone coming into the appartmemt Then she shows us her new jumper I love her so much 😂
Nixnix2001 19 dagen geleden
The only other time hormones get super strong are of course pregnancy 🤰🏼. So make sure your contraception is sorted :)
Nixnix2001 19 dagen geleden
It’s called hormones !!! Us women all get it
Beau Donnelly
Beau Donnelly 19 dagen geleden
Anyone know where mollys Nike hoodie is from?
Naomi Doherty
Naomi Doherty 21 dag geleden
Called depression 👌
GTA 5 shaded rich
GTA 5 shaded rich 22 dagen geleden
The scarce handsaw coherently treat because foot concordingly list except a fragile stamp. pink, straight engineer
Joel BoardgameRpger
Joel BoardgameRpger 24 dagen geleden
hey luv, your hair is pulled back too tight. its raising your hairline. Thanks for being such a Good Girl.
Donna Doherty
Donna Doherty 25 dagen geleden
Think you pregnant love
Zoe Prescott
Zoe Prescott 25 dagen geleden
Sounds like anxiety or your just worn out x
Zoe Prescott
Zoe Prescott 25 dagen geleden
We all get like that from time to time I suffer with a long term illness and periods floor me. Your only human make sure you rest listen to your body. My fella has eczema he uses aveeno and steroid creams x
Lottie Lanckmans
Lottie Lanckmans 25 dagen geleden
Can you do like a house tour /apartment tour xx
Jason Gee
Jason Gee 25 dagen geleden
Tom is a good fit for you. He is funny but also cool as hell. Wish I could work out with him and hang with you guys. Would be too much fun.
Jason Gee
Jason Gee 25 dagen geleden
Molly is so down to earth. Keep up with the videos girl.
Lauren Gowland
Lauren Gowland 25 dagen geleden
gurl its called being a female im legit not even that old and ive been so antisocial and moody so yh
Jill R
Jill R 27 dagen geleden
Honestly dont beat yourself up about it. Everyone's a cow sometimes, especially to the people we love. It happens to everyone. Its very brave of you to open up about it, I could never do that so you are amazing for that. Everyone goes through moments like that so try not to get mad at yourself. You show that not everyone's perfect, even youtubers, andPeople are rude to others that they love because they're more comfortable with them. We are all here to support you and help you.
Celina Bond- Dating Coach
Celina Bond- Dating Coach 27 dagen geleden
watching this in the 3rd lockdown now. you're worthy of tommy and he is worthy of you. feel those emotions and express them to each other without making each other feel wrong
lifesuxks c:
lifesuxks c: 28 dagen geleden
I love her so much, i dont understand how people can hate someone so genuine like her. Tommy is one lucky guy
Tammy Maryan
Tammy Maryan 28 dagen geleden
I love you mollymae your truly beautiful and amazing
Yvette Christina
Yvette Christina 28 dagen geleden
Anyone posting negative comments about Molly are just miserable about their own lives, end of. She is the most likeable and down to earth girl out there!❤️
Aaminahhh_ 29 dagen geleden
This by far has to be my favourite vlog! Don’t apologise for your honesty, cus honestly it’s definitely what I needed to watch. Appreciate the realness, keep it coming beautiful! 🥰❤️❤️
Lauren Casey
Lauren Casey 29 dagen geleden
Could you do a makeup tutorial for this look? It looks amazing !!
Chloe1234 Braggins
Chloe1234 Braggins 29 dagen geleden
Molly ur so pretty xx
Jasmine McLay
Jasmine McLay 29 dagen geleden
i loved how transparent you are in your vlogs
Rebecca Martin
Rebecca Martin 29 dagen geleden
This is so relatable. It's so scary when your emotions are all over the place and you are not quite sure how to take control. But you just have to remember that its natural and to be kind to yourself.
Twitch Imzbailey
Twitch Imzbailey Maand geleden
Im not lying but i live near ellie darby and my mum and dad know lucie cater her sister xxx
Sanjeeda Uddin
Sanjeeda Uddin Maand geleden
where is her sofa from in 11:38?!! 😍
gabbie bright
gabbie bright Maand geleden
What is the song she plays while unpacking PLT?
Maria Rushe
Maria Rushe Maand geleden
Keep doing you Molly
Exposing Celebs
Exposing Celebs Maand geleden
Post more videos like this. Love from Greece
jasmine chaplin
jasmine chaplin Maand geleden
i have eczema i never knew you had it it makes me feel sm better :)
Leila Wright
Leila Wright Maand geleden
Girl get your mole shit sorted not this clothes crap. Don’t mean to scare you but there are vloggers documenting their horrific melanoma cancer journeys check out Emily Haywood. Fuck the clothes shit chase those results now!
Sam Nyanzi
Sam Nyanzi Maand geleden
Eva franks
Eva franks Maand geleden
Where is her beige Nike half zip from? Xxx
Hailey Minton
Hailey Minton Maand geleden
You should take fish oil pills that helped get rid of my eczema :)
Rachel Gray
Rachel Gray Maand geleden
You are my literal spirit animal! The most relatable person ever 🙌🏼
Amanda Orakposim
Amanda Orakposim Maand geleden
Maybe your preg-
Sam Steadman
Sam Steadman Maand geleden
Monumental you/she says re her watch. When it's purely your/her... Life memories/Achievements. Good on YOU BOTH XC
Lisa Moore
Lisa Moore Maand geleden
Believe in your self sent matter who you are with or who you are freinds with just be your self all the i me :)
Lisa Moore
Lisa Moore Maand geleden
Hiii molly mae i loved you and Tommy on love island you shou;d of one t also do you stil hate boats ✨
Mursal Shafizad
Mursal Shafizad Maand geleden
nlposts.info/past/pImw0Zmcf59-1I0/video Really great voice 😻
• M •
• M • Maand geleden
Are you on the pill? Because birth control pills with alot of hormones cause emotional moodswings. That can be a reason.
Jack Fenwick
Jack Fenwick Maand geleden
So much Botox
Jews Eweese
Jews Eweese Maand geleden
Does anyone know here her hoodie is from at 4:23
Louise Otoole
Louise Otoole Maand geleden
Lauren Anderson
Lauren Anderson Maand geleden
Am I the only one that thinks she’s buzzing ?????
Louise Jones
Louise Jones Maand geleden
Love that you’re being honest and true to yourself! Everyone has off weeks, sending love Molly xxxxxx
Natalie Oxley
Natalie Oxley Maand geleden
Loved this vlog. Please do more realistic vlogs and talk about your feelings Xxx
Aamna Mahmood
Aamna Mahmood Maand geleden
She looked so beautiful at the start of the video, just wow 🥺
Cookie Dough Blonde
Cookie Dough Blonde Maand geleden
This was one of my favourite videos!!! Seeing so much of your week and also how real it was xx
Kirsty Dowding
Kirsty Dowding Maand geleden
Love you keeping it real
danyell robson
danyell robson Maand geleden
Love the goofy side of you towards the end 🤣🤣🤣
Ellie Parker
Ellie Parker Maand geleden
theecologist10 Maand geleden
Molly have you considered cutting out dairy, it cleared my skin issues right up x love you!💜
Jessica Arlequin
Jessica Arlequin Maand geleden
What’s the name of the song you played 4:13 minutes in??? I’ve been trying to figure it out all day and i can’t! Please tell me. P.S. you’re perfection 💜💜💜
marco branco
marco branco Maand geleden
Does a person need that many clothes?
estella rauda
estella rauda Maand geleden
i love how comfortable she is with showing us how she feels. i love it molly ❤️
Miranda G
Miranda G Maand geleden
12:32 where is the coat from
VickyxBell Maand geleden
what camera does she use?
Jessica Gillingham
Jessica Gillingham Maand geleden
I loveeee the emotions in thsi video. Obsessed with you however not obsessed with the fact everything you post gets sold out 😭
Nikki Smith
Nikki Smith Maand geleden
I just love her such a beautiful personality. And no need to apologise for being human and feeling stressed. Your amazing molly❤
OnyinyeChukwu Ubadigha
OnyinyeChukwu Ubadigha Maand geleden
God bless you and Jesus loves you so much. Bible verse - “For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.” -John 3:16 🥰
Madison Landis
Madison Landis Maand geleden
Love your videos!!
Eloisa Beaton
Eloisa Beaton Maand geleden
I had labor contractions today 🥲 and dilated 1 centimeter lol... they were in my back but the fluids they gave me stopped them so I’m home and prepping an emergency hospital bag. I’m gonna be a bit easy I guess... but I don’t wanna just lay around 🙄 I hate that. I wanna still do for myself. Simple things are becoming so complicated though😓.
KayaKaya Maand geleden
I love this girl. I never understood why people hated on her so much. Keep being you Molly 💕
KayaKaya Maand geleden
Also have a mole that needs a biopsy for potential melanoma - I’’m 24years old so I am crapping it and i’m incredibly impatient and suffer major anxiety too Ah well shit happens right? Good luck to the both of us! Positive vibes only we will be fine 😉xx
Saliya Petrova
Saliya Petrova Maand geleden
My respect went from 100% to 1000% watching this vlog 🤞🏼 she’s the realest ever.
Ali Owers
Ali Owers Maand geleden
Fav vid of you, so real🙌🏼
Katie White
Katie White Maand geleden
Your lips look soooooo much better since you took the filler out yes girl 🥰
kerry bown
kerry bown Maand geleden
Love this when it cut to Tommy giving you a hug in ur closet 🤣🤣
Lisa Kirathe
Lisa Kirathe Maand geleden
Your amazing, ily so much❤️ I have eczema as well and your such an amazing person
Alexis Nicole
Alexis Nicole Maand geleden
Take a pregnancy test. You can be pregnant but still have your period!!!
Scarlett May
Scarlett May Maand geleden
Love your vlogs ,realest NLpostsr/influencer out here nowadays 💗
Sadie Evans
Sadie Evans Maand geleden
Thank you for letting me know I’m not the only one who has these weeks. I hope your feeling better xox
Levi-Jade Randall
Levi-Jade Randall Maand geleden
Jessica Lee
Jessica Lee Maand geleden
It’s so weird
Jessica Lee
Jessica Lee Maand geleden
Sometimes I just burst out crying and I have no idea why
Coral Townley
Coral Townley Maand geleden
You were on love island
amy -
amy - Maand geleden
For your eczema, try colloidal oatmeal baths, they helped me with my eczema along with aveeno and e45.
Isobel Celine
Isobel Celine Maand geleden
The amount of realism from you is honestly so amazing Molly & this is one of the main reasons why I love watching your videos - keep being you
Millie Guy
Millie Guy Maand geleden
Jacky wacky😂
MusicByMills Maand geleden
your so positive and I love how you won't let anyone stop you or bring you down, you and Tommy r amazing
Jessica Camilleri
Jessica Camilleri Maand geleden
we love u dont apologize
PARADOX Maand geleden
So I came across a picture of you in Dubai in 2019 vs 2020 and I must say your 2020 body is way better! Just felt like you should know ❤️
Mubarrah_adoomy_Obsessed Maand geleden
I’m on my period at the moment and omg when I tell you I relate on all levels!!! Sometimes I feel why am I complaining and upset coz everyone else deals with it perfectly fine, it’s so good hearing you talk about how hormones effect diet, emotions etc🥺
AC Colfer
AC Colfer Maand geleden
How do you remove your makeup do you use cleanser or wipes xx
Khanyisa Mbekile
Khanyisa Mbekile Maand geleden
laugh so you dont cry
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