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Monty Halls' heads underwater to visit the Cornelia B. Windiate shipwreck, a wreck that is so pristine there are very little clues to how it actually sank in 1975. During his investigation, Monty will team up with his team of divers to try and answer the one question on everyone's mind, what happened to the ghost ship of Thunder Bay?
Under the surface of every body of water on earth there lurks a mystery or blood curdling legend - a tale of lost treasure, deadly curse, ghost ship or ancient civilisation. In this series Monty Halls goes in search of the real story behind the worlds greatest underwater mysteries, pushing the safety limits on truly dangerous dives backed up by cutting edge camera technology. Advances in technical diving and multi-scan mapping tools mean that these sites can be revealed as never before, all Monty needs to do is launch the expedition for the exploration to begin. This is true Indiana Jones diving wrapped around gripping detective stories set against the backdrop of some of the most beautiful and mysterious locations on earth.

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Vivian Bond
Vivian Bond 2 uur geleden
I bet they only had donkey jackets on to in old days to
Vivian Bond
Vivian Bond 2 uur geleden
I think air bags and rise it up and look after it to
Vivian Bond
Vivian Bond 2 uur geleden
What happen to one eye willey ship like on the film the goonies
Luke's Yu-Gi-Oh! Channel
Luke's Yu-Gi-Oh! Channel 12 dagen geleden
Now this is a great documentary.
Tory Gates
Tory Gates 18 dagen geleden
About what I expected in terms of the sinking. Overloaded, little freeboard, she was overwhelmed by the water and ice and just went down. I'd read about this vessel, but not that she'd been found. An amazing wreck site.
Mike Wisdom
Mike Wisdom 24 dagen geleden
Time to raise her and preserve her I'm a UK pensioner I don't have much but I would donate 100 pounds from my pension to help raise funds...
Benji Maand geleden
Wow 44 mins just went out real fast
Chris Melton
Chris Melton Maand geleden
Could of sunk when the grain finished soaking would make for a even displacement of weight. Also would of been slow.
Awesome Apricot
Awesome Apricot Maand geleden
I expected them to find a mysterious locked coffin on board with “DIO” embroidered on the front...
Gdoff Maand geleden
Raise it,lol
Dude Maand geleden
somehow the yawl boat sitting there looks very creepy to me 9:41 it's *COTTON* 24:01 =P
rlb production
rlb production Maand geleden
You destroyed the ship.... Putting an useless humans
slopertje lange
slopertje lange Maand geleden
Ice one a schip that's overloaded , still cost lives in the 20e century,
̵ Maand geleden
Michael Thomas
Michael Thomas Maand geleden
Did you ever MC the price is right?
anthony Abretski
anthony Abretski Maand geleden
I clicked on your videos and your very thorough and informative Really like your topics and the science behind it your videos rock I will be watching more 🤙 great job
Kev Love
Kev Love Maand geleden
So I assume a dry diving suit doesn't keep you warm enough ??
Christian Klein
Christian Klein Maand geleden
sirus thats the position off abondagend ?
Joel Stevens.
Joel Stevens. Maand geleden
Steering wheel= helm
TRD SHORT BUS Maand geleden
30% more load than what was determined to be safe = water line much higher up on the haul which = water adding to the weight by getting into the cargo bays. Essentially turning the boat into a water bottle in your pool or bath tub. You fill it up with water without damaging anything aaand it sinks.
Chinta The Leaves of Autumn
Chinta The Leaves of Autumn Maand geleden
The great lakes, amazingly beautiful, amazingly cold (even in summer), and amazingly huge! Pure Michigan.
phantom walker
phantom walker Maand geleden
too much grain,,bit of ice,down it went..slowly..
Michael Balfour
Michael Balfour Maand geleden
The US and Canadian governments should have outlawed shipping on the Great Lakes in November and January. The insurance companies showed greater leadership on this issue by refusing to insure ships that sailed the Great Lakes in November.
Mark Balent
Mark Balent Maand geleden
6:34 minecraft
Anthony Fowler
Anthony Fowler Maand geleden
The grain getting wet increasing tonnage and sinking the ship level.
Ryan Pfeiffer
Ryan Pfeiffer 2 maanden geleden
I think they thought the boat was unsinkable. I think they even bragged about. And low and behold, it hits an iceberg. Everyone tried to flee (except the band- they kept playing until their death) and even though there was "no survivors", there was one woman with a BEAUTIFUL necklace. She didnt tell anyone though.... they should make that into a movie.
Carl Penney
Carl Penney 2 maanden geleden
Seeing the ship was over her capacity and in freezing weather the ship was taking on ice that made her top heavy and she was locked in ice she then slipped into the deep. The ice under water will keep her up right where she sits today.
Joe Krein
Joe Krein 2 maanden geleden
Took a big chuck out of the rail with friggin hook. Their should be fine.
Etienne Pagex
Etienne Pagex 2 maanden geleden
Every diver here mad cause the anchor hit the boat🤣🤣🤣
Chester Cribb
Chester Cribb 2 maanden geleden
Raise it
zool0941 2 maanden geleden
Tyson fury does a Stirling job presenting this...
Wilfred Prins
Wilfred Prins 2 maanden geleden
21:03 "we have no idea of their spirits level" 🤔🍺
Leslie Lang
Leslie Lang 2 maanden geleden
What about an insurance job?
moogly woogly
moogly woogly 3 maanden geleden
Is their first diver using helium instead of oxygen?
Nym1824 Nym1824
Nym1824 Nym1824 3 maanden geleden
Over her capacity, valuable commodity that once it gets wet it swells and in time sours. Grain shifts. The wetter or more moist it gets the more it weighs too. The rice packed in probably kept the wreck in tact.
Nym1824 Nym1824
Nym1824 Nym1824 3 maanden geleden
That is because whether an object sinks or floats in water doesn't just depend on its weight or size. It also depends on its density. ... A cork, piece of wood, or Styrofoam floated because those materials have less density than water. All the objects that were less dense than water floated in the water!
Christian Buczko
Christian Buczko 3 maanden geleden
The cargo filled the holds, so they didnt get blown apart by the compression of air in the wreck. Odds are waves were over the deck in -20f would have added more weight, plus water could have entered the hold in conditions like that. I doubt she had any chance of making port.
David-LoneWolf 3 maanden geleden
Don’t know why.. but this documentary series certainly carries that “Man vs Wild” vibe-just a diving version of it.
Daniel Trevino
Daniel Trevino 3 maanden geleden
If it was ice and wind the ship would be covered in tons more ice acting like bobber melting as it pushes the boat under.
Daniel Trevino
Daniel Trevino 3 maanden geleden
The crew could have tryed to walk on ice and berg broke of adrift and froze could be a mile from boat headed for shore.
Jack Grant
Jack Grant 3 maanden geleden
Here's what I think and why the ship was so pristine....... even in the mock up sinking, the ship sank bow heavy, which means it would have hit really hard in the bow on the floor of the lake, as we all seen, there was no damage to the bow of the ship, SO, how did she sink so perfectly? well, with the temperatures of Lake Huron, and the spray, the deck, mass, and everything iced up, as we all know, Ice floats, ice is also very heavy, BUT, with the 21,000 bushels of grain and then being saturated, adds even more weight, too much weight for the Ice to keep the vessel afloat, so, she slowly, and gracefully sank to the bottom and touching down very gently. as for the crew, they succumbed to the cold, froze to death, then with the currents were swept away once the ice packs cleared up and made a pack of wolves a very nice dinner.
Daniel Flanard
Daniel Flanard 4 maanden geleden
The saw that clip everyone's talking about. There's no way they could've know where the drop spot was on relation to the wreck. The contact itself didn't do anything. There is over a century of organic buildup on the ship. The most it did was knock some silt and barnacles off.
phil driver
phil driver 5 maanden geleden
i never knew there where 2 thunder bays up there . this one is michigan . the other one is ontario
Monster Hunter360
Monster Hunter360 5 maanden geleden
It could’ve been a tsunami or a huge wave that took out most of the crew and the boats we maybe stuck and they got killed befor they can even get the boat to leave
Brian CP
Brian CP 5 maanden geleden
It's in a lake
frawldog 5 maanden geleden
I love scuba
IreneWY 6 maanden geleden
The Vasa sunk on her maiden voyage off the coast of Stockholm in 1645 or so, was underwater and forgotten for 300 years and when rediscovered in 1950 and later salvaged, was in amazing shape. When you see it in the museum you don't believe that it was actually underwater for so long. water, under the right conditions, can preserve things very well!
Igor Borisov
Igor Borisov 6 maanden geleden
Cannot wait for the next season. Thank you, team, for interesting series!
Igor Borisov
Igor Borisov 4 maanden geleden
@Daniel Flanard Since, it is written S1, I hope S2 will come :)
Daniel Flanard
Daniel Flanard 4 maanden geleden
Is there one planned?
Larrythebassman 6 maanden geleden
Hmmm … excellent research mate … makes me want to purchase a deep dive submersible and become a deep sea unwater journalist 🔊✨👏👏👏👏👏😁great video
Crazy Crew 2.0
Crazy Crew 2.0 6 maanden geleden
love how they hit the wreck.... Not worthy to see that beautiful sight in person😡🤦‍♂️
DR NOOB 6 maanden geleden
Noobs. Lol
Nicolas daniel laskosky mota
Nicolas daniel laskosky mota 6 maanden geleden
I'm a professional diver ... Ooops can't go below 60 meters ... Sorry guys
Gruppenführer Fegelein
Gruppenführer Fegelein 6 maanden geleden
You know nothing bout diving man, if you are 40 meters deep, thats the max without nitrox. If you are at 40m, you got 5 bar pressure on you. Per 10m 1 bar more. Without special equip its just deadly to go deeper than 40.
Reeko BzaR
Reeko BzaR 6 maanden geleden
monty hall is just an actor. He isnt as smart or knowledged on anything he is speaking about.
Marco Gori
Marco Gori 7 maanden geleden
how incredible is the preservation in fresh cold waters. nothing can remain at this level of preservation for longer than few years
CeKToP 7 maanden geleden
It was weight added sank,crew drowned,easy as that,use logics
Melted SnowGirl
Melted SnowGirl 8 maanden geleden
All the invasive Zebra mussels make me sad.
Scan YT
Scan YT 8 maanden geleden
It says 1975 in description
Scan YT
Scan YT 8 maanden geleden
Watching these during coronavirus break
Dyamy 8 maanden geleden
whynottalklikeapirat 8 maanden geleden
2:24 Jumps in 2:28 Dies
whynottalklikeapirat 8 maanden geleden
@laurits177 A short but happy life
laurits177 8 maanden geleden
whynottalklikeapirat Hahaha!
SpaceQuackHD 8 maanden geleden
So, the case of the windiate is basically a historical r/idiotsinboats
Lord Meowsers
Lord Meowsers 8 maanden geleden
not to far from me
KING CROHN 8 maanden geleden
This video makes me appreciate living in Michigan
Lord Meowsers
Lord Meowsers 8 maanden geleden
Tim Gosling
Tim Gosling 9 maanden geleden
Great vid. and nice to see O Three's gear doing well. Per Mare Monty!
Diego Martinéz
Diego Martinéz 9 maanden geleden
"We have a compulsive diver here!" No mate. You had a guy pretending (Safety procedures) :'D That intro is the ultimate 'clickbait' (Viewbait?) haha!
Jake Maxwell
Jake Maxwell 7 maanden geleden
if you watch the first episode they were training for a potential incident as they were using a rebreather system to recycle carbon dioxide into oxygen for longer dives. To train you have to pretend to have an issue and that was really all he could do. The camera man in the same scene actually had an issue that they found out after the practice because his rebreather filter failed and he was breathing carbon dioxide for a few minutes and had to be given oxygen and wait for another dive. But yeah they could have used another shot instead of the training one
Preston Bouchard
Preston Bouchard 9 maanden geleden
30:12 what about northern Canada it gets cold here like a lot
Gil Beck
Gil Beck 9 maanden geleden
Your team should be heavily fined for hitting the wreck with your grapple. Who’s decision was it to do that? You know it’s funny you guys are touted as professionals and are showing us how amateur you actually are........Shame on you...
Daisy Romero
Daisy Romero 9 maanden geleden
The crew Had tried to swim off after their ship sank and as they swim to any land they had died of hypothermia Common sence
Paul von Oberstein
Paul von Oberstein 4 maanden geleden
Why would they not use the yole though? More likely the Windiate was trapped in ice and the crew tried to walk across.
Daisy Romero
Daisy Romero 9 maanden geleden
Btw the bodies are scattered because of the fact that they tried to swim off trying to find land (which they had not) and because of it is why we don’t know anything about them
John Tomasik
John Tomasik 10 maanden geleden the dives instead of trying to talk underwater.
harry 6
harry 6 10 maanden geleden
If there wasnt any records of the crew members, how would you know if there was any survivors? If know one even new there names.
Lew 80's
Lew 80's 4 maanden geleden
I suppose you'd assume that anyone who would have survived such a traumatic event would have reported it rather than simple saying "well that was something" and then walking up the shore
david liu
david liu 10 maanden geleden
Why film in the states when thunder bay is in cananda?
That guy Sage
That guy Sage 10 maanden geleden
British people’s accents give me a headache
Harbour Dog
Harbour Dog 10 maanden geleden
37:29 Ice forming at 16 tons an hour, he says. That's 533 pounds every minute. I'm not a marine hydrologist and I understand everything has to be dramatised and enlarged for TV, but I did spend a few years going to sea, and much of that time was on an oceanographic research ship in the high Arctic in the fall and early winter. I've chipped a fair bit of ice off of rails and winches and other gear on deck, and I can't see how that much ice would form EVERY MINUTE on a vessel that small. I'd say it's more likely that she was pooped by a large wave, or several, over the stern and with her low freeboard and any spring hatch she would have settled fairly quickly and on an even keel as she sank, not bow first like they did in the test tank or like the other wreck they dived. Interesting video though, all the same.
Das Dovian
Das Dovian 11 maanden geleden
I work with grain and flour and can tell you it's like a sponge when it comes to moisture. It will drain the moisture from the air. If any moisture got into the product it wouldn't take much for the already overweighted ship to go completely over it's weight limit. Combine that with massive waves buffeting the ship and ice starting to possibly weigh it down and it's no real mystery that it sunk like rock.
Topperbland 21 dag geleden
SomeNoob Jons
SomeNoob Jons 11 maanden geleden
Didnt know tyson fury was a marine biologist and diver too
Alen Zejnic
Alen Zejnic 11 maanden geleden
Maybe they went under deck to check what’s going on with the ship/they were cold, then waves crashed and they got buried by the grain? Their bones could be covered by all those grains 🤯
Dude Maand geleden
I thought the same. maybe they all ended up in the grain hehe
Shablé 2 maanden geleden
@sense gfx high pressure does nothing, its the oxygen in the water mo matter what pressure that breaks down bodies, bones last a few years but you rarely see any bones on sea floor except whale bones which take decades to break down
sense gfx
sense gfx 5 maanden geleden
Alen Zejnic I suspect it is way to high pressure for bodies to be preserved or even bones
Katherine Solano
Katherine Solano Jaar geleden
What if some type of animal ate em 🙊
Joshua Abshire
Joshua Abshire Jaar geleden
Way to damage an "Immaculate" wreck with a hook! Not cool!! Irresponsible...
HATES PEACH Jaar geleden
it sunk...
MelvinLosHobo Jaar geleden
Something not mentioned, which i think adds to the idea that she sank due to weight. The grain absorbs water. So you got all the water coming in over the sides, being absorbed by the grain. You cant get it out with any pump, no matter how hard you try.
G Jones
G Jones Jaar geleden
“Relatively warm...4,5 to 6 degrees Celsius” are you kidding me? That’s freaking cold 🥶
G Jones
G Jones 11 maanden geleden
catlucyyyy Heck no sir ! 😆
catlucy14 11 maanden geleden
John Doe as I see, that is a southerner. that is warm my friend
Mark David White
Mark David White Jaar geleden
Respectfully I'd offer both I know Not and either the planet you live on is nothing like you know which is my position!Well I know it is pls understand I'm Not saying i'm better than anyone no!I& anotherhad something Incrediblethat changed my life forever!
Victoria Ballard
Victoria Ballard Jaar geleden
She was to heavy.
Shablé 2 maanden geleden
Like my wife 😂
Victoria Ballard
Victoria Ballard Jaar geleden
Victoria Ballard
Victoria Ballard Jaar geleden
The lakes never give up her dead.
Jay Home
Jay Home Jaar geleden
$16,000 in equipment later, around $4000 in training, another $5 to 10,000 in dive experience, 2 years later and you can visit that boat too....or you can watch it here on youtube for free.....
Josh England
Josh England Jaar geleden
I think this needs to be clarified; this wreck is off of Thunder Bay, Michigan not Thunder Bay, Ontario as I (a Canadian) presumed it was the Canadian town but realized after the first zoom in that it was the American one that was being discussed
Highly Suggestible
Highly Suggestible Jaar geleden
How much air was trapped in the grain, tens of thousands of cubic feet most likely, and how quickly did it dissipate when she sank? Could the grain have released its companion air slowly enough to create a buoyancy suitable to take the ship gently to the bottom?
Baffled Mouse
Baffled Mouse Jaar geleden
"It's so pristine!" Then proceeds to hit it with a grapple. :-(
Rebekah Hope
Rebekah Hope Jaar geleden
There can be one explanation why the ship is well preserved . Point no 1 : the ship is overloaded with grains with minus 30 and on top of it the hull would be coated with ice , adding to the weight of the ship, at this point the ship would have been flooded due to the storm. Now the goods which are only grains will be soaked that could double the weight , if the ship is well built then it most likely would have sunk vertically and the cold would have preserved the deck and hull
Dylan Leas
Dylan Leas Jaar geleden
Wow people really love whining in the comments, not like any 1 of them know what there talking about. There professionals. Just be happy they recorded it for us to watch n shut up
Ria 2 maanden geleden
@Dylan Leas 🥰
Dylan Leas
Dylan Leas 3 maanden geleden
@Ria wow ok sorry mrs. Ria
Ria 3 maanden geleden
Try improving your grammar it's 'one' and 'they are' or they're!
Jacob Lauter
Jacob Lauter Jaar geleden
At 8:24 near the mast there are numbers written 46 Is that spooky?
Rustroz_20 _
Rustroz_20 _ Jaar geleden
I say sharks are them and other fish fed off what’s left
Boogie Jaar geleden
Boar Hog
Boar Hog Jaar geleden
He needs to dive Superior. Now that is deep and cold. Thunder Bay is at the top of it
A. Jaar geleden
And nice how they smashed the grapple hook into the side of the wreck
John Smith
John Smith Jaar geleden
What did you weight the model with? Because it's not just about weight in the water, mass is important. If you matched the weight with sand, that's very different than corn when it hits the water.
데이비드 Jaar geleden
Maybe they jumped into the cargo and hoped the grain would keep them somewhat warm until the snow melted again
Lystanson Jaar geleden
E x t r a o r d i n a r y
Phil Driver
Phil Driver Jaar geleden
also insurance job possibility . another crew taken them off .
Phil Driver
Phil Driver Jaar geleden
@Charisse Linnell Morton i know . insurance existed in 1875 .
Charisse Linnell Morton
Charisse Linnell Morton Jaar geleden
Phil Driver It sank in 1875....
Phil Driver
Phil Driver Jaar geleden
the ss edmond fitzgerald was the same , 10th november . pure greed . people dont realise 30 ft waves are not uncommon in november . and the fitz was an ore carrier .
HowManyTabsYouGotALot Jaar geleden
dont let your thick skull get you killed
Conor Price
Conor Price Jaar geleden
Maybe the crew were taken by another boats crew which also sank the boat
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