Why 99% of ocean plastic pollution is "missing"

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The plastic we dump into the ocean might be hiding in plain sight.
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For the past several years scientists have been trying to account for the 8 million metric tonnes of plastic that we dump into the ocean each year. The assumption was that a large portion of it was floating out in one of the large garbage patches, where swirling debris accumulates thanks to ocean gyres. But recent measurements of the amount of trash in the patches fell far short of what’s thought to be out there.
Scientists are getting closer to an answer, which could help clean-up efforts and prevent further damage to marine life and ocean ecosystems.
In a previous version of this video, we mistakenly compared the size of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch to the area of Australia. It is in fact roughly 1.6 million square kilometers, a little more than twice the size of the state of Texas. A huge area, but not nearly as big as Australia. Source: www.nature.com/articles/s41598-018-22939-w
For anyone interested in participating in the Ocean Conservancy's annual beach clean-up events, here is the link with information:
For more reading, check out this New Yorker article on the missing plastic problem, which inspired this video:
Laurent Lebreton’s research that estimates the amount of debris in the garbage patches is here:
For more about Ocean Conservancy’s work, and their annual international beach cleanup events:
For more reading about Erik Van Sebille’s work:
For more reading about Melanie Bergmann’s work:
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Show us on a satellite image where it is
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nice sharing
George Holt
George Holt Uur geleden
Stop making plastic beverage containers, go back to the glass containers that can be completely recycled. Food containers can resume being made from paper and that can also be recycled or decompose itself back into the soil to become an amendment to the soils in the ground, like it was done back in the day of glass beverage containers. Electronic components can be made from carbon fiber, and in some cases can be manufactured from mineral and plant based fibers that also be recycled or return to the soil.
oswaldo teixeira
oswaldo teixeira 2 uur geleden
A liar and a thief kown to all brasilian people.
Bruce Howe
Bruce Howe 3 uur geleden
All this plastic once it breaks down to micro plastic ends up inside all ocean life so when you eat anything out of the oceans you will also end up with micro plastics inside yourselves.
Raczyna 4 uur geleden
but all storms, tornados, tsunamis can also tae some plastic to the oceans
Bobbi Cat
Bobbi Cat 7 uur geleden
Lets just keep ruining this beautiful planet.Serioulsy , we do not deserve to live here.
Graham 2 uur geleden
Tell that to Bezos etc: Amazon is one of the leading sources of this waste, and they advertise everywhere, pushing consumerism. Is it really our fault for buying a plastic item, when there is no alternative? Of the bankers for running an economy that makes repair and reused not cost effective? Did we create the throwaway society? Lets try being nice to each other, and blaming those few powerful people who are actually causing this: it is driven from the top. Start there, for a solution.
Jack Henry Kraven
Jack Henry Kraven 7 uur geleden
The madness of mankind is presenting as the beginning of our end.
Graham 2 uur geleden
Most of mankind is presented with very little choice. But the jab is thinning the herd, in autumn, the people like Bezos who caused this problem will have cleared out many of the useless eaters. Possibly you, too.
Mike Lavery
Mike Lavery 8 uur geleden
We weren’t taught about the consequences when we were given the choices to recycle or not.
NightWaves 9 uur geleden
In the timeline some cities quit daily barges of garbage being dumped offshore. NY didn't like finding medical waste including syringes on the beaches so they at least talked about ceasing dumping medical waste in the ocean.
Lee Schulken
Lee Schulken 9 uur geleden
Wasn't the Santa Barbara basin the location of a superfund site for dumping?
Carole Wise
Carole Wise 10 uur geleden
It is criminal and slovenly behavior by humans perpetrated on nature. Recycle and avoid buying products in plastic packaging to start with and you wont have to throw it away later.
Logan malough
Logan malough 11 uur geleden
That’s horrible. Plastic usually decays in 400 years.
DTS 12 uur geleden
What do you do with it if you pick it up? Are there enough recycling centers? Are all types of plastics now being recycled?
Mike Casabona
Mike Casabona 12 uur geleden
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Mike Casabona
Mike Casabona 12 uur geleden
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mydenmel 13 uur geleden
government should impose law to change biodegradable packaging for everything
mydenmel 13 uur geleden
Biden,pelosi,AOC and newsome should go there and atleast share their funds to their bogus projects they get from federal national budget and start an operation ocean clean up if they genuinely care but they don’t so...
Falcro 13 uur geleden
why dont we roomba the ocean?
Millie Price
Millie Price 13 uur geleden
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Shan Dam
Shan Dam 13 uur geleden
Jehovah will have it the way he wants it soon. Satan's system.-1John5:19 will be eradicated. We have forever. Only the power of Jehovah can resurrect his creations. But keep showing the truth about wicked man's potential. Remember we are to love one another not destroy those trying to be righteous.
Trim Reaper
Trim Reaper 14 uur geleden
It's missing because hippies and "green people" are picking it up and building houses and weaving clothing and shoes out of them ....that's why. 🤨DUH
The Deadliest
The Deadliest 15 uur geleden
stopped literring a few years ago, including throwing cigarette buns, just wish I would of started earlier
itzxaya lopez
itzxaya lopez 17 uur geleden
That is so sad
A Quiet Viewer
A Quiet Viewer 17 uur geleden
Proteus V. Loveless once said: *Take all the plastic everywhere and anywhere. Now, build with it instead of throwing it away. Walls. Houses. Body Armor. Products. You name it.*
Laura Shadforth
Laura Shadforth 17 uur geleden
We are such disgusting creatures
Daryl Foster
Daryl Foster 18 uur geleden
Sorry, but I fail to see the connection between a plastic bag on the sea floor, and climate change. Those bags will stay there forever, and be covered with sediment.
wegder 18 uur geleden
It is a shame that nothing will ever be done about this problem.
Slivress Sliver
Slivress Sliver 19 uur geleden
Try biodegradable trash bags. They exist. Made from cornstarch and other plant fibers. Takes approx 2-3 years for them to biodegrade into the soil. They're not as flexible or durable as plastic, they tear easier, but THEY BIODEGRADE. Be watchful when you purchase, because 'degradable' is NOT the same as 'biodegradable'. Amazon sells a variety of them.
Old KSI Videos
Old KSI Videos 19 uur geleden
They are more expensive and take more time for production
Roast Potato
Roast Potato 19 uur geleden
My class in health and well-being keep getting shown this video in class by our teacher
Levi’s Arc
Levi’s Arc 19 uur geleden
Maybe that’s causing the oceans to rise 🙄
Old KSI Videos
Old KSI Videos 19 uur geleden
Yeah but very very small insignificant
Andi Bowe
Andi Bowe 19 uur geleden
The orca dolphin and whales are intelligent non human species. Tell the humans the seas are sacred!!!!
Andi Bowe
Andi Bowe 19 uur geleden
They are the result of taking our right to hemp out of the Bible (and out of our resources by Bush Family oil and nylon producers)
Steven Anderson
Steven Anderson 19 uur geleden
Burmuda triangle
M James
M James 21 uur geleden
There are companies that are cleaning it up, but what we really need to do is go back to using glass in what we can.
ruidi xin
ruidi xin 21 uur geleden
Nobody ever talks about the fishing industry because the fishing Industry funds all the Anti-plastic research. Why have your agencies never commented on how the Fishing Industry is killing our oceans. The only talk is about Plastic
ruidi xin
ruidi xin 21 uur geleden
The fishing Industry is the greatest contributer to ocean plastic waste. The Shipping industry is killing our oceans at a irreparable pace. The on-shore plastic waste is not killing the ocean eco system. Fishing industry is the main culprit.
Blade Lefusyn
Blade Lefusyn 22 uur geleden
Eliminate the source, eliminate the problem.
Lucille Courey
Lucille Courey 23 uur geleden
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Tanjung Ledang Teknologi
Tanjung Ledang Teknologi 23 uur geleden
if plastic comes from oil, why don't we process plastic into oil again?
robert garza
robert garza 23 uur geleden
The exciting exclusive cartoon isely guide because orange worryingly rule beneath a dry cemetery. gainful, didactic approval
Peter Rowe
Peter Rowe Dag geleden
Forever is a meaningless term in this context. Geologic time is very difficult for most people to grasp. Sediment deposited on the seafloor is buried for millennia and will eventually become sedimentary rock, and will ultimately be consumed by the plate tectonic process. Reducing or eliminating plastics entering our oceans is important as most of materials can be recycled and repurposed. It took a lot of energy to produce these plastics and reducing unnecessary waste, increases our energy efficiency.
koos vanpetten
koos vanpetten Dag geleden
I don't think people are realising the enormous sunami's we had in the last 2 decades in Indonesia and Japan, where complete villages were destroyend and dragged into the sea with all the pollution and debris taken with it into the ocean. That's the big pollution !!!!!!!
Moanilehua Jansson
Moanilehua Jansson Dag geleden
everything down to clams in the south pacific
Christo Dag geleden
100 years of Microplastic pollution is the concern, focus on that
Jesus S
Jesus S Dag geleden
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Jack Empson
Jack Empson Dag geleden
George Carlin said god created us us because he needed plastic. I think he just needed duct tape.
Tanyo Dag geleden
Oregon 🌲
Skeeter Saurus
Skeeter Saurus Dag geleden
Nothing but lip-service. One 'flu-like coronavirus', and we're back to plastic straws, plastic bags...and MEGA-TONS OF FACEMASKS! (their damage alone is now unimaginable). Environmentally, you better find a profit-angle in making it happen, or it isn't going to!
Zakiullah Wasif Syed
Zakiullah Wasif Syed Dag geleden
I want aquaman and nemor to our rescue in cleaning the ocean...
Louis Emery
Louis Emery Dag geleden
I think it's great that the ocean naturally concentrate garbage in relatively small geographical areas. Why complain? If these high-minded scientists find a piece of garbage two miles deep, why don't they just pick it up? Stop complaining. I do enough by picking up wind-blown plastic and liquor bottles around my 1/2 acre estate. I felt sorry for that plankton, though. That's tugging on our heart strings.
John Johnson
John Johnson Dag geleden
Plot twist, Atlantans have been turning it into weapons for revenge
Eric Taylor
Eric Taylor Dag geleden
1:30 The first question should be, "Are our estimates accurate? If you have 1% of what you estimated, then it's entirely possible that your estimate is wrong. After all, these estimates are based on some assumptions. Assumptions can be wrong.
Dave Apple
Dave Apple Dag geleden
Bioengineered plastics that degrade is the answer
Josh the Flat Earth Jedi
Josh the Flat Earth Jedi Dag geleden
Fishing is the problem with our oceans, watch the documentary on Netflix called seaspiracy. It documents the problem with our oceans.
Mactastic Me
Mactastic Me Dag geleden
I’m more concerned with the vast amount of silly Snowflakes we are currently being force fed ❄️
Mactastic Me
Mactastic Me 18 uur geleden
Exactly what I said ;) 🇺🇸 Love your profile pic 😊 Sweet family
Erwin Lacerna
Erwin Lacerna 22 uur geleden
wat u meen
enterprise59 Dag geleden
In the 80's, the "environmentalists" were crying about how heavy glass bottles were to ship, and was wasting too much fuel. They cried about paper grocery sacks cause it was killing trees. They cried about our drinking water was poor, and bottled water was more healthy. They pushed to have soft drinks put into PLASTIC bottles to cut down on fuel costs, they demanded we use PLASTIC for our grocery bags instead of PAPER. Well guess what kiddies, THIS is your result of crying! In the 90's, BIll Clinton (D), pushed to open CHINA up for US factories, sending millions of jobs over seas. Now, China ships products like PLASTIC items, all over the world, and guess what, container ships SINK, their cargo gos over board in bad weather, and when they hit bottom, they break open spilling PLASTIC. So what will you cry about next??
CreekyGuy Dag geleden
Climate Change Research - Lucrative. Lots of people trying to do something about it. Not because it's real (it's not), but because it pays and represents power and control. Plastics and other waste, dumped in the oceans and on land - No money in it. (Industry wants it ignored.) Few trying to do anything about it. Represents an existential threat to this planet, but there's no power or control associated with it.
Najwa Laylah
Najwa Laylah Dag geleden
This is kind of good news (along with the grim news, shame, and despair). If it's still on the beach in pieces big enough to be visible, it never has to reach the middle surface or bottom of the oceans.
LGP Dag geleden
Don't trust anything Netflix tells you
Emmanuel Lehmann
Emmanuel Lehmann Dag geleden
i ate it thats where it is
dung nguyenhoang
dung nguyenhoang Dag geleden
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michael savona
michael savona Dag geleden
Home depot..biggest rip off artists..
Kikue Toledo
Kikue Toledo Dag geleden
Companies should be held accountable for this
Ted Gorsline
Ted Gorsline Dag geleden
This is dancing around the truth. In my opinion the reason for all this plastic pollution is one man - the Canadian jewish environmentalist Robert Schad, the founder of the Robert Schad Foundation and financier of David Suzuki and the International fund For Animal welfare who also founded Husky injection moulding. He produced most of the world plastic discards. For example he made 80 bilion plastic bottles a year in the USA alone and had more factories in China spewing the stuff out. He also created a process that breaks the plastic down into tiny bits. That way you can't trace the bottles back to his factories. Schad then sold his company to Gerry schwartz from Onex Corp for a $billion dollars and Schwartz then sold it to a teachers union. Schad replaced recylable glass bottles, already being recycled and in use and paper bags with plastic. The world needs to get Schad's $billion back to start the clenup process. Aynthing else, like this video, is just window dressing
Kenny Macdonald
Kenny Macdonald Dag geleden
Unlike Greta it makes sense
John G
John G Dag geleden
We can change! Everybody has to play there part. We are all to blame. I went vegan 6 years ago and I also recycle what ever I can and limit the plastic in my household. I am healthier then ever before and I feel like I am playing my part in saving mother earth. We only have one life to get it right for our children. No excuses!! just do it for our children's sake.
B REAL Dag geleden
How much of that garbage is sunami backwash related?
rusty cowell
rusty cowell Dag geleden
Cleaning up after the Corporations greed won't solve anything. I didn't ask for plastic, oil, gas, nuclear. They are cutting down the forest that filters CO2. Where are the human activists??? All i see is tree and animal. These people don't care about nothing except for greed control money and power
ipissed Dag geleden
Cigarette filters are wood cellulose, not plastic.
krakoosh1 Dag geleden
Unless the world goes back to living naturally this trend will never reverse. Start raising your own food and making clothes from plants, in your own home. It won’t happen because humans are lazy. All this technology is because people don’t want to do any work, they want to play games all day. One of the reasons we see so many diseases now is because of refrigeration we no longer ferment foods to preserve them. We are no longer getting the healthy bacteria we need. This all stems from the rejection of God. We are removing everything hard in life so we no longer have to deal with the effects of sin. Which points us back to our need for God.
Aaditya Kalwani
Aaditya Kalwani Dag geleden
prevention is the best solution
rescue centric
rescue centric Dag geleden
so in reality the ocean isn't rising because of global warming but rather because of trash displacing the water causing it to rise.
RemiKJV1611 Dag geleden
You area being lied to. The same people that are fomenting racial strife and the same people that are telling you to trust their health criteria are the same ones perpetuating this lie to cause fear, and fear divides people. Consider the facts. Published in the, "Journal of Hazardous Materials", plastic polymers exposed to sunlight while immersed in ocean water for two months degraded and dissolved at a higher rate than anyone thought possible; at 2.7 years, half of the plastics were dissolved. Furthermore, most of the plastic garbage comes from China, accounting for about 8.8 million tons per year, as compared with the U.S. at only 0.3 million tons. ~ quotes: "Ocean Plastics", "Liberty Nations, Nov. 14, 2019.
Simon Estrada
Simon Estrada Dag geleden
Aliens are doing it
Robert Cheek
Robert Cheek Dag geleden
Like every other environmentalist doomsday claim?
cody holden
cody holden Dag geleden
ive noticed alot of these people, always just say the problem without actually moving to do something about it lol, instead expecting others to put in the work for them
Francis Esquega
Francis Esquega Dag geleden
Use of old olastic from the ocean is worth its weight in gold pick it up before anyone else best stuff to build boats etc
Muskan 2 dagen geleden
Wish plastic was never discovered any other healthy material would be better 😕
punker4Real 2 dagen geleden
so the plastic issue is baby boomers fault?
Amy Murray
Amy Murray 2 dagen geleden
ok so pay people to investigate..how about pay people to clean it up??
Jack Barrie
Jack Barrie 2 dagen geleden
I thought it was Washington dc🇦🇺
Mark Lambert
Mark Lambert 2 dagen geleden
Why not take a few seconds to tell us how cancerous the chemicals are that are used to manufacture plastics? It's even more shocking and more critical in its negative impacts.
QRW Sec 2 dagen geleden
Franz Bolufer
Franz Bolufer 2 dagen geleden
Stop plastic factories and the use of plastic! DO NOT BUY IT!
Doug Grinbergs
Doug Grinbergs 2 dagen geleden
Extended Producer Responsibility/EPR for packaging industry!
Bigwilly Johnson
Bigwilly Johnson 2 dagen geleden
Not my problem
Elizabeth Brauer
Elizabeth Brauer 2 dagen geleden
If you must throw away a mask, it is important to cut the string or elastic so that animals don't get wrapped up in it or choke.
dee leon
dee leon 2 dagen geleden
Consumption is what we do best. Nothing is going to change that.
harold wilkes
harold wilkes 2 dagen geleden
When the bread crumbs lead in a direction you like despite the wind, you tend to ignore other input. You find 1% of the expected, that obviously means your data is correct, right? Or maybe not. Non-biodegradable plastic breaks up into particles - does anyone see a contradiction there? And what about nature's garbage disposals, subduction zones? The tectonic plates are in constant motion possibly allowing eventually for future creation of oil/other substance deposits from processing the detritus. More objectivity please.
Leech 2 dagen geleden
I'm watching this while moving my plastic mouse, typing on my plastic keyboard, watching it through my plastic monitor sitting on a plastic table while I too sit on a plastic chair listening through my plastic speakers. I shift my plastic glasses and adjust my plastic gel pad before I take a sip of liquid from my plastic cup and eat some lunch off a plastic bowl. I'd say this is sad but then I'd be deny reality as I too am a contributor of this mess. Sadly I can't do anything about it except consume more plastic and hope the evil recycling companies find a way to actually reuse said plastic products instead of just throwing the bulk of it to a landfill.
john beach
john beach 2 dagen geleden
microphone dropper
microphone dropper 2 dagen geleden
Out of sight out of mind is what I say; we got 99 more pressing problems, plastic in water ain't one.
KC CROMWELL 2 dagen geleden
The deep ocean is the best place to dump trash. Farther from humans and less likely to affect air or drinking water. If we could get rid or China, India and all 3rd world countries, our plastic trash would be cut by 78%.
Rusty Razor
Rusty Razor 2 dagen geleden
@8:40 Please tell me those bags they put the plastic in weren't made out of plastic......
Reian Canoy
Reian Canoy 2 dagen geleden
Our planet is getting destroyed ,.slowly
• makka •
• makka • 2 dagen geleden
What about fishing nets? They make up at least 50% from those garbage patches, and most likely to destroy the ocean compare to the typical plastics.
Rooga Roo
Rooga Roo 2 dagen geleden
How did it get there?! More than likely most of it in that sector of the Pacific was from the huge tsunami which hit, Japan. (The debris field was massive.) Or in other locations, debris from the tsunami which occurred around, Indonesia, in 2004 etc... Not to mention hurricanes and typhoons. I mean its not like people nowadays are dumping garbage in the ocean! The worlds communities depend on the oceans for sustenance.
terryclotf 2 dagen geleden
sounds to me they have no idea what they are talking about
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