Angry stray cat goes viral after woman documents their unlikely friendship | GMA

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Anastasia gained a following on Tik Tok after she recorded videos of an angry stray cat, Tiger, who kept coming to her window.
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Nola West
Nola West 2 uur geleden
Aww ~ Tiger Loves Her❣❣❣ God Blesses Those Who Are Patient & Have Big Hearts - Not Always The Way We Want It To Go, But Perhaps The "Others" May Have Needed To Be Blessed & Touched By Tiger But Also By HER!!! I SAY TO HER: KEEP UP THE AMAZING WORK ~ LOVE IS ALWAYS WORTH THE EFFORTS... I AM SOOO PROUD OF YOU💕❣💛❣💛❣💕
Kiara Rosemary
Kiara Rosemary 3 uur geleden
the neighbours are pathetic for calling animal control.
Vien Chan
Vien Chan 3 uur geleden
Sometimes we all want to be love by someone but afraid to trust and that is sad but true , so glad for tiger have found you he a lucky boy.
BingBing BongBong
BingBing BongBong 5 uur geleden
So sweet!
Victoria Anderson
Victoria Anderson 7 uur geleden
Bless you,young lady!
Katy E
Katy E 7 uur geleden
Harkiran Kaur
Harkiran Kaur 7 uur geleden
Cats are so special.... And they bond so deeply with their people.
1776FAMILY 8 uur geleden
Cats are the most disgusting animal...
Darkangel 1970
Darkangel 1970 9 uur geleden
I'm balling like a baby, what a beautiful story, and you are an amazing beautiful person, thank you so much for looking out for this beautiful cat, you have made his world,as i am sure he will now be yours!
Lana Barley
Lana Barley 11 uur geleden
My face is leaking so bad right now... sniffle sniffle
Angel Villamiles
Angel Villamiles 11 uur geleden
Bless all good people around the world
FATIMA BALA IDRIS 12 uur geleden
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J A 14 uur geleden
You are amazing Thank you for showing kindness.
Joshua Clearwater
Joshua Clearwater 15 uur geleden
This video makes me happy and sad....happy for the cat and the lady in the video but sad because a tragedy happened about two years ago where I lost my four cats because of a sudden move.....I had to leave them...had no choice in it....for a couple days.....but they were indoor and safe...the other people involved couldn't wait a couple days for me to be able to come back and get broke my heart because I rescued the all...raised three of them from kittens....I don't know what happened to one has ever told me even tho I've tried to find out...tried to find has messed me up because I put myself in their position and it makes me feel like they were wondering what they did wrong...why I abandoned them.....I would give anything to get them let em know they did nothing was a just a case of people causing bs for others....I could of sworn I saw one of them not too long ago....but it didn't respond to the name I called out and it ran from me.... heart will always be broken because of this.....I miss them so much....especially tucker...she was the first kitten I rescued and raised into adulthood.....guess I'll never know what happened to them......
Joshua Clearwater
Joshua Clearwater 15 uur geleden
I wonder who the Karen was that called animal control.....some people just cannot stand to see an animal or human be happy....I'm very glad this lady was able to adopt him......
Jefferson Humanists
Jefferson Humanists 15 uur geleden
We need more people like Anastasia . People who have a good heart and help others who can't help themselves.
Starla KS
Starla KS 16 uur geleden
Himley NeighbourhoodWatch
Himley NeighbourhoodWatch 19 uur geleden
Angry? -did not see that in this video -just a feral cat wary of a human.
andreina castillo
andreina castillo 21 uur geleden
She should of adouted the cat
J NotinNYCanymore
J NotinNYCanymore 22 uur geleden
What a perfect match of animal and human
Timothy Kristman
Timothy Kristman Dag geleden
Thank you 😊 for helping these beautiful animals you can learn so much from them.
north Peckham estate old school
north Peckham estate old school Dag geleden
drk321 Dag geleden
A certain cat is the best friend I have ever had.
Buck Wheat
Buck Wheat Dag geleden
strays make pretty good companions when you find them on their last leg. i got a couple girls 11 years ago. 9-11 aka Nino and al-Qaida aka el gato loco. a month apart. i got kicked out of where i live and it was winter and i slept outside in a sleeping bag so the cats wouldn't be so cold and alone. i found a bag of corn torillas on the shoulder of a road they were kind of damp, i brought em to al-Qaida, she gobbled em up plain. they're both pain the but, i'm glad i got em though, and funny thing is, no other strays have ever shown up since they have.
Pia Christine Pereja
Pia Christine Pereja Dag geleden
Thank you for being the person that you are😘❤😊
Chicken Lady
Chicken Lady Dag geleden
Animals really are Gods gift to us.
EdoHDpro Dag geleden
Always English guy with zero clue talks bullshit without knowing "he will get adopted" .. How did he know. There was at least 50% chance it would be put down, if she didnt fight to get him. So shut the fuck up with your voice of reason. Talking something you have zero factual evidence to support, just to diffuse situation alwasy bullshiting your way around coversation. This is more evil then that fact that stupid neighbour put the cat through all of this suffering when it was perfectly happy forming new connection with the new owner. I can't stand such people!!
GorgeouslyReal T.V.
GorgeouslyReal T.V. Dag geleden
All they need is love
GorgeouslyReal T.V.
GorgeouslyReal T.V. Dag geleden
I have 10 who were strays and I take care of them. I actually love them so much.
Susan Standard
Susan Standard Dag geleden
Veekator E
Veekator E Dag geleden
Beautiful, simply beautiful. I have rescued so many animals in my life and it's such a amazing feeling and reward for both..We have right now a rescued Cat and Dog and they love being loved and show it every day..
ElNo's World
ElNo's World Dag geleden
Mary Kline
Mary Kline Dag geleden
poor guy is just upset, pissed...doesn't know to be nice or fake nice
Robert Egge
Robert Egge Dag geleden
god love this girl
Linda Hernandez
Linda Hernandez Dag geleden
This reminds me of a stray cat that hangs around my apt complex...He looks like an older cat.. i call him Rocky... I put food for him .and when he comes around..he is always meowing.. lately he rubs against my legs..and sometimes flops onto his back..i dont know if i can pet him.. without being bit..i mean.. who knows how he has been treated by i just let him rub against my legs... and i talk to him..
Brownie Pee
Brownie Pee Dag geleden
Everything takes patience! You're a sweet kind person that's y you have the emotions. You would love to adopt her and so you did. I'd had a stray cat just like this and it's a she. She's with me for the some years now. She only roamed around the neighbourhood safe no cars at all. Obedient cat I've ever seen.. Animals has feelings they do understand why you give them love and attention. When you pat them they're the happiest animal! Thank you for what you do. Hope more humans would too for these animals. Be kind for them💌
trish morrow
trish morrow Dag geleden
I am so happy that you were able to give tiger his forever home full of love
Island Sky
Island Sky Dag geleden
shelikesdiamonds Dag geleden
This is such a beautiful story.
Miguel Angel Melendez
Miguel Angel Melendez Dag geleden
Didn’t know Cats had “Personalities”
Joan Fordham
Joan Fordham 2 dagen geleden
Neighbours like hers.._no wonder girl and cat do not trust people....
Simon Wood
Simon Wood 2 dagen geleden
Why call "animal control"? Some people are such control freaks. Can't you let animals be free like us humans?
Sharks Are Cool
Sharks Are Cool 2 dagen geleden
it’s cool. I don’t trust you, lady…
stevie68a 2 dagen geleden
Landlords should be happy with cats, since they take care of mice and rats around their properties.
curious soul
curious soul 2 dagen geleden
thanks for posting this lovely video.
Alasdair Fraser
Alasdair Fraser 2 dagen geleden
Great video.
Sue Fix
Sue Fix 2 dagen geleden
Dave 2 dagen geleden
Beautiful story beautiful ending. Almost put a tear in my eye.
ThatsEnuffsaid 2 dagen geleden
Those pets he must've had mixed emotions scared of how vulnerable he was, but hasn't felt such a loving touch in a long time. That got to me. God bless your soul!
Marketa Tomanova
Marketa Tomanova 2 dagen geleden
John Doe
John Doe 2 dagen geleden
I would be scared too of that weird tatooed russian genderfluid person!
John Doe
John Doe Dag geleden
@Christian Weissmuller gender ideology is almost global nowadays. Alas.
Christian Weissmuller
Christian Weissmuller Dag geleden
i thought only americans are genderfluid
Peter2017 2 dagen geleden
good stuff a pretty girl with a cool name from my country
Edwin Rivera. Viera
Edwin Rivera. Viera 2 dagen geleden
That is such an awesome story happy ending..😍
Fofoga Leaea
Fofoga Leaea 2 dagen geleden
Aww, beautiful. Yay for the two of you
Red Lil' witchy
Red Lil' witchy 2 dagen geleden
Nadia Darkazalli
Nadia Darkazalli 2 dagen geleden
omg this is the best story ever!! got me all choked up
Mary R
Mary R 2 dagen geleden
What a lovely story thank you
Mel Marsh
Mel Marsh 2 dagen geleden
The best of humans are ppl like this women
Jim Miller
Jim Miller 2 dagen geleden
He is beautiful
Pradeep Lanka
Pradeep Lanka 2 dagen geleden
Kind hearts like yours make the world beautiful, and livable. People like your neighbor make the world ugly.
Blado 2 dagen geleden
Aww, the way the story was told, I felt like he was scared she abandoned him. I'm glad things turned out well.
Tom Jody
Tom Jody 2 dagen geleden
Yep.. It's all fun until you wake up and he's eating your toe cheese like a dead rat... 😳
Tom Jody
Tom Jody 2 dagen geleden
@Katrina oh I did after that.. With bleach!! 😳
Katrina 2 dagen geleden
Wash your feet, Sir😼
Dawn Hewitt
Dawn Hewitt 2 dagen geleden
These two are magic together, what a happy ending!
Doreen Yusi
Doreen Yusi 2 dagen geleden
Yay!!! 🙆‍♀️ So happy for the both of you! 💚💜😻
Cynthia Clayworth
Cynthia Clayworth 2 dagen geleden
So happy for her!
valmeow 2 dagen geleden
So sweet, I cried. Poor kitty was obviously not feral, but abandoned!!
Ell Qpons
Ell Qpons 2 dagen geleden
Eww, loathe cats
Siimply_M 2 dagen geleden
Aww he looks a little like my cat!
Vicky Saitou
Vicky Saitou 2 dagen geleden
Cats never choose wrong humans.
Sarah L
Sarah L 2 dagen geleden
If this didnt have a happy ending, I was ready to quit least for today. :'( That girl us an angel. Thank you, God Bless...and good luck!!! ☺😙😚🐱
cindy HSK
cindy HSK 2 dagen geleden
I am totally overjoyed for both you and Tiger! You both were meant to be together!
Nan Christ
Nan Christ 2 dagen geleden
So very happy to read this. Congratulations to you both. May you have many happy & healthy years.
Thengola Thamburaan
Thengola Thamburaan 2 dagen geleden
3:28 Lady: You little dragon. Give me a kiss. Cat: "Yeeaaahhhhhh.."
Ian Hay
Ian Hay 2 dagen geleden
The cat was probably terrified of her red hair
Libtard Larry
Libtard Larry 2 dagen geleden
Lady: I'm a cat Me: 🙄 oh jeez
Richard Allen
Richard Allen 2 dagen geleden
Richard Allen
Richard Allen 2 dagen geleden
That cat is a moron. I'd let Anastasia pet me any day, ; P
Christian 3 dagen geleden
People like U is that, what the World needs.
Allright 3 dagen geleden
Are you recording your whole live and cut out some youtube material?
doglover&sunshine25 3 dagen geleden
He needs help.
Don Promillo
Don Promillo 3 dagen geleden
Most boring interview I have ever seen
Charné Dee
Charné Dee 3 dagen geleden
I cried for that special moment ❤❤❤❤❤😔😔😭😭😭❤❤❤❤
Cara Mia Le' Chatte
Cara Mia Le' Chatte 3 dagen geleden
Jamie Weiler
Jamie Weiler 3 dagen geleden
Wow another feminist adopts a cat
Lori Moss
Lori Moss 3 dagen geleden
that's so beautiful!
Trayvon Parker
Trayvon Parker 3 dagen geleden
Lol he doesn’t “understand you” he’s hungry
Pine Cedar
Pine Cedar 3 dagen geleden
It wasn't angry, it was shy and fearful. Grow some emotional intelligence for goodness sakes. And what is seen at 3.28, is anger because of the red hair and you can't be trying to kiss a cat like this. Watch the body language dmbba55es
Kathy Norton
Kathy Norton 3 dagen geleden
Thank you for saving this precious cat. We need more people like you. Hugs. -Momma Kat
peacenlove3 faith
peacenlove3 faith 3 dagen geleden
Well done, Namaste
MrMudNugget 3 dagen geleden
Iwant Abetterworld
Iwant Abetterworld 3 dagen geleden
So loving and cool of you to care for him :)
Claire Bourassa
Claire Bourassa 3 dagen geleden
I am really happy for you to have been able to adopt Tiger. You two were meant to be with each other. Have a long happy together 😻😻
Brian Hammer
Brian Hammer 3 dagen geleden
maybe he saw that dye-job and ran for the hills? seriously, it's really awful
Rahasia umum
Rahasia umum 3 dagen geleden
The new mom sosweet 🐆
ItteeBittee Piggee
ItteeBittee Piggee 3 dagen geleden
Y'all were meant for each other..
Duane Isaacs
Duane Isaacs 3 dagen geleden
I miss my cat😔hope his ok
L. Foy
L. Foy 3 dagen geleden happy for're a wonderful person!
Susan Giammarino
Susan Giammarino 3 dagen geleden
I am happy for her and the friggin neighbors should have minded their own business!
The Green Alchemist
The Green Alchemist 3 dagen geleden
I am crying. So happy for you and Tiger!
Kathy Maslowski, Bright Flower Therapies
Kathy Maslowski, Bright Flower Therapies 3 dagen geleden
Awww well done on taking care of this lovely cat, thankyou for sharing this journey x
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