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2 jaar geleden

Richard Hammond reveals how engineers made one of the longest bridges in the world earthquake-proof - . Building a structure almost 3 kilometres long in water 65 metres deep was almost the least of the engineering challenges of bridging the Gulf of Corinth in Greece. The construction would cross one of the most active seismic fault lines in Europe. Defying disaster called for solutions inspired by fragrant Indian incense, the ring-pull in a soda can, a toboggan, a hammock, and some shiny steel chimneys.
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Leg Vas
Leg Vas 5 uur geleden
I love how he went to such lengths to basically say that the “viscous dampers” on the bridge are just a giant version of a cars shock absorbers
Ali Adel
Ali Adel 8 uur geleden
8:59 “Let’s go!”
David N.
David N. Dag geleden
How much did it cost to build?
Frederick Lee
Frederick Lee Dag geleden
I watch many of the NLposts engineering series. This is the best I have seen.
Tiper Loc
Tiper Loc 3 dagen geleden
Wish they said what happens after brakes break off and earthquake stops, they go replace them all each time? Also what about gravel, how often do they check how far it moved, what's the allowed radius? What about the drift of plates? It can drift 5 meters but how far until they have to add more of the bridge itself, how are they prepared for that?
The Mechanic
The Mechanic 5 dagen geleden
Did they ever paint it?
Goodness Graces
Goodness Graces 6 dagen geleden
Longest bridge in the world? There are bridges in the south usa that you loose sight of land in both directions on.
Keyboard Warrior
Keyboard Warrior 6 dagen geleden
I don’t think it would be fun being at the bottom of that tower in an earthquake with the sea 65m above you 😅
Amir Ayromloo
Amir Ayromloo 6 dagen geleden
Unreal!!! The ingenuity is out of this 🌎!!! The Narrator: "So this posed a huge problem, that seemingly they would not be able to overcome. What to do? The answer: ".....THE ANSWER......My morning POOP..... The coffee mixed with Blueberry Muffin creates a...........🤣🤣🤣
Tahasinul's ZONE
Tahasinul's ZONE 7 dagen geleden
T.H. M.
T.H. M. 8 dagen geleden
Thanks , I learn a lot
Mathius Eden
Mathius Eden 9 dagen geleden
"You don't build your house on a sand foundation" best Advice I've had verified by a documentary
exeuropean 11 dagen geleden
Pile driving has been done for ages.
FezRez 12 dagen geleden
Wow, they found a solution to pier pressure.
Stanley W
Stanley W 14 dagen geleden
Cover picture looks like weird al. So I thought it was weird al built a earth quake proof bridge. Lol 😆
Anthony Phung
Anthony Phung 15 dagen geleden
One of the longest bridges..... IN THE WORLD
Anthony Phung
Anthony Phung 15 dagen geleden
LINK VIDEOS : China Panic : US Air Force Just Conduct Massive Combat Readiness with 52 F-35 Stealth Fighters
studiomountain 15 dagen geleden
I just want that black defender
J-C 15 dagen geleden
This bridge is a small project compared to all the recent projects in China... But they talk about it like it is a miracle... lol Western media is all about 'we are great, China is evil'.
Diane Reid
Diane Reid 16 dagen geleden
They should consider alien's attack as possible threat to the bridge
ertich rivatic
ertich rivatic 16 dagen geleden
The fact that an earthquake just happened here in patras and youtube just suggested this video to me is a bit suspicious 😂😂
StAttus Groov3 Tube
StAttus Groov3 Tube 17 dagen geleden
Oh . This is lovely 🧐 Like a boss🤣
DJ ZILE 17 dagen geleden
I'm curious. The gravel bedding they used can also be subjected to liquefaction. Does it mean that a certain number of years (x year) they retouch, they put more gravel bedding. Can someone from that country answer? Thank You.
Jim Adam
Jim Adam 12 dagen geleden
Yep that's true and that's why they have a group of maintance workers and tools :)
Steve Coleman
Steve Coleman 18 dagen geleden
How would one really know that a structure is truly "earthquake proof". We have no actual idea just how big a earthquake can get. Don't challenge nature to a pissing contest. But I guess "earthquake resistant" doesn't have quite the same ring.
Jim Adam
Jim Adam 12 dagen geleden
It's not earthproof actually, they build that bridge to withstand 9 Rh that bridge will fail. But wtf 9 Rh ?
Andy Jame
Andy Jame 18 dagen geleden
So the bridge is basically a Huge hammock with brakes. Absolutely genius, one of my favourite documentaries.
Michael B
Michael B 20 dagen geleden
EARTHQUAKE PROOF??? ha ha ha!!! wasn't the TITANIC UNSINKABLE???
Mini 20 dagen geleden
wait did i miss something? whats stopping the middle two from drifting completely out of place over time?
Michael Greene
Michael Greene 20 dagen geleden
Earthquake proof? Haven't i heard something along those lines before? kind of like.... unsinkable?....... It sank people. Ring a bell anyone?
dj psykos
dj psykos 21 dag geleden
"one of the longest bridges in the world" sweden and denmark *hold my bear
1MATION- Yannis Xylouris
1MATION- Yannis Xylouris 13 dagen geleden
It is still the longest of its kind. The fully suspended type. Hold my ouzo.
Joey Crowley
Joey Crowley 21 dag geleden
Strong bridge = potatoes
MrFordman999 22 dagen geleden
The fact that we rely on such basic principles to create something to show intricate and technologically-advanced staggering
43 Vaibhavi Shrivastava
43 Vaibhavi Shrivastava 22 dagen geleden
I’m so glad that this man is alive, I really am.
Yeah but is it tsunami proof because big earthquake make big tsunamis
Jim Adam
Jim Adam 12 dagen geleden
It's narrow. Can't exist a tsunami...
nmcgunagle 25 dagen geleden
But wait, how is it protected from meteor strikes?
A Used Roach
A Used Roach 25 dagen geleden
I could never go down the stairs and be surrounded by water
D Winters
D Winters 25 dagen geleden
0:50 I don't need anymore my work thanks to, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*
step ooga
step ooga 26 dagen geleden
Climbing all thoes stairs reminds me of warzone
ram karam
ram karam 27 dagen geleden
visit once
Mr Crowley
Mr Crowley Maand geleden
αλλη μια μαλακια για να βάζουν λεφτα απο τα αυτοκίνητα
Jakob Maand geleden
Another thing paid by me, even though I live very far from Greece. "The total cost of the bridge was €630 million, funded by Greek state funds, and later paid by the EU consortium and loans by the European Investment (forgiven) and as a Dane (Denmark) that top over EU payment pt citizen (use google translate) its a freaking joy to finance Greece and their wild spendings' that cant hold water on their actual national macro values but instead paid by other countries citizens, that pay way higher tax and work way more and dont go onto lucrative pension plans early in life.. Yeah, I'm not that fund of the German Fuhrer Merkel and her fourth Reich that goes under the name EU and how she dictates her undermining ideology on the rest of the continent. we went into EF (old EU) alongside Britain in 1971 and perhaps time we also think about leaving, in regards to their Brexit. from a country that already top on who pays most to Merkel's ideology of an EU reich and now wants us to pay freaking +33% more on top of the record' we already are holding pr citizen. freaking unreal, and sadly she got our politician by the balls by holding lucrative EU & FN & UN jobs in front of them.
wes mcgaha
wes mcgaha Maand geleden
You definitely could of just said they are shocks, like these on the 4x4(insert pointing to shocks) 😂😂😂😂
Hameed Attaul
Hameed Attaul Maand geleden
Shut up about voilance....
Yeap Soon
Yeap Soon Maand geleden
The Taj Mahal was built with this foundation technology.
Ray Michel
Ray Michel Maand geleden
There are people not eating anything WHY are you walking on the 🥔🥔🥔potatoes man are you out of your mind 😠😡😡😡
Skyra Hope
Skyra Hope Maand geleden
Anurag Bind
Anurag Bind Maand geleden
Literally i watched full video😆
97lunarmare Maand geleden
Predictable failure is basically a try catch block.
god has left the building
god has left the building Maand geleden
5 moth ahead of schedule: not a canadian concept
Steve Spence
Steve Spence Maand geleden
this bridge seems to require a lot of maintenance. solving problems are nice but not so nice if they require too much maintenance
Zhehao Shen
Zhehao Shen Maand geleden
hammond! you muppet!
Bhawani Singh
Bhawani Singh Maand geleden
Indian incense theory is good but I think where the idea came from is the place or building in India known as (Taj Mahal) which is situated on the bank of river Yamuna and the soil at the banks of Yamuna is very loose and sandy so back at the time of its construction they throw large no. of wooden piles in the ground to stable the foundation. This theory could also be evolved from the City of Venice whose foundation is made by driving about 60 foot long wooden piles into the ground.
Jam _
Jam _ Maand geleden
Me about to go to sleep NLposts algorithm: this looks cool don’t you think
CYI3ERPUNK Maand geleden
james burke would be proud =]
carlos oliveira
carlos oliveira Maand geleden
Good to know all the screws in my tool box have been engineered to minimize vortex shedding.
carlos oliveira
carlos oliveira Maand geleden
Unfortunately the Emley Moor Tower and the Fred Hartman Bridge is too often the " feeling of engineering ".
carlos oliveira
carlos oliveira Maand geleden
I went to the cupboard and looked at the cans. None of the best before dates read " decades ".
carlos oliveira
carlos oliveira Maand geleden
Climbed down? Hammond definitely played hookey a few times during his education.
012. Leopoldo, Ralph Jr C.
012. Leopoldo, Ralph Jr C. Maand geleden
I've just seen strange in the back in 39:22 😨😨
Brandon Ledford
Brandon Ledford Maand geleden
8:50 ... Ya they also used Kudzu .... Epic Disaster
Wayne Pollard
Wayne Pollard Maand geleden
British !
Nedim Mršić
Nedim Mršić Maand geleden
So, what if earthquake happens on windy day? 🤔
James Starkie
James Starkie Maand geleden
The bridge to hell. I went over this bridge on the 29th December 2013 at roughly 9pm, with the aim of getting my van into Bulgaria just as they entered the EU, to do a delivery from the UK. I took a few wrong turns and ended up lost in a snow capped mountain range for many many hours. How I survived, I've no idea. I don't like that bridge. I spent new years eve being chased by evil looking wolves and wild boar.
Tall Timbers
Tall Timbers Maand geleden
Is that borris jhonson?
Michael FOster
Michael FOster Maand geleden
Bro i can see it now. The only way this guy would do these documentary is if they put Richard Hammond in the title.
CaptainKeyboard Maand geleden
The bridge was finished 4 month ahead of schedule... These days we can only hope that things take less than twice the time what they were previously planned!
Mr Chillwave
Mr Chillwave Maand geleden
really am enjoying this science documentary. ty
Abdulaziz 187
Abdulaziz 187 Maand geleden
Defeating all odds
Sviter Maand geleden
id ask one question, what if there is earthquake and strong winds at same time :D
smoke & mirrors
smoke & mirrors Maand geleden
ubaldo loera
ubaldo loera Maand geleden 7:17
ubaldo loera
ubaldo loera Maand geleden
Actually the stabilizing of the bridge has been used before by the Aztecs
Shakti Singh Bhati
Shakti Singh Bhati Maand geleden
Awesome content for Civil engineering Student like me
Amonginsanity Maand geleden
Having travelled over it once, I now feel so privileged. Nature set the stage there with everything going against and yet men and women of God given wisdom came together and built this marvellous giant piece of engineering. Thank you so much Mr Richard Hammond and your collaborators for this amazing documentary.
Dhgff Fhcdujhv
Dhgff Fhcdujhv Maand geleden
42:00 bridge hit by an earth quake. So the engineering worked out.
T Rock
T Rock Maand geleden
Cool documentary if you survive through the lack of wit.
a person on the internet
a person on the internet 2 maanden geleden
Earthquake proof my ass
Hydrated Beans
Hydrated Beans 2 maanden geleden
Was that the Jedi Knight elevator sound at 25:30?
hyk nusa
hyk nusa 2 maanden geleden
stupid background noise makes this video a piece of shit
Pratical Construction
Pratical Construction 2 maanden geleden
Nothing is earthquake proof it might be earthquake resistance upto some extent
loleirik4000 2 maanden geleden
24:41 the editing and that evil laugh made it so more intense haha
Guddu Ram Relu
Guddu Ram Relu 2 maanden geleden Indian civil engineering Marvel's
Δημήτριος Κουτσονικολής
Δημήτριος Κουτσονικολής 2 maanden geleden
When you have watched so much Top Gear, that you're hallucinating Richard Hammond presents facts of your country
Build Indian
Build Indian 2 maanden geleden
Nothing is earthquake proof because we still have not seen the big one as yet..
CaSpiX 2 maanden geleden
I ser why pewdiepie doesnt like bridges
Aurelius Vincent
Aurelius Vincent 2 maanden geleden
Wow, what a feat of engineering!
Kyle Robinson
Kyle Robinson 2 maanden geleden
14:13 Agent Philip Coulson? From Agents of shield
alfislegend 2 maanden geleden
Earthquake proof bridge is about as reassuring as an unsinkable trans-Atlantic cruise liner.
Nikša 2 maanden geleden
How much cheaper and better floating bridges would be.
Just Me
Just Me 2 maanden geleden
No greeks shouting GREECE here...well thats new
MarcAMOO 2 maanden geleden
Why do i watch this
Marie 2 maanden geleden
LIEDZERPAN 2 maanden geleden
SURYANSH SHRIVASTAVA 2 maanden geleden
so cool
The Dandy Youtubers
The Dandy Youtubers 2 maanden geleden
Although I love every show with this guy, a Car is 2 metres wide approx so the Traffic width of the bridge scales to be 30 metres maxi so at 22mins the piers can't be 90 metres in diameter, I think they mean 90ft, just sayin' : )
Barry Bloempit
Barry Bloempit 2 maanden geleden
Dude looks like a lady
Laurent Ntibarikure
Laurent Ntibarikure 2 maanden geleden
Venice is built on wooden piles that have been lasting several centuries!! They might have used this argument to convince the investors, no?
John Pappas
John Pappas 2 maanden geleden
Bravo Hammond!. Excellent video. I've seen one or two docs before but his explanation is fantastic. I passed this bridge two or three times before and again next year. I will more fascinated now that I know all the engineering facts.
music & discoverer
music & discoverer 2 maanden geleden
😩why in movies bridge crashes 😩
Christian Francis Nayre
Christian Francis Nayre 2 maanden geleden
Engineering at its Simplest Form!
Jess 2 maanden geleden
I always go back watching this
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