Alternate Catch: Zack Larson's Secret Sacrifice

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Mike Rowe

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Some of you will recall that Zack on the Cape Caution was pretty well lambasted by the narration in a recent episode of Deadliest Catch. Frankly, I'm sympathetic, and want to make good on my offer to present a different view of what might have been broadcast. Nothing about the original scene has been altered but the narration.
Tell me if you think it makes a difference ...
(Re)edited and (re)produced by Circa Digital Publishing
Written and voiced by Mike Rowe
Special thanks to Original Productions, Discovery Channel and Zack Larson

Evan Wielputz
Evan Wielputz 13 uur geleden
“Bill needs to find a spot” I need to find a spot *right*
Tagerrun !
Tagerrun ! 3 dagen geleden
“Quiet leadership” ok guys we are reaching really far now 😂. To quote the fence sitter himself “Occam’s razor points more towards him just sucking at throwing” 😂
ljalaska 16 dagen geleden
RIP Nick Mcglashen!!
BKJH Maand geleden
Zack aka Dr Phil
Stewart Gardner
Stewart Gardner 2 maanden geleden
Wild Bill dirt bag.
Stewart Gardner
Stewart Gardner 2 maanden geleden
Bill is an effing dickwad.
mellyayble 2 maanden geleden
this entire time I was like "wtf.... u can't be serious...." and by the end I realized this was all a joke and laughed for a good minute
FreeTheInsanity 3 maanden geleden
And then they watch the episode and feel even worse about it
Hey Hombre
Hey Hombre 3 maanden geleden
Zack'is obviously a nice quiet natured kid, and I despise the fat Scumbag his dad is. Who would belittle and make their own son look silly. 'Wild 'my ass. He's supposed to have smashed people's knuckles with a gun butt to earn the title. I call bullshit! You can easily see it was an embellished lie, the way Jon hill strand tells the tale.
Dylon Allen
Dylon Allen 5 maanden geleden
Mike Rowes sass in this video was on point
Bering Sea Crab Fishing
Bering Sea Crab Fishing 5 maanden geleden
Helps to take your purse off 🙂
LoneW4lF 224
LoneW4lF 224 6 maanden geleden
Haha I find it funny how zack didn’t even try n still let them think they were better lol
Colin Noble
Colin Noble 6 maanden geleden
You throw the hook months into a crab season Mike Rowe and see how good you are before you say anything about Zak
Lando Kalerisian
Lando Kalerisian 6 maanden geleden
wb is a shitty father
Inatsikap 6 maanden geleden
That's the Good Son! If only the Father knew
Gravy B
Gravy B 6 maanden geleden
The reason I'm here is to mold him. Hesgone now and your still fishing
not tryna argue but
not tryna argue but 7 maanden geleden
fucking parents are garbage always putting so much shit on their kids. "what the hell am i here for?" well it's not to mold your kid to throw a hook well. it's fucking work you dumbass. you're there to make money, and it has nothing to do with your son.
ChampDK 7 maanden geleden
Thumbs up for Zack "The Mastermind"
Filthy Peasant
Filthy Peasant 7 maanden geleden
Bill needs to find a spot *i need to find a spot* ...
Gavin du Randt
Gavin du Randt 7 maanden geleden
Bill doesn't deserve a son!
Bass 'n Kitties
Bass 'n Kitties 7 maanden geleden
Lol people actually took this seriously... A fine bit of satire, Mr Rowe. Well done.
Motor City 71
Motor City 71 7 maanden geleden
Shoot some more heroin Nick and stfu
mogwai 8 maanden geleden
Your GF's BF
Your GF's BF 8 maanden geleden
I'm starting to think hes not missing on purpose
Susan Sullivan
Susan Sullivan 8 maanden geleden
You just have to respect this guy ..
steviedog54 9 maanden geleden
Yes it’s true captain bill is a dick and as we used say crabbing sometimes peanuts sometimes shells
Lockon Stratos
Lockon Stratos 9 maanden geleden
I want in
Plum_ Pie
Plum_ Pie 10 maanden geleden
ah yes being bad, all part of my plan ;)
JammyDonut 10 maanden geleden
The Voice-Over guy giving it a bit of attitude. I like it.
Jim Thomas
Jim Thomas Jaar geleden
someone toss that narrator overboard
LegacyFTW Jaar geleden
God damn, no wonder Zack takes those insults so easily. The way Bill just lays it on him, I'm sure he's told him he's shit all his life. Hey, Captain, you picked the fuckin' spot. Get some intel while you're talking about 'moulding' your boy into an asshole just like you, lol.
jeremy bayne
jeremy bayne Jaar geleden
Wow ,Amazing! 😂😂
whatUPitsJORDAN Jaar geleden
Fresh Northwest
Fresh Northwest Jaar geleden
thats weird as hell to me that people have to "feel" some type of way about stuff like that. Do your job and shut up, those are the best boats i worked on.
Sam Dilworth
Sam Dilworth Jaar geleden
You think that is true?
Pikkon89 Jaar geleden
It's in the video description. It was written by Mike Rowe and no, it's not true. Zack sucked at throwing the hook.
Hardcore Henry
Hardcore Henry Jaar geleden
Ancient Alien
Ancient Alien Jaar geleden
Zack 'The Maestro' Larson conducting business as usual..
utley Jaar geleden
I wish Mike Rowe was my dad
shiny isamunee
shiny isamunee Jaar geleden
You're a great man, Mike Rowe
David Jordan
David Jordan Jaar geleden
God, I love Mike Rowe. Can we make him president!? But really, your a good dude. Next time your up in Maine visiting Travis, feel free to stop by!
YouDummy Jaar geleden
Mike Rowe is a special snowflake
Dr. Dro jondro
Dr. Dro jondro Jaar geleden
When did Zach say he's doing it in purpose though? I feel like they're just trying to make something outta nothing
Pikkon89 Jaar geleden
It's a joke edit. Zack really was terrible at throwing the hook.
TheKekoaRecruit Jaar geleden
Jesus, the narrator needs to be arrested for murder!!
Junior Balls
Junior Balls Jaar geleden
That was marvellous 😁👍
Bert Halloway
Bert Halloway Jaar geleden
What a good leader is. Let the rest think they are the best
Carl Sagan
Carl Sagan Jaar geleden
3:39 that's a beautiful shot, i wish it was higher quality
OTIS CAMPBELL Jaar geleden
Sean Anderson
Sean Anderson Jaar geleden
Holy hell.
chris ornduff
chris ornduff Jaar geleden
Angry Cuck
Angry Cuck Jaar geleden
Good go'n Zack
ktothec24 Jaar geleden
Wild bill reminds me of my dad. And why I refuse to go fishing with him anymore
Lirik Talanov
Lirik Talanov Jaar geleden
Narrator: Will is worried Will: I am worried Narrator: Will feels shook Will: I feel shook Narrator: Will need to go piss Will: I need to go piss Narrator: Wills balls itch Will: Me ball itch
Devin Dykes
Devin Dykes Jaar geleden
Dave Mullins
Dave Mullins Jaar geleden
I hope nobody really thinks he was missing on purpose that's part of the joke mike is doing Zack was not missing on purpose he was really sucking a lot of people in this comment section seems to be buying it
Dave Mullins
Dave Mullins Jaar geleden
@yaboycapone 96 I'm not telling you to listen to me ass fuck I'm telling you you're stupid for believing he's missing on purpose if you watch the show you know we always sucks at it
yaboycapone 96
yaboycapone 96 Jaar geleden
And we should listen to u and not the show. Fuck outta here
Charlie DeLong
Charlie DeLong Jaar geleden
It’s your story tell it the way you want to.. hahaha
vonjager Jaar geleden
Ooooor he just sucks at the hook.
billygowhoop Jaar geleden
And so they all learned a lesson about humility that day.
Edwin Rivera
Edwin Rivera Jaar geleden
Your mom always wanted a girl hahaha
Ameenah007 2 jaar geleden
Mike "Superman" He-Rowe
ricky taylor
ricky taylor 2 jaar geleden
Nick is a suck up
dantediss1 2 jaar geleden
Zach,.. the Bering Sea Puppet Master
dantediss1 2 jaar geleden
Zach,.. the Bering Sea Puppet Master
The Passana Journals
The Passana Journals 2 jaar geleden
I think this episode is the first ever episode with calmed waves. And I am the 100 comment.
Resident Of City-17
Resident Of City-17 2 jaar geleden
Cx in the chat boys. Give this guy more recognition for his interaction with Ice. Cx
Ironed Down
Ironed Down 2 jaar geleden
LeoBek 2 jaar geleden
Beep Boop
Beep Boop 2 jaar geleden
Chronic Butterfly
Chronic Butterfly 2 jaar geleden
jim Griffin
jim Griffin 2 jaar geleden
zack shows that he is a fucking bully when he is on the next boat and bullied an older guy for being not up to his "Grade". The new and much younger captian stopped him.
kevykev38 2 jaar geleden
Bill is an asshole
Easy Pete
Easy Pete 2 jaar geleden
This is retarded
Elizabeth Ssinss
Elizabeth Ssinss 2 jaar geleden
ok tooo cute and spot on
CWSW 2 jaar geleden
So where does it show that Zach is actually good??
Patrick Andre
Patrick Andre 2 jaar geleden
Savage narrator
MyChrisfish 2 jaar geleden
I wish i could give this a million thums up mike!
TheIrishBread 2 jaar geleden
He played them like a god damn fiddle
Jason Overman
Jason Overman 7 maanden geleden
Obviously someone's never played Metal Gear...
Scott G
Scott G 11 maanden geleden
Noooo it's a cheap violin are u dumb
Walter 2 jaar geleden
This is awesome! lol
Lando Kalerisian
Lando Kalerisian 2 jaar geleden
fantastic narration-
Wildly distraught individual
Wildly distraught individual 2 jaar geleden
What proves that he's missing on purpose and performing a "secret sacrifice" and not just being shitty at throwing?
MrRetlav 2 jaar geleden
"And they will never know.... they were played like a cheap viollin..... unless they see the video..... or tv.... or this youtube video specificly telling them how dumb they were....."
jed4426 Jaar geleden
Forrest Johnson
Forrest Johnson 2 jaar geleden
“What the hell am I here for?” “Uh Catching Crab?”
Zach Kellner
Zach Kellner 2 jaar geleden
I'm kinda glad that they point out that he's doing what he does on purpose to boost ship morale. Because his father probably seriously thought he just sucked.
TOM 14 dagen geleden
I think the producers are just trying to make the lil prancing queen looks like he's doing it on purpose when in all reality he just wants to be snuggled up with his bf back on shore 😅
Stewart Gardner
Stewart Gardner 2 maanden geleden
His father is a bully and an asshole.
Reynald Néron
Reynald Néron 6 maanden geleden
woosh! right above your head...
Chad Kent
Chad Kent Jaar geleden
Rob Roi
Rob Roi 2 jaar geleden
Mike; I like your narration better :)
Rob C
Rob C 2 jaar geleden
I was the 500th like👍
pete luis
pete luis 3 jaar geleden
I miss Dirty Jobs😐
Rupert Murdoch
Rupert Murdoch 3 jaar geleden
are there any follow up vids or interviews confirming/denying/reaction?
Kenneth Vansickle
Kenneth Vansickle 3 jaar geleden
Why would you let your son take your down.. be a man and own what you did !
Yes Man
Yes Man 3 jaar geleden
I hope these fuckers saw this episode.
Delightfullydemented65 3 jaar geleden
Bill has that "drill sergeant" mentality...that's just the way he's wired...I couldn't work for the guy without giving back just as vile as he does...I could work for Zack. He's more knowledgeable and knows how to deal with people a lot more than he gets credit for.
Sam Dilworth
Sam Dilworth Jaar geleden
If I could work on 1 boat it would be the Northwestern.
thegreatwhitenorth 3 jaar geleden
Well, wild bills dad was a drill sargent..
Delightfullydemented65 3 jaar geleden
Kudos Zack
Jinzo 2400
Jinzo 2400 3 jaar geleden
Rowe just crushed both of their nut sacks........
Jason McLemore
Jason McLemore 3 jaar geleden
oh snap!
S Lit
S Lit 3 jaar geleden
dick head bill
Locke Finely
Locke Finely 3 jaar geleden
whats fun is when there is a miss then a frcover on the second throw at the extent of the line , ha ha , god job guys .
Marcia Lynn
Marcia Lynn 3 jaar geleden
I am glad Zach stood up to his dad last season. Even happier that he is not still on his dad's boat being verbally assaulted anymore!
Instapizzabmx 10 maanden geleden
Marcia Lynn samee i feel you. All these other people saying shit
laurie kelner
laurie kelner Jaar geleden
@ charlie delong, pussification of the american male..says the guy who post's cute dog video's?
Charlie DeLong
Charlie DeLong Jaar geleden
Waaa Waaa Waaa, Zach’s part of the participation trophy generation and it shows. Probably a liberal too.. The pussification of The American male..
Nater389 4 jaar geleden
Are we sure about this?
masquerade Tomlinson
masquerade Tomlinson 4 jaar geleden
what season and epiosde is this
thebrassmonkey100 4 jaar geleden
just another reason why Mike Rowe is the motherfucking man
fred 4 jaar geleden
Hahahahahahahahahahahah that was awesome.
rab day
rab day 5 jaar geleden
bill was a cunt to his son in the original show at one stage i thought he was going to beat him,, it actually was a good thing to watch , i will make sure i never treat my son like the way he did his
Kieran casey
Kieran casey 6 jaar geleden
The deck boss on the Cape Caution Nick.. Is the biggest prick in the hole fleet the way he treats people man I'd burst his fucking mouth if he talked to me like that....
Jesse Miller
Jesse Miller 3 jaar geleden
I agree 1000% moral is half the battle. The only man and leader on that boat is Zach. To put in perspective for he did basically dove on the grenade for the rest the platoon. Show sacrifice and integrity right there doing what needs to be done to get it done
Andrew Felcey
Andrew Felcey 4 jaar geleden
true Dat !!!! no good for the crew's morale total Dick.
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