Nick Had To Get Surgery...

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Thomas Petrou

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Nick Had To Get Surgery...
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Sherie Granata
Sherie Granata 16 uur geleden
do we eat it now or later?
Veenie228 3 dagen geleden
Hey dude! I enjoyed the vid so much. I've been trying to research for a knowledgable NLposts vid that teaches everything in this NLposts video. 👌 👩‍⚕️Your lesson reminds me of the channel from Dr. Ethan. Ethan's explanations are actually informative and he helped me on my midterms. He is the helpful health enthusiast on NLposts and he explains wellness and vaccines! I suggest you watch his NLposts out and give the medical student a subscribe here! ➡️ #MedicalStudentEthan
Alexx Fromm
Alexx Fromm 8 dagen geleden
When I hit the video to watch it I thought it said the video is 2:51 but it was 5:51 and I said to myself I wouldn’t be surprised if it was two minutes lol
Лилия Низамиева
Лилия Низамиева 16 dagen geleden
YT yupoke
YT yupoke 18 dagen geleden
1:24 bruh
Amina Moore
Amina Moore 24 dagen geleden
0:35 Mai:your a man? Also mia0:50 me: your a human?
Dichter Family
Dichter Family 27 dagen geleden
white gummy lol
Duda Santos
Duda Santos Maand geleden
hiii, if you're reading this, you know that Jesus loves you very much. Soon He will return and he wants so much that everyone is in Heaven with Him. "Behold, I am coming soon, and each one will be rewarded according to what he has done." Revelation 22:12
Natalia Lamas
Natalia Lamas Maand geleden
Duda Santos
Duda Santos Maand geleden
Heeey, Jesus loves you so much and really wants you to be in heaven with Him when He comes back to fetch us! Be ready! It will be a great :)
tala mansour
tala mansour Maand geleden
white gummy
DANA ALSAIGH Maand geleden
White gummy
ukelelequeen Maand geleden
White gummy
summer Maand geleden
Nick and Michael are kinda cute together
Amy Maand geleden
I'm here watching Thomas's videos with only Nick in it
Nike ACCT Maand geleden
The profuse sagittarius endogenously detect because file unintentionally calculate than a husky supply. warlike, natural disease
Silver Donuts
Silver Donuts Maand geleden
Silje Mulvad
Silje Mulvad Maand geleden
micheal is so sweet and helping nick out
Hayleigh Roberson
Hayleigh Roberson 2 maanden geleden
The doc is so chill
Dona Pattinson
Dona Pattinson 2 maanden geleden
Nick:cute asf😻
Caroline West Abildgaard
Caroline West Abildgaard 2 maanden geleden
2:44 i love Michaels Face
Mali Cotter
Mali Cotter 2 maanden geleden
Michael was so caring for nick I love it 🥰
Iqbal Shahzad
Iqbal Shahzad 2 maanden geleden
white gummy lmaoo
my journey
my journey 2 maanden geleden
1:26 is no one gonna talk about it?
Stqry Tutorials
Stqry Tutorials 2 maanden geleden
Thomas: do you know how many people dream to have this opportunity? *ikr Noah’s so lucky :,)*
Lexi Gomez
Lexi Gomez 2 maanden geleden
nike is so fucking adorable
Iqbal Shahzad
Iqbal Shahzad 2 maanden geleden
Addy Swartz
Addy Swartz 3 maanden geleden
Me wanting to read the comments Looking at the number: 😳😳😳😳😳 looks like I'll be here all night. One down 5k to go
katia the dumbass
katia the dumbass 3 maanden geleden
The way nick says 'position' 💀
Ben Henderson68
Ben Henderson68 3 maanden geleden
Turn to Jesus
Imani Figueroa
Imani Figueroa 3 maanden geleden
white gummy
Floriana Mendez
Floriana Mendez 3 maanden geleden
white gummy yummy
ريَّان بسول
ريَّان بسول 3 maanden geleden
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خاطر كنان
خاطر كنان 3 maanden geleden
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Kristin Koekemoer
Kristin Koekemoer 3 maanden geleden
White gummy!!!!!
فارس صلاح
فارس صلاح 3 maanden geleden
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Kendall Toland
Kendall Toland 3 maanden geleden
Y’all should make a triangle and everybody get on top each other
زيدان زيد
زيدان زيد 3 maanden geleden
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Fnu Amina
Fnu Amina 3 maanden geleden
Nick is so funny
بديع صالح
بديع صالح 3 maanden geleden
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lyla jane
lyla jane 3 maanden geleden
Thomas’s vlogs make me motion sick.
JAIA CAMPUSANO 3 maanden geleden
come here nickie-pooh LOL 2:47
Giselle Chavez-Deras
Giselle Chavez-Deras 3 maanden geleden
haha this is funny
Olivia Wilson
Olivia Wilson 4 maanden geleden
White Gummy
Kurt Deters
Kurt Deters 4 maanden geleden
White gummy
Lily Skrabar Coble
Lily Skrabar Coble 4 maanden geleden
Mia looks likes she could be related to Nina Dobrev a little, it kinda scares me. I don't know why I brought that up.
Daniel K
Daniel K 4 maanden geleden
white gummy
Amalia Horan
Amalia Horan 4 maanden geleden
Micheal saying I feel left out
Makayla Weise
Makayla Weise 4 maanden geleden
white gummy
Millie Themelkos
Millie Themelkos 4 maanden geleden
love you nicky
Toto You
Toto You 4 maanden geleden
Ava Fisher
Ava Fisher 4 maanden geleden
I have never seen Calvin not drunk lol
Layla_Limelight 4 maanden geleden
white gummy
destiny segura
destiny segura 4 maanden geleden
thomas in every thumbnail: 😧
Carla Ruiz
Carla Ruiz 4 maanden geleden
White gummie
Nahomi Anteneh
Nahomi Anteneh 4 maanden geleden
nick is adorable we stan him
firdaws ezekiel
firdaws ezekiel 4 maanden geleden
White gummy
Wolf GamerGirl
Wolf GamerGirl 4 maanden geleden
white gummy
Be Yourself
Be Yourself 4 maanden geleden
3:07 the peZZISHn lol
Natalie Luna
Natalie Luna 4 maanden geleden
Mia lives with her bf and her 2 ex's
Grace Holliday
Grace Holliday 4 maanden geleden
white gummy
Helena Jenkins
Helena Jenkins 4 maanden geleden
Has anyone noticed the transition at 2:08
Lucia3 4 maanden geleden
Nick saving his arm: I’m a man Mia: your a man? 😂😂
Lucia3 4 maanden geleden
Anybody else rewatching all the vids because they finished all the vid
Reset 101
Reset 101 5 maanden geleden
Multi-coloured gummy
Danielle Blackwood
Danielle Blackwood 5 maanden geleden
Am I ment
Danielle Blackwood
Danielle Blackwood 5 maanden geleden
I swear y'all make the stupidest content and I love it love it I mean I'm sitting at home 2:00 p.m. watching this it's funny I'm out there laughing my mama told me my mama told me that I had to shut up and go to bed
JAIA CAMPUSANO 5 maanden geleden
White gummy - Thomas
David Fitzgerald
David Fitzgerald 5 maanden geleden
1:55 ahahaha I can't stop watching dixi SAY "Life insurance! Oh heeyyyeyyeyeyyeyey?"
ida beathe
ida beathe 5 maanden geleden
White gummy
Sara’s Vlogs
Sara’s Vlogs 5 maanden geleden
No one No one at all Nikita: hi Gorgeous can we eat it now Thomas Ik your online
Sonia Howard
Sonia Howard 5 maanden geleden
I have the biggest 💕💘 for Noah and Nick tell them i love them💕💘
aimee hayes
aimee hayes 5 maanden geleden
is it just me who could hear thomas chewing gum
MakeupByRylee! 5 maanden geleden
Noah: “come on Nicky poo” Nick sits down: “oh yeah”
Madison Jones
Madison Jones 5 maanden geleden
white gummy
Mylie Mullins
Mylie Mullins 5 maanden geleden
Nobody: an ad in the middle of the video for puppies. Me: Empties bank account and tells my mom im buying a litter of puppies then comes back and finishes the video
michael Franklin
michael Franklin 5 maanden geleden
white gummie
Maddi MM
Maddi MM 5 maanden geleden
Nick is so cutee
Cutie Bears
Cutie Bears 5 maanden geleden
Nick is me 🧸
Deboreah Olaoluwa
Deboreah Olaoluwa 5 maanden geleden
White gummy
claudia martinez
claudia martinez 5 maanden geleden
i love you nick and chase and hype house
Raksanah Bansee
Raksanah Bansee 5 maanden geleden
Nyunma Fisiru
Nyunma Fisiru 5 maanden geleden
so you guys waited hours just to watch a video when it was premiried? are you serious
Bianca Stands
Bianca Stands 5 maanden geleden
Was Ryland fucking nick 💙💙😂🤣😂
ali a
ali a 5 maanden geleden
Nick: Stop! Stop! Stop! Also Nick: you don’t understand the BASITION am in !!! Me:😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😍🥰😘 3:05
asmr ellie
asmr ellie 5 maanden geleden
2:28 you know ppl would dream- me YeS i am not ok-
Rose Lucagbo
Rose Lucagbo 5 maanden geleden
I wouldn’t mind having a drunk ass man everyday in my life.. I MEANT ONDRE 😭
ixChristinaxi NotFound
ixChristinaxi NotFound 5 maanden geleden
No one: Thomas: hehhehhehhe
Tubbos Bees
Tubbos Bees 5 maanden geleden
Stephany Hernandez
Stephany Hernandez 5 maanden geleden
So Funny
Janiya Dixon
Janiya Dixon 5 maanden geleden
white gummy
Itz Maddie Here
Itz Maddie Here 6 maanden geleden
white gummi
Hannah 6 maanden geleden
2:10 to 2:14 no one gonna talk about the transition... just me ok.
Hi Excuse me
Hi Excuse me 6 maanden geleden
None Not even charli Not even charli doing the renegade Not even Addison says “it’s the () for me” Not even trump the orange Not even OBAMA not even Thomas doing the 👁O👁 face again in EVERY thumbnail Not even nessa singing IM IN PAINNNNNNNNNNNNN Me the whole time hearing what nick says “jdisnaiajwnwwjiwajwiwk” 👁👄👁🦆🦆🦆🦆
bella Mata
bella Mata 6 maanden geleden
Nick let me gave you CPR💏💏😉
Sneha Lama
Sneha Lama 6 maanden geleden
white gummy
Makenna Evans
Makenna Evans 6 maanden geleden
You should do a house tour
Athaya K.
Athaya K. 6 maanden geleden
Nick is so cute 🥺
Paul Mansfield
Paul Mansfield 6 maanden geleden
White gummy
Melanie Zamora
Melanie Zamora 6 maanden geleden
No one: Noah: oH YeAh Nick: stop stop STOPPP YoU DoNt UnDeRsTaNd ThE pOsTisIoN iM iN
Riley McNenly
Riley McNenly 6 maanden geleden
i just simply don’t like Michael
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