Monologue: Bye, Propecia! | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)

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Bill recaps the top stories of the week, including America's semi-peaceful transition of power, President Biden's first days in office and QAnon confusion.
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bongker g
bongker g 22 dagen geleden
Just imagine how many millions of poeple now want to see bill go bye bye
dan holm
dan holm 25 dagen geleden
this is it? 2 clips bill? FUCK HBO ... and greedy ya..but...YOU CANT PUT THIS ON THE NET???
SUEZ365 25 dagen geleden
Bill, no one I know, even on Twitter, knows anyone who is a PART of antifa.. Absolutely NO ONE! Can those ppl raise their hands!
Associates & GIvens
Associates & GIvens 25 dagen geleden
“Ok, I know why you’re so happy tonight; America got rid of that not-so-fresh feeling!” What an appropriate opening;HOWEVER, after watching the season opener a few weeks ago featuring that lying sycophant Kellye Ann CONway and seeing how she handled Bill (lies and double down lies) I decided to take a few weeks off. Nothing bothers me more than these progressives who have platforms like this but do not hold people like Kellye to task. Couldn’t Bill just cut her Mic or tell her to get the “F” out the studio when she started lying and making excuses for Trump? Trump is out of office so get some backbone and call the liars out or don’t have them on anymore!
VeganLyn Cat
VeganLyn Cat 26 dagen geleden
I’m Gen X, but, we’re rioting to push Biden left.
Danny m
Danny m 28 dagen geleden
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Master Truth
Master Truth 28 dagen geleden
To all that may concern, Please be advised message to the wise and sufficient. Pfizer and Moderna can not be sued nor be held liable. Here is proof from CNBC news I quote "You can't sue Pfizer or Moderna if you have severe Covid vaccine side effects. The government likely won't compensate you for damages either. Under the PREP Act, companies like Pfizer and Moderna have total immunity from liability if something unintentionally goes wrong with their vaccines". Contrary to what they want you to believe. More in-depth information Proof that the pandemic was planned on purpose. If that's not enough there's more...
Seanecho Armando
Seanecho Armando 28 dagen geleden
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DJI Mavic 4K
DJI Mavic 4K Maand geleden
Agent Orange had like 100000 people at inauguration while Immortal Traitor Joe had 1000 national guard soldiers because he is a people’s person 🤦🏿‍♂️
Scott Hanson
Scott Hanson Maand geleden
I must really suck to be a delusional lunatic now that common sense and reality has prevailed. As someone who is looking and listening to the state of America I must say right now I am very proud of America now for doing the right thing and getting the right people in . Keep preaching your good wisdom Bill you are an American hero and a champion to humanity. We the fans and citizens of earth fucking love you .
James Ware
James Ware Maand geleden
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Paula Bain
Paula Bain Maand geleden
I'll take a man who likes ice cream and dogs over one who likes fast food and lying any day of the week.
Bria F
Bria F Maand geleden
Love Bill...he''s got a lot of the mannerisms of Carson.
Patricia Serrano
Patricia Serrano Maand geleden
3:12 😁👍
Hollywood Maand geleden
Oh Bill, I think you're going to miss Trump. I'll still watch the show as always but you have to admit the last 4 years have been entertaining
george fiducial
george fiducial Maand geleden
Bret Weinstein & Heather Heying, the Guest of this show still spread the conspiracy theory about the origin of COVID-19 virus. If you, both host and guests have one piece of evidence, show it before you say anything to make fool of yourself. What a shame they even call themselves scientists.
Gina Money
Gina Money Maand geleden
Ohhhh Bill., you are so bad!
Christian L. Romero
Christian L. Romero Maand geleden
The Accountability of "Failed World Leader: Pres. Donald Trump & the GOP". Trump's🐘Legacy:U.S. National Deficit 28 Trillion Dollars. Our Grandkids & their Grandkids will be Paying U.S. Debt.🤰👨‍👦‍👦👨‍👦‍👦👨‍👦‍👦🤱 Trump's🐘,Trump's National Deficit Now: $28,000,000,000,000 Trumps Racist Nazis/U.S.ICE Family Separation Policymakers Violates Human Rights, Nefarious Acts GOD's Brown Children in U.S. Privatized Concentration Camps::Force Adoptions, Hysterectomies, Children Deaths Reported currently at Seven(7), Brown Girls getting Raped, Allege Prison Employees. Trump has Children all Alone, No Protection from Evil/Trump's Policies. 🗽Voted Blue🌊Wave😷 Trump⚰Out🙏 USA 🇺🇸USA 🇺🇸USA, State Violence, Rising Fascism, to name a few. There is NO Civil Discussion with Someone who Agrees with Putting Children in Dog Cages. One'-Term One-and-Done Non-Electable. Consecutive-Loser National U.S. Popular Vote🇺🇸 🐘 💩Trump Twice-Impeached🤡
Dawn Salois
Dawn Salois Maand geleden
its not Antifa, we have anarchists here in Portland. I wish you all could do a little more research before you blast Anti-fascists. folks there is a difference.
LLEBB KISH Maand geleden
Am I literally the only one here who has no freakin clue what "Propecia" is!???
Flapkatt Maand geleden
Perhaps it's just the musician in my soul but I thought of all the vocal artists, Brooks did quite badly. How is it possible to screw up 'Amazing Grace'? By his phrasing which had him separating and focusing on every third or fourth word, rather than the actual flow of the verse. You just can't "twang Amazing Grace". Whatever happened to melodic phrasing, connection, and lyric extension? IDK, this is nonsense, but it sounds so much better than his version of 'Grace". He sucked.
Karma Yt
Karma Yt Maand geleden
Who isn’t anti fascist? But what’s with smashing windows?
R.J. Whitaker
R.J. Whitaker Maand geleden
Those people are anarchists. Not anti fascists.
rachelle peterson
rachelle peterson Maand geleden
Hahaha!!! The Xhusband!
M C Maand geleden
Sorry Bill, but I have started hating everyone who likes Trump at this point. As of 1/6, only those who get down on their knees and ask for forgiveness are worthy of any consideration - and even then, only to be taken with a grain of salt.
D. V. Crystal
D. V. Crystal Maand geleden
Stop with the stupid fat shaming jokes already
Counterfit Mimic
Counterfit Mimic Maand geleden
Professor Dogwood
Professor Dogwood Maand geleden
4:50 - Well Bill, this is the i-Generation.
Jasmine Lindgren
Jasmine Lindgren Maand geleden
I missed you
aj101pf69 Maand geleden
And conservatives are pissed that Garth Brooks sang at the inauguration. Are you kidding me? Get a life.
E. Michael Tanner
E. Michael Tanner Maand geleden
Yeah, Garth Brooks is getting fat! What the hell is Trishia feeding him?
simojonesy Maand geleden
Bill calling Kamala a hoare is what I needed today
Ryan McInnis
Ryan McInnis Maand geleden
The warlike star bioinformatically wait because friend historically ignore apud a marvelous politician. spiffy, wary beetle
Dragon Lord85
Dragon Lord85 Maand geleden
I think the sad truth behind rioters anywhere is that people as a whole have been stripped of hope and purpose by the capitalism and commercialism of the age of the our tv shows buy our stuff work at our place we will treat you better, fall in line and do what you are programmed to do, when at our core we are "tribal or ]ack animals" that need socialism of a goal to work towards together to thrive. Heres an easy one stop hating and work together to save our planet for the future generations that we will be leaving it to. Before commenting sleep on what i have said get up and watch the sunrise and ask yourself in that moment am i ok with knowing my lack of action could make this moment of splender not be possible for the future generations of humanity.
Dragon Lord85
Dragon Lord85 Maand geleden
@kevin Dillon sorry you think that. i guess i have watched the movie wally 1 too many time as well as too many documentaries on Animals and human history with my spare time over the last year. I hope you can be happy and have a wonderful day.
kevin Dillon
kevin Dillon Maand geleden
William Jones
William Jones Maand geleden
It's nice to have a president who is hinged. Have a door that is hung.
oldskoolmacboy Maand geleden
Here comes the new boss, same as the old boss. Next stop Syria, Venezuela and Iran. But you won't be able to complain because your free speech will be gone. I see your quick to criticise QAnon but not the false "Russian interference" conspiracy peddled by Hillary Clinton and the MSM.
oldskoolmacboy Maand geleden
@kevin Dillon Oooh you got me with that zinger!
kevin Dillon
kevin Dillon Maand geleden
MrRatclima Maand geleden
Antifa were not rioting against Donald Trump per se. If Shill Bill got properly informed over the last few years, he would have known this.
klsaknci Maand geleden
“They rioted when trump was in office. They’re rioting with Biden in office... “ hmm I wonder why that could be?
Roland Ihaza
Roland Ihaza Maand geleden
Adrien Pinard
Adrien Pinard Maand geleden
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Philippa Pay
Philippa Pay Maand geleden
About Garth Brooks: Do you know what it cost him with his fans who are often Trumpsters to be there and sing for Biden's Inauguration? Do you know that he is well and is not taking meds that could be bloating him? He did not sound in top form vocally. I would not be so cruel, Bill.
ano Rian
ano Rian Maand geleden
I want to feel better but I just can't, because we are not out of the woods. The Trump cabal is still there in congress and even the supreme court. Trump is a cancer that is not going to be easy to cut out.
Ben Maand geleden
They didn't "give Biden one day." He's been in DC since fucking 1972!
Mom's Basement
Mom's Basement Maand geleden
Seriously Bill, who still writes checks?
Libby Hobbs
Libby Hobbs 29 dagen geleden
RUmp....but they'll ALL bounce.
Sheila Crabtree
Sheila Crabtree Maand geleden
Like sometimes there just aren't enough rocks!
Gary Agin
Gary Agin Maand geleden
Dean ! O Dean O Dean. This is referring to jerry lewis at his partner Dean Martin. The shmaltz the absolutely horrific rendition of a borcht belt comedian only billy buns is a hack. just imagine this like colbert without a trained seal audience or a laff trak. He s as bad as that pseudo poet at the funeral in d c last week. billy oy f*(*&^%$ vay iz mere
Saffy Chagall
Saffy Chagall Maand geleden
Damn it's hard watching Bill fall further out of touch... Portland riot=antifa? Antifa=Gen z?? Why give altright extremists ammunition, even in joke form, when it's not even factually accurate?
Sara Cabello
Sara Cabello Maand geleden
Gold. Period.
infarct Maand geleden
C'mon Bill get that duck's ass hair cut.
Rosa Lichtenstein
Rosa Lichtenstein Maand geleden
What is you proof it was Antifa, Bill? It was more likely these guys: Please stop spreading Republican fibs, Bill.
Raymond O'Donohoe
Raymond O'Donohoe Maand geleden
Donald trump was the only American President who failed to achieve an inserection and an erection at the same time.
Stargazer. mcmillan
Stargazer. mcmillan Maand geleden
Bill, sir could you maybe get Senator Al Franken on your show? Only respectable republican.
L W Maand geleden
He's a Democrat
stephane gosselin
stephane gosselin Maand geleden
... Jimi Hendrix 😂, ... « I am all the way with you « and hiding in the White House 😂😂
AUntique K
AUntique K Maand geleden
I just Googled the Side Effects of PROPECIA ... goodbye !!! Thanks, Bill❣️
Rod Baker
Rod Baker Maand geleden
Why does Trump play golf so often? He always wants to be close to bunker.
Alexander Wieser
Alexander Wieser Maand geleden
"I think some people just don't like Windows". There is an Apple joke hidden here.
Maria Auxliadora Guerra Potoy
Maria Auxliadora Guerra Potoy Maand geleden
Stop the steal
Catherine Burk
Catherine Burk Maand geleden
Killed over 10,000 jobs in one swipe of the pen great way to take care of his country.
Antis14CZ Maand geleden
Okay, I'm used to Bill's style of humor by now and I know how he can be, waiting for the applause, sometimes even lashing back a bit when it's not to his liking, but "hinged", I think that was the fastest like I ever gave his video. Well played, Bill, well played.
heroesfan236 Maand geleden
Who the fuck approved these “jokes”
Bob Lawblaw
Bob Lawblaw Maand geleden
Who are the liberals going to hate now that Trump is gone.
CAUGHT Redhanded
CAUGHT Redhanded Maand geleden
It is so refreshing to see all this hatred. I was afraid a talk show person might actually have something funny to say without only bashing. Well a little research will show the anger derives from his significant other stepping out on him.
R B Maand geleden
Q-tips in disarray this week
Brynn Maand geleden
Melania did look happy! She was smiling, happy!
Gregoz Maand geleden
Yeah, it is so classy of you to trash a person who has no way to defend himself, so classy.
jamuga60 Maand geleden
I can understand why Bill Maher is so angry..............................he's tiny, small man syndrome gone wild.
vince80ful Maand geleden
The children of the 50's ruined the country. - William H. Knotts
Daniel Easterling
Daniel Easterling Maand geleden
Canabalistic Satan worshiping pedophiles. You can't forget the first part. And we have to remember pizzagate.
Odysseas Fidanza
Odysseas Fidanza Maand geleden
the tree is defined by its fruit.and bill maher is a crypto jesus fan. he always speaks the truth
Arthur Huizar
Arthur Huizar Maand geleden
Antifa just hates windows.
Amanda Curtis
Amanda Curtis Maand geleden
Tough crowd, Bill.
Ana Perez
Ana Perez Maand geleden
Somewhere, one of the Trump Towers bathrooms is missing its shower curtain.
matt ador
matt ador Maand geleden
OK Trump is gone so lets start talking every week about Bidens broken promises and how he will ruin this country Bill. first 3 days how many ppl he put out of work by shutting down the pipeline ? mandatory to wear masks except if your Joe Biden, didn't take long for him to get caught breaking his own rule. can't wait for next week as the list will go on and on. China is still celebrating
Todd westphal
Todd westphal Maand geleden
Haha....maher likes to support Biden's integrity and sense of class.....well maybe cuz both share a similar hobby? You're gross bill and you know what I'm talking about
S Beresford
S Beresford Maand geleden
Apparently Q moved the goal post it is now March 4th ha ha ha
Donna Supe
Donna Supe Maand geleden
And dumb !
tribalguyyt Maand geleden
It does not change the fact inJoeherent Beijing Biden is a FRAUD.
jeremy8080 Maand geleden
Why would you invite an ex husband to your wedding?
Joe Della Selva
Joe Della Selva Maand geleden
Joe Biden's insults to the electorate? 'Tellingly, one of Biden’s more brazen insults directed at the voter in Iowa produced almost no reaction: Biden challenged the voter to an IQ test. This is an old obsession with him. When he first ran for president in 1987, he told a New Hampshire voter “I think I probably have a much higher IQ than you do, I suspect … I’d be delighted to sit down and compare my IQ to yours if you’d like.” '
Joe Della Selva
Joe Della Selva Maand geleden
Pay attention Bill!!! Did not betray the nation that he works for? What was he doing for Hunter with China? 'In December 2013, Hunter landed in Beijing aboard Air Force Two, accompanying his father on an official visit to China. Less than two weeks later, Hunter’s company, Rosemont Seneca, became a partner in a new investment company backed by the state-owned Bank of China. Christening the new firm Bohai Harvest RST (BHR), the partners set out to raise $1 billion for the new fund. Representatives of the Biden family have denied any connection between the vice president’s visit and Hunter’s business. However, a BHR representative told The New Yorker earlier this year that Hunter used the opportunity to introduce his father to Chinese private equity executive Jonathan Li, who became CEO of BHR after the deal’s conclusion.' NY Post October 10, 2019
Georgia Snyder
Georgia Snyder Maand geleden
I'd rather not hear all the bashing on Trump. Comments from this guy now are not appreciated. Abc over bashed Trump so overly much I quit watch it. At least nbc. Cbs gav other news also. But where is this guy's "class". Right now
Bertina Martinez
Bertina Martinez Maand geleden
Right on target!!
Jonathan Locke
Jonathan Locke Maand geleden
No storm. Just a morose send-off for a sad little man-baby who can't accept the fact that he lost. As for all the Q-folk, it's over, it was all a lie. Please escape the Q-culture from which facts themselves are manipulated and even manufactured. Whether you're conservative or liberal, facts always matter.
Judy Benyacov
Judy Benyacov Maand geleden
Look At u? You are a disgrace to the whole entire world and you’re not funny and you’re very lonely and I can see why
Daniel Johansson
Daniel Johansson Maand geleden
Maybe people who dislike Right-wingers aren't fans of either Trump or Biden because they are both right-wingers? Yeah, Biden is a lesser evil, but why would leftists settle for yet another center-right liberal? Leftists aren't liberals, Bill.
Lisa Renee Batista
Lisa Renee Batista Maand geleden
It's refreshing to have class back in the White House. Thank you Joe.
William Cardinal
William Cardinal Maand geleden
Another good reason for tRUMP to not attend Biden’s inauguration is that he would have been the turd in the punch bowl.
Deeari Maand geleden
Who really gives a shit Trump did not attend inauguration!?!? I am glad I didn't have to see his F-ing face
Ruby Firefly
Ruby Firefly Maand geleden
"I think some people just don't like windows." I'm going to be quoting that a lot.
NotAfraidToQuestionThings Maand geleden
The dems should do everything in their power to get Trump to start his own party.
Scott Copeland
Scott Copeland Maand geleden
I want a dollar every time Bill claps his hands during a joke. Some kind of nervous tic he's always done when he feels the audience isn't giving him as much as he wants. Or when he's pissed at whatever he's joking about.
Divyashree Rao
Divyashree Rao Maand geleden
Can someone tell me what's going on with Bill's hair?
Actual Maand geleden
Bill "Bring on the recession" Maher is getting what he wanted I guess.
M Modack
M Modack Maand geleden
47 million people voted for Trump - that's almost 50 percent of the total voters- you can't wish away this fact- besides,Be it Democrats or Republicans-,Americans foreign policy of going into FAKE Wars based on HUMUNGUS Lies ,killing & uprooting millions of innocent lives to steal & control the oil resources of other countries remains- & this is the cause of so much turmoil .So it's all very well saying America is back on democracy while taking the democracy of other countries away thru Bullying .Both Democrats & Republicans are cheeks from the same backside ,the only difference being that Biden has the " Gift of the Gab" & Trump did it WWW RAW style- The end result is the same -
Garland Spears
Garland Spears Maand geleden
GOP, like school on Saturday, no class.
Garland Spears
Garland Spears Maand geleden
Well done, Bill!
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