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Hey guys todays the day that Alex and I buy lottery tickets. And we actually won something! I failed to help Paper prank Alex with a bucket of water but luckily Nick and I successfully made cloud bread! Jack made my nails look really nice so shout out to Jack! For more videos check out me and my best friend Calvin's channel link below!!

Patrick: patrickhuston
Alex: alexwaarren
Nick: nickaustin
Paper: connoryates
Jack: jack.wright21

Alexis Chancellor
Alexis Chancellor 2 uur geleden
Hey I’m a huge fan of you and everyone else in the hype house
Chayce c
Chayce c 2 dagen geleden
I love when they were pranking alex kour was playing with slime
Hiren Bhakta
Hiren Bhakta 5 dagen geleden
i love their nail therapy 😂
Gabriella Louissaint
Gabriella Louissaint 5 dagen geleden
E Burdick
E Burdick 27 dagen geleden
Duda Santos
Duda Santos 29 dagen geleden
hiii, if you're reading this, you know that Jesus loves you very much. Soon He will return and he wants so much that everyone is in Heaven with Him. "Behold, I am coming soon, and each one will be rewarded according to what he has done." Revelation 22:12
Payton E7331
Payton E7331 Maand geleden
lilliemay wood
lilliemay wood Maand geleden
What happened to them never wanting a conversation with each other ??
tiktok.mashup Maand geleden
I am just rewatching this staring at nicj
tiktok.mashup Maand geleden
Cassidy Grenier
Cassidy Grenier Maand geleden
patty's so calm on his channel then on alex's he's a crackhead i can't believe those r the same people
Kamilat Adeleke
Kamilat Adeleke 2 maanden geleden
did he say 15+15 is 45. 1:28🤣🤣
Jordyn River Bell
Jordyn River Bell 2 maanden geleden
me and my brother got in an argument that it said dont sub instead of please sub i said it said dont he then goes what idiots would say that to get people to sub i then say "because its pure geniuses"
Emily Patrick
Emily Patrick 2 maanden geleden
nick : throws bread at calvin calvin : ready to throw bread back at nick nick : already running for dear life
Dane Wildschut
Dane Wildschut 2 maanden geleden
jack and patrick look like twins
Zoey Rodriguez
Zoey Rodriguez 2 maanden geleden
2:55 nick hi 🥺🧸🧸🥺
Bruh Girl
Bruh Girl 2 maanden geleden
U guys did ur guys nails are good but u guys look like brothers
Bruh Girl
Bruh Girl 2 maanden geleden
Moonlight wolf 21
Moonlight wolf 21 2 maanden geleden
Patt is my fav 💜💜❤️
Mia Walker
Mia Walker 2 maanden geleden
The way Patty slipped 😂
milafartbug 321
milafartbug 321 2 maanden geleden
Are you and nick dating
Stqry Tutorials
Stqry Tutorials 2 maanden geleden
Patty: lets start by cracking an egg Nick: idk what that means *smiles cutely* Hes the cutest bye-
Cora Wright
Cora Wright 2 maanden geleden
I love how calm patrick and jack were😂
The Creative Cousins
The Creative Cousins 3 maanden geleden
Patrick won the nail competition
خاطر كنان
خاطر كنان 3 maanden geleden
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فارس صلاح
فارس صلاح 3 maanden geleden
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Harley Privett
Harley Privett 3 maanden geleden
Anyone else wanna live in the hype house
Bailey Calkins
Bailey Calkins 3 maanden geleden
I think jack won
crisjaymide '
crisjaymide ' 3 maanden geleden
the transition bring me up ''COUCH!''
sxyr denu
sxyr denu 3 maanden geleden
Patrick hey guys we're cooking with Nick. Nick I have never cooked anything in my life. Me making eggs and tacos every day
Sara Stanculea
Sara Stanculea 3 maanden geleden
I love Nick 🤤🤤
Dakota Nicholls
Dakota Nicholls 4 maanden geleden
Nobody: Lirally nobady: Nick:Hi IdK wHaT dAt Is
Dakota Nicholls
Dakota Nicholls 4 maanden geleden
I fell so sorry for kovr
CHARLIX RAE 4 maanden geleden
CHARLIX RAE 4 maanden geleden
Olivia Martinez
Olivia Martinez 4 maanden geleden
Jack and patty kinda look alike
Olivia Martinez
Olivia Martinez 4 maanden geleden
I like how patty smells the eggs
Eddie Carroll
Eddie Carroll 4 maanden geleden
you play fortnite
Haajar Hassam
Haajar Hassam 4 maanden geleden
Calvin looks drunk
Lovley_Avanthony _Add my TikTok
Lovley_Avanthony _Add my TikTok 4 maanden geleden
The editing tho 🔥
Holly Macgregor
Holly Macgregor 4 maanden geleden
When patty was pranking Alex why was Alex running like that?🤣😭
My way Diva
My way Diva 4 maanden geleden
Jack and patrik kinda look alike
Mariam Zaman
Mariam Zaman 4 maanden geleden
I love Patty and Jack together! They are so funny and they have a true bromance!!
e 4 maanden geleden
Nick got sooo happy when dixie came🥺❤️
Nahal Balinco
Nahal Balinco 4 maanden geleden
Did he just say 15+15 is 45 😂😂
YAH'S PROCEEDING WORD 4 maanden geleden
Sofia Martinez
Sofia Martinez 4 maanden geleden
U and jack should do asmr ur voices r so satisfying
OMNI viper
OMNI viper 4 maanden geleden
Liliana Nunez
Liliana Nunez 4 maanden geleden
Does anyone notice that the fake nails are up side down😂
mun ji-na
mun ji-na 4 maanden geleden
the way patty looked and talked to jack i-
Athaya K.
Athaya K. 4 maanden geleden
Nick 😍
Loren grays Daughter
Loren grays Daughter 4 maanden geleden
“Alex stop” ... “Zach stop”😂
Charlie Hobson 卌
Charlie Hobson 卌 4 maanden geleden
I just looked it up and I never knew that jack was only 17 I thought he’d be older he’s so sweet
Anonymous Bubs
Anonymous Bubs 4 maanden geleden
They are talking about wired things but say it normal🤣🤣🤣
tanvi mathur
tanvi mathur 4 maanden geleden
15+15=40or45 -Patric Hudson
alyssa ortega
alyssa ortega 4 maanden geleden
Why do u and nick look alike
liv xx
liv xx 4 maanden geleden
Dace Abstract
Dace Abstract 4 maanden geleden
U should do a 24 hour challenge with Alex thomas mia and kolvur at larrays house
Rylee McTighe
Rylee McTighe 4 maanden geleden
Tell nick to post some TikToks and nick needs to be on more videos and he needs to post something on his NLposts channel. I love u nick ❤️
Waad WR
Waad WR 4 maanden geleden
Hi I love you my name is waad and I love you so much you everything and make a stone I love you so much please add me I love you I can’t I mean English is not very good okay and I am from Saudi Arabia I love you I love you so much please😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Abby Lajoie
Abby Lajoie 4 maanden geleden
cook with chase
Ashley Jasso
Ashley Jasso 5 maanden geleden
did I really took an hour to see what they were trying to make!!
Nickaustin’s Sunglasses
Nickaustin’s Sunglasses 5 maanden geleden
Patty:holding hands Jack:no WaY
Zoe Steenvoorden
Zoe Steenvoorden 5 maanden geleden
Nick is so cute because he doesn’t know how to cook so cute
ashl7570 ashl7570
ashl7570 ashl7570 5 maanden geleden
Jack and Patty together is a mood
Iza Fanore
Iza Fanore 5 maanden geleden
Jack wright🥵🥵
Iza Fanore
Iza Fanore 5 maanden geleden
They should rlly not have glasses windows in their housee
Daa Lin
Daa Lin 5 maanden geleden
Nick need cooking lessons
Maria clara Cabral
Maria clara Cabral 5 maanden geleden
omg I loved you and Jack so much
Maddy 5 maanden geleden
Patrick needs to check those 85 messages
Elyse Green
Elyse Green 5 maanden geleden
Alex patty jack and nick look all the same
꧁Phoebe ꧂
꧁Phoebe ꧂ 5 maanden geleden
Was Nick in Stuart little.
Anya Mehay
Anya Mehay 5 maanden geleden
Why am I now finding this????!??
Jenna Janzen
Jenna Janzen 5 maanden geleden
My Husband Nick Austin 🥰🧸
Aubrey Shears
Aubrey Shears 5 maanden geleden
when ur only here for nick
Spineless Freak
Spineless Freak 5 maanden geleden
jacks eyes when he opened wide 👁👄👁
Elizabeth Kautz
Elizabeth Kautz 5 maanden geleden
i honestly love their deep conversation during the nails even though not a lot of it made sense
Gabs Tortoise
Gabs Tortoise 5 maanden geleden
hello 5 maanden geleden
patrick is the funniest hype house member no cap
Hailey Barbour
Hailey Barbour 5 maanden geleden
nick won
Jennifer Alvarez
Jennifer Alvarez 5 maanden geleden
nick only knowing how to look good and not to cook
Billie Eilishfan
Billie Eilishfan 5 maanden geleden
Ok but like I did not know Jack’s voice was that deep 😳,it kinda scared me at first-
Linabantu Potelwa
Linabantu Potelwa 5 maanden geleden
No one: Me: I didn’t know he had his own channel.
FreeTimeXsweeties 2 maanden geleden
me too
Sierra S
Sierra S 5 maanden geleden
Omg I've never heard of Jack's voice lol, it's so much deeper than I would've thought
isabella 5 maanden geleden
nick rly said hii😄
gabbie gonzalez
gabbie gonzalez 5 maanden geleden
Dawn Poitevint
Dawn Poitevint 5 maanden geleden
When are you going to post with Calvin ?????
Sukhman Johal
Sukhman Johal 5 maanden geleden
the funny thing is that i tried to make cloud bread 5 times and it hasnt worked
vsp.sophie 5 maanden geleden
Istg Gordan Ramsey could never
Kennedi Marie
Kennedi Marie 5 maanden geleden
Jack for sure
All Around Aankita
All Around Aankita 5 maanden geleden
Can we take some time to appreciate how much longer Patrick's videos are than anyone else's
Charli Richards
Charli Richards 5 maanden geleden
wait no Patrick won
Charli Richards
Charli Richards 5 maanden geleden
Bryanna Bouma
Bryanna Bouma 5 maanden geleden
Patrick fall then Alex comes back to hit him with a broom lol
Georgia Rae
Georgia Rae 5 maanden geleden
Hey, calm down in the adds✨
Leah Ramirez
Leah Ramirez 5 maanden geleden
U need to do more vids with jack😂
Kathy Verbruggen
Kathy Verbruggen 5 maanden geleden
7:18 my name is Trinity 😁
Lauren Quinn
Lauren Quinn 5 maanden geleden
I like Patrick’s videos because they are longer then any of the other tik tokers
Jasily Aguilar
Jasily Aguilar 5 maanden geleden
patrick did
Chrissy ._. 88
Chrissy ._. 88 5 maanden geleden
I looooove nick
Jenna Beesley
Jenna Beesley 5 maanden geleden
Finally someones vlog is more than 4 minutes long
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