Wait - Donald Trump is Unfit to Serve!?

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Jimmy Kimmel Live

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Jimmy talks about yesterday’s horrible events at the U.S. Capitol, the end of Lindsey Graham and Donald Trump’s romance, an angry VP Mike Pence, resignations piling up within the administration, the possibility of the 25th amendment being invoked, people just now realizing that Trump is not fit to serve, Republicans floating the idea that ANTIFA infiltrated the attack mob, some of the people responsible for this, Trump finally releasing a statement agreeing to an “orderly transition,” and a whole new meaning to “The Snake” lyrics Trump read many times on the campaign trail as a metaphor to warn people about immigrants.
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Boyd Smith
Boyd Smith 41 minuut geleden
Reported for spam or misleading
Mary Ellen Citron
Mary Ellen Citron 44 minuten geleden
Neil Randecker
Neil Randecker Uur geleden
TRUTH ANTIFA BLM want to open up the illegal drug trade heroin, fentanyl and meth. Biden farm in Ukraine raided. Black tar heroin alot, weapons and tunnels under ground found. Sleepy Joe now you know. Obama opened up cuba to move heroin through the ports.
locate proposed
locate proposed 2 uur geleden
14:43 🙆🤤😗 Fox and friends are completely delusional.
please require
please require 2 uur geleden
14:39 👋👋🌼💋 Warnings weren't missed! They were IGNORED...
Ivan Petkov
Ivan Petkov 3 uur geleden
ready to go in jail ?
nijuo joing
nijuo joing 4 uur geleden
In quarantine my favorite shows are Breaking Bad, Friends and American politics.
Umair Rizvi
Umair Rizvi 4 uur geleden
There's nothing wrong with devices listening in all the time.
bright pick
bright pick 5 uur geleden
11:06 👋👋🌹💋💋💋 Fox and friends are completely delusional.
Duc Ly
Duc Ly 11 uur geleden
Trump acted like cobra commander during the riot. Rudy is Destro and Lindsey Graham is Zandar
misuyy fong
misuyy fong 13 uur geleden
You "forgot"Jon Schaffer, (the loser) from the american band Iced Earth, he's all over the Heavy Metal's news. \m/
henri matisse
henri matisse 14 uur geleden
Did the Foxer say "sprinkled with Antifa". Ridiculous but sorta funny
prince in disguise
prince in disguise 14 uur geleden
Trump is a snake, but just remember he's a representation of the people who put him in power in the first place.
gerald mogensen
gerald mogensen 14 uur geleden
I don't think anyone of these people completed the 8th grade
misuyy fong
misuyy fong 13 uur geleden
Jimmy the snake, he did warn us, we know who your masters are, and the sheep that follow you
David Terrones
David Terrones 14 uur geleden
Jimmy loves trump!
Krc Maine
Krc Maine 15 uur geleden
"His Golden Graham" 😂
Trent 5341
Trent 5341 15 uur geleden
These brain dead idiots should go back to school. 30% isn't a majority. This is our country not yours.
Fernando Scott
Fernando Scott 16 uur geleden
Zabi Faqiri
Zabi Faqiri 20 uur geleden
If Antifa was there....I'm certain the Pentagon would have allowed the police to open fire....
Certificate Of Vaccination I.D. 19
Certificate Of Vaccination I.D. 19 20 uur geleden
Eh,who'd've thunk
Holly Lynn Overin
Holly Lynn Overin 20 uur geleden
Once you were a comedian now you're are just a schill for the 'not see' state. How much do they say they will pay you once their assets are unfrozen. Good luck buddy! You might GIT MO money if you decide to confess your lies.
Brave Hearts Never Die In Fear
Brave Hearts Never Die In Fear 22 uur geleden
I mean who's shocked at this ? If you are keep sleep sheep you'll be dead soon. But for those who are like yeah this seems about white to me you still have a shot at making.
John Lawler
John Lawler Dag geleden
Only 🐍 I see here is the one that uploaded the video.
Bobby Starkey
Bobby Starkey Dag geleden
This punk used to be funny
BKingTz Dag geleden
Will nobody going to talk about RABIES guy in the bottom left corner at 9:00 Also if I'm honest, most of the Americans look like this to me. 😁
goaway Dag geleden
screw you kimmel you know your antifa maggots had the fireworks
serdy ximi
serdy ximi Dag geleden
That women that was ‘Maced’ was rubbing an onion in her eye...
Mario Moreno
Mario Moreno Dag geleden
This stupid clown forgot to mentioned that 75 MILLION AMERICANS voted for this great President!
Mario Moreno
Mario Moreno 20 uur geleden
@Skulldetta bro seriously? You cannot see beyond your noses you've been brainwashed and you're blind
Skulldetta 20 uur geleden
@Mario Moreno So much evidence that literally every judge no matter how pro-Trump they may be immediately rejects it due to - you guessed it - lack of sufficient evidence. Almost as much evidence for it as there is for Trump being qualified for his job.
Mario Moreno
Mario Moreno 20 uur geleden
@Skulldetta including the powerful evidence of thousands of death people that voted for your old dude...
Skulldetta 22 uur geleden
... and 250 million didn't, including the 81 million Biden votes. Trump never had any sort of majority support. Get lost.
Rob j
Rob j Dag geleden
Jimmy the snake, he did warn us, we know who your masters are, and the sheep that follow you
Brenda Boyer Knoll
Brenda Boyer Knoll Dag geleden
10 brave Republicans and the balance are cowards and complicit in the deadly insurgency
serdy ximi
serdy ximi Dag geleden
The kids introduction to the show is wonderful.
L M Dag geleden
Thank you 🙏 Jimmy Kimmel! Well said! 👍
Camaleta James
Camaleta James Dag geleden
The people had Trump on their clothes and in their hands so who they were representing
J K Dag geleden
The snake part is absolute gold. Give the one with the idea a big raise.
Steve Brettell
Steve Brettell Dag geleden
What is ANTIFA? There is no such organization.
Daniel Lang
Daniel Lang Dag geleden
Trump a man with a plan! That can disrupt, manipulate, people! But thay have to be stupid scumbags i will join the Republican party says trump
Steve Brettell
Steve Brettell Dag geleden
Please don't forget the Capital Police Officer was pushed to suicide by his feeling of failure, as a second generation of Capital security.
Darren Samora
Darren Samora Dag geleden
Fearless Pacifican RE-CHUUK - Warrior
Fearless Pacifican RE-CHUUK - Warrior Dag geleden
well Jimmy I gotta say, This is borderline **cked up!💥🔌💀⚰️🕳️
Shelie Martin
Shelie Martin Dag geleden
Nope. Trump Won by a massive landslide. We know your ignorant base get its "news" from you, a comediean, which in itself is a joke. Everybody knows. And yall think you got away with it and you haven't . It's been proven your ANITIFA people breached the capitol an hour before the Presidents speech was finished. Yall are pathetic millionaire elitists. You will not get away with your crime of the century. The American people witll GET the TRUTH.
Omar Vasquez
Omar Vasquez Dag geleden
No they were not ANTIFA rioters, they were trump terrorists.
Andrew beasley
Andrew beasley Dag geleden
Didn't know trump was a parseltongue
Kevin Luce
Kevin Luce Dag geleden
You're unfit to be tv host.
butti fdft
butti fdft Dag geleden
Army of imbecile's " 💯
Mogg Piano
Mogg Piano Dag geleden
He's unfit to serve in a KFC.
Tom Gaarder
Tom Gaarder Dag geleden
I used to like Kimmel...until he became a politician. Apparently, many sports figures are also politicians. You're entertainers. I'm not entertained anymore.
Alberto Christie
Alberto Christie Dag geleden
The kids introduction to the show is wonderful.
K.O Allante
K.O Allante Dag geleden
The Hot Dog Knights of the Roundtable are in deep hot water this time.
sandor istar
sandor istar Dag geleden
There was another person in history that used a metaphor of rats for a specific race, fun fact that man did not drink alcohol too, and he also did a march ( at which he was not participated ). What can I say I expect Trump to publish a book about his struggles
Axxe Dag geleden
He did participate - and went to jail for that, where he wrote his book. And as for me that's what should happen to Trump - although he doesn't have to write a book and get a longer sentence. And I'm not even an American...
no waay
no waay Dag geleden
They did not see this coming, they're Notsee's. Gold.
Jackie Visiting
Jackie Visiting 2 dagen geleden
Revolution chic rubbing her eyes in an onion in her towel.
damien boatwright
damien boatwright Dag geleden
Boo Hoo did'nt mean ta mess your small mind up. I don't have time to scroll thru 1000 comment's or 100 either. get a life so u dont bother me any more with such little , petty B.S. . i'm try'n ta run an Internet business. Peeeeace
Brendan Beckett
Brendan Beckett 2 dagen geleden
Antifa is the most organized and professional group of under cover secret agents the world has ever known
Bill Baldwin
Bill Baldwin 2 dagen geleden
Shame on the Republicans who have gone along with this criminal action.
Ricky Ruiz
Ricky Ruiz 2 dagen geleden
Shut up Jimmy your part of the NWO. You work for the Deep state.
Ana Ferguson
Ana Ferguson 2 dagen geleden
Matt Gaetz good grief!
Amrita Mahapatra
Amrita Mahapatra 2 dagen geleden
President-elect Joe Biden, facing the rise of domestic terrorism and a cyberattack from Russia, is rebuilding a White House national security team to focus on threats that critics say were ignored by President Trump. OUR COMMONSENSE When we change the " security locks" of our house,we don't inform it to others. Hence proved logically ,Biden & Company are fake !!
JAYE 2 dagen geleden
Jimmy is too funny 😂
Weeb Loop
Weeb Loop 2 dagen geleden
Army of imbecile's " 💯
John Doe
John Doe 2 dagen geleden
What kind of a government this country has? This is the only country, that is unable to protect their Capitol, and democratic cities from the mob, and the only country that allow illegal immigrants into the country. The security in this country sucks.
Horace Mckenzie
Horace Mckenzie 2 dagen geleden
Trump you get caught because you don't no when to shut up..
laskin riubn
laskin riubn 2 dagen geleden
At this point Iraq should send troops to protect America's democracy.
Broders Wiser
Broders Wiser 2 dagen geleden
Fool media Trump won
Diana Surelly
Diana Surelly 2 dagen geleden
Excellent ! Yes trump was speaking of himself no doubt - being the snake. I am surprised so many others did not catch on long ago.
Diana Surelly
Diana Surelly 2 dagen geleden
They remind me of a bunch of neighborhood bullies who broke a neighbors window , and when the neighbor said which one of you broke my window - they all pointed at each other saying saying he did ...he did...he did..I didn't...he did
laskin riubn
laskin riubn 2 dagen geleden
back on them and you tell them they’re not welcome anymore, anywhere,” We didn't start the fire. This kind of hate won't put the fire out.
Kwok 2 dagen geleden
With the impeachment as the last blow guarded by the insider Republicans, Marxists should celebrate for their accomplishments led by Pelosi. Straight from Marx's Manifesto of Communism, in the introduction begins: "A spectre is haunting Europe-the spectre of communism". This spectre has taken Russia, then China, and now the next one will be US. Kamala will probably the one to be the agent to accomplish this with the help of her future vice president.
Charb N
Charb N 2 dagen geleden
Trump is a delusional sociopath and a disgrace,but you Jimmy,you've always been a puppet or should we say a loyal dog who gets thrown specific bones every once in a while. You just love to follow the scripts you're being handed.
Tatiana Lee
Tatiana Lee 2 dagen geleden
Have we ever even seen Antifa? Why would they suddenly take off "nnhhb of their masks to be recognized all over the country. Nope , only Trump supporters would do something so stupifd
ShadowFoxSF 10 uur geleden
Anti-Fascists... Being part of an insurrection to support Fascism? I think not.
Chestwolf Games
Chestwolf Games 2 dagen geleden
I kinda thought it was beating a dead horse to try and get Trump out or impeach him before January 20th until I started to wonder if that would take away his ability to pardon his family and himself like he was preemptively trying to do before.
S. 2 dagen geleden
The crying woman, who said was maced, had an onion in that blanket!
Laiknee 23 uur geleden
Yep I saw that 🤦🏾‍♀️
saman rabati
saman rabati 2 dagen geleden
Trumps stepping every one’s back 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Aurumk1 2 dagen geleden
So, does anyone know what was on bidens laptop?
js js
js js 2 dagen geleden
No, Biden’s rallies weren’t bigger. No, you didn’t see many Biden flags on houses or Biden bumper stickers on cars. No, you don’t know a single person on your street or at your church who supports Biden. But guess what? We’re here. Biden’s rallies were small because people who live in reality don’t want to expose themselves to the virus you continue to downplay or deny. We don’t fly Biden flags because we don’t want our houses burned down. We don’t put Biden bumper stickers on our cars because we want to avoid becoming targets for road rage. We don’t trust you. We’ve decided to minimize our interactions with people who cannot be reasoned with. This is for our own safety. In private groups - where you’re not invited - we share our bewilderment of your descent into madness. We all have stories about how we’ve cut ties with you, our family and former friends, because we don’t want your hatred poisoning our social media streams. We can’t stand to listen to you vomiting the lies of your cult, day after day. You used to be different. We liked you. But now that we know what was inside your heart all along, we’ve decided you don’t deserve to know about our lives. We’ll skip family reunions, even after we get the vaccine. We’ll make up some excuse just to be polite. But in reality, we just don’t feel like sitting around eating potato salad and making small talk with people who have such monstrous beliefs. To all the brothers and aunts and cousins and dads and neighbors out there who just can’t wrap their heads around what this means going forward, know that these scars aren’t going away anytime soon. We won’t be reaching out, and we won’t be mending fences. It’s not up to us to apologize for the wounds you have gleefully inflicted upon us and our friends. You poured the gasoline, you lit the match. You burned this to the ground. So if we seem different from now on, I guess we are, in a way. We’ve seen your truth laid bare, and we’re horrified. I hope Trump was worth it. The Red State Rustler
Mohamed Yare
Mohamed Yare 2 dagen geleden
I love jimmy he is so funny
Nick nyvchik
Nick nyvchik 2 dagen geleden
Spreading hate
Mary Bramer
Mary Bramer 2 dagen geleden
Trump needs to go and locked up
Emmy Miller
Emmy Miller 2 dagen geleden
So true👏🏻👏🏻👍🏻👍🏻
sarim qais
sarim qais 2 dagen geleden
It only seems reasonable to call all the followers of Donald Trump "TRUMPETS" as he played them really well!!
Henrich Godwinson
Henrich Godwinson 2 dagen geleden
Your country suckssssss, provide free healthcare for your citizen, at least during this covid time, they need it, thousand dying weekly and they need help specially the ones who can't afford to goto hospital.... it's pathetic to know that your country cares so much about defense than it's own people's well being... this is why American will never be great because first take care of your people!
dnr me
dnr me 2 dagen geleden
Remember Maxine Waters “If you see anybody from that Cabinet in a restaurant, in a department store, at a gasoline station, you get out and you create a crowd and you push back on them and you tell them they’re not welcome anymore, anywhere,” We didn't start the fire. This kind of hate won't put the fire out.
Carbon CopCatter
Carbon CopCatter 2 dagen geleden
I agree with the floating Cobra. The last time I trusted a scorpion I ferried him across the river on my back he only stung me five time's.
Michael Quinn
Michael Quinn 2 dagen geleden
Kimmel jumping on the bandwagon again. Shocker 😅😅😅
Giri Dharan
Giri Dharan 2 dagen geleden
News Reporter: From reliable sources we know it's Antifa Jimmy: Is your reliable source called Trump?
Moslim Islam
Moslim Islam 2 dagen geleden
4years late
Aquarius Jones
Aquarius Jones 2 dagen geleden
Get your ANTIFUH sprinkles today😀 only for a limted a time.❤
zuygj bnsv
zuygj bnsv 2 dagen geleden
It is high time to bring back the "fairness doctrine".
Lakshmi Kumaravel
Lakshmi Kumaravel 2 dagen geleden
Do you moral ground. When Trump.and his family members have been abused by you for 4 years and all his favourable news is cut off.
bbsy1 2 dagen geleden
They did not see this coming, they are “not sees” lol!
Ronald Douglass
Ronald Douglass 2 dagen geleden
So what...
zuygj bnsv
zuygj bnsv 2 dagen geleden
"They did not see this coming. They're Not-Sees" That was a great joke
Cesar Villanueva
Cesar Villanueva 2 dagen geleden
Where is my compadre guillermo
Cesar Villanueva
Cesar Villanueva 2 dagen geleden
Hi jimmo you are Fanny 😀😀
Edwin Rouse
Edwin Rouse 2 dagen geleden
It was Trump supporters fact !!!
leavemealone 2 dagen geleden
i was thinking WOW IT'S INCREDIBLE that trump read?!?!
Edwin Rouse
Edwin Rouse 2 dagen geleden
Republicans take Trump out now or the Dems. Will !!!
damien boatwright
damien boatwright 2 dagen geleden
Damn Trumpmeister i tried to stand up for you , but the Sensoring, Controlling, Dominating NLposts stole my slam's
Larry James
Larry James 2 dagen geleden
"Death or Victory" they chanted.... but macing me, or arresting me... that's a bit harsh.
Arcana Octonus
Arcana Octonus 2 dagen geleden
He could read a book or two. Maybe a common parable wouldn't be such a revalation. Next is he gonna tell us about this humpty dumpty guy he just heard about? Scunthorpe.
UcAnT CoMpR3H3nD
UcAnT CoMpR3H3nD 2 dagen geleden
You all about to get a rude awakening. 😒
me and him
me and him 2 dagen geleden
Shut up Sarah Palin. 😂
damien boatwright
damien boatwright 2 dagen geleden
NLposts , why ya'll take my Real, & true comments off this Page. Damn these people dont know how one sided you Really are.
#ADoctor ToBe
#ADoctor ToBe 2 dagen geleden
2:49 I felt chills.
rstefan250 2 dagen geleden
damn hypocritical democrats
Joe Oshea
Joe Oshea 2 dagen geleden
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