TRIPLE A Q&A (lol srry u have to see this)

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Jasleen Gill
Jasleen Gill Dag geleden
Hiiii can you please follow my tik tok? Its avani..cutixx 😚☺
peachiipie plays
peachiipie plays 3 dagen geleden
Lily and Lacey
Lily and Lacey 4 dagen geleden
Dora Nonnis
Dora Nonnis 5 dagen geleden
Ciao come va?
Kimmie Smith
Kimmie Smith 7 dagen geleden
Abbi Hicks
Abbi Hicks 7 dagen geleden
how many likes is how many times amelie laughed
:3 7 dagen geleden
I swear Amelia and avani need more respect
Salma Shawaly
Salma Shawaly 8 dagen geleden
The moods in this video: avani eating seaweed Amelie laughing awkwardly Anthony on his phone.
Ruby O'Connor
Ruby O'Connor 8 dagen geleden
Isabel Peterson
Isabel Peterson 15 dagen geleden
Jesus is our lord and savior
Lolipopxavani 1
Lolipopxavani 1 17 dagen geleden
Hi ms voni if you see this plz follow me in TikTok my username is latleyxvoni
Kimberlymaribel Vazquez
Kimberlymaribel Vazquez 18 dagen geleden
How does seaweed tast like ??
Zizi duru
Zizi duru 18 dagen geleden
Wow that's all I have to say wow
xNaiiix 18 dagen geleden
It hits different when u have the same hat Avani does 😂❤️
Ava Cullen
Ava Cullen 19 dagen geleden
I love you
victoria villafañe
victoria villafañe 19 dagen geleden
son hermosos lpm
Manuela Passos
Manuela Passos 20 dagen geleden
This is probably the fifth time I come and re-watch this video because she hasn't uploaded many videos Since she uploaded this one and this one is very good I love it
xNaiiix 17 dagen geleden
Omg low key same thankfully she posted 2 days ago 😂
Madeline Blanchard
Madeline Blanchard 21 dag geleden
This is the best trio
why don't YOU have bread in YOUR pocket?
why don't YOU have bread in YOUR pocket? 27 dagen geleden
1:11 anthony: cute face avani: death stare amelie: trying not to laugh
stephanie perez
stephanie perez 27 dagen geleden
Plot twist there all Dating
Aesthetic Editing with Me
Aesthetic Editing with Me 27 dagen geleden
Ada 27 dagen geleden
4:42 Amelie just taking pics and biting Avanis hat 😂😂😂😂
Ada 27 dagen geleden
And by the way your my Idol Voni! If u notice me i will legit cry 🥺❤ ILYSMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
Kyleigh Yang
Kyleigh Yang 28 dagen geleden
My screen is black
Amélie CM
Amélie CM 29 dagen geleden
The best video I've never seen in my life🐱
Glance Fn
Glance Fn Maand geleden
Summary Amelie just laughing Avani just being a mood and eating seaweed Anthony laying on the floor
Makiyah wiggins
Makiyah wiggins Maand geleden
mad respect for her eating see weed bruh....cuz the addiction is real.
G x b b y
G x b b y Maand geleden
If this is just me I'm sorry But Amelie looks likes she likes likes avani Don't wanna cus drama or anything I swear I'm not one of 'those fans'
Xlil _huddyX
Xlil _huddyX Maand geleden
Avneet Bhatia
Avneet Bhatia Maand geleden
Avani : 👁👄👁 Anthony :👀 Amelie: hahahahahaah🤣🥲😂😅😭
Itzpoppyi Maand geleden
Avani is a whole mood.
nani liriano
nani liriano Maand geleden
11:45 Soy sauce
Erika Burton
Erika Burton Maand geleden
Literally my favorite video on youtube
Sumairaa Ansar
Sumairaa Ansar Maand geleden
U make me laugh
Hailey Rodriguez
Hailey Rodriguez Maand geleden
what is she reading
Ruby Lillian Potter
Ruby Lillian Potter Maand geleden
"I'm the one who holds the ball," "Every single one of em," *_-Avani and Anthony, 2020_*
Ruby Lillian Potter
Ruby Lillian Potter Maand geleden
Avani's obsession with Mini Brands and Sea-weed (idek) is just *everything*
ThatGirlTay!! Maand geleden
Nobody: Not a single soul: Avani & Anthony: Being an adorable couple Amelie: third wheels 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂💖
Patinho_da_mia 2 maanden geleden
I love you avani
Astou KRIZOUA 2 maanden geleden
Anthony looks like sponge bob 😂
chopy dizayee
chopy dizayee 2 maanden geleden
not Amelie flirting with Anthony
khadheeja ibrahim
khadheeja ibrahim 2 maanden geleden
My fav vedio of avani😂
Nino Giorgadze
Nino Giorgadze 2 maanden geleden
Instagram Lives
Instagram Lives 2 maanden geleden
Anthony and omely: hehehehe 😂 Avani: I will kill you if you make a mess👿
destinee davis
destinee davis 2 maanden geleden
i have came back to watch this so many times
Jennifer Flores Heredia
Jennifer Flores Heredia 2 maanden geleden
Love u Avani
Its ur girl liyah
Its ur girl liyah 2 maanden geleden
6:44 Was Adorable
kittcat 2 maanden geleden
this is terrifying
Sehun Min
Sehun Min 3 maanden geleden
yall need a badn called "triple A"
Carolzinha Saad
Carolzinha Saad 3 maanden geleden
Angelina Lopez
Angelina Lopez 3 maanden geleden
Hi 😑
James Westfall
James Westfall 3 maanden geleden
Avani I cant stop laughing
17kalix Erm
17kalix Erm 3 maanden geleden
This is the most funny yet awkward video I have ever seen 😭
Emily Playz
Emily Playz 3 maanden geleden
I Think Avani Forget to stop the video
Minnah Sundin Ambrosson
Minnah Sundin Ambrosson 3 maanden geleden
The fact that Anthony said “Which balls” with a 😼 smile....
Emily Playz
Emily Playz 3 maanden geleden
Me : when is this vid is going to start Avani : left Me : is this even a vid Avani : still not here Me : then click *close* Avani : dont press close I am back
lily !
lily ! 3 maanden geleden
avani: literlaly does anything amelie: HEHEHE
Ashwini Anavkar
Ashwini Anavkar 3 maanden geleden
Most boring, non-content video ever!
dove !!!
dove !!! 3 maanden geleden
avani is so annoying in my opinion.
Alahna Eley
Alahna Eley 3 maanden geleden
Avani and Amelie are married Camera zooms in on anthony Avani and Amelie covers his face Camera turns to Voni and Amelie
Júlia Genuino Tôrres
Júlia Genuino Tôrres 3 maanden geleden
Avani was really anoying in this video
Alyssa A
Alyssa A 3 maanden geleden
me watching this for the 2000th time
Andrea Maldonado
Andrea Maldonado 3 maanden geleden
Amelie: laughing at every little thing Avani: acting like her self Anthony: trying to get avanis attention I LOVE THEM LMAOO
Niang Nuam
Niang Nuam 3 maanden geleden
Avani is a huge mood lol
Olivia Meek
Olivia Meek 3 maanden geleden
Avani is a whole mood. Also I could not stop laughing hahahshbdjfjfjfnfmckckcjcnc.
Lilpopaboya 3 maanden geleden
This video: Amelie:smiling for everyone Anotheny:weting attenction from avani Avani:being hersylf
Mikaela Dassanaike
Mikaela Dassanaike 4 maanden geleden
My last 3 brain cells during a math test:
it’s kira
it’s kira 4 maanden geleden
ahahhahhhahaa omg I love u guys
Editswithme 4 maanden geleden
All they’re names begin with a there the triple a batteries🤣
skelliss game zone
skelliss game zone 4 maanden geleden
I love how Avani is so quiet and kind she smiles and she is always in good mood
emma leo
emma leo 4 maanden geleden
I ship for emelie and Anthony
shut up
shut up 4 maanden geleden
Anthony, don’t ever let go of Avani. She’s a treasure.
lauren ramos
lauren ramos 4 maanden geleden
this is all my depression and anxiety in a video
Olivia SYLVESTER 20 dagen geleden
omg i love you
ashley 28 dagen geleden
@lara wael oohh okay
lara wael
lara wael 29 dagen geleden
@ashley cz like avani didnt laigj much and like there were to many emotions in the video you know
ashley 29 dagen geleden
@lara wael im just confused because i dont think there was any depression or anxiety in the video, idk
lara wael
lara wael 29 dagen geleden
@ashley ??
ugly girl
ugly girl 4 maanden geleden
Avani:😐 Amelie:😂 Anthony:🙂
Shellwyn Nel
Shellwyn Nel 4 maanden geleden
The first 2 mins were just straight laughing at random times which made me laugh 😆
Michelle And Anna
Michelle And Anna 4 maanden geleden
Tf did I jus watch
more santos
more santos 4 maanden geleden
more santos
more santos 4 maanden geleden
this is my fav video of youtube❤
Libby's Kitchen
Libby's Kitchen 4 maanden geleden
I feel bad for Amelie she be thirdwheelling so hard!
mary 4 maanden geleden
I am ✨uncomfortable✨ with the energy we created in the studio today
Bad bleep !!
Bad bleep !! 4 maanden geleden
vaishnavi 4 maanden geleden
I mean this is what I'm here for
Alli Grangroth
Alli Grangroth 4 maanden geleden
hahahahahhahahahahaha never laughed so hard!
Shaelyn Korn
Shaelyn Korn 4 maanden geleden
RS - 06KJ 827302 Ray Lawson PS
RS - 06KJ 827302 Ray Lawson PS 4 maanden geleden
4:18 TikTokroom is typing..... Anthony cheats on avani with Karen
Jazlyn Tanner kerns
Jazlyn Tanner kerns 4 maanden geleden
🤣 that’s all I can say is 🤣
Lily Martin
Lily Martin 4 maanden geleden
" Im the won who holds the ball " AVANI 2020 iM dEd
Hi ssjkdnd
Hi ssjkdnd 4 maanden geleden
Literally nothing happened why is Amelie laughing so much😂
Ana Sofia Villegas Torres
Ana Sofia Villegas Torres 4 maanden geleden
aria falcone
aria falcone 5 maanden geleden
this is the most on crack thing i have ever seen lol
Aditi urs
Aditi urs 5 maanden geleden
Amelie's laugh in the beginning 🥺
Esther Fernandez
Esther Fernandez 5 maanden geleden
anthony looks kind of like harry styles
Snothando Msibi
Snothando Msibi 5 maanden geleden
Idk why but I'm crying coz of the end
Jade World
Jade World 5 maanden geleden
Am the one that hold the ball
karalovesfrogs 5 maanden geleden
Stuff Anthony i ship Amelie and Avani 🤠
Moriah Frankel
Moriah Frankel 5 maanden geleden
this is my favorite video ever
MARTHAA RAMIREZ 5 maanden geleden
Roman Arnold
Roman Arnold 5 maanden geleden
we all saw the awkwardness when they were talking about the ball......6.00
farren's 5 maanden geleden
Avani : im the one that hold the balls Anthony : which one? Avani : theres only one! Amelie : 🤨😐 IM WHEEZING LMAO
Harshu ChocolateWingz
Harshu ChocolateWingz 5 maanden geleden
why was this whole video soooo awkward, like i swear I just saw a whole 4 minutes of the girl on the right awkwardly laughing, the guy on his phone, and the middle one lmaooo acting like a moody teen
i ́m the daddy here cool
i ́m the daddy here cool 5 maanden geleden
Avani: kArEn?!. WhO iS kArEn? Anthony: :v
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