How Do Nuclear Submarines Make Oxygen?- Smarter Every Day 251

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Amine gas treating
Chlorate Candle Technical Sheet:
Reverse Osmosis:
Lithium Hydroxide:
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SmarterEveryDay 4 dagen geleden
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StabbyJoe135 15 uur geleden
How to consistently beat the ever changing algorithm? Avoid the algorithm. Genius (every day).
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digital subliminal messages 17 uur geleden
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New Jargon
New Jargon 18 uur geleden
Thank you for the video, so interesting to me. Didn't know exactly how this worked, never actually thought about it. Amazing engineering.
flache 5 uur geleden
Electrolysis is gonna be my bet Lets look at the video now x)
kebman 5 uur geleden
8:20 Wunderbar!
kebman 5 uur geleden
4:35 "Just gonna head down that corridor... Oh. Guess I'll have to wait."
Wayne Strudwick
Wayne Strudwick 5 uur geleden
I thought that the sailors just held their breath😂
kebman 6 uur geleden
What happens if someone onboard a sub gets contageous influenza?
Will Carter
Will Carter 6 uur geleden
As a Submariner, the real limiting factor in how long a Nuclear submarine can stay submerged isn't oxygen, it isn't food or supplies, or even fuel. It's crew sanity. 😅
thecommenter 6 uur geleden
Alexander B. Wilson
Alexander B. Wilson 6 uur geleden
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Tony 6 uur geleden
One day they are going to say "Sure I could tell you, but then I'd have to kill you" ......"But Dave already told me" ...................."oh"......................
Bla BlaBla
Bla BlaBla 6 uur geleden
The Kursk crew couldn't use lithium hydroxide. :(
Another Not Good Name
Another Not Good Name 6 uur geleden
thumbnail:why dont subs run out of air? me:*holds breath* MFMFM false i run out of air
Rakesh Kumar
Rakesh Kumar 6 uur geleden
Most Original
Most Original 6 uur geleden
19:05 - 19:40 the amount of awkward eye contact is uncomfortable
Northern BC Fly Guy
Northern BC Fly Guy 6 uur geleden
Are the methane or hydrogen sulfide concentrations ever a problem? Are meals designed to reduce flatulence?
morvous1 6 uur geleden
"A-Ganger, basically mechanics for 90% of the boat." Like the reactor doesn't take up almost 50% of the boat. Gotta show respect for the Nuclear mechanics too buddy.
Taylor Morrison
Taylor Morrison 6 uur geleden
I feel like I should thank you, I've used information from no less than 2 of your deep dive videos to complete checkouts as I work towards my submarine warfare qualification. So, thank you Destin.
ASMR Therapy
ASMR Therapy 6 uur geleden
Burn is not the right term. It should be called applying heat
Joshing_you 7
Joshing_you 7 6 uur geleden
That guy is from West Jeff!!!!
Wen-Wei Tseng
Wen-Wei Tseng 6 uur geleden
Another chemical potassium superoxide could generate oxygen and scrub CO2 at the same time.
Justin Franks
Justin Franks 6 uur geleden
It would have been way cooler if you used the ISS as an example. Everyone can understand the idea of a air purifier...
Uyummi 5468
Uyummi 5468 6 uur geleden
Plant several plants in there?
kushaditya 7 uur geleden
austin evans side job is to work in submarine. Cool
AmoriLinguae 7 uur geleden
With the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere, I'm a bit surprised there were no allusions to why the CO2 removal technologies on a submarine are or are not similar to proposed/potential CO2 removal from the general atmosphere.
Sovspot 7 uur geleden
Oh man they use Bacharachs, that's like the worst brand of leak detectors.
Moses 7 uur geleden
I am very surprised that you were allowed to take a camera on the sub.
Hazmania 7 uur geleden
This Dow guy doesn’t like to explain his responses very much lmao
SAVORY POTATO 7 uur geleden
This ain’t no ordinary sausage...
James Coleman
James Coleman 7 uur geleden
when the oxygen level suddenly dramatically raised.... houston we have a problem! everyone is dead lol
Jack Sampson
Jack Sampson 7 uur geleden
It’s crazy. Dustin likely knows more than these guys but you could never tell. Amazing
Kagens 7 uur geleden
I love stuff like this. My brain tends to ask wired questions. and this was one of them. Also, have you done an episode eon how solar panels work?
brendan sweeney
brendan sweeney 7 uur geleden
Not all Subs have reverse osmosis units, some have stills.
Anthony Phung
Anthony Phung 7 uur geleden
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Agustiar Aelakh
Agustiar Aelakh 7 uur geleden
Why don't just bring liquid oxygen tank? 🗿
Voidex 7 uur geleden
Russia is very interested in such videos keep them going ;)
Dynamite Dingo
Dynamite Dingo 7 uur geleden
that Sub is as old as i am. it was commissioned on my birthday
Ricardo Cazares
Ricardo Cazares 7 uur geleden
Destin you need some portable lighting on your rig, brother.
Anarchy Won
Anarchy Won 7 uur geleden
This was very interesting. Great work.
Mark Reynolds
Mark Reynolds 7 uur geleden
i'm so jealous of the toledo. im on the USS Ohio and i would've loved to meet destin. oh well. maybe i'll get that chance later.
Workin Alday
Workin Alday 7 uur geleden
2:43 USA vs Russia in the Olympics at Madison Square Garden? Feb 22, 1980 almost 41 years to the day from the date of this video.
Jesse James
Jesse James 7 uur geleden
Nuclear Submarine "Deep Dive" ... I see what you did there 😏
Alan Hazard
Alan Hazard 8 uur geleden
Suck & Blow think they call them the Hilton sisters.
Bright Soul
Bright Soul 8 uur geleden
subs are so scary im afraid of anything bad happening like that one russian sub that where a bomb blew up inside and killed a lot of the crew, then the survivors went to the back where it was safe; for now. and then a second explosion happend which killed more peeps. the only people who are alive by this point are a group of peeps who are in the very back part then, due to the oxygen generator breaking in the blast, they start running out of oxygen and it begins getting harder to breath them, being smart they tried to jumpstart the gen using some (some type of science tablet) but one of the peeps drops a couple into the salt water, making a third blast killing almost everyone. with the rest (injured surivures) they sufficate on carbon dioxide.
Bright Soul
Bright Soul 8 uur geleden
entertain me dont make me think
keegan davidson
keegan davidson 8 uur geleden
So the oxygen candles are essentially the same as the oxygen generators on passenger planes? Little less high tech than I thought but I guess less things to fail in a vital process.
Uncle Ned
Uncle Ned 8 uur geleden
I am insanely jealous of you. You got to start a class delta fire. In a submarine. On purpose. To help people breathe. That is so counter-intuitive yet so genius! I love every aspect of it!
TeeJation 8 uur geleden
2:02 "Where you from?" "I'm from Ohio" "Oh." :l
Xander Original
Xander Original 8 uur geleden
Thank you Destin, that was very interesting!
2 of the 3 ways .. Very good.
littleboylost1o1 8 uur geleden
L C 8 uur geleden
submarines 60 years ago didn't had this much technology dedicated to produce air alone oxygen, they were still using filtration systems from the late 40's if they had any, for oxygen I don't know what were they using.
Takahashi 8 uur geleden
Using plants Duhhh
L C 8 uur geleden
so if you are a cigarette smoker or a nicotine addict you can't work in a submarine.
dog breath
dog breath 8 uur geleden
These guys remind me of my grandfather. He spoke slowly, and didn't use a lot of technical language, but inside he was incredibly intelligent and understood his job, and the world around him. He worked on an aircraft carrier for the US Navy in some job related to nuclear power (which he never gave any details on).
Billy Stink
Billy Stink 8 uur geleden
Sometimes subs do run out of air, when good content creators leave us breathless.
GeneralMills66 8 uur geleden
Great Vid!
Adam Parrish
Adam Parrish 8 uur geleden
A submarine is a Claustrophobe's Nightmare.
ALFREDO 8 uur geleden
So, here is a challenge for you and probably for your other smart friend, the one who made the explosive baseball bat. What would happen if you get one of those huge fireworks that we see on the 4th of July and send it to the border of the atmosphere on one of those weather balloons and make it explode there. The real challenge is: how would you figure out how to film the explosion at enough distance to be able to appreciate the explosion and what would happen. Is there going to be enough oxygen for the thing to explode?
Cl Arice Tayag
Cl Arice Tayag 8 uur geleden
The ugly reminder concretely radiate because bangle connolly sound like a sour internet. ruddy, scared bee
Jolly Goodbeard
Jolly Goodbeard 8 uur geleden
This stuff is so I know and understand they had to view and remove any footage that you made for Clearance my question is did they keep any footage or delete anything you filmed or are you allowed to say??
Viswas V
Viswas V 8 uur geleden
Informative Video thanks 👍
Jonathan Nocon
Jonathan Nocon 9 uur geleden
Are these ‘candles’ available to civilians? ‘Tis fascinating... I wonder if they light a dud/bad candle, would that produce negative/harmful gasses instead. Who would have known burning can produce o2 hmmm... 🤔 Crazy stuff 🌈
brxn 9 uur geleden
I love this channel so much
AG. 9 uur geleden
Thanks for the informative video.
Denzil Buchner
Denzil Buchner 9 uur geleden
These guys are playing Oxygen Not Included but in real life
kwartylion 9 uur geleden
2:52 Funny it even looks like it was taken out of a fallout
ThatsNot Damxz
ThatsNot Damxz 9 uur geleden
Heat of absorption of CO2 and partial pressure of CO2 with aqueous solutions of MEA has been measured in a reaction calorimeter CPA122 at 40, 80, and 120 oC for 30 wt% MEA solution and at 120 oC for 10 and 70 wt % MEA solutions. Heat of absorption measured in this work is also differential in loading, i.e. CO2 has been added to the reactor in steps. An experimental set-up used by Kim and Svendsen (2007) has been used in this work after a small modification. Experiments show that heat of absorption depends both on loading and temperature, though the temperature dependency is not as high as was reported earlier.
High King Trasher
High King Trasher 9 uur geleden
Well isn't that useful? An oxygen monitoring system that takes 2 minutes to get results. Seems like a weak point since it only takes 2 minutes to suffocate
Isaac Howard
Isaac Howard 9 uur geleden
Thanks Destin! Your questions are on point!
Will Lowe
Will Lowe 9 uur geleden
According to my command, this is top secret information and this is treason!
Cristian Londono
Cristian Londono 9 uur geleden
Zoidberg227 9 uur geleden
A subtle meta-analogy there between the oxygen candles and the reactor on the ship. The candles work by producing more oxygen than they consume, and the reactor works by producing more neutrons than it consumes.
Krotan 9 uur geleden
That dude is pretty cool, also looks like Dave Grohl. edit: Meant the guy with hat and glasses.
ThatsNot Damxz
ThatsNot Damxz 9 uur geleden
This is Fire 🔥😏 Pun intended
TDT Records
TDT Records 9 uur geleden
I want to know how they keep the electrolysis electrodes from decomposition !!!!!
Pyroon 9 uur geleden
It's important to note that for each requirement, there is a power independent method of satisfying the requirement
Hieki Nakamura
Hieki Nakamura 9 uur geleden
whoa, i'm learning something new from this channel
Richard Rejmer
Richard Rejmer 9 uur geleden
16:00 We don't want premature ignition, now - do we?
A B 9 uur geleden
I expected them using trees
Richard Rejmer
Richard Rejmer 9 uur geleden
12:44 they are called "Clinkers" because in many industries the waste created if it is semi-solid and porous, it's called 'clinker'. e.g. the cement industry. For example, the ash formed by burning coal in a boiler will deposit 'clinker' ash or a glassy slag on the walls or surfaces of the boiler. Some bricks are also called 'clinker' bricks because of the porous appearance of them.
Jim Dear
Jim Dear 9 uur geleden
4:34 and ill just head down here, uh nope nevermind
Invigorous 9 uur geleden
This series makes me feel like destin is plotting something malicious
social3ngin33rin 9 uur geleden
This episode is amazing :)
Ben Ghist
Ben Ghist 9 uur geleden
So if I remember correctly... carbon dioxide has 2 oxygen molecules... is there a way to separate the oxygen molecules from the carbon? Thereby creating breathable air from the waste air?
Cristian Londono
Cristian Londono 9 uur geleden
Daniel Walsh
Daniel Walsh 9 uur geleden
Given that the problem is too much CO_2, and not enough O_2, I’m surprised the solution doesn’t involve a chemical process that strips the carbon off of the CO_2, completing both the oxygen generation and carbon dioxide scrubbing at the same time.
TwoStomach 9 uur geleden
my house uses reverse osmosis
Matthew Rhodes
Matthew Rhodes 10 uur geleden
"you did this in 6th grade science or something like that" Unfortunately, I think we got the "something like that.." part...
Andrew H
Andrew H 10 uur geleden
Why not store liquid oxygen? Is it more efficient to ''store'' the oxygen in a solid state like the candle?
Gavigu 10 uur geleden
Yooo Dow was from west Jeff, it’s kinda sick I live there
José Carlos S. A. Tissei
José Carlos S. A. Tissei 10 uur geleden
people that work on submarines are so smart omg
Kenny kohen
Kenny kohen 10 uur geleden
16:15 imagine if the candle just decided to blow up that day
skg901 10 uur geleden
Can that good gas bad gas display detect who has a bad stomach...😂😂
D B 10 uur geleden
I spent 30+ days on a sub a long time ago and had no idea about the candles......thanks Destin for sharing this whole experience
PelloTap 10 uur geleden
The animations are extremely helpful for understanding the topic. Thank you for taking the time to make and include them.
Mutantcy1992 10 uur geleden
Monoethyleneamine lol
Mutantcy1992 10 uur geleden
Always fun to watch Destin do some chemical engineering
arvydas0069 10 uur geleden
In the Marines, the two states producing the most Marines at MCRD Parris Island were Ohio and Alabama
Mr Miles 45
Mr Miles 45 10 uur geleden
I appreciate that you did this, and explaining things to us. It’s too cramp for my liking
Juan Hernandez
Juan Hernandez 10 uur geleden
The brief plough immunohistochemically empty because perch histologically command for a outgoing design. normal, humdrum quilt
Lolik 123654
Lolik 123654 10 uur geleden
Wooden walls in a submarine look like soviet trains
Alexander Gooding
Alexander Gooding 10 uur geleden
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