The Most Deadly Job in America -- And What Happens Next

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CGP Grey
CGP Grey 7 dagen geleden
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Zachary Blanchette
Zachary Blanchette Dag geleden
Glitch with Colorado's state flag: At 3:43 you can see the Colorado state flag skort. In the Colorado state flag, the red ring isn't complete, it makes a C with the yellow circle inside. It isn't supposed to encapsulate it. Love your work Grey
Caucasia Mapper
Caucasia Mapper Dag geleden
Grey you got 1 thing wrong its Garfield,Kennedy and Lincon
Dichtsau 3 dagen geleden
when you wrote this episode, have you been aware that 7 is the most-rolled number if you roll 2 six-sided dices...?
D MatLeo
D MatLeo 4 dagen geleden
Hello, make the next videos about the topics you said there is no time, pls. And grteat work, keep it up.
Chuck Davis
Chuck Davis 4 dagen geleden
B v
Aaron Speedy
Aaron Speedy 2 uur geleden
Ailsa Ni
Ailsa Ni 2 uur geleden
One slight correction: The President Pro Tem is the longest-serving senator of the *majority party", not necessarily the longest serving senator.
Abimanyu Putra
Abimanyu Putra 3 uur geleden
Thomas Adam Kirkman, former Secretary of HUD.
Liam Coyne
Liam Coyne 3 uur geleden
The Dep. of Agriculture forking tumbleweed killed me
Ailsa Ni
Ailsa Ni 2 uur geleden
Love the BSG reference at the end.
End My Suffering
End My Suffering 3 uur geleden
You kinda sound like the guy who reads those riddles on Ted-Ed
neur303 4 uur geleden
These examples always remind me that laws are just like software. This is legacy code not being refactored and ad hoc implementation.
MrGrumblier 4 uur geleden
4:20 This is the fate that awaits Biden should he win the presidency.
Hunter Goodin
Hunter Goodin 5 uur geleden
That bit about the and / or problem is why we need the Oxford comma
MacarniPol 7 uur geleden
It was just genious to finish this video making a mention to Laura Roselin as president
modus_ponens 8 uur geleden
0:55 Hahaa! Celestially colored dice and graph :D
Midnight_Shadows 11 uur geleden
I was about to comment "That actually happened in Battlestar Galactica when the Secretary of Education became acting president" then I saw the end screen and laughed. Lol
Airbus Pacifica
Airbus Pacifica 12 uur geleden
I'm sure Kiefer Sutherland will do a good job
Joel Mulder
Joel Mulder 12 uur geleden
That be a mighty good reference at the end!
Jazoray 13 uur geleden
🎵 i'd be elected on friday 🎵
TheSmithersy 13 uur geleden
You could easily just get the acting president appointed vice president. That would solve the bumping issue.
ClockworkOwl 15 uur geleden
Why does it sound more like card game rulings
Xexomaru 19 uur geleden
So many questions... Theres a pandemic ... YOU GOT THE TIME!!!!
Parnikkapore Prompt
Parnikkapore Prompt 20 uur geleden
7:15 I like how the department of agriculture is still getting rid of tumbleweed
TheCrashingToaster 21 uur geleden
Love the BSG reference at the end.
0math12345 21 uur geleden
I think the "bumping" clause refers to people who didn't die when the president did, but rather weren't able to serve as president when first called for some reason, such as being in a coma. If that were the case, new appointees would *not* usurp the presidency.
Star Scarred
Star Scarred 21 uur geleden
This is going to be my new game
Star Scarred
Star Scarred 21 uur geleden
If the word either was not there then it would be ambiguous....but I think the either sticks it with the ( VP ) + (one or the other)
Star Scarred
Star Scarred 21 uur geleden
I think Grey is as sick of things as most of us are...
Nj Njhjh
Nj Njhjh 22 uur geleden
TheDimensionist 23 uur geleden
3:35, 13 days, 13 hours, 30 mins, and 1 second passed from 21 days, If anyone knows if this is a reference or not, that would be great because it's been driving me crazy.
TheDimensionist 23 uur geleden
If you look up these numbers in order, it shows up as the product number for a nut. If that's the entire joke I will be kinda disappointed.
nieooj gotoy
nieooj gotoy 23 uur geleden
Everyone: Lincoln, Kennedy....? Grey: Garfield, McKinley Man's always on point.
WeeBigTristan Dag geleden
You should revisit voting systems and talk about more systems
David Baptiste
David Baptiste Dag geleden
Why does this feel like some polosi propaganda?
nieooj gotoy
nieooj gotoy 23 uur geleden
This is what kamala is going to do to biden
Rave.n Jyro Felix
Rave.n Jyro Felix Dag geleden
This video is basically: Assistant Manager vs. Assistant TO the Manager
zoompt 1975
zoompt 1975 Dag geleden
Wouldn't be better to have a military Junta instead?
macroevolve Dag geleden
So, theoretically my dead uncle could eventually become President?
artistwithouttalent Dag geleden
4:16 Interesting fact: it was Wilson's wife who told everyone this and until Woodrow went on publicity tours drumming up support for the League of Nations, hardly anybody knew if he was actually capable of performing the duties of president or indeed _still alive._ His advisors would tell Edith what was going down and she would decide what he needed to be kept abreast of and what could be delegated. Because of this, some historians argue that America's first female president was Edith Wilson.
Bryan Cheong
Bryan Cheong Dag geleden
Too complicated. Go back to monarchy. Easier succession plans.
joltman81 Dag geleden
I love the Laura Roslin shout out at the end!
micaelsilva Dag geleden
CGP really likes the “baker's dozen" concept
Boo Bah
Boo Bah Dag geleden
Probably mentioned somewhere in the 7200 comments before me, _but..._ The Department of War wasn't _renamed_ Defense, it was _replaced_ by Defense. Which is why the Secretary of Defense is pretty low in the succession.
mike force
mike force Dag geleden
the job is not deadly at all. it is simply that we tend to vote for pretty old people for POTUS, in the hopes they have a lifetime of wisdom. old people die.
Weatherwax usefull hints
Weatherwax usefull hints Dag geleden
Is this your official endorsement of Biden?
Weatherwax usefull hints
Weatherwax usefull hints Dag geleden
So you think Biden will win
Mads K Andersen
Mads K Andersen Dag geleden
This is the 3th time this was played to me by autoplay
Thomas Kinkade
Thomas Kinkade Dag geleden
Death looks so friendly!
dávid szilágyi
dávid szilágyi Dag geleden
CGP Grey:Changing people's life's since 2011
s1ubbe Dag geleden
This is what kamala is going to do to biden
Droman Kass
Droman Kass Dag geleden
After the VP became the 10th President, he didn't bother to appoint a new VP, and served out the rest of the term with that spot left vacant.
sicher nicht
sicher nicht Dag geleden
Isn't technically a SCOTUS appointment the most deadliest jobs in America, since they have a pretty near 100% death rate while in office? 🤔
Hariom Patidar
Hariom Patidar Dag geleden
Kisi Ko PART Time Ya Full Time Business Ki Jarurat Ho whtspp- 7024466101 mr.Hariom
Andrej Nawoj
Andrej Nawoj Dag geleden
9:30 Hitchcock reference?
David Taylor
David Taylor Dag geleden
I suppose the most practical solution to the "bumping" problem would be to make the first order of business to nominate a new VP.
flipity flop
flipity flop 2 dagen geleden
baby 'merica is cute
Hiedi101 2 dagen geleden
These videos are making me realize how much of a mess the government is and it’s concerning
DerpyPenguin 2 dagen geleden
colonial 1!
Dado DTK
Dado DTK 2 dagen geleden
Awesome video
annag cocl
annag cocl 2 dagen geleden
2:30 Looks at Russia "So, don't get any ideas." Looks at Acting President/VP "Also, don't YOU get any ideas. I'm still the President." XD That animation was perfect.
ghassan M
ghassan M 2 dagen geleden
Putin would be emperor
QSFrost 2 dagen geleden
i appreciate how the "roll a seven" is a catan reference
annag cocl
annag cocl 2 dagen geleden
Why does the Dpt of Veteran's Affairs has a metal pegleg? 🤔
sam 2 dagen geleden
vp to the advisors: "president sus"
Mariem Diay
Mariem Diay 2 dagen geleden
They should just make the military number 5
San Samman
San Samman 2 dagen geleden
There is no way 10 government people die at once right guys? I mean it must be impossible there no way something like that happens in 2020 of all years right?
Michael Wilkinson
Michael Wilkinson Dag geleden
There's a reason why all of the backup candidates are not allowed to be on the same place at the same time at once.
hi there
hi there 2 dagen geleden
wait,wait wait what happens if they all roll a 7
Maddox Lewis
Maddox Lewis 2 dagen geleden
The 28th amendment should be Section 1 "if anyone below the Secretary of State in the order of succession becomes acting president, he or she can appoint new acting Secretaries and a new acting Vice President while still remaining the Acting President. He/she also remains acting president when congress elects a new President Pro Tempore or Speaker of the House. After the original president's original term is up he/she gives up the powers and duties of the president to the new duly elected official and they take their original secretarial job back from the acting secretary." Section 2 "Congress will after 1 week of the acting president appointing an acting Vice and an acting secretary or secretaries vote on them. They become the acting official if a majority of both houses agree on it. Congress can pass laws regarding hearings. Hearings can be made before the 1 week period." Section 3 "The order of succession will be revised to put the Secretary of the Homeland Security below the Attorney General."
Tom Hubbard
Tom Hubbard 2 dagen geleden
Nice Battlestar reference btw.
Kamataros 2 dagen geleden
uhm.. wtf USA?
Mike Gao
Mike Gao 2 dagen geleden
What about the President's spouse?
Michael Abbott
Michael Abbott 2 dagen geleden
They had an empty title that no longer holds any value. They were never elected or chosen for any position of power so they would be a regular citizen
Trip Hoffman
Trip Hoffman 2 dagen geleden
Hey Grey! It’s not related to the video, but in STL, we have Proposition D on the ballot, which, if passed, will essentially change STL’s voting system to instant runoff
Lord Alzorn
Lord Alzorn 2 dagen geleden
Fun fact: if Joe wins, the VP's light coup is the plan Kamala Harris will enact in order to kick Joe out
Max The Character
Max The Character 2 dagen geleden
This reminds me of an end of the world movie. I think it was a zombie movie. But basically this chain of command is brought up, and guess what? Nearly every chain of command (president, vice president, the speaker, etc) have been taken by the virus. So a secretary (I think education or something) became the new president. If you have seen that movie, you can sense the despair in the air. The fact that the ladder ACTUALLY climbed all the way down to make that person president really brought concern to the people on Air Force One who survived. And it wasn't like they could go through any ceremony or an official swear-in. I think it was more like "hey, you survived. Congrats, you are the president despite the fact you were never prepared for this job, nor did you even want the job at all. But because everyone before you is dead, and probably those lower than you are dead too, now you are the president. But we're not gonna have any of those swear-in ceremony, so just take the office and the duties and uhhh...try not to die too. We think you are the last one." Edit: If you are familiar with this movie, please let me know.
Michael Wilkinson
Michael Wilkinson Dag geleden
Battlestar Galactica?
Trip Hoffman
Trip Hoffman 2 dagen geleden
Roughly 3:05 I want a show about this The president is clinically insane, but he still has the support of the people, so the Vice President, cabinet, and congress must band together to stop the country from going into chaos, all while the people are complaining from the inside and the ever-present threat of conflict with Iran/Russia/China/North Korea(take your pick) looms menacingly
Timo Paduraru
Timo Paduraru 2 dagen geleden
Can we add a new amendment banning clapping from the state of the union?
Jason DIAZ
Jason DIAZ 2 dagen geleden
The War Department is not the Department of Defense. The War Department was the Agency that managed the Army and later after 1906 the Militia and even later the National Guard. The Navy Department managed the Navy and the Marine Corp. The Department of the Army replaced the War Department.
Le Codex
Le Codex 2 dagen geleden
Why does the Dpt of Veteran's Affairs has a metal pegleg? 🤔
Jason DIAZ
Jason DIAZ 2 dagen geleden
I was at the VA the other day limping around and I was like damn my limp isn't so bad.
Simon May
Simon May 2 dagen geleden
7:47 how dare u insult Laura Roslin like that
Felix Wilfing
Felix Wilfing 2 dagen geleden
Haven't the members of the supreme court an even higher mortality rate. Owed to the fact that they leave office by resignation (rare), removal from office (never happened) or death, the mortality rate should be near 100 percent. Correct me if I'm wrong.
vliduu zeeb
vliduu zeeb 2 dagen geleden
That battle star reference has me rolling
Im Phanta
Im Phanta 2 dagen geleden
I am imagineing the secretarys pullling atraws about who has to stay in the bunker.
Im Phanta
Im Phanta 2 dagen geleden
@vliduu zeeb lul, thats nothing, imagine beeing pope.
vliduu zeeb
vliduu zeeb 2 dagen geleden
If you want to be technical, the deadliest job in america is a supreme court justice. 45 percent die serving rather than retire.
doctornick666 2 dagen geleden
What's the deal with Grey saying "inable" all the time? Does he mean enable or unable?
Peter Mogensen
Peter Mogensen 2 dagen geleden
I would have thought SCOTUS judge was the most deadly job.
Lucas Cook
Lucas Cook 2 dagen geleden
Video: ie: how Pelosi will remove Biden and replace him will kamala if they win
TheModer8ter 2 dagen geleden
Jesus says in John 6:47 "verily, verily I say unto you, he that believes in me has everlasting life." Jesus of Nazareth, who was God in the flesh of a man, died for the remission of sin, including yours, was buried, and rose form the dead 3 days later. If you simply believe in this to apply to you and trust Jesus to save you from hell then you have everlasting life in heaven.
Dichtsau 3 dagen geleden
when you wrote this episode, have you been aware that 7 is the most-rolled number if you roll 2 six-sided dices...?
Henry G.
Henry G. 3 dagen geleden
driveman 3 dagen geleden
Under the "Bumping" scenario......someone who works at DMV could become president?
Munich FX
Munich FX 3 dagen geleden
Did you know tumbleweed actually sucks?
LUNAR BLOODDROP 3 dagen geleden
that one guy sitting in armored corner
misolou fout
misolou fout 3 dagen geleden
"that's a funny thing to mention now, I'm sure it won't matter later" "that's a story for another time"
Evil 3 dagen geleden
Did you get to reference every previous video in this one?
Muhamad Hamdy
Muhamad Hamdy 3 dagen geleden
Frankly I never got this whole "interpretation problem".....I mean wasn't there anyone who wrote the discussions? Anyone from the lawmakers themselves who wrote/ spoke clearly about it and its intent????? Because otherwise this really gives the impression lawmakers are a bunch of incompetent idiots
Michael Wilkinson
Michael Wilkinson Dag geleden
@Muhamad Hamdy It's mainly because laws are meant to be long-term, and it's hard for present lawmakers to predict the future. That's why most laws are written to be vague, so that future generations can interpret these laws the "Right" way.
Muhamad Hamdy
Muhamad Hamdy 3 dagen geleden
@Connor Schultz Let's pass a law with vague text that can be interpreted in many different ways, sounds like a good idea. That makes them even dumber
Connor Schultz
Connor Schultz 3 dagen geleden
More like, they couldn't agree on how it should work, so they 'agreed' to keep it vage (the controversial parts were made vage to get the votes needed to pass)
insultobot 3 dagen geleden
My CGP Grey t-shirt is getting faded.... Where is the official merch store?
misolou fout
misolou fout 3 dagen geleden
What happened to subtitles? :( Those are really important to me due to my hearing impairment..
inakedsnakei 3 dagen geleden
If you want to be technical, the deadliest job in america is a supreme court justice. 45 percent die serving rather than retire.
Ole Tim Herr
Ole Tim Herr Dag geleden
@Ranglix97 yup scaled to per person, per lifespan
An Geese
An Geese Dag geleden
No I think being a student is the most dangerous job in America.
naejin Dag geleden
@Ranglix97 I'm also not sure about that, but once I die, I'll get back to you with an answer.
Ranglix97 2 dagen geleden
@Ole Tim Herr Are you sure about that?
Ole Tim Herr
Ole Tim Herr 2 dagen geleden
@Nomoturtle everyone has a mortality rate of 100%
calen durr
calen durr 3 dagen geleden
That battle star reference has me rolling
Destiny Idlette
Destiny Idlette 3 dagen geleden
There’s actually a show about that exact premise, where the secretary of Urban Development became president. Unironically called Designated Survivor. Before they pilot, I had no idea that I should wonder what would happen if they blew up the Senate building during the State of the Union.
spacewater7 3 dagen geleden
.' there really isn't time. ' 'welcome to the twilight zone'.
humanhiveanomaly 3 dagen geleden
@7:07 lolled, tap that land!
Mine! 3 dagen geleden
I like your funny words
HawkShark 3 dagen geleden
I love the Secretary/President Roslin reference at the end! Even the papers are in the BSG Colonial style.
illitero 3 dagen geleden
I always thought it was funny how books and papers in battlestar galactica didn't have corners. Why don't they have corners? Were corners deemed dangerous? Did they know that by mandating all corners be removed that they're literally DOUBLING the amount of corners?
Owen 3 dagen geleden
even in the battlestar universe and on a spaceship there are damn tumbleweeds
Owen 3 dagen geleden
for those who may care as well the survivor count is the first time a baby is born and it goes up one
THE_KRAKEN 3 dagen geleden
Have you started playing D&D? I’ve noticed the references increasing.
Yale Even
Yale Even 3 dagen geleden
Yale Even
Yale Even 3 dagen geleden
Raven's Mill
Raven's Mill 3 dagen geleden
Love the BSG reference at the end there!
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