Zack Experiences The Captain’s Wrath | Deadliest Catch

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After an extremely tense situation, captain Bill has to reprimand his son Zack for not acting like a good engineer.
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Mummy Napkin
Mummy Napkin 2 dagen geleden
3:33 that was fucking DANGEROUS holly shit man wtfff
Mekaneck81 18 dagen geleden
Holy Shit...I knew how Zack must be feels in this moment 😪 I Worked once with my Dad for a couple of Years together and he was my "boss" too and is was a hard time for me! I always tried my best, but he gives me the feeling that it is not enough. It's a very complicated Situation! When your Boss is just a dude who you give a Fuck about its easy too leave that Son of a bitch, but when it's your is a fucked up Situation
Fulhamboy1981 H
Fulhamboy1981 H Maand geleden
Can’t stand the fella 🤨
Paulo Garcia
Paulo Garcia Maand geleden
Zack is calm and collected. Nick is a Rogue firework. I fucken Love it.
Sam Dunes
Sam Dunes Maand geleden
Maybe Zack just wants to do something else with his life other than fishing for crabs
jay sample
jay sample 21 dag geleden
No one is stopping him. He just wants to get handed the reigns. He wants to be sitting on his ass in that wheel house. Thats what he wants. But he doesn't wanna work hard for it. He wants it just given to him.
Raymond Turner
Raymond Turner Maand geleden
If he doesn't want to be on the boat he shouldn't be there wasting everyone's time.
Darkness God
Darkness God Maand geleden
Wild Bill is just being fair. He’s not picking favorites etc. as a Captain. Sure he loves his son to death no doubt. But it’s professional first then family. Can’t put family before work. It doesn’t work like that. Do that and you’re fucked literally.
Nicky D
Nicky D 2 maanden geleden
way to disown your kid the caption has anger issues bad
THATGUYDILLAN 26 dagen geleden
He almost sunk the boat so he has every right to yell at him
Matt Martinesi
Matt Martinesi 27 dagen geleden
bruh the boat was gonna sink.....
Raymond Turner
Raymond Turner Maand geleden
Pussy Nick.
Matt Allen
Matt Allen Maand geleden
@Robert La Moy stfu you pansy bitch, you must wear panties too huh?
Robert La Moy
Robert La Moy Maand geleden
Nick is a back stabbing S.O.B. and Bill is a P.O.S. to treat his son the way he does...
official sbrMILITIA
official sbrMILITIA 2 maanden geleden
Bill is a trash father.
Luvliv Own
Luvliv Own 2 maanden geleden
Zack sure did take after his Mom. He turned out to be one disrespectful pussy ass bitch.
Xeric 3 maanden geleden
Bill is a savage! That’s got to be the most subtle disowning i’ve ever seen!
jay sample
jay sample 21 dag geleden
No thats a dad doing a good job at trying to teach his son who acts like a girl to be a man.
Man-Bag Dammit
Man-Bag Dammit Maand geleden
Well its got to be a bit of a piss off when you put your kid into a position of great responsibility probably at the expense of harder working deckhands and he fluffs his way through it or doesnt do it at all. Captain is dead right in this case. Lives are at stake.
Sam Dunes
Sam Dunes Maand geleden
Thats why hes called wild bill
Tisha McDonald
Tisha McDonald 2 maanden geleden
Yeah Zach’s the ONLY one he can’t tell to forget his name as Capt Bill has done with everyone he’s fired lol. “Forget you know me. Never mention my name” is the Wild Bill way.
Mr Blue
Mr Blue 3 maanden geleden
Captain Wild Bill is the last best captain.
official sbrMILITIA
official sbrMILITIA 5 maanden geleden
Wild Bill is a good captain but he is a shit father. Some of us would give the world to talk to our fathers one last time. He wasn’t there for his son when he grew up. Trash dad.
THECOMMENTMASTER 7 5 maanden geleden
Captain Bill= the Gordon Ramsay of Deadliest Catch Captains
Nicky D
Nicky D 2 maanden geleden
Corey Davis
Corey Davis 7 maanden geleden
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israel5535 active
israel5535 active 7 maanden geleden
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Benjamin berry
Benjamin berry 7 maanden geleden
Wild Bill don’t fu#kin play man 💯 good dude though.
Wild Bill Gets on Deck | Deadliest Catch
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Well that was very weird lol
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