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Blue & Grey · BTS (방탄소년단)
Released on: 2020-11-20
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Vilena_ Krays
Vilena_ Krays Uur geleden
Русские здесь?
Ghina Fairuz
Ghina Fairuz Uur geleden
Ready to 10 million let's gooo
Efi Gapun
Efi Gapun Uur geleden
_Sofushi Chan_
_Sofushi Chan_ Uur geleden
такая волшебная песня, очень красивая
shirly tatiana lozano rivera
shirly tatiana lozano rivera Uur geleden
Me encanta
Ayu Yuningsih
Ayu Yuningsih Uur geleden
Maya A
Maya A Uur geleden
This is such a beautiful song. Help i'm not even an army but the day KTH1 is out I will totally buy it. His voice, his musical style and every song he works on are masterpieces. :)
TurboX Uur geleden
How much is the album?
Athira Biju
Athira Biju Uur geleden
This song really gives us a hope and I am sure that it can be only given by them and received by us 🌝 BTS FOREVER 💜 WE'LL ALWAYS BE WITH U ..........
BTSTXT FAM Uur geleden
10m let's go
Joel Ilustrisimo
Joel Ilustrisimo Uur geleden
Taehyung should still release this track in his mixtape, but he should release the original version. This is my favorite track in the album. Taetae is really talented, he produced this masterpiece.
Kari G
Kari G Uur geleden
hermosa canción la esperé mucho..
Lita fatma
Lita fatma Uur geleden
Blue and grey :'), soooo nice song
Maleny Cocom
Maleny Cocom Uur geleden
recen armys por bts para que bts los nominen en los gramys
Tae Stan
Tae Stan Uur geleden
V's voice is completely perfect
Nur Hazirah
Nur Hazirah Uur geleden
every day, every hours, every minutes, every seconds this song will always be one of my fav
• Ríllary •
• Ríllary • Uur geleden
eu amo tanto eles .....
Yssa Castro
Yssa Castro Uur geleden
This is by far my favorite. Ohh my V.
Lulu Uur geleden
V’s voice and contribution to this song is out of this world😭💜💜more like heaven’s speaking
jhoselin guevara salvador
jhoselin guevara salvador Uur geleden
TAEHYUNG His voice is out of this world
Theja Uur geleden
tae is the most comforting person ever :(
Lulu Uur geleden
this song is remedy yet feels nostalgic, sad and hugging💜💜purple you BTS
Chim Chim
Chim Chim Uur geleden
No comment
Maria Ines Garay Aquino
Maria Ines Garay Aquino Uur geleden
Soft estoy
Alexandra vanny
Alexandra vanny Uur geleden
kim yuri
kim yuri Uur geleden
Luna Uur geleden
I want to give them the entire universe T^T
kim yuri
kim yuri Uur geleden
Wes D
Wes D Uur geleden
This song is wild life approved. Listening to Blue & Grey on my back porch...then came the curious squirrels and doves. Yah, we're all in this life together.
The Gorgeous Jinx
The Gorgeous Jinx Uur geleden
Tae 💜
Hanna-chan Uur geleden
its trending 11 in malaysia!!!! it's rare for audio to go trending
peishen tzeng
peishen tzeng Uur geleden
Irma Liliyani
Irma Liliyani Uur geleden
Beautiful songs, with Beautiful lyrics, Beautiful music and Beautiful voices, I can't stop listening to them..
NINA Uur geleden
taehyung world domination
Dasha Mironova
Dasha Mironova Uur geleden
*У кого есть в имени буква А ставьте лайк* ах и да оцените мое творение с музыкой* -
mariana isidora
mariana isidora Uur geleden
love this song
The Gorgeous Jinx
The Gorgeous Jinx 2 uur geleden
Jin's voice 💜
Wish Media
Wish Media 2 uur geleden
Auto generated by Heart..
Elii Kim
Elii Kim 2 uur geleden
I'm cryyyy ㅠㅠ
Marilyn 2 uur geleden
So good
ʕ•ᴥ•ʔノ 2 uur geleden
[Sorry that this is long, it’s just that this song really affected me and with the anonymity of yt I felt like saying this out loud just this once. ] I have felt like absolute shit for a long while. Like in the back of my head I always knew something wasn’t quite right, because of some dark childhood events I deduced probably took more of a toll on me than I originally thought, but I was always able to distract myself with events or school while growing up, etc. so I wouldn’t really have to dwell on that uncomfortable feeling. It’s been almost 3 years now that I haven’t spoken to any of my friends or even hung out with anybody in general ( besides my family ) and I had to take a break from college this year in the fall because I had an episode in the shower during spring semester when my brain was telling me to kill myself. It was so random because I wasn’t even thinking anything even remotely sad at the time. I was stressed about finals and simply washing my hair when this voice all of a sudden starts telling me I have to kill myself over and over. I got so horrified hearing this so clearly that I jumped out of the shower, knelt down, squeezed my eyes, and covered my ears with my hands ( kind of dumb now that I think about it since that really wasn’t gonna help anyways ). 10 long minutes I’m being told to end my life and then the voice stops. It just really scared the shit out of me. I’m the first person in my family to go to college and I want to make them proud. I want to be able to support them with this college degree I’m working for. I don’t want them worrying that something’s up with me when they have so many other things to worry about financially. And I don’t wanna bring up old scars when they’re all so content and happy right now despite being short on money. When we’re together we joke and we laugh and we smile and I want to keep it that way. I don’t think I’m doing that bad. I’m not physically harming myself or anything like that and I do eventually get out of bed every now and then. I’m able to semi-function pretty well. And if I have to attend social gatherings I can socialize pretty well. But it just feels so half assed sometimes. Sometimes I genuinely am having fun and enjoying myself, and then sometimes I’m just doing it just to do it. I don’t really know how to explain it. I’ve been an army since 2014 and BTS has always been my little happy escape. You know like when the real world gets bad you can just go on social media and see their smiling faces showing us what their new choreography is, what they ate, or what new shenanigans they’ve gotten up to next. I’ve seen them struggle through multiple tribulations and rise against the odds, both big and small. I have cherished every song they’ve made and every time they release something new I always claim it as my favorite ( but as it is with BTS you can never just have one favorite song lmao ). I had a list of songs that I was sure represented me to the fullest and was confident that these would be my favorite for all-time.....but then here came Blue & Grey. Oh boy. I have never teared up so fast in my life. I hadn’t even read the lyrics yet at that point and I’d already felt so strange, a slight tingle just thrumming through me. And then I read the words to the song and they just stared at me, all bare and raw and direct. I’m glad I was alone at the time because I just completely just broke down. Crying ‘till my eyes were swollen and I just sat there bawling for about an hour. Because in all honesty I never really deeply thought about why I felt so vacant in a sense. I knew I felt slightly off and I KNEW if I were to really analyze why I felt like that I wasn’t gonna like it. “I just wanna be happier.”
Erma Alfionita
Erma Alfionita 2 uur geleden
Blue & grey it's masterpiece
Girl With luv
Girl With luv 2 uur geleden
Rm is super talented and hardworking *RM oppa deserve the best*
monomo 2 uur geleden
chilles, every time
Jezaniah Erin Fernando
Jezaniah Erin Fernando 2 uur geleden
love to listen to this song when it's 12am 🌌🥺💜
Girl With luv
Girl With luv 2 uur geleden
*Boy With luv*
Girl With luv
Girl With luv 2 uur geleden
*Jimin and V together sound as Heavean* *Jin and jungkook sound as Angels* good work vocal line.
Danna Saenz
Danna Saenz 2 uur geleden
Porque hay dislike
Shirley Sanchez
Shirley Sanchez 2 uur geleden
Taehyung I dedicate this song to you, I promise that I will arrive very soon, I love you from: Ss To: v, yeontan
Reeta Singh
Reeta Singh 2 uur geleden
When you are stuck to a song , beacause you can realate so much❤💔
Girl With luv
Girl With luv 2 uur geleden
is it just me? or *SOPE* sound so similar in this. i didnt recognised at first if it was Jhope or Suga. even tho they both have different voices but *i think thier lower Voice Sound similar*
Oriana Weber
Oriana Weber 2 uur geleden
i normally don't like bts but my friend recommended this album and this song and the song dynamite has change my mind.
Mian 2 uur geleden
i love this music so much omg
bangtan7army 2 uur geleden
Jungkookie you're medicine for me and also your six hyung
Azizah Arief
Azizah Arief 2 uur geleden
Someone come and save me, please.... this make me cry
jana tupe
jana tupe 2 uur geleden
معاكم واحده مكانتش تعرف ان الاغنيه نزلت اصلا وعرفت من الفيس👽💔
Viel Mcrhyz P. Garcia
Viel Mcrhyz P. Garcia 2 uur geleden
PKAAYUS . EDU 2 uur geleden
Omg 🙊🙊💖🥰🥰😍🤩
Olonia Araujo Cáceres
Olonia Araujo Cáceres 2 uur geleden
Ansiedad ♡♡
Olonia Araujo Cáceres
Olonia Araujo Cáceres 2 uur geleden
Olonia Araujo Cáceres
Olonia Araujo Cáceres 2 uur geleden
Olonia Araujo Cáceres
Olonia Araujo Cáceres 2 uur geleden
Mi vida ya es gris
Olonia Araujo Cáceres
Olonia Araujo Cáceres 2 uur geleden
Where are my angel?
Nazwa Zn
Nazwa Zn 2 uur geleden
I hope people are aware of Taehyung's talent, not just his visuals, he has more than that.
Keylay Zapata.g
Keylay Zapata.g 2 uur geleden
💜💜💜💜💜💜Hermosa melodía 💜😭
Basket 2 uur geleden
So want an MV on this song so that I can see the emotions in taehyung's voice displayed on his face and in his eyes
Brichu Monteros
Brichu Monteros 2 uur geleden
Ruth Sdt
Ruth Sdt 2 uur geleden
💔 this song so hard
Swati Maan
Swati Maan 2 uur geleden
Waiting for the song's MV💜💜💜💜
inan ria
inan ria 2 uur geleden
bell hyung
bell hyung 2 uur geleden
taehyung voice at this part is so comforting and healing 3:10
maryem ebaba
maryem ebaba 2 uur geleden
amazing 💙💙💙
Basket 2 uur geleden
In love with this song
Vincent Van gogh
Vincent Van gogh 2 uur geleden
Just look me because i'm blue&grey I don't happy and don't sad I'm just blue& grey
lilbich 7
lilbich 7 2 uur geleden
This is so special song..
prapri988 2 uur geleden
I dont know why "i just wanna be happier" breaks my heart :"
Heaven's Light
Heaven's Light 2 uur geleden
This song is more meaningful when you know the owner of the story in this song. Yes. It's about him. It's about Kim Taehyung..
Paloma del Mar Román Dávila
Paloma del Mar Román Dávila 2 uur geleden
This is one of my favorite songs in the album. ❤️ I feel so touch and can relate so much with what they are singing
Laura Rosales
Laura Rosales 2 uur geleden
Está canción es realmente hermosa
rifkia saputri
rifkia saputri 2 uur geleden
Gak tau, suka banget sama lagu ini :(
Jimins biggest Toe
Jimins biggest Toe 2 uur geleden
katherine tatiana Jacinto Sigueñas
katherine tatiana Jacinto Sigueñas 2 uur geleden
No hay ningun comentario en español ... LIke si tampoco lo vez
Mirella Chavez
Mirella Chavez 2 uur geleden
Esto es hermoso, arte💗
annie 2 uur geleden
i have social anxiety...bts helps me a lot..
hera cataleya nuyda
hera cataleya nuyda 2 uur geleden
I love everything about him, imperfections and all...
Fatima Nasir
Fatima Nasir 2 uur geleden
ddloveable 2 uur geleden
Taehyung is really a talented human being, and I'm so glad that more people are getting to know that. He isn't just a handsome man, but his voice it's beautiful, his personality it's amazing, he's humble, he's hard working, lovely, has pure feelings... He's deserves the world ❤︎
mila han
mila han 2 uur geleden
NORA Army 2 uur geleden
Arab Army Love BTS💜🥺 جمهوركم العربي يحبكم كثيراً💜✨✨
NORA Army 2 uur geleden
Arab Army Love U guys♥️🥺
Buket Çulhan
Buket Çulhan 2 uur geleden
3:17 Is Jin crying?
NORA Army 2 uur geleden
الأغنية مؤثرة بشكل كبير😿♥️
yassi marj
yassi marj 2 uur geleden
my new lullaby song 💜💜
NORA Army 2 uur geleden
الأغنية مؤثرة جداً♥️جمال لا يوصف أبداً 😢♥️
Mikyung Han
Mikyung Han 2 uur geleden
이 노래 방탄한테 넘나 잘 어울리네~ 보컬, 랩 다 듣기 편하고 좋다 노래가 진짜 너무 좋아서 계속 듣게 돼 태형이 재능은 어디까지니? 재능만 아니겠지 엄청 노력했을거야 지금까지 늘 한결같이 노력하고 성장하고 그러면서도 겸손하고 사랑스런 태형이, 정말 고마워 사랑해 응원해!!!
imelda fajriya
imelda fajriya 2 uur geleden
Dengerin ini sambil liat ujan lewat jendela kamar, sungguh healing time
rifkia saputri
rifkia saputri 2 uur geleden
Same hyung :(
yo a
yo a 2 uur geleden
Geisiane Alves
Geisiane Alves 2 uur geleden
sou apaixonada no quanto essa música traz paz
Nurul Wijaya
Nurul Wijaya 2 uur geleden
Lately every time I open the internet ... whatever it is ... other than about my idol especially TAE... I always focus on looking for about Blue and so muchoooo I hope this song will be the next MV of BE
Stephanie army
Stephanie army 2 uur geleden
Wow wow wow wow wowwww
taesbae 2 uur geleden
my favorite after life goes on. this song is really me.
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