Skengdo x AM x Lil Rass x BM x Mini x Rack5 x TY x Mskum - Plugged In W/Fumez The Engineer

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Beat Composer - Jester
Production Manager - MichieTaylorss

Sponsored by Hoodrich -
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R1 45 minuten geleden
Are these man sponsored by hoodrich?
R1 8 minuten geleden
@#THE CEO# • 678 years ago ohh ohh didn’t even see my bad
#THE CEO# • 678 years ago
#THE CEO# • 678 years ago 18 minuten geleden
Yes read the description
Ralficito 3 uur geleden
Reneilwe Matlawa
Reneilwe Matlawa 6 uur geleden
Cant lack like aj it’s a mayday if I let that rise
Daif Mugisha
Daif Mugisha 6 uur geleden
1:07 this part is🔥
Lyric Harris
Lyric Harris 8 uur geleden
double 1 is 2
TUMBALO IVAN 9 uur geleden
16 11 uur geleden
who’s the one who went 2nd wit the glasses
Hqllqw 12 uur geleden
2:01 goes off jus listen to his bar
Acz R
Acz R 13 uur geleden
Hi everyone please show me some love and subscribe to me thank you 😊
Maz #O8
Maz #O8 15 uur geleden
This beat is nasty🤮🔥🔥🔥
wasim abbas
wasim abbas 17 uur geleden
Max Mcauley
Max Mcauley 17 uur geleden
This is a just 🔥🔥🔥🔥
BB4L Official
BB4L Official 23 uur geleden
jokemann Dag geleden
hoodrich got a mad promo😭
A Youtube Story
A Youtube Story Dag geleden
UK rap : say man 200 times
ogsauder Dag geleden
0:54 men nice voice
SR Anastasio
SR Anastasio Dag geleden
what's the name of the minute rapper 1:22
Jan Abraham
Jan Abraham 14 uur geleden
Goonerboyz 2301
Goonerboyz 2301 Dag geleden
It’s like a hoodrich sponsored video everyone’s wearing it 😂
Pyskon FN
Pyskon FN Dag geleden
Proud of BM🇦🇱
DESTRUXION Dag geleden
" i dont care how long it takes someones gonna end up in a insta bio" all i gotta say is god diggity damn
Natasha Keen
Natasha Keen Dag geleden
You are the best
LUM!X Music
LUM!X Music Dag geleden
1:21 this guy is the best
AKALI IS HOT NGL Dag geleden
i dying EVERYTIME iam hearing mini
Evooo Dag geleden
he said "in a polo switch it to the Volvo they see our face and they keep it go go" this heat
Craig Potter
Craig Potter Dag geleden
Ta tha BONE TUNE 🎱🎱🎱🎱🚷💯
Alexander Diego H. Fajal
Alexander Diego H. Fajal Dag geleden
Whats the name on spotify
Wyatt Rawson
Wyatt Rawson 2 dagen geleden
AM is so coldddd 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️
Birdbox 2 dagen geleden
yoo mini and bm killed that broooo
Enis T
Enis T 2 dagen geleden
Chris Brown
Chris Brown 2 dagen geleden
Rack5 pulled up inda ride so me and JSav hopped in for da glide
JustPepto 2 dagen geleden
1:06 was the best part
Ege 2 dagen geleden
Is this on spotify because I can't find it
mohamed abdi
mohamed abdi 2 dagen geleden
don’t care how long it take someone ending up on Instagram bio 🔥
the gamer
the gamer 2 dagen geleden
The Albanians killed it
Mafioso 2 dagen geleden
Mini is fire bro
Alexander Diego H. Fajal
Alexander Diego H. Fajal 2 dagen geleden
Is this on Spotify ?
Anaspirateur 7th
Anaspirateur 7th Dag geleden
@Alexander Diego H. Fajal man it’s literally the title of the video make ur brain work
Alexander Diego H. Fajal
Alexander Diego H. Fajal Dag geleden
Anaspirateur 7th
Anaspirateur 7th 2 dagen geleden
go see by yourself
yellow ketchup
yellow ketchup 2 dagen geleden
0:27 is fire. I get called up when they need that gun men____________😈
Craig Potter
Craig Potter 2 dagen geleden
Jokes with the 7 . 8 😜😜😜🎱
Ghoulz 2 dagen geleden
2:44 All their heads nodding like pigeons 🤣
haku 10 uur geleden
Andy Mmss
Andy Mmss 2 dagen geleden
When look through the window they ain't even their it's jus fumez liqqel head 😂
Kirean small
Kirean small 2 dagen geleden
1:35 that’s it it’s game over I stopped after there how can he say that 999 it’s emergency 😂😂
Dominik Zuk
Dominik Zuk 2 dagen geleden
Me: mom can we have Abra cadabra Mom: we have at home Abracadabra from wish at home:
Layton Barker
Layton Barker 2 dagen geleden
Lewis Jones
Lewis Jones 3 dagen geleden
BM and Mini have so much chemistry, they even share their verses
Onezzzy Uur geleden
like father, like son.
bradley yt
bradley yt 18 uur geleden
Burhan Ahmed
Burhan Ahmed 22 uur geleden
Xhulio Ismaili
Xhulio Ismaili 3 dagen geleden
dont fuck with albanianz 🇦🇱🇦🇱👑💪🏻
Francesco Vagnone
Francesco Vagnone 3 dagen geleden
"Triple 9 it's an emergency, civilians screaming out stay with me" That hurt
Shane Lyons
Shane Lyons 3 dagen geleden
Dezzie got hit with that 9mm beretta.
MAYBACH MUSIC 3 dagen geleden
KKMusic 3 dagen geleden
Walkz looks like a happy auntie 🤣🤣
vBeale Studio
vBeale Studio 3 dagen geleden
Doing 🇬🇧 proud brrrrrrr gunmen
Blade 3 dagen geleden
Skengdo Bm and mini had some of the best bars
Seamus Hulme
Seamus Hulme 3 dagen geleden
One of them didn’t even say enything
Shane Lyons
Shane Lyons 3 dagen geleden
Nice one Sherlock.
John Wick
John Wick 3 dagen geleden
Tpl walked on this beat 🔥🔥🔥
Ali Strenxee
Ali Strenxee 3 dagen geleden
The best one was BM and mini
epne maka
epne maka 3 dagen geleden
the look on fumez face when it he asked "what you rate the mix tho ?" XD 4:45
Arijan Bajrami
Arijan Bajrami 3 dagen geleden
is this in spotify???
Ionuț Hatiegan
Ionuț Hatiegan 4 dagen geleden
mc Morrison
mc Morrison 4 dagen geleden
is it just me but why tf is mini white
ヅҜ卂丂卄ㄚㄚヅふ 4 dagen geleden
Studio packed out Jeez 😂😂
Andy Martinez
Andy Martinez 4 dagen geleden
Beat drops harder then my grandma fall
Isaac Eugene
Isaac Eugene 18 uur geleden
Brooo 😭😭😭
Andy Martinez
Andy Martinez 4 dagen geleden
Best part 00:26
Shane Lyons
Shane Lyons 3 dagen geleden
Sorry aarrdd
Yxng Zed!
Yxng Zed! 4 dagen geleden
Triple 9 it’s an emergency Civilians screaming out stay with me Woooooo
ukdrill hub
ukdrill hub 4 dagen geleden
Jason Rodriguez
Jason Rodriguez 4 dagen geleden
What's this called or is it just a freestyle
SirSimonBeats 4 dagen geleden
Why this not on Spotify?
قبل 5 سنوات
قبل 5 سنوات 4 dagen geleden
قبل 10 سنوات
Buff Jade Ed Boon
Buff Jade Ed Boon 4 dagen geleden
i feel bad for the ppl that didn't find this video
Reqzii 4 dagen geleden
3:16 look at everyone single persons face
Shane Lyons
Shane Lyons 2 dagen geleden
@Rz-b17 ik
Rz-b17 2 dagen geleden
@Shane Lyons he was talkin abt teewiz
Rz-b17 2 dagen geleden
@Shane Lyons true
Shane Lyons
Shane Lyons 3 dagen geleden
@Rz-b17 only walkz clocked who he was talking about
Shane Lyons
Shane Lyons 3 dagen geleden
@Rz-b17 he didn’t say anything I’ve heard the uncensored he didn’t say nothing.
Jonathan Maddali
Jonathan Maddali 4 dagen geleden
this is 1 of the coldest freestles ever
Eat My Mushroom
Eat My Mushroom 4 dagen geleden
I got an 6ix9ine runner thingy before this vid
Ilirian_ ALB
Ilirian_ ALB 5 dagen geleden
Albo’s smoked this🇦🇱🔥
Some Time
Some Time 5 dagen geleden
Brutal drill🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶
SynX Ace
SynX Ace 5 dagen geleden
Leard Xharavina
Leard Xharavina 5 dagen geleden
Where are all my ALBOZ ?
Jay Budz
Jay Budz 5 dagen geleden
No one: Hoodrich:so I heard you like product placement
Ben Mallon
Ben Mallon 5 dagen geleden
Nofelia Guterres
Nofelia Guterres 5 dagen geleden
The beat is really cold🥶🥶🥶
Jegan Jegan
Jegan Jegan 5 dagen geleden
Bm is too different wid it
Erin Moss
Erin Moss 5 dagen geleden
What did yall think of the finale
Dntgetgurkd 5 dagen geleden
Denz and Renz in the cut????💯
Justin Hendrickson
Justin Hendrickson 5 dagen geleden
bm carried
Jay Gettel
Jay Gettel 5 dagen geleden
Why have I become so down with uk drill as an American shit just goes hard.
Ctf Anthony
Ctf Anthony 5 dagen geleden
This the best plugged in not A92
Joseph Berwari
Joseph Berwari 5 dagen geleden
Kurdish ❤️🥇
Boxyl 5 dagen geleden
G lad aka hood boy it was eshay opp boy
chiheb klai
chiheb klai 5 dagen geleden
a lot of fuckin' energy i ove daaaaaaa
Chris 5 dagen geleden
Why isnt thIs on Spotify?
Krism 5 dagen geleden
Ty 5 dagen geleden
tweek tweek
tweek tweek 5 dagen geleden
Nobody: Jojo realised bm dissed him in front of everyone and they all gassed
Dezzie's Right Kidney
Dezzie's Right Kidney 2 dagen geleden
@Blade wyoab he said he rates it
Blade 3 dagen geleden
@Trix bm did .....
Trix 4 dagen geleden
R8 it
Jonathan Barhakomerwa Ganywa-Mulume Fabou
Jonathan Barhakomerwa Ganywa-Mulume Fabou 5 dagen geleden
410 crash 💥
gumpy4699 5 dagen geleden
Why isn’t this on spotify
unkowonldn unkowonidn
unkowonldn unkowonidn 6 dagen geleden
do zone 2 x NR
8D SRBIJA 6 dagen geleden
Im Done...................................
anto nio
anto nio 6 dagen geleden
the beginning looked like a gta heist intro
danger dummy
danger dummy 6 dagen geleden
Jordan ?
Ethan AdamscnjlkulkjhhhjojfsaawxxsZdghjkffddqzsdg
Ethan AdamscnjlkulkjhhhjojfsaawxxsZdghjkffddqzsdg 6 dagen geleden
BM x Mini has probably the best part 🤩😭
Lior Wanda
Lior Wanda 6 dagen geleden
Green mask have voice like jaden smith
Paul Jacobs
Paul Jacobs 6 dagen geleden
1:07 1:22 😅😂 killed it hard
Liam Huntr
Liam Huntr 6 dagen geleden
Cold still
MY XBOX CLIPS 6 dagen geleden
Skengdo ruined it cl
PY trapz
PY trapz 6 dagen geleden
nah bro
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