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Steve Adams
Steve Adams 9 uur geleden
Just out of curiosity why do you drive in the "passing or for Yankees the left lane"?
Smart Ass
Smart Ass 4 dagen geleden
Do you have an update on Nicki yet on how well her treatments went? I hope she is doing well now. Would like to see more of her in your videos.
Cory Boyd
Cory Boyd 4 dagen geleden
Why no seat belts?
Larry Epstein
Larry Epstein 5 dagen geleden
I just started watching your channel but I now subscribe and glad to be able to watch your videos. Thank you for the videos and hope you all are doing well
Bradford Bacon
Bradford Bacon 5 dagen geleden
Nicole our family prayers are with you and Chett. Prayers work. from a former MN farm family now from Arizona.
Robert Desrocher
Robert Desrocher 12 dagen geleden
No babies for you guys,,,
Chad Rotvold
Chad Rotvold 15 dagen geleden
Hi Nicole hope the prayers are up lifting you
Invisable Soul
Invisable Soul 18 dagen geleden
cntsles fabrication
cntsles fabrication 18 dagen geleden
I could have shown you a awesome time in Vegas born and raised here
Dan Shepler
Dan Shepler 23 dagen geleden
Saw this when posted but, had to come back and watch again so I could see BOTH of you together. Miss seeing the little lady so much. Pray for your families daily.
Branden Harter
Branden Harter Maand geleden
Nikki your are in my prayers.
Branden Harter
Branden Harter Maand geleden
Why is your truck so bad on fuel. My truck normally runs at 20mpg
Nick Zegarski
Nick Zegarski Maand geleden
skunk smell coming from the neighbors lmao they smoking that devils lettuce 🤣🤣
Nick Zegarski
Nick Zegarski Maand geleden
sending prayers your way!🙏🏻
Thomas George
Thomas George Maand geleden
Ok can someone please explain. What’s wrong why does she need treatment. I’m new to the channel so I don’t know can someone please explain
Robert Hillyer
Robert Hillyer Maand geleden
Nicole, please do your own homework on this information. To regulate your body's PH , Coral Calcium from Okinawa Japan. When your body levels are at 7 diseases can not grow. The bigger item is Essiac 4-Herb tea. This is amazing ! Finally , Graviola from the rainforest. 10,000 times stronger than chemotherapy , and doesn't kill if the good blood cells. Chemo kills everything. I have seen what it can do to people. The results are amazing. All information is on line, that Essiac I got from Herbal Healing Academy . God Bless
Brian Aldrich
Brian Aldrich Maand geleden
God bless you Nicki
robert shaw
robert shaw Maand geleden
12:40 - Down the long slope to the Nevada desert. It is beautiful country. You are headed across the flat-lands to Las Vegas. Other places to stay, probably less expensive. You are about 7 hours from Los Angeles.
Bodie Falk
Bodie Falk Maand geleden
Prayers from iowa been there cancer free know .
John Turner
John Turner Maand geleden
Things will work out in California
John Turner
John Turner Maand geleden
I don’t like to nit pick but in the east your not allowed to camp out in the left lane of the highway. In England they were giving me bright lights half a mile behind me corse they were doing 100 miles an hour. In Germany cars were going by me so fast you couldn’t tell what kind of car they were.
Mervin Yoder
Mervin Yoder Maand geleden
Sorry to hear about the cancer lost my grandparents to cancer and I know the pain .. my prayers are with you guys .. and Chet your a cool cat keep on with the awesome content
robert johnston
robert johnston Maand geleden
as a person that has had cancer keep a good fram of mind keep a sence of humor it helped me
Aaron Vincent
Aaron Vincent 2 maanden geleden
Hope y’all have fun and a good Safe trip and good safe trip back home
edward toner
edward toner 2 maanden geleden
People are good as is The Lord Jesus Christ believe he will help you .
Frank Irwin
Frank Irwin 2 maanden geleden
Prayers and Blessings Guys.
Samantha White
Samantha White 2 maanden geleden
Nikki, Bless you child! I have lost family to cancer, and it is such a shame when someone of your age has to go thru all of this, but thankfully you are young and strong, and having watched you around the guys and even your channel I know for a fact you can prevail, You GO Girl! I know you are surrounded by Love and support, and Chet is doing his part so together you WILL get thru this. Have an absolutely Wonderful Day!
Dennis Melnychuk
Dennis Melnychuk 2 maanden geleden
Any update on Nicole's progress? I pray that you will be healed totally and live to over a 100 years old sweetheart. My God reach down and take all that ails you away.
Connie Deamel
Connie Deamel 2 maanden geleden
sending hugs from Manitoba
Bob Blossom
Bob Blossom 2 maanden geleden
If you are up in the Santa Barbara / Ventura area, take a trip to the channel islands, it is a great adventure. Island Packers out of the Ventura Harbor is a great way to whale watch and see Santa Cruz Island
brakel8r 2 maanden geleden
Im a little late to the party....but many good thoughts and prayers to you guys and your family. Hang tough
Mark Vittorini
Mark Vittorini 2 maanden geleden
I love how you two relate to each other, it's really nice to see in these times!
Exotic Tones
Exotic Tones 2 maanden geleden
Good luck guys.luck means as much as prayers n we're doing that too.take care n my thoughts are with you.
JayBernie Schoep
JayBernie Schoep 2 maanden geleden
kale is something you feed to a hog lol.
Kirby Rehel
Kirby Rehel 2 maanden geleden
My thoughts and prayers for Nicole and all the Larson family. God Bless
Rick Solum
Rick Solum 2 maanden geleden
Prayers for Nikki and you!
Rick Beethe
Rick Beethe 2 maanden geleden
Love the pics of Nikki in the restaurant !!!!!
joe elliott
joe elliott 2 maanden geleden
13:39 looks like afghanistan
Unknown KansasBoy
Unknown KansasBoy 2 maanden geleden
I live in Gillette, Wyoming lol that's Wyoming for you. Traveling through it sucks lol
Eric 3 maanden geleden
As someone who's never left Iowa or Minnesota, I was surprised how many mountains there were. I need to drive out west sometime. That looks pretty fun.
Keith Olson
Keith Olson 3 maanden geleden
So praying for you all!!!!!
Mitchell Steffen
Mitchell Steffen 3 maanden geleden
Have you ever tried cooking Kale with coconut oil? It’s amazing, it makes scraping it off into the garbage so much easier!
Tay’s outdoor channel /hunter
Tay’s outdoor channel /hunter 3 maanden geleden
Okay we have to get something right South Dakota is way better than Wyoming
John Turner
John Turner 3 maanden geleden
They also say you can smell pot every where
John Turner
John Turner 3 maanden geleden
What countries hand out the highest speeding ticket prices
John Turner
John Turner 3 maanden geleden
I know I’m a little behind but why are you going to California for
John Turner
John Turner 3 maanden geleden
I think of Arizona as desert
zacneli 3 maanden geleden
Neighbors are smoking weed🤣WC insence
zacneli 3 maanden geleden
Driving🤣 Welcome to the West Coast
zacneli 3 maanden geleden
OMG!!! Time for Chet to see the world🤣
zacneli 3 maanden geleden
Middle Canada makes Wyoming look like LA. Head NW from MN and head west on Hwy 1. Insane
Damon Ens
Damon Ens 3 maanden geleden
Jesus 10mpg? I can get almost 25 with my duramax haba that's awful even for a dodge
Midwestdoug36 3 maanden geleden
Prayers 🙏🏻❤️ Psalms 34
Craig Nel
Craig Nel 3 maanden geleden
From South Africa. You are in our prayers and wishing you a speedy recovery.
Craig Nel
Craig Nel 3 maanden geleden
"Uninhabitable" is the word you were looking for.
cageordie 2 maanden geleden
Right, there's a really good reason you can drive for hundreds of miles in parts of the west without seeing another soul. I got my extra class radio license after realizing I hadn't seen anyone in four hours on roads north east of Tonopah, NV.
Martha Childs
Martha Childs 3 maanden geleden
God's healing on Nicole, we ask in the Name of Jesus. Psalm 103:1-5 Thanks for the video.
Hugospelar 3 maanden geleden
are you from sweden
ModKartRacer33 3 maanden geleden
While in Cali., get supplies to make Rick Simpson oil, so you don't have to take that Big Pharma crap. All natural for cancer treatment, to rid your body of that horrible stuff. Research Rick Simpson Oil
Brycen Vlogs
Brycen Vlogs 3 maanden geleden
You should go to Alaska and see the mountains there that is were I live
tom perrin
tom perrin 3 maanden geleden
Wishing you guys the best, you can/will bet this.
patrick burgmeier
patrick burgmeier 3 maanden geleden
Stop at Whiskey Pete's next time you are thru. The Bonnie and Clyde car is on display there. Get well soon
TKyron 3 maanden geleden
How is nicole?
Justin Noonan
Justin Noonan 3 maanden geleden
Arie 3 maanden geleden
Aw man, I stepped away from watching the channel for a month (been busy dealing with older family members' medical needs) and I find out about Nicole's road to recovery. You guys are in my thoughts.
James Brown
James Brown 3 maanden geleden
Prayers for you during this difficult time you are facing. But he is the great physician his name is Jesus. He has the power to totally and completely heal your body and I am believing with you that he is going to heal you and make your body while again.
David Gaylord
David Gaylord 3 maanden geleden
eating by yourself just like in the tractor.
David Gaylord
David Gaylord 3 maanden geleden
Prayers to the little Lady.
Jim Maxson
Jim Maxson 3 maanden geleden
Valerie Mcfee
Valerie Mcfee 3 maanden geleden
Prayers to you guys from southwest Iowa
Casey Obrien
Casey Obrien 3 maanden geleden
Hey brother i know what your going through my prayers are with you guys my wife is going through cancer to! You guy will get through it and she will be just fine God's going to heal your wife im praying for you guys
Marv Cole
Marv Cole 3 maanden geleden
Prayers for comfort, healing, and peace GODs blessings
J.R. Lancaster
J.R. Lancaster 3 maanden geleden
Prayers for Nicole and the rest of you !!!
Elliot Blankespoor
Elliot Blankespoor 3 maanden geleden
I am so sorry to here about Nicole's cancer I personally have a loved one who is dieing from cancer and is on hospice.😥😢😭
79tazman 3 maanden geleden
The skunk is those left handed cigarettes your smelling AKA the California Kush! lol:)
Zack Copeland
Zack Copeland 3 maanden geleden
I love parking in tiny spots in my 2500 with an 8 foot bed on 16 wides
Steve Anderson
Steve Anderson 4 maanden geleden
Definitely saying a prayer for you! You are a beautiful soul!
Steve Chapman
Steve Chapman 4 maanden geleden
I just donated to your go fund me. I'm praying for you Nicole. Cancer sucks! I love following the videos! You Iowa neighbor in Dubuque! Here's a link to cancer ribbons
kgunlockhvac 4 maanden geleden
Praying for you guys, God Bless🙏
paul dawson
paul dawson 4 maanden geleden
hey Nicole tough right now I'm same but I know mine are benign just preying you get through hun keep them nutters busy looking after you .. yust keep duggo away from the sweety jars love from the stumpy farmer UK
Kurt Schreiber
Kurt Schreiber 4 maanden geleden
wie immer geil gruss truckerburli austria farms
Dennis Ewers
Dennis Ewers 4 maanden geleden
How did yall meet. Yes I'm from Texas
Tailyn Starke
Tailyn Starke 4 maanden geleden
My cousin works in Sturges
Tailyn Starke
Tailyn Starke 4 maanden geleden
What state do you guys live in my cousin and her boyfriend live I South Dakota
Carter Johnson
Carter Johnson 4 maanden geleden
Get well
Smooch Mcguire
Smooch Mcguire 4 maanden geleden
Great video thanks
teghan Westphal
teghan Westphal 4 maanden geleden
Hey, I hate the hills here in South Dakota um up by pierre and it's almost all flat and cattle
dirt racer
dirt racer 4 maanden geleden
Well we have skunks everywhere down here in Mississippi to
Moe Iden
Moe Iden 4 maanden geleden
Good luck Miss Nicky. I would love to donate but I’m from Wisconsin and donated all my money to Trump so he can overturn our election.
Matthew Boyle
Matthew Boyle 4 maanden geleden
Californians are weird. We got some shelves from them and put them together to use for books and stuff, and a warning sign on it said if you breathe in any leftover sawdust from the making of the shelve, you could get cancer.
Matthew Boyle
Matthew Boyle 4 maanden geleden
Heck of a diet.
Robert Burt
Robert Burt 4 maanden geleden
Wishing the best of luck to both Great video Take care God bless 💟
Logan Vannette
Logan Vannette 4 maanden geleden
My grandpa has cancer, it is a hard thing. Praying for you!
Chance Bernhardt
Chance Bernhardt 4 maanden geleden
Every day you two are in my prayers
Chance Bernhardt
Chance Bernhardt 4 maanden geleden
I would have gone through south Dakota then part of Wyoming just following on hwy 90 then into Montana into Idaho part of Washington down into Oregon then you would be on 84 into Portland hang left on Hwy 5 then straight shot to California much better scenery that direction
Morris Roberts
Morris Roberts 4 maanden geleden
As a farmer who is also nursing a loved one with cancer. My prayers and thoughts are with you.
Gerald Unger
Gerald Unger 4 maanden geleden
Always loved road trips but the reason for going for you isn’t a good thing. My prayers go with you and Niki
Glen S.
Glen S. 4 maanden geleden
Take care of that young lady and yourself. Prayers coming from Texas.
G Unter
G Unter 4 maanden geleden
We'll keep you in our thoughts and prayers.. so young
Ryan Bremer
Ryan Bremer 4 maanden geleden
Don’t listen to @HonestBill Forever... he’s just trying to get under your skin, Nicole and Chet.
Stirtz Farms Inc
Stirtz Farms Inc 4 maanden geleden
Yes thank you! Unfortunately there’s always going to be people who have to say stupid stuff! But he is probably just looking for attention. Also it’s amazing how many donations have came in. But yes he is just trying to get under Nicole and Chet’s skin. I have been praying for Nicole! God bless!
Candy Parent
Candy Parent 4 maanden geleden
Prayers for you both!!!
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