What's in My Closet?! | Chase Hudson

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Mikei Linger
Mikei Linger 13 uur geleden
im literally here because mgk is king but lil huddy is great too aha
Ashley Ramirez
Ashley Ramirez 16 uur geleden
Chase are u still waiting for a day on a boat? 😂
Amber Lacey
Amber Lacey Dag geleden
I love the fact he went I love gram-ma
Khushi Jha
Khushi Jha Dag geleden
how is he the sweetest person ugh
Sequetta Branch
Sequetta Branch Dag geleden
What the name of those uggs
Maydji95 Maydji95
Maydji95 Maydji95 Dag geleden
Je t’aime💖💖💖
جنان الخالدي
جنان الخالدي Dag geleden
Havin Yılmaz
Havin Yılmaz 2 dagen geleden
Can you add the Turkish language to the subtitles please?
Violet Snyder
Violet Snyder 2 dagen geleden
his new song is GGGGGGGGGGreat
Xalek Batista
Xalek Batista 2 dagen geleden
He is literally me like a boy omg
aloa aloa
aloa aloa 3 dagen geleden
you‘re such a nice person🥰
Abigail Hamilton
Abigail Hamilton 3 dagen geleden
So what I've learned from this video is that his style is Immaculate
Moody Music
Moody Music 4 dagen geleden
Dixie:I’m sad Charli: I’m a dunkin drink Trish: I’m problematic Nessa: I'm in pain Chase: I’m a vampire
Football, lego and Minecraft Boi
Football, lego and Minecraft Boi 4 dagen geleden
Jodie Thorley
Jodie Thorley 4 dagen geleden
I’m in love
Yusra K
Yusra K 5 dagen geleden
Not MY closet being constantly visited by a hurricane
Sasha Aullie
Sasha Aullie 6 dagen geleden
Im a huge sucker for fashion/clothes, damn you
Joey Wiseman
Joey Wiseman 6 dagen geleden
How is this guy famous it actually hurts my head
Natalie Mireles
Natalie Mireles 6 dagen geleden
He’s from Stockton ca where I’m actually from and living right now
Allison Lara
Allison Lara 6 dagen geleden
I now u love Charli
Magick Made Me
Magick Made Me 7 dagen geleden
So cute , ya weirdo💖 u definitely fit in 💖
Mia 7 dagen geleden
I don't know how I got here....
devil squad
devil squad 9 dagen geleden
WOOOOWWWWWW I want that closet😨
Alice McDilda-Atchison
Alice McDilda-Atchison 9 dagen geleden
Dang laundry must be long
Triana Tut
Triana Tut 10 dagen geleden
i think all of his shoes are his favorites hehe
Alicia Marshall
Alicia Marshall 10 dagen geleden
I feel like I’m watching mtv
Repubbles McGlonky
Repubbles McGlonky 10 dagen geleden
That Flannel Shirt makes you look like a 21st Century IRL Sheogorath
simply cece
simply cece 10 dagen geleden
LIT NATION 11 dagen geleden
Me watching this in 2021 and seeing Biden 2020 in chat. SHUT UPPPP
peli maailma pelit
peli maailma pelit 11 dagen geleden
Chase marry charli🥺💗
S K 11 dagen geleden
his closet is bigger than my whole house-
S K 11 dagen geleden
his style is immaculate
S K 11 dagen geleden
he seems so sweet and genuine omg
Melo 11 dagen geleden
What made him famous? He is like every 17 year old white boy
Helen Alshammari
Helen Alshammari 11 dagen geleden
Have a good day
Emliy Fams
Emliy Fams 11 dagen geleden
Omg when i turn 13 i am comeing to la and I’m going to ask can i be in the hype house
ittuvik Kakayuk
ittuvik Kakayuk 11 dagen geleden
Chase are you ok 😁
ittuvik Kakayuk
ittuvik Kakayuk 11 dagen geleden
Aela Bontilao
Aela Bontilao 12 dagen geleden
He said like fancy oo LA La I was like lachimolala?
Alyssa Daanen
Alyssa Daanen 12 dagen geleden
His closet is bigger than my whole room😂
ivy Brandon
ivy Brandon 12 dagen geleden
flannel is the best
Klaudia Tarr
Klaudia Tarr 12 dagen geleden
Chase :🎸🕶️👑 Me:🎸🕶️🌺
Among us play Among us
Among us play Among us 13 dagen geleden
Among us play Among us
Among us play Among us 13 dagen geleden
Cristian Luna-Teoba
Cristian Luna-Teoba 13 dagen geleden
he gives me such a friendly vibe
Tyler Watt
Tyler Watt 14 dagen geleden
Lil huddy your career is already gone
Jokers_YT 15 dagen geleden
do not go to new york...
Callie Hayek
Callie Hayek 15 dagen geleden
Lil Huddy :here’s my closest * opens closet* Me: :he’s rich :0
JD vlogs and gaming
JD vlogs and gaming 15 dagen geleden
Gurl is closet is bigger then my room!
Paisley and Brooklyn
Paisley and Brooklyn 15 dagen geleden
Post more please love you and your vids
mad coffin
mad coffin 16 dagen geleden
Love your closet dude
Hollyfvx 16 dagen geleden
the dislikes are people that are jealous because they cant even afford those charms on his laces lmao
help me reach 2k subscribers with 1 video
help me reach 2k subscribers with 1 video 17 dagen geleden
Charli is in Chase's closet
Cloudi_rqe 17 dagen geleden
Wait hes brother passed away😭😭😭😭😭
Games And more
Games And more 17 dagen geleden
Do u know the series Julie and the phantoms on Netflix so yeh if u do he kinda reminds me of one of the gang phantom right 👇
Martyna Pawl
Martyna Pawl 18 dagen geleden
I love your style
Milah Miller
Milah Miller 18 dagen geleden
He’s my celebrity crush is so cute
Faith 18 dagen geleden
not a huge fan of him, but his style is fire and he seems nice enough
Aliegha Nielsen
Aliegha Nielsen 19 dagen geleden
How big is your closet and he is sooo organized I could never
Rogelio Rodriguez
Rogelio Rodriguez 19 dagen geleden
Where heels for 24 hours
Mya Pacheco
Mya Pacheco 20 dagen geleden
Hi nick Austin Ryland Storms
Annabel Honeyman
Annabel Honeyman 20 dagen geleden
When he said "moving along" he sounds British
Mystery Meme
Mystery Meme 20 dagen geleden
Not a lilhuddy fan but I can't deny that he has some great sense of style.
вдали от мира где-то
вдали от мира где-то 21 dag geleden
I feel the again poor
Tempie Dichter
Tempie Dichter 21 dag geleden
hi :)
G B 22 dagen geleden
He's soo cute ❤
iraqi ARMY
iraqi ARMY 20 dagen geleden
Magaly Hererra
Magaly Hererra 22 dagen geleden
Chase has gone through so much up to losing his brother. People are so mean for no reason. He has such a good style and humor and he is so organized.
Daniel Marroquin
Daniel Marroquin 23 dagen geleden
Chase Hudson straight up has a gta closet
Dominator 527
Dominator 527 23 dagen geleden
That closet is like a billion times bigger then mine! It’s sooo cooollll😱😍😝😎😛
camila aldana
camila aldana 23 dagen geleden
i like the way he put his leg in the table to see his shoes aha
Xochiquetzal Nantli Topilli
Xochiquetzal Nantli Topilli 23 dagen geleden
When are you going to upload a second music video
Julie Mustchin
Julie Mustchin 23 dagen geleden
Dose anyone Agree with me because I think chase is not just Charlie's ex but AMAZING loving person u are the best chase!
Jennifer Mason
Jennifer Mason 24 dagen geleden
I love your song 21st Sentrey Vampire 🦇
Leila Messner
Leila Messner 24 dagen geleden
One of Thomas’s vlogs-Chase: these mask were not found in my room for legal reasons. His closet tour- the mask on the table:7:15
Mini Lilpapivion
Mini Lilpapivion 24 dagen geleden
me saying ever sentence when he get to his room (its confusing ik)
Mariah Rico
Mariah Rico 24 dagen geleden
Get Chase a boat Kk XD
Display Name
Display Name 25 dagen geleden
Nazaret Tinoco
Nazaret Tinoco 25 dagen geleden
McKenna Shaw
McKenna Shaw 26 dagen geleden
Now that I’m looking at this I have more clothes then you do but a smaller closet!😮
McKenna Shaw
McKenna Shaw 26 dagen geleden
But definitely not more shoes
James Pangilinan
James Pangilinan 26 dagen geleden
I wish that is my closet too...
Tillymay Vanfossen
Tillymay Vanfossen 27 dagen geleden
I like the adventure time shoes
Dominique D
Dominique D 27 dagen geleden
He said the n word but on the other side he really nice I met him and he really nice
Khalil AlSaffar
Khalil AlSaffar 28 dagen geleden
You have cool cloths
lilian majed
lilian majed 28 dagen geleden
Kayla Glaser
Kayla Glaser 28 dagen geleden
I have no business simping hard af over lil huddy
Jamie Shearer
Jamie Shearer 28 dagen geleden
i will gladly j take all ur hoodies 😃
Pop-Corn 28 dagen geleden
I like your shoes n other stuff 👻
DD Bears36
DD Bears36 28 dagen geleden
Who cares..... I’m come on! Really?!
Sylvie Ibrahim
Sylvie Ibrahim 29 dagen geleden
He has a nice style I don’t even know why people say he doesn’t have a style
Ilaria.j. Darlington
Ilaria.j. Darlington 29 dagen geleden
Are you gay cause people keep saying your. Gay
Isabella Hudson
Isabella Hudson 25 dagen geleden
He's not gay
Ilaria.j. Darlington
Ilaria.j. Darlington 29 dagen geleden
Are all your shoes your personal favourites
Addison fan
Addison fan 29 dagen geleden
The fact his brother died like I’m just crying
Lily T
Lily T 29 dagen geleden
Like every shoe is his personal favourite
Alexandra Bartlett
Alexandra Bartlett 29 dagen geleden
He makes me wanna go thrift shopping😆 But he gets to get clothes I would wanna find thrift shopping at the actual store 😆
TikTok Tokyo
TikTok Tokyo 29 dagen geleden
Bruh...that’s ricegums old closet I remember it from the time Logan stole his clothes
Susie Pausanna
Susie Pausanna 29 dagen geleden
Susie Pausanna
Susie Pausanna 29 dagen geleden
Isabelle Koptie
Isabelle Koptie Maand geleden
Edwine 21
Edwine 21 Maand geleden
The guitar is dope af 😌👌🏼
فاطمه الحمر
فاطمه الحمر Maand geleden
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