Gucci Mane and Jeezy battle head-to-head on Verzuz

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On Thursday (Nov. 19), Verzuz did the impossible, and had Jeezy and Gucci Mane join forces for an epic showdown on the IG Live series. When Guwop announced that the battle was going down this past weekend, the news was so shocking that rap fans didn't believe it. The Snowman had to confirm the next day that is was, indeed, happening. Everyone was in attendance in the IG comments. From T.I., Quavo, Chris Brown, Kash Doll, Cam'ron, Scrappy, Ray J, Raekwon, Papoose, Benzino, Lenny S, Teddy Riley, Swizz Beatz, Timbaland and so more; it was the place to be.
#GucciMane #Jeezy #Verzuz
The deep history between Atlanta legends Jeezy and Gucci Mane is well documented. From the release of “So Icy” back in 2005 to now, both artists have experienced A LOT in the streets and on wax. Over a decade later, and we were blessed with a heavyweight match courtesy of Verzuz that celebrated the storied careers of two of Trap Music’s biggest architects.
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crazyc damobsta
crazyc damobsta 41 minuut geleden
Atlanta wins 💪🏾💪🏾
Marlon J. Sublétt
Marlon J. Sublétt 5 uur geleden
Volume waaaaaay too motherfucking LOW!!!!
John Smith
John Smith 6 uur geleden
Gucci mane,, trap king... I'm here at 505 feeling ur shit sense tha day 1.. halla 1000%
Sequan payton
Sequan payton 7 uur geleden
Everything about Gucci mannerism says Gangster
Payron Donnis
Payron Donnis 9 uur geleden
Tyna get Boston George and Diego money
I know About drugs
I know About drugs 10 uur geleden
Torrey Gary
Torrey Gary 10 uur geleden
Man shit 51:47 Big snow 🔥🔥 gucci mane knew it's over at that time jeezy yeahhhhhh volume up💪💪
Blasting Bias
Blasting Bias 11 uur geleden
This was a his battle but I know they had to go get treated for dehydration with them damn trench coats on for half the show. Dayum!!! Chill out fellas.
IamPaulJ 11 uur geleden
Can y’all put the commercials at the end of rounds instead of in the middle
Shade Tree
Shade Tree 12 uur geleden
Snowman shoulda did back then & his verse from bun b throwed.. Guwap shoulda did gorgeous & bird flu 😎
King Croft
King Croft 12 uur geleden
Mane that did my heart good too see these "Grown Men" now squash it after 20yrs!!!
john doe
john doe 14 uur geleden
Gucci started off by saying stfu this is my show hahaha
Alan Landa
Alan Landa 15 uur geleden
48:20 Watchudo watchudo watchudo?
Jon Blaze
Jon Blaze 15 uur geleden
Only thing i don't like is the backround track playing louder then they rapping. Should just b a battle dj and artists no backround voice. Its like a sing along
Comment Gawd
Comment Gawd 15 uur geleden
Tara 16 uur geleden
Where’s Jeanie Mai
ANNIE JONES 16 uur geleden
SuperInspectah 18 uur geleden
Both straight up Trash!
CHANNE1ne. 18 uur geleden
"i tell u what...young man if u dont know how to respect me and my rules under my roof then u can just get out of my house!!"
CHANNE1ne. 18 uur geleden
why they got my negga jeezy sounding like a old grandpa-grandma lady?? LOL..."i tell you what.....if yall kids dont stay out my damn garden i'm calling the police!!!"
Marquan Jones
Marquan Jones 19 uur geleden
Gucci won by far
oiuet souiu
oiuet souiu 17 uur geleden
Fucking hour and a half long vertical video? Are you fucking serious? CEASE THIS NONSENSE IMMEDIATELY!
CHANNE1ne. 19 uur geleden
"I tell u what.....if yall kids dont stop cutting thru my backyard!!!" lol
oiuet souiu
oiuet souiu 17 uur geleden
I saw this whole shit like 5 times already
michael jackson
michael jackson 20 uur geleden
Ja rule vs 50cent next
John Doe
John Doe 20 uur geleden
This a Fucking Classic...
nehemiah smith
nehemiah smith 20 uur geleden
Jeezy too real he a grown ass man da real went hard too he kinda grew some and his songs was dope not the disses but Jeezy the 🐐 goat of all time 💯 he a 🌟 star with smarts da goat 🐐 Jeezy won 🏆.
April Lane
April Lane 20 uur geleden
Going back to rewatching this Verzuz. Gucci is right. It has been 15 years. Now, I understand why he was talking about his clothes and jewelry. He was introducing his songs but he did not have to say how much his clothes/ jewelry cost and dissed Jeezy. That part I disagree with. Let me continue Gucci said he did not want to play classic songs because he has new hits. His mindset has changed. While doing those classic songs I believe Gucci had flashbacks. Imagine someone trying to rob/kill you what are you going to do? He is still hurt behind that. I pray for his healing. I applaud him for doing Verzuz with Jeezy that was a King thing to do. Overall I love this they both WON FOR THE CULTURE👑👑🖤🖤 I vibe with them both. I watched their interviews and came back to watch this so now I have a better understanding. I did not want to follow what everyone was saying. So I had to do my own research and came up with my own perception. I also stand on my previous comment as well.
Jay Bryant
Jay Bryant 21 uur geleden
Big Sno☃️
Jay 2k
Jay 2k 21 uur geleden
8:26 song ?
velli payne
velli payne 23 uur geleden
Gucci never did have rhythm lol.
Justin Maxfield
Justin Maxfield 23 uur geleden
What the fuk was that..looking like 2005 in the strip club lip singing.Whack!
Theresa Wallen
Theresa Wallen Dag geleden
Can't stop watching this, love from Detroit Michigan
PLEASE Lawd-Gesus
PLEASE Lawd-Gesus Dag geleden
trellz Crawford
trellz Crawford Dag geleden
I got the chills when jeezy played standing ovation lol
I3oucher Dag geleden
Jeezy first album beat gucci whole discography lmao. no one tryna hear that pop clone gucci shit
Don Morgan
Don Morgan Dag geleden
Gucci got sum hits. But I see why Jeezy won. Not only do he got more classics...better music,a better flow..he's a more respectable individual. Not a cry baby ass trump ass nigga. Crying about classic records.
Jose Ortiz
Jose Ortiz Dag geleden
I saw this whole shit like 5 times already
Jordon Brewer
Jordon Brewer Dag geleden
Fucking hour and a half long vertical video? Are you fucking serious? CEASE THIS NONSENSE IMMEDIATELY!
@i_am_texas_ Dag geleden
Jeezy Da Snowman
Warren Smith
Warren Smith Dag geleden
43:15 when Gucci played steady mobbin, jeezy should've played Ballin after.
Foreignboii1YTTV Dag geleden
At least it’s not about shooting r killing each other but they both take the w 🔥 💯💯💯
john robinson
john robinson Dag geleden
Jezzy won this
People forgot that jeezy sent goons to rob gucci but the goons died trying look it up.GUCCI KILLED THEM EASY
Ahhmzz Briightt
Ahhmzz Briightt 6 uur geleden
Umm no he sent nobody they volunteered after he announced a fake $10,000 reward for his chain.
KillaGregMuziek Dag geleden
Bring DJ drama to the mic men let jeezy rap bro come on he is talkin more then jeezy on the mic😂
Eazzzyyy Jezzy 💯💯💯🍷🍷🍷✌✌
Skeet Jackson
Skeet Jackson Dag geleden
I kno its for hard for you to sleep knowing that you killed your home boy you let his son be a bastard wont even raise your own boy!!!!!!! Put that nigga in the dirt
Moses Todd
Moses Todd Dag geleden
To many damn ads I thought this was for the culture
Sequan payton
Sequan payton Dag geleden
These boyz was in they BAG🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥💯💯💯💯💯💯
the cold one 25
the cold one 25 Dag geleden
I am a fan of both but as big of a fan of the real gucci....his ass didn't play none of his hardest hits...thats so disappointing 😞
Yung Swazy
Yung Swazy Dag geleden
Jeezy killed Gucci
Jay theVillain
Jay theVillain Dag geleden
So damn good 🙏🏼 Classic VS
Auhbean Dag geleden
Ayyy Mamaaaah......................You get dah money out mah pan lah nigh 😭💯☝🏼
Missing Solez
Missing Solez Dag geleden
fuck they record this with a flip phone camera??
death row 305
death row 305 Dag geleden
Yall don't the end jeezy homie came up in told him Gucci wanna do icy before he leave so jeezy said cut the you see how happy Gucci was this was a celebration
Won't Tell
Won't Tell Dag geleden
Who thought Gucci would beat Jeezy? See yourself out.....
Ryan Beatty
Ryan Beatty Dag geleden
Hank Hill- Ill tell you what
Jose Alvarez
Jose Alvarez Dag geleden
Literally every time a song is over Jeezy‘s like (I’ll tell you what) 😂
James Bond
James Bond Dag geleden
nunya nunya
nunya nunya Dag geleden
😂😂 y jezzy flap the coat like that 2 take it off 😭
Chaketa King
Chaketa King Dag geleden
If u see gucci never took a seat 🤣 always on guard
sct11s45 Dag geleden
Rap is cool to listen to sometimes, but it's so fucking dumb. The culture and everything.
M C Dag geleden
SMH lol Gucci is immature af bro 😂🤦🏽‍♂️
Ton John
Ton John 2 dagen geleden
I hate the fact that no one ever mention they both acknowledged each other songs while they were playing Gucci Bop his head to Jeezy and Jeezy Bop his head to Gucci
J M 2 dagen geleden
Gucci won
Brandon Nashadka
Brandon Nashadka 2 dagen geleden
You know what fuck the both right now where the freestyle? Like you hating drop a break let's destroy one another air out our shit. The fuck it lets squash this bug drink a beer
Brandon Nashadka
Brandon Nashadka 2 dagen geleden
Jeezy is gentlemen s music
Brandon Nashadka
Brandon Nashadka 2 dagen geleden
Fuck gucci he got to much to prove. Jeezy og mentality like press me bitch. No hate but this dude gucci couldn't even get his own name.
RedBeaM[TV]📺 2 dagen geleden
LMMFAO 😂 OH SHIIIIT! Gucci went there on him Dj Quik👌🏾 I'm late seeing this but GAWDDAMN G🤣 WHoOp! HAHAHA
Lazy Q Biscuit
Lazy Q Biscuit 2 dagen geleden
How about CBO and Scarface in a battle?
jbeezy412 2 dagen geleden
The greatest thing in HipHop history
India Hill
India Hill 2 dagen geleden
Ross should´ve slide Jeezy´s dj a $100 to play that Hypnotize
Randy Bustamante
Randy Bustamante 2 dagen geleden
Looks like where watching this on the box
The LA Project
The LA Project 2 dagen geleden
Long Live DJ Nando!
gzas culla
gzas culla 2 dagen geleden
Redman V Busta
King 1985 legend
King 1985 legend 2 dagen geleden
Jeezy 🔥 won
Ronnel Webb
Ronnel Webb 2 dagen geleden
Had to make a cartoon about this one!
John Luther
John Luther 2 dagen geleden
Cgetti Hayes
Cgetti Hayes 2 dagen geleden
Battle of the snow mane?
Asap Money
Asap Money 2 dagen geleden
This was one of those Epic Rap Battles of History videos😂
Yai Atem
Yai Atem 2 dagen geleden
"Some of y'all ain't writing well, too concerned with fashion"~Eve 2001
Adeina 2 dagen geleden
The gangsta in the room is the one who is not rattled or shook . Always calm under pressure. That's who left the better artist.
Hueso Grande
Hueso Grande 2 dagen geleden
Shit was boring
david smith
david smith 2 dagen geleden
Who won? Like 👍🏿 for Gucci Dislike 👎🏿 for Jeezy
Mimi OnOne
Mimi OnOne 2 dagen geleden
I came for Snowman🤷🏽are we talking about how Gucci came for him🤦🏽but he kept that Omarion UNBORTHERED.
Rambo 2 dagen geleden
Yall couldn't get some extra camera angles and a production team?
CrLvaForever 2 dagen geleden
Whaaaaat! When Gucci played that first song my mouth dropped 😂😂 they relationship ain’t changed at all damn! 😂💯💯
960017159 2 dagen geleden
Jeezy you a snitch! Why hasn't someone capped you yet
lwe3625 Dag geleden
Bruh, you really think Jeezy reading these comments. 🤣🤣🤣
Ad Dee
Ad Dee 2 dagen geleden
0:00-some random minutes past 30 mins... LOOK HOW SMOKEY IT ISSSSSS.😂😂😂
Tye Jenks
Tye Jenks 2 dagen geleden
Guwop 😙♥️
Randy Thomas
Randy Thomas 2 dagen geleden
I don't know about that Tyson-Jones fight, but this was a "DRAW."
Roderick Brown
Roderick Brown Dag geleden
Jeezy all day every song was fire
Randy Thomas
Randy Thomas 2 dagen geleden
🚨Jeezy killed him @ 1:09:19
Prolific D-Bo
Prolific D-Bo 2 dagen geleden
What's the name of Gucci's song @ 1:05:00
Prolific D-Bo
Prolific D-Bo 2 dagen geleden
Allen D
Allen D 2 dagen geleden
Big big Gucci fan. That being said I been jammin the snowman since 06 ...I got alot of respect for jeezy for tryna defuse this shit. I get some ppl never let things go... and who'd blame Gucci... I wouldn't chill either. But we need to stop the killin ..increase the peace yall
HUSTLE ALUMNI TM 2 dagen geleden
Click this link below, if you need help getting through this pandemic ⬇️⬇️⬇️
arichesw 2 dagen geleden
K-CI and JoJo vs Jaged Edge next
Squelch 3 dagen geleden
That Stacey Abrams shit was so weak !
Squelch 3 dagen geleden
At the time when they where beefing it wasn’t even close Jeezy was worldwide ! And Gucci was a legend in the south .. as time goes on more and more people have hopped on the Gucci bandwagon but jezzy at the time it wasn’t even close he shouldn’t even have acknowledged Gucci lmao !
emeyekay23 3 dagen geleden
Love them both!
Jayda Williams
Jayda Williams 3 dagen geleden
I still love Gucci!!! The whole time but my favorite part was the end.
Edward M. Oliver Jr.
Edward M. Oliver Jr. 3 dagen geleden
Only here because of Jeremiah Phillips.
These Black Girls Are Loved
These Black Girls Are Loved 3 dagen geleden
Lovleyti said this was big of Gucci and he was so mad because Jezzy tried to have somebody kill him 👀
Mi'Lesha Morrison
Mi'Lesha Morrison Dag geleden
I’m not saying it’s true but wouldn’t you be mad at the person forever if they put a hit out on you?
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