[New 2020] Deadliest Catch S16E22 Blood Is Thicker Than Water

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2 maanden geleden

Whiteboy 7 dagen geleden
Where is the other Hansen brother?
derekboi2525 13 dagen geleden
Man not sure if this was said already or not but for someone that's not home to much he sure makes enough babies gd Lord every season he's expecting a new kid
Malchik Blue
Malchik Blue 8 dagen geleden
Wife sleeps around a lot. His third child will probably be black.
Dr. Evil
Dr. Evil 17 dagen geleden
Stop having so many damn kids
Frank Mackey
Frank Mackey 18 dagen geleden
I need these pots full . The opiate dealer is leaving Dutch in 3 days to reup , last thing I want is to be stuck out here with everyone dope sick.
Carolyn Costain
Carolyn Costain 21 dag geleden
Most times people will subscribe to another person's channel when they are not trying to promote their own music but puts their music on their YT channel so people that like the channel will check it out. If it was music on a video you did yourself of something? That would be cool but to add music to a well know TV show and use TV shows to promote your music is not so cool? I personally like this show and would have subscribed and checked out your channel for other things but adding your personal music to TV shows? Nahhhh, I will pass on subscribing. I did not give a thumbs up or a thumbs down to this.
Mairy Hinge
Mairy Hinge 26 dagen geleden
What are these captains smoking. Dried seaweed. Do they learn the raspy voice at Captain school?
tracy ivison
tracy ivison Maand geleden
far too many ads!
John Steinbrueck
John Steinbrueck Maand geleden
I just turned 79 . Merchant marine 40' seas Typhoon for 3 1/2 days South China Sea 293' Victory Ship with 29 box cars of 2000 #bombs - 45 ammo & lotsa white phosphorus running ammo into Da Nang after a USN VietNam Hitch on Destroyers. 6 yrs. Comml. Fished Ore. WA., Broken leg, arm, wrist , back ( 2) times & dead twice. But, you know, I'd do it all over again . . . . the stories, and memories are priceless !
Chris 8 uur geleden
Much respect sir.
Jamie Wright
Jamie Wright Maand geleden
She acts like shes been a captain for ever what a joke she is
Jamie Wright
Jamie Wright Maand geleden
Harley has no morals he will steal a line if he can asshole
Jamie Wright
Jamie Wright Maand geleden
Iv never seen such a bunch of winers then when they hit it they dont shut up fuk make up your minds take a pill
Nancy Thompson
Nancy Thompson 2 maanden geleden
Get rid of black screen and music in the middle of the show please.
Hatterassport Mechanic
Hatterassport Mechanic 2 maanden geleden
If you wouldn't zoom soo f n much maybe people would watch this hacked up crap
pixie lowman
pixie lowman 2 maanden geleden
corno 19 is a fake virus
pixie lowman
pixie lowman 2 maanden geleden
dieseil doesnt explode........piece of rubber and hose clamps.......i have done it while seeding......all bs
Dreamylyn Moore
Dreamylyn Moore 2 maanden geleden
Dont Listen to the Lies Keep Living and breathing there is not law against breathing we been doing it since birth. when man uses a virus to control another does so to enslave another. it's called involuntary servitude. who's yous daddy takes on a who new meaning, if your not old enough to think for yourself then you should be supervised and told what to do and not to do. after that use common since. this craps been around since at the very least the 1940's. disgusting how many obey some fictitious daddy after leaving home. Do no harm if they created this "deadly virus" then they are to blame as well as responsible for the deaths, creating a virus that kills makes the creator of it a murder. it's just that simple. personally i've not worn and diaper on my face yet and wont except in a true medical necessity and this isn't. but this time it's a hoax to force others to buy products and give them power over you. you consent you accept someone/something power over you. your choice to be a slave/subject/ infant. or Grow the F Up!
the psyc_one
the psyc_one 2 maanden geleden
I remember Anthrax was supposed to wipe us out. Then it was Avian bird flu,. Sars, swine flu, west nile virus. Ebola and yet. Here we are. Still fighting with each other. Killing one another. I say let's focus on helping each other.
Malchik Blue
Malchik Blue 8 dagen geleden
Dr. Evil
Dr. Evil 17 dagen geleden
Go frank yourself
Patrick Buckley
Patrick Buckley 29 dagen geleden
Christian O. Holz
Christian O. Holz 2 maanden geleden
Covid-19 is not the name of the virus. It's the potential disease that this specific type of Coronavirus (SARS- CoV-2/Severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus type 2) may, but does not have to necessarily, cause
Carolyn Rose
Carolyn Rose 2 maanden geleden
And with that the biggest scamdemic hits the world and turns lives upside down. Quarantining the healthy instead of the sick
RebelRoseJade 2 maanden geleden
Well said well said
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