Biggest Snow Storm Yet- Will The John Deere 7520 Be Able To Keep Up?

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Farming with Duffy AG

3 maanden geleden

Join along as we get hit with the biggest snow storm of the season, with snow being over 2 foot in spots. Will the John Deere 7520 be able to handle the job of clearing the farm prior to the milk truck arriving? Thanks for watching

Ryan Beyea
Ryan Beyea Dag geleden
What's up
Ryan Beyea
Ryan Beyea Dag geleden
Craig Clemson
Craig Clemson 3 dagen geleden
Hi I like your content but you need to check on your low-boy trailer I do not think the air cans you put on will pass a dot inspection you may want to check your video brings back growing up thanks
Farming with Duffy AG
Farming with Duffy AG 3 dagen geleden
They do because the match the manufacturing specification. Lots of people asked that
xevil bunny
xevil bunny Maand geleden
tracked skid steer vibrates a lot for me so much that when i get out of the thing I'm stumbling around shaking
Dale Bauer
Dale Bauer Maand geleden
I haul milk for a living in northern Wi, Very few Farmers could give a cr-p how I get in and out of there drive ways , Some mornings I can spend 2 hours just plowing my driveway to get the truck out I have a few farmers like this man, He's a great guy !!!
Colin Alston
Colin Alston 2 maanden geleden
Graphics in Farm Simulator have gotten really good
RAY pitts
RAY pitts 2 maanden geleden
Peter 2 maanden geleden
Farmers deserve to be called hero's, let's not forget that without their daily tireless efforts to keep going in the face of extreme adversity, Snow, floods, drought the lot, they do what they need to overcome the worse. The democrats don't understand this, one Michael Bloomberg once stated, it's just farming put some seeds in the ground and they grow, that's how out of touch they are, they don't think about the milk and meat producers, God bless our farmers!
Michael Smith
Michael Smith 2 maanden geleden
Hey where’s your dairy located at
Farming with Duffy AG
Farming with Duffy AG 2 maanden geleden
Carlisle Massachusetts
multitoolish 2 maanden geleden
Love hearing those older John Deeres purr like a kitten
Jay Wiebe
Jay Wiebe 2 maanden geleden
To help stuff start in cold weather, put warm air to the intake. Flexpipe off a vehicle exhaust works. Torpedo heater or some such works much better. Works better than ether, and doesn't hurt your engine.
BlackEpyon 2 maanden geleden
6 tonnes of dry weight. At least you don't need to worry about throwing sand bags in the back for extra traction.
Aaron Sanborn
Aaron Sanborn 2 maanden geleden
Shit 10-16 inches that's a typical storm here in Maine
ZIMM HOLLOW FARM 2 maanden geleden
We raise about 100 so heifers for or neighbor and about 15 beef of or own. And when it snows it adds about a hour to 2 hours of work.
John Lundgren
John Lundgren 2 maanden geleden
Afternoon Duffy so in what state do you live?, I'm thinking either Iowa or Wisconsin??. Both states get a lot of snow?. I live in Southwest Michigan and about an 8th of a mile from the Beach. So I got another question for you, do all those other tractors i saw in your video actually work or are they just Antiques that you want to pass on to your kids?. So are you running this Farm all by yourself???. If I was 30 years younger I would invest in your Farm as everyone in America loves MILK. I myself have traded white milk for both Chocolate and Coconut milk. Have a great weekend Duffy
Nikola Tesla
Nikola Tesla 2 maanden geleden
John Deere should be sponsoring you!
Farming with Duffy AG
Farming with Duffy AG 2 maanden geleden
That would be cool
John Lundgren
John Lundgren 2 maanden geleden
So I see this BIG 8 WHEEL JOHN DEERE WHY IS THERE NOT A SNOWBLOWER Attachment in all that snow. Know wonder it takes you an extra 4 to 5 hours to get the job done??.
Farming with Duffy AG
Farming with Duffy AG 2 maanden geleden
Wouldn't really speed up much because we are clearing odd places and moving snow distances. Would be nice to have one tho
Bruce Langley
Bruce Langley 2 maanden geleden
Thanks a lot for what you people do for the rest of us!!!!!!!!!
Farming with Duffy AG
Farming with Duffy AG 2 maanden geleden
I appreciate that
Zach 2 maanden geleden
Dude you should have just sprayed a little ether/brake keen in the intake she would have fired right up.
Farming with Duffy AG
Farming with Duffy AG 2 maanden geleden
Try not to use it and get tractors hooked on it
Tractor Talk with Gary
Tractor Talk with Gary 2 maanden geleden
Drove a milk truck for 3 years. I know all about it. Really easy job... most of the time.
Farming with Duffy AG
Farming with Duffy AG 2 maanden geleden
Got alot of buddies who enjoy driving milk truck till bad weather comes
DA Spencer
DA Spencer 2 maanden geleden
Farmers such as yourself are the life blood of this country. You keep this country going. Thank you...and stay safe!!
Farming with Duffy AG
Farming with Duffy AG 2 maanden geleden
Appreciate that
Dennis mcclintock
Dennis mcclintock 2 maanden geleden
What you need to look at is a what’s called a Kage goes from pusher box to straight blade with a click of a button 12-16 ft wide watch video of something like your machine with one on it It’s killer the KAGE GO TO YOU TUBE
Chris Frederick
Chris Frederick 2 maanden geleden
Drew Goody
Drew Goody 2 maanden geleden
Thats cool as heck your dog jumps in and rids with you
Farming with Duffy AG
Farming with Duffy AG 2 maanden geleden
Hes a great wingman
Drew Goody
Drew Goody 2 maanden geleden
My family used to have a dairy farm in maine .. its alot of work no joke I feel for you brother
ifreerideus 2 maanden geleden
Could you plz add more advertising plz !!!! NOT !!!!
Gust Man
Gust Man 2 maanden geleden
New York just is getting snow storm after storm and I live north and get more.
Trooper Carr
Trooper Carr 2 maanden geleden
I’d cut the corner of that roof off before your cab does for you lol.
Emcee_Heated 2 maanden geleden
if you said 16”, then that’s 1’ 4”. Not quite 1 1/2’. but close
Jason Ross
Jason Ross 2 maanden geleden
i like a small heatpad for a batterie warmer, set it on low wrapped around the batteries to keep there spunk in the cold..also same pad good on the oil pans..clean the oilpans with brake clean and wipe with dry rag glue it in place same with the batteries..shoe goo is my choice for the glue..its good and strong and flexable...the heatpads use low watts so on a long cord it wont get the house plug or the cord hot..try just a heatingpad on the batteries most people got one kicking around somewere lol liked the video guys thank you.
Robert Schmidt
Robert Schmidt 2 maanden geleden
That's waaay more work then I could do. Hats off to you guys for all you do and the extra as well. 👍
topher froehlich
topher froehlich 2 maanden geleden
Should have showed your breakfast and what you made for lunch!
The Burnhams
The Burnhams 2 maanden geleden
Good "clean" fun! Snow!! You can have all of mine... Duffy creates an excellent farming video. I caught the Cabot Co-Op logo on cap... Their cheese is the best available in most stores. Must say, Killer driving skills. I always wonder how they know where to plow. Keep up the good work on both, but please put the gopro down if safety is involved...
Floyd Martin
Floyd Martin 2 maanden geleden
Looks fun! Realistically I think a decent snowblower would have been substantially more efficient. My opinion
bronco Clement
bronco Clement 2 maanden geleden
bla bla bla too mutch talking
nathan morin
nathan morin 2 maanden geleden
I have to subscribe especially with the possibility your a local Vermonter, or atleast supporting Cabot a vt company
Ronald Coleman
Ronald Coleman 2 maanden geleden
Thanks for the milk. At lot of work so Americans can have milk
Stephen Nyberg
Stephen Nyberg 2 maanden geleden
16 inches? We have the same tractor. Plowed our rather quaint three foot blizzard in october 2019. Haven't had much snow lately though.
Cecilia condino
Cecilia condino 2 maanden geleden
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Juanes Nieto
Juanes Nieto 2 maanden geleden
Kyle H
Kyle H 2 maanden geleden
I assume that's an 8FT Blade, I could defiantly see 2ft overhang wings. Then it'll look beastly, or just round it out to 12ft total length! & I didn't think the Heat even worked in that JD! P.s Just keep the camera Mounted when your in the tractor & yes Cat skid steers are junk!
scottnyc 2 maanden geleden
Usually in cold weather climates they have heaters saving from a cold start.I know it’s rhetorical but i digress
ALEXANDRA DEOLIVEIRA 2 maanden geleden
wasted of time see your youtube video
Joe Scheller
Joe Scheller 2 maanden geleden
need a lesson on how to start a disel in cold weather. you turn engine over slow one cylinder at a time to build up heat and compression.then hit the starter like normal, do it again if it dont start
DOROTHY FORD 2 maanden geleden
No gloves?!?
Kayle Benedix
Kayle Benedix 3 maanden geleden
My hats off to you Duffy. You are living what I have always dreamed of doing and your videos are a real treat to me. I may not be able to actually climb into a piece of equipment but you are letting me see what it is like from the cab. I look forward to watching many more of your videos and have subscribed to your channel now that I found you. Thank You again for all that you do.
D Steven Paisley
D Steven Paisley 3 maanden geleden
Sure beats a shovel ! Never runs out of power and pretty hard to get stuck
james michel
james michel 3 maanden geleden
alot of work to do thats part og being a framer work is never done can't rest! always something to do!
Jacob Chambers
Jacob Chambers 2 maanden geleden
Building houses never stops
Wizy 3 maanden geleden
just subbed :D blessings from sweden, YT got me here from snow removal, but i liked ur spirit keep it up :D
Mark Gamble
Mark Gamble 3 maanden geleden
Doggie lovin it
Mark Gamble
Mark Gamble 3 maanden geleden
Haven had much snow here upstate ny.except in dec they said 6in. Woke yo 32in. 😤
Tyler Cochran
Tyler Cochran 3 maanden geleden
Where you from I see the Cabot hat. Grew up in Northern VT
tristan games
tristan games 3 maanden geleden
Can you plow my appointments because they never plow it and we have 7 inches of snow just sitting here in the snow waiting to pile up
Derek Ricker
Derek Ricker 3 maanden geleden
The bobcat with a pusher would be beat
Derek Ricker
Derek Ricker 3 maanden geleden
Derek Ricker
Derek Ricker 3 maanden geleden
That thing should not be pushing snow. Not worth the fuel it burned hahah. No down pressure no wings So not efficient
Craig Kehoe
Craig Kehoe 3 maanden geleden
J G 3 maanden geleden
Should put a snow pusher on that little Cat loader
Elliot Godwin
Elliot Godwin 3 maanden geleden
Wheel loader or skidsteer which you prefer
Stukaman 3 maanden geleden
These kind of winter videos are important to educate a clueless public as to just what farmers have to endure so we have stuff to place in our microwaves and then shove down our pie holes. There's no "OFF" switch for cows and cattle, and man, do we get in a huff when the meat and dairy departments at the store run out of sausages and ice cream. Thanks for this revealing look into America's modern farm operations. You guys are true American patriots.
Stephen Safran iii
Stephen Safran iii 3 maanden geleden
Where is this located?
Jayden Willoughby
Jayden Willoughby 3 maanden geleden
I know how you fill about that dang durn snow
Francis Mckeiver
Francis Mckeiver 3 maanden geleden
Great job with the video cameras a solid video well done
Henry Ross
Henry Ross 3 maanden geleden
i hate tuveling out liv stok
Ed Shangreau
Ed Shangreau 3 maanden geleden
I love that tractor!
Mavrik Matthews
Mavrik Matthews 3 maanden geleden
Hey just a suggestion you guys should haul some of the snow
pyro323 3 maanden geleden
Big shoutout to all the farmers out there workin' hard to make sure we have food to eat and milk to drink! 👍🌽 🐄 🚜
MrDalgard 2 maanden geleden
Food yes, milk no. Thats not for human consumption :P
Morpheen999 3 maanden geleden
Do you not have a Snowblower for any of those nice John Deere's? With that much snow its often much faster to throw it then just push n pile it
James Ackley
James Ackley 3 maanden geleden
Stumbled upon your view looking at snow removal videos. Farm life is no joke that is for sure. I have to ask what are you guys using, lubricant wise, to keep your equipment up and running? For you guys equipment downtime is not an option.
J G 3 maanden geleden
Farms run on slim margins man, they probably run whatever is on sale in bulk at tractor supply or fleet farm.
whiteblur95 3 maanden geleden
milk truck shows up when ever it feels like here. 100 cow tie stall but only milking 50. so the bulk tank is pretty big. truck wont show up for 3 or 4 days if it snows
Erwin 3 maanden geleden
Snow? I move it with a JD 345 lawn tractor with a blower and chains on the wheels. I think your using overkill by a factor of at least 100.
James Lindley
James Lindley 3 maanden geleden
It could be worse ya know !!!!!!! lol!!!- make snow wings
James Lindley
James Lindley 3 maanden geleden
I have a Komatsu 210-8 Excavator with a Factory Komatsu/Cummins Engine in it, it'll start on the coldest day without heat and within a couple o turns ! Brilliant coz it never drags the batteries down!!- it just fires straight off
James Lindley
James Lindley 3 maanden geleden
Get them Hydraulic wings made up !!!!!!!!!!! Shorten your Work Load !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
James Lindley
James Lindley 3 maanden geleden
Aww! you could have shared your breakfast with us !!! lol.
James Lindley
James Lindley 3 maanden geleden
Tiredness and Hunger will be your worst enemy
James Lindley
James Lindley 3 maanden geleden
All the farmers have to pull together to keep on schedule or it screws your day up big time
James Lindley
James Lindley 3 maanden geleden
Yep !!-Wings would speed the plowing up !! n give you another hour in the sack !!! lol
James Lindley
James Lindley 3 maanden geleden
You got Heat in that cab ?
James Lindley
James Lindley 3 maanden geleden
Good job youre all Tough Guys out there !!!!!!!!!!!!!
James Lindley
James Lindley 3 maanden geleden
Nice Ole 7520
Rocco Perrot
Rocco Perrot 3 maanden geleden
we have over 200 cattle and I love snow....what can you say I'm Canadian
naybreed 3 maanden geleden
You got heat in that heep. Andy is freezing.
Eddie Morton Tap Man
Eddie Morton Tap Man 3 maanden geleden
So what part of the world is your farm located Sir ?
richardj ellis
richardj ellis 3 maanden geleden
That means that you must have 2 to 4 hrs SPARE every day then.!
Farming with Duffy AG
Farming with Duffy AG 3 maanden geleden
Comes out of my 6 hrs of sleep time..
David Nielson
David Nielson 3 maanden geleden
It's a John Deere toy sounds great
Eddie Schirmer
Eddie Schirmer 3 maanden geleden
that tractor is a BEAST! and a beauty too! i have a little 1026R and a 42 inch snow blower on the front haha. i love it. i can throw good snow over 30 feet, and go through a foot of snow like nothing. i tend to wait till the snow stops to bother working it, but i can afford to wait, unlike you i expect haha. yet, got to just love the snow though. if you cant love it, winter would be miserable haha
Making it Happen
Making it Happen 3 maanden geleden
It seems, like the big tractor handles the snow quite well. Without snow chains. Without wings
Making it Happen
Making it Happen 3 maanden geleden
I found you on Google maps. You live almost as far north as we do.
Making it Happen
Making it Happen 3 maanden geleden
I know what you're talking about. I drove milk trucks most of the 80's.
Barbie Bush Rowley
Barbie Bush Rowley 3 maanden geleden
New to your channel Hi. from Otis, Massachusetts
Farming with Duffy AG
Farming with Duffy AG 3 maanden geleden
Thanks for joining along. We are in Carlisle Massachusetts
Alex Matthews
Alex Matthews 3 maanden geleden
That 7520 looks very similar to my 540A skidder
Farming with Duffy AG
Farming with Duffy AG 3 maanden geleden
Lot of similarities
Jeff Bute
Jeff Bute 3 maanden geleden
Fun fun
Jeff Bute
Jeff Bute 3 maanden geleden
Nice puppy.
Jeff Bute
Jeff Bute 3 maanden geleden
What kind of moron throws snow in their fuel tank?? Protect the fuel cap. Bang snow off fuel nozzle before sticking it in tank
Jeff Bute
Jeff Bute 3 maanden geleden
A few drops of water will stop the flow of fuel after freezing solid. Half the time guys say they gelled up it was ICE. Vehicles driven during winter should get a new fuel filter after Thanksgiving
Paul R
Paul R 3 maanden geleden
Great video!
Deja Vu
Deja Vu 3 maanden geleden
When are you coming out with Duffy Ag swag?
Farming with Duffy AG
Farming with Duffy AG 3 maanden geleden
Hoping the guy does artwork soon. He told me it was a couple month wait. I believe the wait will be worth it
Randy Ogburn
Randy Ogburn 3 maanden geleden
I just found your videos but I sure was glad to notice you using the flashers on that old tractor. That's one problem I notice in my area. Newer equipment but they can't seem to turn their hazard lights on on the road.
Farming with Duffy AG
Farming with Duffy AG 3 maanden geleden
Thanks for watching and always run it when I am close to roads or on roads. Try to get peoples attention and stay safe
Rainbow Trout
Rainbow Trout 3 maanden geleden
Love your tractor which state is this?
Farming with Duffy AG
Farming with Duffy AG 3 maanden geleden
Thank you we are located in Massachusetts
1pottercounty 3 maanden geleden
Hey! Keep that tongue in your mouth! Lol
Arne Servatius
Arne Servatius 3 maanden geleden
Your chasing your tail🤬
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