I Attempted a Speedrun (and got a world record)

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pure talent

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Music: Cooking Mama Opening Menu

And this tells me you read the description, which means you respect what I have to say! Thank you :D i wonder if cooking mama is single

Jordan Mcmuscels
Jordan Mcmuscels 2 minuten geleden
I’m about to make you cry Nhenti 228922 Don’t search it
Ray Ridge
Ray Ridge 7 minuten geleden
Jaiden putting a yakuza reference in the video makes me wonder if she plays the games I wanna see a video on that
Anna Dorian
Anna Dorian 7 minuten geleden
Mama rice cracker is the Bain of everyone’s existence. I have legit PTSD from that recipe
Cody Geile
Cody Geile 8 minuten geleden
Just tried this and finished in 2:47:30 :D
Anna Dorian
Anna Dorian 11 minuten geleden
NO JOKE!!!! that pie one, I use to be able to do that at the highest setting every time as a 10 year old. BUT NOW!?!? I can’t past the lowest setting T^T. IDK how I was able to do that
Kuba Games -Minecraft Mik
Kuba Games -Minecraft Mik 13 minuten geleden
I know your face
Freja Johansson
Freja Johansson 15 minuten geleden
So this is why I've been getting a bunch of recommended videos about this game lmao
jpg 25 minuten geleden
speedrun; spending as much time as you can to spend the leas amount of time in a game
Landon Riley
Landon Riley 26 minuten geleden
I think she did really good but I have all the cooking mama and it was hard
Dk Bricks
Dk Bricks 35 minuten geleden
Hi mr tibbles
Gho 41 minuut geleden
I just realized the next vid will be the 100th video!!!
Sarah Smiles
Sarah Smiles 46 minuten geleden
Getting the mango out of the dish walked so that swiping the card in admin could run
D. Jacildo
D. Jacildo 54 minuten geleden
12:1 Bruh your voice sound so....... S T R E S S E D you ok back there?
ItzBeatrice UwU
ItzBeatrice UwU 56 minuten geleden
Jaiden will you make a video where you play Animal Crossing New Horizons after you done the next animation? (You dont have to do it if you dont want)
Ramona Badillo
Ramona Badillo Uur geleden
plz come back i miss you
Arga Wicaksono
Arga Wicaksono Uur geleden
*haha me 8.88 million subscriber*
Sarish UB, V - Vivekam
Sarish UB, V - Vivekam Uur geleden
Think of dream's speedrun holy shit
Zachary Hui
Zachary Hui Uur geleden
Well I just looked up and ur status is 7th
Lucy's pie Arz
Lucy's pie Arz Uur geleden
Good job!
Darrell Thornburgh
Darrell Thornburgh Uur geleden
I like how she says not to search up Food Wars the anime but kids bellow 10 years are watching Demon Slayer which is a 17+ anime.
BongDiY ATBP Uur geleden
I know a trick in the mango pudding draw the bowls then just wright the numbers
Eduardo Caina
Eduardo Caina Uur geleden
ImakeOKart Uur geleden
Current burn Apple pie record: 2:48!
Sonic Plush adventures
Sonic Plush adventures 2 uur geleden
NINtenJA 2 uur geleden
0:32 Hey look it's Smallant!
Hello Hello
Hello Hello 2 uur geleden
I LOVE your vids and yeah speed running is cool
Григорий Казанцев
Григорий Казанцев 2 uur geleden
Пришел с русского видео, что бы поставить лайк
Dominik Tercs
Dominik Tercs 2 uur geleden
Good work wow
Andrew The Flash Castro
Andrew The Flash Castro 2 uur geleden
Well i did a speedrun of doing all tasks in among us the world record was 5mins mine is 8mins
Fe4rfulSn4il 2 uur geleden
Hey remember in 2018 when you said you were doing an experiment on mint gum flavors. Well do you ever plan on posting that cause i have be very curious as to how it went
A Jarvis
A Jarvis 2 uur geleden
Happy almost Halloween jayden animations 🎃👻🦇
「 Cøzy._.Pilløw 」
「 Cøzy._.Pilløw 」 2 uur geleden
1:38 *heh, i played this when i was 8*
GloriousGrunt 2 uur geleden
she could have just left thhe game on for a year strait and make it a slow run
FROZEN 2 uur geleden
Sooo, I heard you have played in pokemon sword and shield, soo would yuo like to make video about it?
JAMERE IMES 2 uur geleden
Ima beat that record
Kayah Crook
Kayah Crook 3 uur geleden
I've seen FOOD WARS!!
Depressed Gamer
Depressed Gamer 3 uur geleden
Bro jaiden is at 8.88 Million subs. Thats alot
GenericGamer 3 uur geleden
pokemon ŮxÜ
pokemon ŮxÜ 3 uur geleden
Small ant is legend Because he can reset game for 1600 in game i would get mad and angra
pokemon ŮxÜ
pokemon ŮxÜ 3 uur geleden
Small ant is legend
johan reeds
johan reeds 3 uur geleden
9:24 ronoroa jaiden
random animation
random animation 3 uur geleden
Someone beat you at burn pie speedrun
XxJRDH13xX :P 3 uur geleden
Your still 7th in the world record and they added burn pie as a world record
Black 3 uur geleden
" *WOw eVen BAEtter tHan mAma* "
this is not epic
this is not epic 3 uur geleden
She does not have the world record anymore.
Iriko Rose
Iriko Rose 4 uur geleden
8:46 that face tho-
Alec Oli
Alec Oli 4 uur geleden
Da perfeckt gayme bicause noone do it yeet and ovcorse not a single soul can defeet me and also they ar culer then i bicause i dunot thinck of other gayme :3
PaVVlin 4 uur geleden
oh sh*t, i think u with James are love each other
DrawnWithLove 4 uur geleden
2:03 I could be wrong but those look like Charles' headphones
Ashley Ducharme
Ashley Ducharme 4 uur geleden
Cooking Mama is actually a best game you can play as fast for me and just got one minute this game is just joke maybe you can play super I don't know
Ashley Ducharme
Ashley Ducharme 4 uur geleden
Cooking Mama
ItsUnpug 4 uur geleden
Grats on the wr
ALEX 5 uur geleden
jaiden make a work record speedrun hardcore pro speedrunners: N0
Samuel Cole
Samuel Cole 5 uur geleden
If I won the same record i would make a speech IM SO GLAD TO RUIN HER CAREER ACTUALLY THAT US ALL I DID IT FOR plus we don’t wanna know
Plushie Adventures
Plushie Adventures 5 uur geleden
I'm 9 and I like your vis😎🎃
Nico Ferrer
Nico Ferrer 5 uur geleden
jaiden did you play cooking mama 1
Iris Hilsinger
Iris Hilsinger 5 uur geleden
michael cooke
michael cooke 5 uur geleden
Play yandere sim and do a vid on it
WLVS DFG 6 uur geleden
Petition for jaiden animations to do the speedrun of getting scared playing outlast 3
Agent 3
Agent 3 6 uur geleden
I actually can help with her speedrun
CardboardBox YT
CardboardBox YT 6 uur geleden
Landon G
Landon G 6 uur geleden
you should try Rhythm heaven
XxKittyRLxX_YT 7 uur geleden
This is the 99th video wow 😳
Shreeyas Shrestha
Shreeyas Shrestha 7 uur geleden
9:23 She is looking like Zoro
The Birb Want To Know
The Birb Want To Know 7 uur geleden
Jaiden, can u play a Pokémon omega ruby nuzlocke just like the ruby one and play the postgame until zinna if u can
Red Rabbit 231
Red Rabbit 231 7 uur geleden
Your speedrun is even better zen mama!
Clydeb Jerome C. Carmelo
Clydeb Jerome C. Carmelo 7 uur geleden
I Beated Tour Record With 5hours and 31 minutes I want To Die its hard i feel You..
Carrie Jones
Carrie Jones 7 uur geleden
Videos I mean 100 vids
Carrie Jones
Carrie Jones 7 uur geleden
Do you think you can make 100
Eunice The Blob
Eunice The Blob 7 uur geleden
I see u play among us with flamingo
Kclar 8 uur geleden
Jovan Cabasug
Jovan Cabasug 8 uur geleden
U should see the admin swipe at among us it helps!💓
JaggedJamo 8 uur geleden
Johnny R
Johnny R 8 uur geleden
Someone did the burn apple pie and I think he beat you
Rizwana Parveen
Rizwana Parveen 8 uur geleden
Pokemon green chapter
Peitronas BJPS
Peitronas BJPS 8 uur geleden
you are really beautiful
Szyvian Tadeo
Szyvian Tadeo 8 uur geleden
Jaiden’s whole time doing the speeding is shorter than my whole online school in 1 day because my online school is frickin 7HOURS!
Saif Eiman Darwish
Saif Eiman Darwish 8 uur geleden
Press F to pay respects to Jaiden for spending 6 hours on playing cooking mama 2 dinner with friends.
Godffrey Bituin
Godffrey Bituin 8 uur geleden
Hey i have that game
Awooga Boioing
Awooga Boioing 9 uur geleden
0:33 SMALLANT!!!!!
ÆYØÜB Rß 9 uur geleden
good animation
blade slicer
blade slicer 9 uur geleden
do a gaming chanell
Ləmon Đuck
Ləmon Đuck 9 uur geleden
No some one all ready speed run this his channel is wait alot of people speed run this but you are not the first one maybe who knows
Ultimate Burrito
Ultimate Burrito 9 uur geleden
Is it just me or is jaden anamations slowly becoming a gameing channel?
Alloy Of the Adeptus Mechanicus
Alloy Of the Adeptus Mechanicus 9 uur geleden
Cant we just take a moment to see that mama's bodyguards are Kiryu and Majima?
Woodrow random Stritzel
Woodrow random Stritzel 9 uur geleden
if there was one thing you could do that would make it so someone else took the record in a couple of days is making a video about it gg tho :edit no hate
teddy cellini
teddy cellini 9 uur geleden
i tried to do cooking mama speed run too and got 4:23 hours and got all gold its very hard
briga 9 uur geleden
corrine realica
corrine realica 9 uur geleden
I recommend you watch Minecraft speed runs because you need Very Precise actions
Johnathan&jason 9
Johnathan&jason 9 9 uur geleden
JAIDEN I SAW YOU ON MRBEAST CHANNEL and only skiped to see you.
Ya Boy
Ya Boy 9 uur geleden
Samurai X Jay
Samurai X Jay 10 uur geleden
Alright confession time Who looked it up, and what was your reaction
Cherryx 10 uur geleden
Hey Look , You Music is a Meme !
hotthorns 10 uur geleden
Good for you. I'm glad you were in my recommended section next to "Visualization of Quantum Physics (Quantum Mechanics)" and just before "Beau Nugget" I recommend the latter. very entertaining!
Alex Sanchez
Alex Sanchez 10 uur geleden
Hi I love your videos im9
Tyler's animation stories
Tyler's animation stories 10 uur geleden
Love your work jaiden I'm also starting to draw and animate.
Addicting Video Game Hub
Addicting Video Game Hub 10 uur geleden
**me after getting the tetris speedrun record, finishing it as fast as possible
TwinGamin 666
TwinGamin 666 10 uur geleden
Petition for Among us video from Jaiden. Like so she can see
Jake Gangelhoff
Jake Gangelhoff 10 uur geleden
Also idc if it’s a nuzzlocke just catch a mimikyu
Jake Gangelhoff
Jake Gangelhoff 10 uur geleden
P.s:make a video on how it goes and post it on yt
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