Britain Says Their Final Farewell To Prince Phillip

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CBS Miami

29 dagen geleden

CBS4's Ian Lee reports on the latest news on laying Prince Phllip to rest this weekend.

Arcade Gir
Arcade Gir 24 dagen geleden
Farewell to the beloved prince Philip
Jane James
Jane James 25 dagen geleden
Misty Rivers
Misty Rivers 26 dagen geleden
Traped! Then abolish royalty you lunatic Harry. He just want all the royal money doesnt want responsibility.
Arron Blessing
Arron Blessing 26 dagen geleden
The Queen issued the order for all the men to wear day formal wear not only to save Harry the embarrassment, but her son Andrew wanted to wear an admirals uniform when he is no longer an admiral.
Janet Little
Janet Little 26 dagen geleden
They need to sue the sun. They keep a bunch a crap going.😎😎😎
Lisa A Anderson
Lisa A Anderson 26 dagen geleden
See Harry should have never been stoped from wearing his military uniform, that's so WRONG , I Understand now He wanted out of that Family . I would also.
Leslie 26 dagen geleden
Aaaaaand no one talks about Andrew who has brought much more disgrace to his mother, because he's the Golden child....
dianne Davis
dianne Davis 26 dagen geleden
The news media causes more hostility Derogatory ignorants who tries to make a funeral A place That the media can make a profit How sad It is pathetic shows you how corrupt the human mind really is.They seeks to Have incidents so they can sell more news especially the British media. They're nothing but media whores, Corner prostitutes Crackhead journalism.
Thomas Bezy
Thomas Bezy 26 dagen geleden
Michael Anthony
Michael Anthony 26 dagen geleden
Prince Phillip designed a car ? Awesome! Rest in peace Sir. 🔩
maria maibel
maria maibel 26 dagen geleden
😭💔Harriet Is Such A Fool🍾🍻
Toby Rose
Toby Rose 26 dagen geleden
Prince Henry. Said he felt trapped by Royal. Family / Duties. Then strip him and his wife of their Royal titles. HRH.. .not needed. In USA. They aren't working Royals, .....
Karl Heath
Karl Heath 26 dagen geleden
He wanted no fuss, oh just a normal funeral this I guess 😣
Migdalia Frazier
Migdalia Frazier 26 dagen geleden
Royals you are six feet underground.. either have been arrested or been executed!!! Less demons on Earth!! We pray for the babies ❤️
jim 26 dagen geleden
Harry isn't Charles' son. That's why they finally booted him out.
Renu Khanna
Renu Khanna 26 dagen geleden
Tv News 24h should be removed from media. Lots of people are complaining. Please have it looked into. The Queen does not deserve.
Gracia Plena
Gracia Plena 26 dagen geleden
Harry quit and speaks crap about royalty, just for money. He don’t belong there now; he is a Markle. If Markles accepts that kind of cheap people.
Frank Balazs
Frank Balazs 26 dagen geleden
jeslyn Y
jeslyn Y 26 dagen geleden
They will reconcile as all brothers do after a fight!!!! 👍
NeWorlDay 20
NeWorlDay 20 27 dagen geleden
So no police intervention stopping the British mourners standing in close proximity without masks but it's not okay for churches to meet up or strangers to talk in the park or go and visit your granny before or after death? Gotcha!
Sherdine Humphrey
Sherdine Humphrey 27 dagen geleden
Nice to see Harry back with his family or being a very sad accession
Exodus Speaks
Exodus Speaks 27 dagen geleden
Wish people cared this much about all those children that randomly vanish every day.. instead they watch as an old lizard gets lowered into the ground,’surpassed by an even older lizard that’s called “Queen”. And this is what people are concerned with 🤦‍♀️
Exodus Speaks
Exodus Speaks 27 dagen geleden
Wow who gives a shit?
Katarina Luna diCamella
Katarina Luna diCamella 27 dagen geleden
It's sad for the queen, her biggest support has gone...
Gregory Keane
Gregory Keane 27 dagen geleden
Poor Queen Elizabeth. How sad 😢
Jacqueline Devonshire
Jacqueline Devonshire 27 dagen geleden
The utter gaul and shame of CBS. The channel that brought us the Oprah / Sussex USA rebranding lie a thon. How dare you claim to now honour a man of such integrity and national loyalty, when it was your channel that facilitated Meghan Markles husband number 2 to throw his own family under the bus. Since 17 points of that vacuous unchallenged Markle PR stunt have been fact checked and debunked and as Prince Phillip lay terminally ill in hospital, it's an apology that Oprah, Gail and Markle should be offering, not sanctimonious platitudes. You are complicit in the added distress and suffering of this man at a time when he and his family were coming to terms with his impending death.
Toutai Palu
Toutai Palu 27 dagen geleden
ch33psk8 27 dagen geleden
Poignant moment as the Queen paused and turned, just for a second, as she entered St George’s Chapel, but there was no one there. For mine, i still feel that The Prince Philip RIP deserved a more state presentation. With the pandemic restrictions and his premeditated epitaph 'Typically Philip - and all the better for it', all unfolding with a certain humble destiny. Heartening to see Dukes, Cambridge and Sussex chatting as they left the chapel. Quite a thoughtful decision by Charles and Co. to walk back together. Will the ship of the Royal family adapt favourably after such a strong anchor is now raised. End of an era.
Ditto Head
Ditto Head 27 dagen geleden
I do believe it started with Andrew pitching a fit about being told he couldn’t wear his uniform. Then it extended to exclude Harry. Fake News again
Cecca 27 dagen geleden
* Prince Philip. Dear news network, please at least take the time to spell his name correctly. Greetings from UK
Keith Hamilton
Keith Hamilton 27 dagen geleden
Harry killed him.
G Sapiano
G Sapiano 27 dagen geleden
RIP Prince Philip, thankyou for your service to our country. May you find fair winds and calm seas.....
stand with true
stand with true 27 dagen geleden
Say: “The death from which you flee will truly overtake you: then you will be sent back to the Knower of things secret and open: and He will tell you (the truth of) the things that you did!” (Quran 62 .8)
A. Joe
A. Joe 27 dagen geleden
***This is absolutely Disgusting, disrespectful, appalling, and apathetically caulis to the people of the UK and it's common wealth*** On behalf of all Yanks, this crappy media coverage does not represent my countrymen or, our opinions. My sincerest of apologies. The MEDIA has forgotten this is a funeral NOT A FREAKING PARADE! My condolences to the Queen. For her Majesty's loss, her husband, of "SEVENTY THREE YEARS". My heart goes out to the people of the UK and the common wealth. Philip was a warrior, husband, father, grand father, confidant, and fiercely loyal subject. May you rest in peace with other combat veterans. Valhalla welcomes you home Phillip. Thank you for your lifetime of service. Your selfless service is now committed in our memories and history books. God save the Queen.
Neli Borba
Neli Borba 27 dagen geleden
Is this about the funeral or propaganda for Oprah?
Beba 27 dagen geleden
Media: As always so Cheezie!!! Me: Isn't this is suppose to be about Prince Phillip?
Auntie M
Auntie M 27 dagen geleden
It makes sense, his placement. Prince Phillip was not just a father but a grandfather and great grandfather. It makes sense that the cousins walk together. It will be different once the Queen dies. Everyone moves up or down in their positions.
Peaceful Days
Peaceful Days 27 dagen geleden
So now you all see what Meghans been talking about how the british media is no good.
Sharon 27 dagen geleden
The oldest grandson, Peter Phillips, has no military history and would not therefore be in uniform, so to say Harry would be the odd one out is ignorance and gossip mongering.
Lucia Soliman
Lucia Soliman 27 dagen geleden
May you rest in peace Prince Philip, may God comfort and strenghten the Queen and strong
Hector Daniel Carvalho
Hector Daniel Carvalho 27 dagen geleden
kings , queens, princes , dukes, it s like a tale for children , isn ' t ?
Joseph Guthrie
Joseph Guthrie 27 dagen geleden
It is so sad. Andy was not allowed to wear his fake admiral's costume. Mommy told him not to. But it impresses the little girls. Candy little girl.
RachelB 27 dagen geleden
Hmmm!....I wonder how much this cost the british tax payers!! 😤
E Marie
E Marie 27 dagen geleden
The media is and always be evil- if they can divide, cause strife, anything stir the pot and keep unrest- They are Satan’s tool-
poopslap poopslap
poopslap poopslap 27 dagen geleden
Wonder if he's warm in the devils house
Henrietta 27 dagen geleden
why did you carry an Umbrella, Queen..if it rains thousands would jump-towards-you to block the rain - 1:43
Petty Ceddy
Petty Ceddy 27 dagen geleden
And they wonder why Harry fled the country they won’t let the man have a peaceful moment to mourn his older than dirt granddad . I’m sure William can’t be that mad at his brother and if he is he can go hunch one of his mistress to get over the anger
HB 27 dagen geleden
Prince Phillip will now be reunited with his good friend Jimmy Saville. Don't bother taking a coat Phil. IT WILL BE HOT WHERE YOU'RE GOING!
Denise M. Joerg
Denise M. Joerg 27 dagen geleden
God Bless the Queen and her family!
Byzantios1 27 dagen geleden
It would be encouraging to think that maybe someone at CBS would take the time to look at the comments and get a handle on what people in the real world ate thinking ad feeling. The Commonwealth lost a great man. But American media is solely focused on brotherly squabbles, Markle, Oprah winfreys reaction and other irrelevant nonsense.
Santa Kriel
Santa Kriel 27 dagen geleden
Sorry i just cant understand all the fuss. The guy is dead. Knows nothing...
M L 27 dagen geleden
Gossip blame Meghan the manipulative , so she wasn't in the funeral list she doesn't belong there...
Maria Teresa Wooten
Maria Teresa Wooten 27 dagen geleden
That's nice, don't care!
Gemz Bethel
Gemz Bethel 27 dagen geleden
The media and magazines always trying to sell a story!! HUSH about the brothers! Obviously they are okay as they are talking as they walk, knowing it's not about either of them but their GRANDFATHER. Hush!!!!
Lori Edney
Lori Edney 27 dagen geleden
God bless the family in their mourning. Rest In Peace.
Casaundra Ramsey
Casaundra Ramsey 27 dagen geleden
athenstar10 27 dagen geleden
Harry's not the odd man out, Peter Philips was the only man in the family that doesn't even have a medal on his chest and it's not a big deal is it.
me 27 dagen geleden
I'm here to see if Harry and William spoke to each other and I wanted to see what the women were wearing. Oh ... and I was wondering if the queen was going to break down into a crying jag!
1996freddie 27 dagen geleden
They were walking together when the funeral finished so stop making up nonsense.
Polly Parrot
Polly Parrot 27 dagen geleden
Can we forget about Harry and his wife, they are nobodies who do nothing but cause trouble for the Queen, the Royal family and the country at large. William has integrity, thank heavens he will be the one to become King in due course.
Ilene Vickers
Ilene Vickers 27 dagen geleden
Don't forget disgrace andrew why are you always picking on Harry you selfish reporter
Christine Govan
Christine Govan 27 dagen geleden
And it was absolutely done with some respect for one day and lay of the dont even have any footage...
Carol McKinney
Carol McKinney 27 dagen geleden
How sad that his family except just Harry can’t wear their uniforms
Ruth Gyamfi
Ruth Gyamfi 27 dagen geleden
I really don't get this media people. Their main focus should be on Prince Philip and not the two brothers.
Everything is Awesome
Everything is Awesome 27 dagen geleden
He'll be back as a zombie for sure. He's a warlock anyway.
Everything is Awesome
Everything is Awesome 27 dagen geleden
He'll be back as a zombie for sure. He's a warlock anyway.
Susan Pettit
Susan Pettit 27 dagen geleden
Harry looks like an old man. Ha ha
Jasen Wright
Jasen Wright 27 dagen geleden
Andrew wanted to wear an 'Admiral's uniform'! The Queen said NO!! Good on her! Well done Liz!!
Peter Williams
Peter Williams 27 dagen geleden
Now the funerals over.. Harry & his wife with no regard of his Family, when especially his Grandad lay in Hospital & you 2 put your grandad & the RF through hell with no CONSCIOUS... You both can now Go & trap themselves Somewhere away so no one can see their face ever... you 2 deserved each other & probably Oprah might join you both...
Keon Brissett
Keon Brissett 27 dagen geleden
Served for 80 years doing what exactly, some one enlighten me, I've grown up in the UK all my life only known bout dude for the last 10 years,
Steve Jepp
Steve Jepp 27 dagen geleden
Prince Philip is supposed to have died on April 9th. This is the 99th day of this year. He is supposed to have died at the age of 99. This is Satanic numerology. He did not die on that day. Some people are saying he died a year ago. When will the idiot public stop lapping up what the criminal mainstream media is feeding them?
JANET DEEPIKA 27 dagen geleden
And media stop digging your dirt and leave them alone
JANET DEEPIKA 27 dagen geleden
Trapped did Elizabeth feel she was trapped she did her duty, harry should have made ways to do his duty not to complaint about his duties and families
Fierce Siren
Fierce Siren 27 dagen geleden
I wish the brothers much love. Diana wouldn't want them at odds. No matter what.
ابو بكر
ابو بكر 27 dagen geleden
بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم مفتاح الجنة لا اله الا الله محمد رسول الله دين الإسلام والله سبحانه وتعالى جعل فوزنا وفوز الانس والجان فقط بدين الإسلام والايمان والأعمال الصالحة
ابو بكر
ابو بكر 27 dagen geleden
بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم The key of the paradise aljanah is la ilah ila lah Mohammed rhassoul lah islamic religion deen al islam
KOKAiNE JANE 27 dagen geleden
"A man that served his country & wife for almost 80 years".You mean served his FIRST COUSIN for almost 80 years🤨
S Z 27 dagen geleden
Please, they share the same great great grandmother, Queen Victoria. They are first cousin twice removed. In most countries marriages between those kind cousins won't raise any eyebrows. Think about how many different blood in their veins, they are not that closely related. Don't twist the fact. They don't share the same grandparent, that would be called first cousin.
marjorie machado
marjorie machado 27 dagen geleden
How about we focus on who the event is about... Prince Philip himself. Stop talking about the problem between those two, it’s not about them.
Aquarian 27 dagen geleden
Once they play "Taps" for you, you are fucked.
Betsy Stewart
Betsy Stewart 27 dagen geleden
Oh please, come on move on
Hmmm 27 dagen geleden
Very inspiring and surprisingly uplifting funeral. Psalm 104 sung like that amazing. ALL the scriptures... Really showed Prince Philips deep respect for the Godhead.🙇💜💜💜✊
Beach Life
Beach Life 27 dagen geleden
Societies need to boycott and go after the news for non objective reporting habits. The news are shit disturbers
Lizzie 27 dagen geleden
Harry really was in the military. He earned most of his right to wear a uniform-it wasn’t all honorary.
Dave L.
Dave L. 27 dagen geleden
Meanwhile Meagan markle is holding a black lives matter rally a few miles from the funeral
Bellus C
Bellus C 27 dagen geleden
Correction so is Prince Andrew.
Sophie Smith
Sophie Smith 27 dagen geleden
Remy Racho-Rueca
Remy Racho-Rueca 27 dagen geleden
You be ashamed of yourself Harry. What you said is a slap to your grandfather who devoted his life to country and queen. You don’t deserve to be in that funeral ! Shame on you
НОВОЕ БУДУЩЕЕ 27 dagen geleden
Syazril Hisham
Syazril Hisham 27 dagen geleden
Media wants to start the fued..
Liverbird 55
Liverbird 55 27 dagen geleden
What a stupid thing to say, this will be the first time the brothers will have met since the oprah interview, as you could see they all arrived together and they would of all been with the queen over the last few days, not just meeting up today for the first time🤦🏼‍♀️
segun mathew
segun mathew 27 dagen geleden
What shall it profit a man if he gains the whole world and lose his soul
Pei Kaye
Pei Kaye 27 dagen geleden
Only American TV will go so low to create negativity, and displace the focus. That’s why I watched the Australian coverage. Was curious about America’s coverage. It really “ sucks “.
sumi ati
sumi ati 27 dagen geleden
J4m32 Hz
J4m32 Hz 27 dagen geleden
Isn't the queens birthday in like 3 days
J Cunha
J Cunha 27 dagen geleden
A morte não faz acepção de pessoas.
Angeline Santhanam
Angeline Santhanam 27 dagen geleden
He, Harry is more trapped....out there in an American society, with their gun craziness and with MM.
Mary Ann Jacobs
Mary Ann Jacobs 27 dagen geleden
Why do you continue to promote drama with the royals. Can you try to be kind?
Oxford Humanities
Oxford Humanities 27 dagen geleden
Prince Philip's Land Rover
Jilly B
Jilly B 27 dagen geleden
Any Royal can abdicate their role if they really want. They're not trapped on pain of death like maybe hundreds of years ago. Harry comes off peeved because he's not in line to the throne. Now he's trapped in another mansion under another woman's thumb. Many would love to be trapped in luxury. He doesn't even know how he sounds to the public - oh poor me only 11 bathrooms!! Wimp.
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