Charli D'amelio being UNGRATEFUL for her fans and RUDE to chef..

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Charli D'amelio UNGRATEFUL for 100 million followers and RUDE to chef.. Charli D'amelio chef has been trending after charli damelio rude to fans occured in the same video! Charli damelio ungrateful and being rude to chef was so surprising and it caused charli damelio losing followers. Charli damelio cancelled could be happening after more fans see the charli damelio chef video. What do you think about charli damelio complaining about now having enough followers during dinner with the damelios? The damelio dinner definitely did not go as planned, just like the charli damelio fight video that has been trending, she should just be grateful and think about the charli damelio first tiktok that changed her life instead.
Charli D'amelio fight with Addison Rae before The Ellen Show!

Fine Trends
Fine Trends 3 dagen geleden
Check out Charli D'amelio's apology video!
Big Oof
Big Oof 39 minuten geleden
@Jurnee Hair How exactly can you be sure that she's faking though
Jurnee Hair
Jurnee Hair Uur geleden
See she faking being nice little ungrateful spoiled girl..
Jurnee Hair
Jurnee Hair Uur geleden
Doesn't make it right we aint just numbers
tim ph
tim ph 3 uur geleden
Says the person who is the only one inlove with charli...
Big Oof
Big Oof 15 uur geleden
This is not meant to bash your video. But I really dont see how Charli was being rude. 1st of all, her saying "oh" a couple times is not her saying her followers are just numbers. 2nd of all, possibly she didn't like the food the chef cooked and no proof was shown of her being rude. The chef even dissmissed it himself. 3rd of all, Charli was not rude to the homeless man, She might of been uncomfortable with an older man walking up to her. I do understand how she could be stereotypical toward a homeless person. But that wasnt the case.
ABBIGAIL DANSIE 36 seconden geleden
She is really nice
ABBIGAIL DANSIE Minuut geleden
U really are stupid aren´t you. She is s nice as you.
Katsuki Bakugou
Katsuki Bakugou 15 minuten geleden
0:35 she said that her fans are just numbers with "proof". This is the video that I pinned. And then she said as u can see u can tell Charli thinks of her fans as "just numbers" Me like: ** BUT BITCH SHE JUST SAID OHWHAAHAHAODOE** WTF.
b4rb1e d011
b4rb1e d011 26 minuten geleden
wow she spit out snails yall r embarrassing
Valentina B.
Valentina B. 40 minuten geleden
I still have no idea why she’s a Tik tok “star”
Strangerthingsuperfan 101
Strangerthingsuperfan 101 Uur geleden
If u watch the full video instead of a short clip you would see Charlie said it would be cool to hit a milestone after a milestone last year she hit 1 million followers and in one year 100 !!
james morrison
james morrison Uur geleden
i dont dislike charli what she did was quite ungreatfull but she is young and if you where the most followed on a big social media platform you will be quite exited to reach 100mill
Jasmine Rivera
Jasmine Rivera 2 uur geleden
Wtf was that first clip lmao it don’t mean anything
ZaRiyah Jackson
ZaRiyah Jackson 2 uur geleden
Dude it's called a prank dummy
Saya Mallen
Saya Mallen 3 uur geleden
Charli was literally talking normally to a complete STRANGER who was talking about being Lady Gaga's homeless boyfriend. Imagine how you would feel if that happened to you. Yet she remained polite, but people are saying that she was being rude. pls explain this to me.
MaKenna Boring
MaKenna Boring 3 uur geleden
Okay so you would rather eat snails than dino nuggets? THAT'S WHAT I THOUGHT
Tocoolforschool 3 uur geleden
Anyone know the original video of her saying this
iidrizzle 3 uur geleden
You just want attention. Look what would you do if a homeless man came up to you..? You would be uncomfortable because you don’t know that person and it would be uncomfortable to just talk to a random peros of that came up to you. 🙄 (now yall want attention and wanna cancel charli for ANYTHIBG
Jeremy Abbott
Jeremy Abbott 3 uur geleden
Yeah, fans are numbers. I see nothing wrong with what she has done and none of your claims stick. Know what’s worse? People who make fake videos designed to damage or destroy someone else’s career.
fb 5
fb 5 4 uur geleden
Everyone defending Charlie be like 👁 👄 👁
brightxv 4 uur geleden
They are so ungrateful and disrespectful, they have literally everything they don’t deserve all this. They see their followers as numbers they just care for the money, they should be ashamed of themselves
baseketball stuff
baseketball stuff 4 uur geleden
Honestly i don't think she should criticism we all make mistakes And she's only 16
Gabby Mifsud
Gabby Mifsud 5 uur geleden
Can people stop giving Charli so much hate. Don’t post things if you are going to be rude
Raisah 5 uur geleden
Love ya charli
charley eliza
charley eliza 6 uur geleden
she is literally 16 years old like come on she wasn’t being mean to the homeless guy because she was smiling at him and speaking to him but honestly she’s 16 if a random stranger came up to her obviously she’s gonna act a bit uncomfortable I mean she doesn’t know them just because she’s famous and has all these fans doesn’t mean she doesn’t get anxious xx
David Peacock
David Peacock 7 uur geleden
Yo, saying you want to do better doesn't mean you are ungrateful. I watched the video, it was fine. Honestly the compilations make it seem worse than it was. Relax y'all, they are kids. Sidebar: HOW THE HELL TO YOU TAKE THAT VIDEO OF HER WITH THE HOMELESS DUDE AND SAY SHE WAS RUDE? Seriously, wtf? A strange mab you don't know comes up to have a conversation with a 16 year old girl and she engaged in a short convo. What more did you want?
Taegan Esquivel
Taegan Esquivel 7 uur geleden
Dude just stop
crocodile 7 uur geleden
She’s not rude to her chef she just asked if there was Dino nuggets
Nothing to see here.
Nothing to see here. 7 uur geleden
Video: *showes clip* Charli in clip: whoa whoa whoa! Video: as you can see, she thinks of her fans a numbers! Me: girl-
Nothing to see here.
Nothing to see here. 7 minuten geleden
@sarah T ikr
sarah T
sarah T 6 uur geleden
istg I'm not a fan of Charlie nor follow her but like this video was just talking shit with no legit reason lmao
Kunwar Rajj
Kunwar Rajj 8 uur geleden
I dont know all the fuss about her but where is the rudeness?
Coraline 8 uur geleden
I'm not a Charli fan, literally don't care about her but I was curious why people are upset. I saw literally no fucking evidence of you claims in this video. Maybe she did act a certain way, your video sucks tho because you showed me nothing.
Rainy_ Playz
Rainy_ Playz 8 uur geleden
how was charli rude to the homeless man? she was listening to him and i shes being quite respectful to him-
Saint 8 uur geleden
Omg who cares
Kyland 8 uur geleden
I’m a by-passer, my little sister watches these girls. I have to say ya’ll are really taking this way too far, it’s really not that serious. There a lot comments that say “there are people that are dying”, but yet the same people are watching a video about some teenage girl supposedly being rude to her chef. The irony.
Tendai Simbanegavi
Tendai Simbanegavi 8 uur geleden
"it was really surprising to see Charlie act this way" She's not your show pony or personal idol she's a fuckin child. Jesus Christ nothing bonds humans the way destruction does. Fuckin disappointing.
Dennise Rafer
Dennise Rafer 9 uur geleden
Riftybeam 10 uur geleden
There is no reason for so much hate.... what is the reason for all of this.... pls stop 😢😢
Cryptic109 JLP
Cryptic109 JLP 10 uur geleden
Like y’all really made her cry on her Insta live like go get a life
Cryptic109 JLP
Cryptic109 JLP 10 uur geleden
Hey first of all Dixie said that the chef knew that she was gonna react like this becoause she reacts really quick to like the smell and something else like that and the chef just wanted to see a reaction and Charli is only sixteen and you expect her to be the greatest role model of all time I mean everyone makes mistakes why is it so bad when a someone like charli makes a mistake people go off at her like she ain’t human to like she’s not the robot from the wizard of oz I mean I understand why some people go off at other influences that I am not going to say but everyone makes mistakes matter in fact the damelio fam was being quite brave by posting this they probs knew that plenty of people were gonna hate but they still posted it didn’t they?
*Something funny*
*Something funny* 11 uur geleden
RUDE?!?!?lmaooo u guys rlly are sensitive it was an awkward situation & she's 15 she's not perfect & thats a perfectly normal reaction to a prankhe even said that they're great girls all together chill tf out dudes-
Cindy Lansdell
Cindy Lansdell 11 uur geleden
ok so can you rember that much followers and she is 16 and will you eat a snall no so stop going after a 16 girl
C L 12 uur geleden
American value
Kenyon Flowers
Kenyon Flowers 12 uur geleden
She is really high charli and dixie were just answering his questions
Penampang Motosport Club
Penampang Motosport Club 12 uur geleden
The chef is still nice to them...even if ther not around
danielle sve
danielle sve 12 uur geleden
Oh relax I was poor as dirt as a kid and I acted the same it really that deep lmao
Brianna 12 uur geleden
And I’m not subscribing
Brianna 12 uur geleden
Bro she wasn’t being rude
Carlee Webber
Carlee Webber 12 uur geleden
The paparazzi should leave her alone.. and the homeless people like give her her privacy and stop asking her personal questions
Linyx Image
Linyx Image 12 uur geleden
James is the only respectful one at that table
lu chang
lu chang 12 uur geleden
The narrator or producer of this video are stupid. Where is the part of being rude??
gocha_ gïrl
gocha_ gïrl 12 uur geleden
She doesn't deserve that 100M followers.
Kamilah Ramirez
Kamilah Ramirez 12 uur geleden
You're so dumb😭 people that actually take this video seriously, need to get off social media. First off, you didnt even show the full clip of her talking about her wanting to hit 100mil by the end of the year. She was not being ungrateful at all, yall blow everything out of proportion. Second of all, how was she being rude to the chef and homeless man? You'd do anything for likes a views lmao🤣💀
Doge Crazy YT crazy me
Doge Crazy YT crazy me 13 uur geleden
The fact I never sub or follow her
Lovelychickennuggets Love
Lovelychickennuggets Love 13 uur geleden
How was she being rude y’all dumb she’s literally being so nice
Chloe Moreira
Chloe Moreira 14 uur geleden
again, they were just being nice to the homeless man you guys are just trying to find things to start drama about they were laughing how is ant of this even CLOSE to being "disrespectful"
William Flood
William Flood 14 uur geleden
And what’s you probably
William Flood
William Flood 14 uur geleden
Stop she is not rude you just think you like her
Maddie Higdon
Maddie Higdon 14 uur geleden
She was not rude to the homeless person she did not even know him
Roblox adopt me lover Pet
Roblox adopt me lover Pet 14 uur geleden
All she is saying is that she like even numbers like Bro stop targeting her she did nothing wrong like dis vid is rigged I’m disliking the vid
Kiyah Massey
Kiyah Massey 14 uur geleden
bruh she was literally being so polite to that homeless man
Laila Henderson
Laila Henderson 14 uur geleden
Leave them alone she is 16
- tnt498 -
- tnt498 - 14 uur geleden
Stfu I dont even like charli but i will defed an innocent person
- tnt498 -
- tnt498 - 14 uur geleden
Lets just dislike
LEAVE MINETA ALONE!!! :3 15 uur geleden
This video is dumb, and confusing. The clips that are being used as examples are too short and really random. No wonder why this video has so many dislikes.
beautiful Sin
beautiful Sin 15 uur geleden
LOL Why did she show a vid of Dixie gagging and say it was Charlie?... Im dead
jaydah favor
jaydah favor 15 uur geleden
this is all so false it’s funny. in the vid this girl says charlie was being rude abt food and then shows a whole clip of dixie tf
Genesis Molina
Genesis Molina 15 uur geleden
What u do is wrong everyone is not perfect how about talk about u exacly stop
Tristan Spasoff
Tristan Spasoff 15 uur geleden
Um, did you pick the wrong clips or something, how is politely nodding and not interrupting considered, rude?
the almighty rick Ashley
the almighty rick Ashley 15 uur geleden
Bruh over reaction everybody like chill she just dances damn and she like to joke around like chill bruv
Cocobrine69 16 uur geleden
I dont find any of that rude, wtf, is something wrong with me?
Beans Shart
Beans Shart 16 uur geleden
I don’t know if you’re dumb or dumb but you can not make judgement and form and opinion on a 15 second clip and try to cancel young girls? They made simple mistakes and the chef clearly stated he was not offended. Cancel culture is ridiculous. Don’t post bs like this when the girl are young, and I would take fame the same way if I gained 90 mil+ followers in a year.
juan guillen
juan guillen 16 uur geleden
『 Ryuko Chan 』
『 Ryuko Chan 』 16 uur geleden
If it was anyone else they would have be canceled but since it’s charli her 8 year old fans are “Everyone makes mistakes I still love char 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺”
TheReal Grace
TheReal Grace 17 uur geleden
Y’all fans be pushing it and are so extra how was she disrespectful to the homeless guy
HxneyBun 17 uur geleden
she wasn’t being rude to the homeless man but she was definitely being ungrateful
Paisley Talley
Paisley Talley 18 uur geleden
Charlie was joking about the 100 mil she is vary great full for all of her fans
Grace Haggar
Grace Haggar 19 uur geleden
You eat a snail then..
The Russian Gamer
The Russian Gamer 19 uur geleden
@FineTrends I try not to get involved in comment sections.. but this video is just a hate video which is just disappointing to say the least. “Reporting” in a one sided or opinionated way is not fair to the people involved. Next time tell both sides of the story and don’t include unrelated clips that do nothing to help your claims(homeless clip). Just be way less biased please.
uoy no sekoj Braa
uoy no sekoj Braa 20 uur geleden
But still they stole 300k from mrbeast
uoy no sekoj Braa
uoy no sekoj Braa 20 uur geleden
I have one thing to say: vape
LifeWithAarii i
LifeWithAarii i 20 uur geleden
Y’all just mad she’s better than y’all.😙🤍
Jessica Gaudette
Jessica Gaudette 20 uur geleden
So sad that all people do is chill on their phones nowadays, look at the kids in the background
Aśtrø Ñøt
Aśtrø Ñøt 20 uur geleden
How were they rude to the homeless man they just seemed uncomfortable they didn’t know him and they kinda new the guy filming
Sofia Pajaron
Sofia Pajaron 20 uur geleden
Idk why ppl love her so much she doesn't care about covid she's disrespectful, she's sexualizing herself dancing in that way.. Proof here 1:57 u can clearly see that other girl with a mask
Alia Matar
Alia Matar 21 uur geleden
She wasn’t even being rude to the homeless man
Collette Belello
Collette Belello 21 uur geleden
Not everyone is perfect she’s human to.
CaptainTiger 21 uur geleden
This is so fake loll
oiuet souiu
oiuet souiu 21 uur geleden
This is why i delete TikTok, the community is god damn TOXIC, they want to cancel everyone for small things, might as well get cancel for opening a door
Hellur Goodbur
Hellur Goodbur 21 uur geleden
All she does is do 3 second dances.... 🙄😂😂😂😂😂
Owen Ent
Owen Ent 21 uur geleden
All the idiots who follow her just make her money, she doesn't give a shit about you
oiuet souiu
oiuet souiu 21 uur geleden
They were joking towards the homeless and I don’t even Think there HOMELESS
The Verdict
The Verdict 21 uur geleden
you literally made no actual content here. Did you forget to make a point here? I don't like her but this video is awful. How does her making a face mean anything?
xxAvaGachaxx 21 uur geleden
This is stupid shut up
Danger Diaz
Danger Diaz 22 uur geleden
Lol.. yeah so rude to the homeless guy... this is all fake news..
Ayva Curry
Ayva Curry 22 uur geleden
When were they mean to the homeless man???
Vlad 22 uur geleden
Whoever made this video, I hope you feel better and hit puberty soon.
Gianna Ellis
Gianna Ellis 22 uur geleden
Y'all haters are high or smt. Dixie & Charli did nothing wrong. The Chef said it was a joke, they wanted to see if Dixie would throw up, and people are hating on Charli for saying if there was any dino nuggets!? Oh my gosh you guys are crazy. Charli is the sweetest person in the world. The people who hate her are just jealous that she achieved so much in only a year. Charli & her family ARE greatful for everything. Telling her to kill herself is unbelievable. She's only a teenager. So many people are making her think about suicide just because she asked about chicken nuggets AS A JOKE. All of these videos (including this one) is so inaccurate. Congratulations to all the people who are trying to make a 15 year old cry. By being rude to other people, is just going to make your life even worse. If you be nice to one another you'll be treated the same. Charli appriciates all her fans. Thanks to all the people who support her. She needs all the love she can get to help her through this. We love you Charli💕
Lisa Petru
Lisa Petru 22 uur geleden
She was just exited for 100 mill
Rachel friedman
Rachel friedman 22 uur geleden
Okay but check out this clip... Shown nothing
Spitzyx 23 uur geleden
Funny how the gay one is the only one that keeps composure
Horsing 23 uur geleden
This is what money does to everyone heads people become different
Tizzy D
Tizzy D 23 uur geleden
Little cry baby lol
Phillip Anyang
Phillip Anyang 23 uur geleden
Everything in this video is just a contradiction. How can one say that she was rude to a homeless person yet she wasn't?
kk mp
kk mp 23 uur geleden
WE GET IT SHE WAS RESPECTFULBTO THE HOMELESS GUY YOU CAN SHUT UP NOW BRUUUUUUUUUUUUH, yall are literally ignoring the fact that she asked for dyno nuggets at the dinner table, as if she didnt have enough food, and that she was being super ungrateful for the following she has, imagine having 95 mil on tik tok for dancing... BRUH BE FUCKING GRATEFUL, and yall out here defending someone so ungrateful
EpicFlyingNoah 23 uur geleden
C=onfident H=ardworking A=mazing R=eally talented L=ovley I=was just kidding
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