Buying new compact track loaders

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Andrew Camarata

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Getting a tl10 and tl12 compact track loader and using them on a few jobs.
Hose clamp:

JW 7 uur geleden
Levi , good friends are hard to come by
P Kope
P Kope 22 uur geleden
Can anyone tell me what the music at 5:13 in the video is similar to ? It sounds familiar but it's driving me nuts that I can't remember it . Another Great Video Andrew . YOU truly are AMAZING !!!👍👍
GeorgeBonez 2 dagen geleden
Andrew Bro! It’s time you hire some employees man! I could be available if ya twist my arm a little. Uhhh my name is Andrew too. Well it’s my middle name George Andrew Bonez but that’s ok right? 😆
Eric Albertson
Eric Albertson 3 dagen geleden
Man can tell at the end how much Levi means to Andrew and that he knows it’s close to the end for his old friend
Donald Mends
Donald Mends 4 dagen geleden
Yea they maybe great rigs, but you can only run one at a time Andrew, if they run the same style that okay but not different style controls don't work , running a rig should be contiousflow
bea kittelscherz
bea kittelscherz 4 dagen geleden
If AC ever will open up a DYS (Drive It Yourself) - Themepark I´ll def buy a Dayticket and try out every f´##n Machine! YAY !!!
Trav-trav 1718
Trav-trav 1718 4 dagen geleden
Anyone else wanna see what kind of snake that was
Sonny C
Sonny C 5 dagen geleden
i come on here to watch Canelo Alvarez highlights and ive been watching this guy for 3 hrs.
fritz 6 dagen geleden
you are going to have to hire a crew to run all those
Endless Summer
Endless Summer 8 dagen geleden
You ever feel the urge to donate one of those, I'm your guy. Lol. Enjoy your videos.
hans van den Biggelaar
hans van den Biggelaar 9 dagen geleden
I''m sorry to see that your dog LEVI is suffering pain in the hind legs, please consult a veterinarian docter
Sonny Morrison
Sonny Morrison 10 dagen geleden
Do you still have the big white dump ?
Ryan Doohan
Ryan Doohan 11 dagen geleden
lmao, "There's the patio, still gone, good!" Well, it's a good thing that damn thing didn't come back!
Climamusic 12 dagen geleden
The TL10 is a beast, so strong little machine, aweome WOW! 😮
joker s
joker s 12 dagen geleden
I'm surprised Andrew doesn't have one of those rock breakers to break up the cement into gravel.
joker s
joker s 12 dagen geleden
Why not add value to the property and just get rid of all of the crappy cement? Crazy waste of money to just move it from one side of the property to another side. Almost pointless.
jonka1 13 dagen geleden
Why don't you lubricate the pivots on the release mechanism?
T H I C C S A L A M I B O I 13 dagen geleden
Is that private property where you dumped all the concrete? Otherwise, that would be a really fucked up thing to do (and also to show that on the internet). Especially if you justify it by saying "someone else did it already so it is ok"
David Shamiri
David Shamiri 14 dagen geleden
Just flip the 10
Donald Mends
Donald Mends 14 dagen geleden
Chris Guins from let's dig 18 must. Be rolling on the ground buy now. Andrew , Andrew.
Donald Mends
Donald Mends 14 dagen geleden
Andrew explain why would bring the smaller of the two skid steers . Don't make scene especially when you new what the job was about. Come on Andrew your smarter then that.
Donald Mends
Donald Mends 14 dagen geleden
Bill's. Because you have available funds to buy skid steers dosen't make you an skid steer operator.
FlyingAmbo 14 dagen geleden
Don’t they use reo in concrete slabs in America??
Andrew Camarata
Andrew Camarata 14 dagen geleden
rebar? they do. I guess those people didnt.
Young Grizzly
Young Grizzly 14 dagen geleden
The fleet is growing. Now you need to get some workers brother.
paul paupard
paul paupard 14 dagen geleden
why you didn't use the snowblowers to move the snow ?
Beardedcyclist67 14 dagen geleden
Tracked skid steer for every day of the week
IMaj I
IMaj I 15 dagen geleden
Jackhammer attachment and bucket to load would not be easier and faster?
Xaltotun Great
Xaltotun Great 15 dagen geleden
Congratulations, Andrew! 2 new skid steers! You didn't tell us in the video if these skid steers were OK when you bought them. Usually, you make a working-on-the-newly-bought-machine video before taking the new machines on jobs. This time you took them on jobs immediately. Were they really in such good shape?
e Rob
e Rob 15 dagen geleden
Love that faithful Levi. Great dog.
Chris Is
Chris Is 15 dagen geleden
Why does anyone even upvote the comment below?? Is America getting this stupid??? 1.3K upvotes for a QUOTE????
George Sherfick
George Sherfick 16 dagen geleden
Levi keeps hangin in there.. i think Cody keeps him interested in life. Dad get keep him in some good drugs for his hip pain.
nocoolname32 16 dagen geleden
this is why you don't let the lowest bid do your concrete, good lord that was a hot mess. probably cracked from kids parking their bikes on it.
Tom KI6ASP 16 dagen geleden
Good ol’ Levi
Mentlegen 17 dagen geleden
Wouldn't bringing the bigger skid steer on the first job and the smaller one on the second job make more sense lol
Fred Flintstone
Fred Flintstone 18 dagen geleden
Gene Henry, are you bored? I can fix your boredom with caterpillars satellite equipment control system. How much money do you want to lose?
norfy 19 dagen geleden
12:21 he had to come see what that noise was lol
Ulf Tillberg
Ulf Tillberg 19 dagen geleden
Kudos to you for "cleaning up" the concrete dump site.
David Witcraft
David Witcraft 20 dagen geleden
Levi makes an appearance!
David W.
David W. 20 dagen geleden
It’s good to see Levi, he’s a goood boy!!
Davidnumber23 20 dagen geleden
action overload
Jacob Webb
Jacob Webb 20 dagen geleden
ive used one of th ose tl12s brand new for awhile and they are awesome. love the auto detach and attach for diff tools, but with the forks it dont lift as much as you'd think
Chris Allen
Chris Allen 20 dagen geleden
I love how he used the quick grip tool still in the package lol. He’s funny
FRANCE PAU 64 21 dag geleden
Salut Andrew de la neige en Avril cher toi ????!!!!!! bon courage merci pour tes vidéos , David . FRANCE
Anthony D
Anthony D 21 dag geleden I just bought boff of dem". Love seeing success used in such a productive manner.
TylerKirkFilms 21 dag geleden
“I’m a happy, happy dog, a happy happy happy dog” that’s all I could see watching this video 😂
joseph rose
joseph rose 21 dag geleden
When is Andy Camarata's Pro Excavator coming out?
Kyoko 21 dag geleden
Isn't there better place to drop your probably-full-of-asbestos concrete ?
motoman 714
motoman 714 22 dagen geleden
Thats awesome i love how he cleans up all that old concrete! I bet the customers were very pleased with the extra work he did cleaning up for them!
Daily Struggle
Daily Struggle 22 dagen geleden
You constantly buy more!
Hanmieson 22 dagen geleden
Do these leave skidmarks?
Shane Snouffer
Shane Snouffer 22 dagen geleden
Hey Andrew, you need to get you about 8 sets of speed binders it would make your life so much easier considering your always movieing or hauling something its less wear and tear on you and your equipment plus it's alot faster and more secure when tightening equipment down. Saves your energy for more important things. Good luck
1hdsquad 23 dagen geleden
I'd love to see the brushmower on the TL12!
Blessings Lawn & Outdoor Services
Blessings Lawn & Outdoor Services 23 dagen geleden
This may sound crazy but if you bring a small Boulder with you to jobs like that you can drop it on the cement and it’ll fracture it, much quicker than trying to Maneuver the large pieces to break.
Thomas Dickey
Thomas Dickey 23 dagen geleden
nice job man.
Stacy Durham
Stacy Durham 23 dagen geleden
Love the vid...but why do you deal with the crap factory bed On that truck..throw a good flat bed on there ..easier to load and unload..and when the truck is done..throw it away and put the flat bed on a different one..
Jerry Foreman
Jerry Foreman 23 dagen geleden
Just need more qualified operators.
Ben Marshall
Ben Marshall 23 dagen geleden
Think you need a crusher next to recycle all this concrete. So many machines though and only one Andrew! Need some clones too, image what you could do!!!
Kenny Duncan
Kenny Duncan 23 dagen geleden
Who the hell needs a ladder when you have a skidsteer 👍
Michel Chartrand
Michel Chartrand 23 dagen geleden
Andrew ,is a skid-steer in itself...what a machine ! LOL .
Jeff Murray
Jeff Murray 23 dagen geleden
Hoses are much easier to put on when the engine isn't running and pressure is off the lines
ViiV Creations
ViiV Creations 24 dagen geleden
these things are so handy everyone should own one like a car. hell these are cheaper than new car prices nowdays....
Glendon Kuhns
Glendon Kuhns 24 dagen geleden
Sounds like the right hand track on the TL12 has an idler that needs some attention.
Building Our Paradise
Building Our Paradise 24 dagen geleden
Creating your own heavy equipment fleet! Great vids as always Andrew!
edgars stalazs
edgars stalazs 24 dagen geleden
this one looks cool
Stewart McArdle
Stewart McArdle 24 dagen geleden
I have a similar passion for ukuleles as you do skid steers. 😀
EDUARDO SANTANA 24 dagen geleden
Cool Andrew, I´m been watching you for a while, always vary entertain. Hi 5 from Brazil
Janice Wilson
Janice Wilson 25 dagen geleden
My brother donated his worn out prius and proposed I do the same with my old suv; and since the funds is given to worthy cause is fulfilling.
anthony marasco
anthony marasco 25 dagen geleden
Poor dog .. suffering ?
Jacob Eskelund Pedersen
Jacob Eskelund Pedersen 25 dagen geleden
When struggling to get the hydraulic hoses on, just turn the machine off, and then turn on the ignition. That way you can use the hydraulic function without sending pressure to the coupler, and thereby relieving the pressure, so you can connect the hoses with very little strenghth.
Landen Sierra
Landen Sierra 25 dagen geleden
I got a question why don’t you get skid loaders with glass I’m just curious
Andrew Camarata
Andrew Camarata 25 dagen geleden
All glass does is break.
The Unqualified Gamer
The Unqualified Gamer 25 dagen geleden
ps i forgot to mention they ride tougher then hell hahaa
The Unqualified Gamer
The Unqualified Gamer 25 dagen geleden
we have owned a 2014 tl10 since new and we have put that poor machine thru hell and back and it still starts everytime and pushes almost as much as a old d3xl bulldozer nothing but a failed waterpump for us very solid machine and we have had problems with the quick attach but it was easily fixable
Tod Morrison
Tod Morrison 25 dagen geleden
You should add on to your Garage to put all your machine under cover or even close it in. Would make excellent video.
Ionut Geanta
Ionut Geanta 25 dagen geleden
👍 👌
Jackson Mccumber
Jackson Mccumber 25 dagen geleden
42:11 what kind boots are those that his buddy has
Aitor Bleda
Aitor Bleda 25 dagen geleden
The humidity in that house must be EPIC.
kevinkn5 25 dagen geleden
Glad you had Levi at the end of video. He’s been a good friend through the years. Treasure every moment with him. Sad to see him get old but still good to see him.
Russell Clement
Russell Clement 26 dagen geleden
Four skid steers and not a 4 in 1 bucket to be seen ,, lol
Rock of ages USA
Rock of ages USA 26 dagen geleden
Can’t ever go wrong buying good equipment 🤙
Tractorman007 Houge
Tractorman007 Houge 26 dagen geleden
Hire the handicapped they’re fun to watch
Tractorman007 Houge
Tractorman007 Houge 26 dagen geleden
If you shut off the Machine, and crack the quick connect fitting so it barely leaks those hoses the push right on then you just tighten them up
rob brown
rob brown 26 dagen geleden
33:30 Didn't know it was a grease fitting for that. I been spraying wd40 lol
KarasCyborg 26 dagen geleden
@3:39, There is probably just pressure in your grapple. If you can find something to press the inner circle on the male end of the attachment connector on to bleed some pressure out of the grapple attachment, then you don't have to crack the hydraulic lines with wrenches to let the pressure out.
Ronald Gaska
Ronald Gaska 26 dagen geleden
You have many new toys to add to your collection. Always great to have back up. Perfect to get things done around the property and to make money with your business. Nice spring weather for the dogs Levy & Cody. Andrew & Family Blessings.
Andy West
Andy West 26 dagen geleden
You will be hiring them out in a bit
Melissa Djordjevski
Melissa Djordjevski 26 dagen geleden
8k and 7u880?!::
Kalevi Savolainen
Kalevi Savolainen 26 dagen geleden
RayinPa U.S.A.
RayinPa U.S.A. 26 dagen geleden
Hi Paul , I wanted you to know that I really enjoy all of your Videos for many reasons . You tackle and complete all of your task at hand . The most enjoyable parts are when you Play Music backwards and Speed Up your action shots to the Music . I am Proud of You Drew ! . Ray in Pa
David Null
David Null 25 dagen geleden
"Hi Paul ," --- Who is Paul???
Marcel Gerber
Marcel Gerber 27 dagen geleden
LOL....well OK LEVI, WHICH SKID STEER SHALL I USE TODAY????.............lova ja channel, be safe.
Jarhead E
Jarhead E 27 dagen geleden
After losing to much hair fixing my old Bob Cat I bought a Takeuchi Skid Steer they are the best,.. Kind of pricey but worth it. Thanks for the new post I can't do much over here in the mud and rain.
James Aitken
James Aitken 27 dagen geleden
bro love it - take a top view of before and after from the same spot on jobs like these ! would look sick
Atradies Inc.
Atradies Inc. 27 dagen geleden
TL whatever if I had one of those I could make millions where I live at in Tennessee
Gilles Godin
Gilles Godin 27 dagen geleden
Gilles Godin
Gilles Godin 27 dagen geleden
Great video Andrew love i can watch your video all day long nice Machine also
SuperKwame1 27 dagen geleden
I wonder Andrew , How you figure out to price these, equipments? I would like to know if there is a hand book about buying a used equipments?
Man BX
Man BX 27 dagen geleden
at 40:05 how much stone can that Dump hold?
analyticalmastermind 27 dagen geleden
Great stuff always, Thank YOU. Alright I'm going to get back to work)
Ray Rays Lawn/Landscape
Ray Rays Lawn/Landscape 27 dagen geleden
My grapple bucket hook ups does that sometimes too but only when I leave the jaws open. So now I close the jaws Before I un hook it .
M 27 dagen geleden
hey andrew love your dogs mines in a wheelchair due to accidents. maybe your old friends could use a harness ffor his hips, -kind regards
Big John
Big John 27 dagen geleden
The wrap up: And theres the patio,, its still gone,,,, lololololol
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