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This week, I traveled to the beautiful country of Iraq. All my life I'd heard of the war in Iraq and how dangerous it was to visit, but I wanted to go there and explore if for myself to hear the stories that didn't make it into the media. So, along with Drew Binsky, Lexie Alford and Cory Martin, we were taken around Iraqi Kurdistan by our amazing guide, Baderkhan.
Thank you to Lexie Limitless for joining us on this crazy adventure:
Thank you to Cory Martin for shooting this video:
Thank you to Baderkhan for taking us around Kurdistan!
Thank you to Drew Binsky for joining us:
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vehbi sabancı
vehbi sabancı Uur geleden
If you want people wont call you as a terrorists dont feed and support in sincar or kandil or in anywhere pkk, ypg, pyd, pjak. And dont trust to america any more.
lana mohamad
lana mohamad 4 uur geleden
I’m Kurdish and I’ve always felt quite disconnected from my heritage and culture growing up in England and this was so amazing to watch thank you
Yahya shah
Yahya shah 4 uur geleden
Love to Kurdistan from PAKISTAN ❤🇵🇰
Yahya shah
Yahya shah 4 uur geleden
Love to iraq from PAKISTAN ❤🇵🇰
Janica Florentino
Janica Florentino 5 uur geleden
This is a very wide eye opening for everyone. We are all people, even if we don't have same religious beliefs but we all have our own God. We all deserve to be loved. "Changing one mindset, even if slow progress. One will call me tourist and not terrorist'" I was really touched by this. Thank you so much Yes Theory!
Ni Bic
Ni Bic 5 uur geleden
Amazing amazing video!!! Fully enjoyed it!!! Greetings from Ireland 🇮🇪 I am fascinated with the Middle East and hope to travel there soon ☺️
Ropa 6 uur geleden
Man. That was really eye opening.
Toby Murs
Toby Murs 7 uur geleden
There ain't no "Kurdistan" lmao
Safwankp Kannur
Safwankp Kannur 7 uur geleden
Puissant words of baderkhan healed me !!
Asmaul Husna
Asmaul Husna 8 uur geleden
Welcome to Bangladesh. Be our guest Maybe we can explore together. ❤️
Lux Alien
Lux Alien 8 uur geleden
HEY YES THEORY- ON YOUR NEXT DROP - SCREEN PRINT SOME OF YOUR MOST MEMORABLE MOMENTS ON YOUR CLOTHING. Imagining a collages of all the faces of people you all met to make up the Word YES!
Abdo AlG0hary
Abdo AlG0hary 8 uur geleden
34:28 👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌
Guy Pfithu
Guy Pfithu 9 uur geleden
such a beautiful country with beautiful people and unbelievable history and culture but so much of violence and hatred. It's really sad.
Wedge Antilles
Wedge Antilles 10 uur geleden
Start a company making prefabricated concrete walls. Then get some D9 dozers clear the area and start to build and teach.
Star Lord
Star Lord 10 uur geleden
Welcome to Kurdistan
علي رشيد نوري عبدالله
علي رشيد نوري عبدالله 12 uur geleden
Katrina 19 uur geleden
Its Kurdistan❤️☀️💚 not Iraq
Swiss 15 uur geleden
He's gonna call it what the UN calls it.
M7OM7 G7
M7OM7 G7 22 uur geleden
I'm from iraq and welcome in your country ❤🇮🇶🇹🇯
جو بايدن
جو بايدن 23 uur geleden
Welcome to Kurdistan brother
M D Dag geleden
where is kurdistan???? no have a country like that... u visited just Irak
جو بايدن
جو بايدن Dag geleden
Shweta Honamode
Shweta Honamode Dag geleden
I love this!
shar. amlani
shar. amlani Dag geleden
This was so epic and beautiful ❤️
DeparturetimeArsenal Dag geleden
so you went to Kurdistan and called it IRAQ for the views???
pio pio
pio pio Dag geleden
Excel Designs
Excel Designs Dag geleden
Love to Baderkhan and Iraq from Ireland!
Naveed Iqbal
Naveed Iqbal Dag geleden
This is just pure love.Mankind has been cruel to their own but it’s the act of a few that make us all believe that despite the darkness ,the people of Iraq have still so much to offer,so much culture so much history .Wish the world was borderless and we can roam free ...
Start On
Start On Dag geleden
العراق بلد الجمال والحضارات
Ibrahim masih
Ibrahim masih Dag geleden
yes bro love can change evry think ❤❤
Ahmad Alnasih
Ahmad Alnasih Dag geleden
Go to the south Basra Baghdad
Space Monkey
Space Monkey Dag geleden
if you guys ever want to visit the north India and want to explore best of the mountains please come in contact with Ronnie & Barty.
WaddleStick Dag geleden
You've completely changed my outlook on Iraq
Princess V
Princess V Dag geleden
Fares Qamishlo
Fares Qamishlo Dag geleden
Not Iraq just kurdistan ❤💛💚
حياه Dag geleden
You also are welcome in capital Baghdad of Iraq
Mel May
Mel May Dag geleden
kurdistan is NOT IRAQ!!
Great IRAQ
Great IRAQ Dag geleden
You're so welcome
Ghorifiri Doijon
Ghorifiri Doijon Dag geleden
Nice place and presentation.
Synergy2900 Dag geleden
We have Kurds where I live in London, they are so funny. Love them all, such great people
Axiom Theory
Axiom Theory Dag geleden
what animal were the testes from? haha
Axiom Theory
Axiom Theory Dag geleden
my parents have a newspaper from the day i was born jan 26 1991 and it has news of the sadame regime on the front page
Baktiar Mohammed
Baktiar Mohammed Dag geleden
I was there with my UK car in March and I can honestly say it was safer than than you think.
Linda Light
Linda Light Dag geleden
Welcome to Kurdistan ❤️💚💛
Khoshi Omer
Khoshi Omer Dag geleden
well done thank you for this video at me home i am prety good about shear information with bro badrkhan😊😘
Facts ON
Facts ON 2 dagen geleden
Welcome to iraq
TrappingAlong 2 dagen geleden
I was for four weeks in Northern Iraq on business in 2004, in Sulaymaniyah to be precise. I found nothing than friendly and tolerant people, who wan't to work, have a family and live in peace. I wish I can go back there as a tourist on day.
Nawal Farrukh
Nawal Farrukh 2 dagen geleden
K B 2 dagen geleden
The girl should wear a normal thirt!!! Its called: respect other country culture!!!!! ‼️
Chilled Coder
Chilled Coder Dag geleden
its her choice , not yours and their is no rules in Iraq to wear a certain dress
TheInevitable 2 dagen geleden
Across Iraq means from Basra to Zakho which you didn’t do unfortunately so not quite there yet buddy
Mohammed- Al hazzah
Mohammed- Al hazzah 2 dagen geleden
This video will make my day and i love the kurdish man and his last speach omg was so meaningful I hope iraq and Kurdistan find better safe life
Sazgar Muhammad
Sazgar Muhammad 2 dagen geleden
Wellcome to Kurdistan
KOSOVI ALIRAQI 2 dagen geleden
As god is my witness iraqi people are really good people all arabs are but sometimes media makes like we are horrible people but we are not lots of Iraqis are now around the world and they never ever harmed anyone unless people want to harm us then we defend our selves
Smitty WerbenJagerManJensen
Smitty WerbenJagerManJensen 2 dagen geleden
Baderkhan reminds me of the guy from the Indiana Jones movies that was friends with Indie 😂
Cory Merrick
Cory Merrick 2 dagen geleden
That man is an absolute treasure.
Ali's Alien
Ali's Alien 2 dagen geleden
Iraq loves and welcomes everyone 🇮🇶❤️
SIMO IRAQI 2 dagen geleden
*Woow amazing video* *you welcome in Iraq every year*
Ronahi 2 dagen geleden
I love my people, I'm in love with our culture .From BAKUR
Khalaf Haji
Khalaf Haji 2 dagen geleden
Quentin 2 dagen geleden
The well-to-do ground technologically peep because east microcephaly present off a abrasive betty. loutish, spotted tower
M. Shareef
M. Shareef 2 dagen geleden
Good idea to tone down the politics of the region and enjoy what it offers, always remember there is two side to a story.
Lia R
Lia R 2 dagen geleden
"we might walk slow but we will never stop"
Lia R
Lia R 2 dagen geleden
I love how he says there are more things we have in common (as humans) than what separates us
Rubbia Zaman
Rubbia Zaman 2 dagen geleden
i am pakistani and i want to visit all muslim countries
the man
the man 2 dagen geleden
Love !
Aldrit Hoxhaj
Aldrit Hoxhaj 2 dagen geleden
Visit Kosovo!
Lia R
Lia R 2 dagen geleden
"people are the miracle". Wow. Incredible.
Frikandel 2 dagen geleden
This guy still hasn't gone to iraq, if you want to see the trur iraq then don't go to kurdistan
annamalai arumugam
annamalai arumugam 2 dagen geleden
Beautiful video, what Mr Badarkhan said is 100%correct and he invites people to visit Iraq and have tea with us.He advocates love, love universal love which will change everything. Really a great man he is👍👍😀
Bradley Judge
Bradley Judge 2 dagen geleden
I have enjoyed learning from all of you so much. I haven't had the opportunity to travel as much as I want to yet, but what you do is so inspiring. Thanks for the wisdom!
Tarot by Atorina
Tarot by Atorina 3 dagen geleden
Robin Deniz
Robin Deniz 3 dagen geleden
As a Kurd I subscribed quickly 🙌
CupCake 3 dagen geleden
This was such a great video.
Joel Choy
Joel Choy 3 dagen geleden
Truly heartwarming video. The world is diverse with so much judgement, division and sufferings, but this video overcomes them with the message of love, peace, forgiveness, empathy, kindness especially through Baderkan and the Yezidi guy. Amazing people!
Cecille Wolters
Cecille Wolters 3 dagen geleden
You should not wait for a miracle, people are the miracle, we make it happen. This is a very powerful message I will remember the rest of my life. Thank you~
Jerome Aquiat
Jerome Aquiat 3 dagen geleden
Yes theory.
Searchinsachin Turkey
Searchinsachin Turkey 3 dagen geleden
29:42 EPIC
Searchinsachin Turkey
Searchinsachin Turkey 3 dagen geleden
18:30 "People are the miracle"
Robert Acevedo
Robert Acevedo 3 dagen geleden
No wait... 30:51 this is such a huge moment in this video, guys!!! OMG
Robert Acevedo
Robert Acevedo 3 dagen geleden
20:22 best shot ever!
Harman Barwari
Harman Barwari 3 dagen geleden
AdrianH1904 3 dagen geleden
I want to go
Alireza S.M
Alireza S.M 3 dagen geleden
Now if you think that was great you should go to Iran
Amna :D
Amna :D 3 dagen geleden
It’s sad seeing most people just visiting northern Iraq, i hope one day Iraq will be a safer place to visit
SEN TASCI 3 dagen geleden
Iraq needs more trees and schrubs. Those mountains and streets look dry and tired. Give nature its life and joy back, humans happiness will follow, more people will sing a beautiful song.
فيصل ناصر ابراهيم ناصر
فيصل ناصر ابراهيم ناصر 3 dagen geleden
kurdstan is city in iraq . Kurdstan its not country
Sazgar Muhammad
Sazgar Muhammad 2 dagen geleden
iraq is rulled By iran go cry
T. B.
T. B. 3 dagen geleden
I can only wish that this video would get 320 million views
DevDuz 3 dagen geleden
My guy kurdistan is litterly in iraq stop avoiding the fact that it is .
Zainab Ali
Zainab Ali 3 dagen geleden
If you can visit southern Iraq, can you please visit Baghdad? Especially the Holy Shrine in Baghdad. This would genuinely mean more than the world to me you don’t understand
Loris Hammer
Loris Hammer 3 dagen geleden
I'm so happy I clicked on this video
Ramal Sarkawt
Ramal Sarkawt 3 dagen geleden
Hello from Kirkuk Kurdistan
Monish C
Monish C 3 dagen geleden
Monish C
Monish C 3 dagen geleden
Monish C
Monish C 3 dagen geleden
Cheese 3 dagen geleden
This is such an amazing video I’ve lived my whole life in the U.S. only seeing what is shown on the news and hearing about our troops and terrorist groups but you never hear anything about the people and how amazing they are. watching your guy’s videos has made me want to break from the expectation of going to college so that I can travel the world to have experiences like the ones in this video. Another thing that your videos have helped me realize is exactly how privileged I am because any complaints and “hardship” I have ever “faced” pales in comparison to the actual hardships a majority of people in world have faced so thank you. P.S. I know the grammar in this comment isn’t great and I don’t really have an excuse so I’m sorry it’s bad
DaFlyest 17
DaFlyest 17 3 dagen geleden
Can we get an update on Lexie and Thomas👀
fantasti49 4 dagen geleden
U guys are awesome
paul jr padolina
paul jr padolina 4 dagen geleden
i really wanted to be part of YES THEORY .. i loved watching your from Philippines discomfort.
KURD YT 4 dagen geleden
KURD YT 4 dagen geleden
Vadergamerboss 66
Vadergamerboss 66 4 dagen geleden
Maybe one day, someone will actually see the rest of Iraq, and not just Kurdistan. Maybe...
Sarah Ithawi
Sarah Ithawi 4 dagen geleden
Thank you for showing my country
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