Haaland Will NEVER Play For Man United.

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The Irish Guy takes a look at Erling Haaland's decision to reject Manchester United for Borussia Dortmund last year, and just examines the hype and his next destination.

Sindre Nilsen
Sindre Nilsen 8 dagen geleden
take unlike on this video if you love united
romario francis
romario francis 13 dagen geleden
So just to be clear haaland is English?
———————————— 4 dagen geleden
He was born in England
Sindre Nilsen
Sindre Nilsen 18 dagen geleden
Haaland comes to united wait and watch
Dinis Goncalves
Dinis Goncalves 20 dagen geleden
1:45 That BURN, damn Irish guy, chill he has a family
Balding Ksi
Balding Ksi 20 dagen geleden
Its football not a modeling contest
Balding Ksi
Balding Ksi 20 dagen geleden
Ahhh håland ugly now.... and because of that he aint marketable ffs u sound dumb
———————————— 4 dagen geleden
🤦🏾‍♂️it’s true
Balding Ksi
Balding Ksi 21 dag geleden
8 million followers on insta-not marketsble make it make sense
Callum Wain
Callum Wain 21 dag geleden
What does this bullshit have to do about his football talent stfu and get to his talent, 4 mins talking about what he looks like who cares
Jack 22 dagen geleden
MrZiggens3 22 dagen geleden
Oh, and in case you forgot, Dortmund are in dire financial straits. They need money now desperately, as clubs with the largest dependence on match day revenue being particularly damaged by COVID. Facing losing him for peanuts next year, Dortmund will sell to whoever puts up the most cash, and that certainly could be United, dumbass.
MrZiggens3 22 dagen geleden
? Barcelona are bankrupt. Real Madrid are also having severe money issues, and many consider this their worst team in recent memory. They need to buy to sell and supposedly have prioritized Mbappe. PSG play in a joke league, Haaland wants a challenge. He wants out of the Bundesliga so Bayern’s out. That the leaves the premier league, 3 teams have the money. Chelsea spend 260 million last summer, including on a new striker, but who knows with Abromovich, so thats an option. City is certainly an option, they spend recklessly without consequence (look at Pep’s half billion spent on fullbacks), and his father played there. For 38 games, and left before Eerlings 3rd birthday. His father played twice as many games for Leeds. Manchester City still plays important matches to a half full stadium, they have zero history (before the oil lords descended upon Manchester a decade ago) and even less worldwide relevance. Like it or not, Manchester United are the biggest and most successful club in English football history, and if Haaland continues this run of form he would become a global superstar, earns hundreds of millions in sponsorships, and play before 80,000 people every week in one of Europe’s football cathedrals. Hed be playing with excellent group of young players, linking up with Rashford and the league’s best player in the last year, Bruno Fernandes. Oh and he’d be coached by the man who gave him start in football, a close family friend and mentor in Ole. In case you forgot, United are in 2nd place, and are the most valuable team in English football. Any of those 3 clubs, City, Chelsea, and United could get him. You are a loudmouth idiot who probably couldn’t kick a ball to save his life.
MrZiggens3 22 dagen geleden
This guy is awful. There is zero football analysis, its just a bunch of slagging of Haaland based on his appearance. Its so hilarious when you mock Erling’s paternity, and Roy Keane’s children for working lowly “normal” jobs like being a banker. How many great players have sons that then become a great player in any sport? A handful, moron. Now who’s he gonna sign for
James Bryan
James Bryan 22 dagen geleden
I forgot Pele and Ronaldhino and Zidane and Zlatan looked like Greek gods. What is this video?
Jameel Far
Jameel Far 23 dagen geleden
shutup coz he will play if he'll want to join united
oliwier brodzik
oliwier brodzik 25 dagen geleden
Well ur wrong ain’t u since he’s in talks with them
Dan Paton
Dan Paton 26 dagen geleden
Instead of Haaland we got Piere Michel Lassoga, fuck sake
Dan Paton
Dan Paton 26 dagen geleden
Instead of Haaland we got Piere Michel Lassoga, fuck sake
no name
no name 26 dagen geleden
This person sits in a basement and speaks to earn money he has no right to crack joke on anyone
United redJB
United redJB 26 dagen geleden
The fact he keep getting his production wrong gives me hope
I Like Turtles
I Like Turtles 26 dagen geleden
Haland is absolute gold during interviews! The guy is unique and I love it!
Atul Michael
Atul Michael 26 dagen geleden
That's alot of words in 10 minutes
Vibbs 68s
Vibbs 68s 27 dagen geleden
Imagine a prime ozil giving chances on a plate to haland. God i would love to see that
Jacob 27 dagen geleden
Stop think of it like this Roy Kean made young Hàrland.... and Manchester United and Hàrland are a perfect match
Jacob 27 dagen geleden
@EAM that's the way it spelt if u Google it.. but translation is differnt
EAM 27 dagen geleden
@Jacob what’s with the á and r
Jacob 27 dagen geleden
@EAM no Håland people just lazy and put 2 A's
EAM 27 dagen geleden
Harland? I know haaland
DayNightArt 28 dagen geleden
They probably showed him a video of their new trainers.... 😉😉
Even Milex Adah Hannevig
Even Milex Adah Hannevig 28 dagen geleden
This guy actually dissed håland for about 3 minutes straight
Conquest Tv Gaming
Conquest Tv Gaming 29 dagen geleden
what is this clown talking about go brush your teeth
Dwight Schrute
Dwight Schrute Maand geleden
This guy tries so hard to be funny that it takes 11minutes to get a 2 minute point across.
Devan hammack
Devan hammack Maand geleden
thank you for making this prediction. As a ManU fan, and seeing how particularly horrible some of your predictions have been, I'm happy to now anticipate his arrival
Andy Farnan
Andy Farnan Maand geleden
Cat food for breakfast😂😂
Boi Boi
Boi Boi Maand geleden
Real Madrid signed Thomas Gravesen. Its not impossible.
VanGendt Maand geleden
Schmeichel had no problem doing the dirty on United, trust me it really doesn't matter that much, especially since Haaland and Solskjaer already have a good connection.
EAM 27 dagen geleden
schmeichel played for a city that wasn’t as a big a threat to United as now
Aaron Fernandes
Aaron Fernandes Maand geleden
Halaand is handsome. No lie
mortissiania Maand geleden
Considering your normal predictions Harland will become a Man Utd legend
M1st3rn1c3 Maand geleden
First 3 minutes in and only heard about Haaland's looks ...
Hamid Maand geleden
let's hope you'll be just as right as about this like when you said Lingard will be shit for West Ham XD
bcvbb hyui
bcvbb hyui Maand geleden
"I was baptized in a Burger King toilet" Irish Guy
bouytt guyt
bouytt guyt Maand geleden
Bielsa makes Banford watch footage of Erling as part of his training
Graham Hole
Graham Hole Maand geleden
Good, we dont want Shrek
bouytt guyt
bouytt guyt Maand geleden
HITC... what are you trying to do? Ennoying everybody?
Aar K
Aar K Maand geleden
The narrator appears drunk if you play at 0.75 speed.
Charlie Maand geleden
Would take haaland at lfc
SteMCFC79 Maand geleden
Your pronunciation of "Inge" is to be expected
bcvbb hyui
bcvbb hyui Maand geleden
No offence u didn’t make me luagh ur jokes r very dead
Michel de Goede
Michel de Goede Maand geleden
Mbappe kinda looks like a ninja turtle though
Sean Wines
Sean Wines Maand geleden
Haaland + Bielsa would be fine art
Charskull Maand geleden
Big name strikers. Shows pic of fucking morata. OK. Probably won't come chelsea. But if he did. He'd be incredible
Casual Focus
Casual Focus Maand geleden
Ingar Maand geleden
Haaland is the best of the two
kolim jone
kolim jone Maand geleden
He’s just bullying halland 😂😂😂
Max Zah
Max Zah Maand geleden
Haaland to Arsenal !!😌
Tom Best
Tom Best Maand geleden
we don’t know we’re he is going yet it might be Manchester United it might not be but this is his decision!
Old Trafford
Old Trafford Maand geleden
HITC... what are you trying to do? Ennoying everybody?
Nick Wall
Nick Wall Maand geleden
Bielsa makes Banford watch footage of Erling as part of his training
kolim jone
kolim jone Maand geleden
in the next 5-7 yeasr it would be haaland vs mbappe
Dion Collins
Dion Collins Maand geleden
Thank God the Irish guy predicted he won't go to united. He must come now
bouytt guyt
bouytt guyt Maand geleden
Did irish guy change his home and get a chair!!!! My god he is getting rich
zulfiqar ali
zulfiqar ali Maand geleden
No offence u didn’t make me luagh ur jokes r very dead
Simon Pierre
Simon Pierre Maand geleden
Haaland Will go to Bayern
TheInvincible H
TheInvincible H Maand geleden
you're too funny
Simon Cowie
Simon Cowie Maand geleden
This is fake cause her gold Build that Chelsea has no chance & he will go to ether Man Utd Liverpool & Man City in the premier League so Man Utd has the money & Haaland wants to come so we have more chance than Chelsea
bouytt guyt
bouytt guyt Maand geleden
People will like him even more his starts banging in goals for their favorite team.
Luke Churchill
Luke Churchill Maand geleden
They definitely showed him the yellow Dortmund ball and he wanted to sleep with it.... lol
KW Comps
KW Comps Maand geleden
Haaland at 20 was better than Mbappe at 20, Mbappe has obviously achieved more but hes been playing for the best team in a farmers league
Ace8 Maand geleden
Uknown M
Uknown M Maand geleden
This guys hatin in halland
H Wrigg
H Wrigg Maand geleden
This is more like a confusing rant at haaland than why he shouldn’t sign for united
H Wrigg
H Wrigg Maand geleden
We get it you and mbappe are gay boys
Legit Beast 9000
Legit Beast 9000 Maand geleden
"Haaland is so ugly" Ahem.. Rooney did quite well all things considered 🤔
MRGamer 13
MRGamer 13 Maand geleden
in the next 5-7 yeasr it would be haaland vs mbappe
John Ga29
John Ga29 Maand geleden
I'm now sure that this guy knows nothing about football he is just so convincing with his non stop talking and lame ass jokes
Turky Joose
Turky Joose Maand geleden
ngl u look about 45 then in ur mid twenties......
Omar Abdalla
Omar Abdalla Maand geleden
atakan efe
atakan efe Maand geleden
Why did he have to jinx Haaland now he is gonna go to Man U
Sauce Monstar
Sauce Monstar Maand geleden
coming to man city bro
dcoog anml
dcoog anml Maand geleden
People will like him even more his starts banging in goals for their favorite team.
Rabia Virk
Rabia Virk Maand geleden
damn I acc think Haaland is really good looking🥲
Fernando Pizarro Villagarcía
Fernando Pizarro Villagarcía Maand geleden
June 2021. Håland and Sancho sign for Man United
banter&beards Maand geleden
I seem to remember the last time I trusted what you said, you ended up with soggy weetabix on your face 🤔
P G Maand geleden
Mate Brazilians spray painted a massive Gabriel Jesus in the favelas and the man looks like he’s had an allergic reaction to peanuts.
dcoog anml
dcoog anml Maand geleden
see you in 25 years when Charlie Adam's son plays for Barcelona
Keoki Higa
Keoki Higa Maand geleden
To be fair Dortmund is a better run club than United
Bearded Bro Gaming
Bearded Bro Gaming Maand geleden
Why is half the video about how Mbappe looks like a greek god and haaland apparently looks like a grinch? For future videos, please cut down on the nonsensical thrashtalk 🤫
anonymous Maand geleden
Haaland will have depression if he watches this
SharkSprayYT Maand geleden
Man United fans trying to explain why they will sign every top player in the world and win the league next year.
Siddhant Shah
Siddhant Shah Maand geleden
United didn't go ahead with the signing because of the buyout clause demands
luis sosa
luis sosa Maand geleden
You're in your mid twenties and this is your job.... i'm in my mid twenties and don't have a job :,(
Biddley Boo Taribo West
Biddley Boo Taribo West Maand geleden
Samuel Jared
Samuel Jared Maand geleden
The guys unfortunate looking but you clearly have issues yourself with image cause the first thing you spoke about was the middle aged pensioners NLposts and its success. Quite a jealous person. When players are so talented the looks don't matter. They start to look cool anyway. Ronaldo had the worst teeth in the world when he first started and Messi looked like a womble. Most Norwegians have Weird flat faces so it's just normal for them.
K Thayer
K Thayer Maand geleden
Why do you keep on looking down for? I that where you keep your rant notes? Random thought but would it not be easier to have them where the camera is? Teleprompter/autocue?
LUKEozade 99
LUKEozade 99 Maand geleden
I would rather take haaland at anfield over mbappe for a few reasons. 1) already has british citizenship so no legal issues for visa's. 2) he plays in a more competitive league and has shown similar capabilities to mbappe in the champions league 3) he probably hates united for what keane did to his dad 4) he is used to the german pressing football jurgen plays 5) he won't have to relearn YNWA 6) watching him play he is also more willing to play build up play and pass whereas mbappe is more of your typical selfish striker not that there's anything wrong with that it's just because of haalands more 3 dimensional role in dortmund i believe he would suit our front three's playing style better than mbappe. But in the end if haaland is lost I'd still gladly take mbappe. Honestly wouldn't complain if Lfc got either of them. Just realistically haaland looks the better option.
Havard Meland
Havard Meland Maand geleden
Ok. Now stop spending half the video being so god damn judgemental and get a fucking mirror
aaron Grusd
aaron Grusd Maand geleden
hallnd has more more tallent then any irish player since 1999
Tanmay Old
Tanmay Old Maand geleden
This is just fucking rude.
jammie_dodger123 Maand geleden
see you in 25 years when Charlie Adam's son plays for Barcelona
Harry AV Spruce
Harry AV Spruce Maand geleden
I can see haaland going to chelsea
Siyabonga Maseko
Siyabonga Maseko Maand geleden
Ua a halaand hater
Jugi Maand geleden
Håland in interviews is the absolute best. they ask him a question and he answers.
Kazakhi Maand geleden
Bro this guy so unfunny wtf, I beg u change ur repetitive joke structure and delivery. What ever gets u views I guess tho 🤷‍♂️ doubt anyone could do a better job tho lol football so bleak these days
sean yore
sean yore Maand geleden
haaland has far more charisma than mbappe he trolls in interviews and mixes it up from the usual boring answers and soundbites that every pro gives. reminds me of zlatan.
Gurururu Warararara
Gurururu Warararara Maand geleden
Video idea: Top 10 worst premier league centre backs of all time
Arthur Morgan
Arthur Morgan Maand geleden
I don’t believe Haaland will play for United but the fact that this idiot made a video saying he won’t means he probably will. This is the same guy that took the piss out of West Ham for signing Lingard and said Villa will get relegated.
SHAHID WILLIE Maand geleden
He's joining chelsea
Brandon Maand geleden
Haaland will struggle at united. And with the way city spam x he won't enjoy the passing. He would be suited to a tuchel team( not cfc) I think bayern is best for now
Ben Dover
Ben Dover Maand geleden
Haaland is super buu
Ben Dover
Ben Dover Maand geleden
He’s super bull
Jordan McCabe
Jordan McCabe Maand geleden
Saw the title liked watched
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