A Terrified President Throws His Riot Mob Under A Bus To Save His Neck (And Get Back On Twitter)

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The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

8 dagen geleden

Facing threats of impeachment, and with calls for his resignation coming from even the conservative Wall Street Journal editorial board, the president on Thursday released a video in which he unconvincingly condemned the insurrection he incited, and begrudgingly admitted that a new administration would take office following an orderly transition of power on January 20th. #Colbert #ALateShow #Monologue
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Wanda Bernabe
Wanda Bernabe Uur geleden
Shut up, big mouth
serdy ximi
serdy ximi Uur geleden
Really amazing
Sir Loin
Sir Loin Uur geleden
God I miss Colbert report and daily show with Jon Stewart...
Neil Randecker
Neil Randecker 2 uur geleden
TRUTH ANTIFA BLM wants illegal drug trade heroin fentanyl and meth. Opened back up. They are gonna be disappointed.
Neil Randecker
Neil Randecker 2 uur geleden
Fake news.LOL FBI released TRUMP. Military has taken over the government. Nancy Pelosi has federal law enforcement officials by her side. Biden farm in Ukraine raided. Black tar heroin alot, weapons and tunnels under ground found. Sleepy Joe now you know. Obama opened up cuba to move heroin through the ports.
serdy ximi
serdy ximi Uur geleden
I never lose my faith in this great land of America despite the existence of idiots like the KKK, White Supremacy etc.
James B
James B 2 uur geleden
Stephen colbert will not be remembered by me. Very negative. Real downer.
Melons1054 3 uur geleden
Hunter lover
Melons1054 3 uur geleden
Shut up, O'Biden lover.
ExNux AKA Major Lee
ExNux AKA Major Lee 3 uur geleden
A Terrified Late show host Throws His friends Under A Bus To Save His Neck. same same.
bela horvath
bela horvath 4 uur geleden
Shut up
Jack Steven
Jack Steven 4 uur geleden
Move on, let's discuss Mama Kamala and Grandpa Biden and Grandma Pelosi.. Stop discussing Tramp without worry about the drop of your view rating.
Steven Turner
Steven Turner 4 uur geleden
Obama Clinton you getting paid by Jeff Epstein
Carmen Hughes
Carmen Hughes 4 uur geleden
The bent south america oppositely test because distribution prospectively examine mid a well-off kenya. observant, hurt bead
Alex Fleming
Alex Fleming 4 uur geleden
If that was a real coup then those security staff would have been shot and killed so stop talking shite.
Jo-Anne Sebastino
Jo-Anne Sebastino 4 uur geleden
look who is WRONG AGAIN!!!
King of Jamos
King of Jamos 5 uur geleden
Fake and gay.
Cody Steevis
Cody Steevis 5 uur geleden
You know things have gotten bad when Stephen strictly speaks out against the horrible things happening to our democracy instead of cracking witty jokes. We love you for speaking truth Stephen❤
Graeme L
Graeme L 5 uur geleden
The criminal Democrats dare to judge another!! The swap has been revealed and the Dems are the one's who will be terrified when justice comes!
Carmen Hughes
Carmen Hughes 5 uur geleden
The early semicircle jointly reply because chimpanzee prospectively check amongst a plausible cheetah. silky, sable daniel
sitthapromwas phornsaran
sitthapromwas phornsaran 5 uur geleden
I never lose my faith in this great land of America despite the existence of idiots like the KKK, White Supremacy etc.
yetisuncle 6 uur geleden
commie puke
TheNez2750 6 uur geleden
Geez your so full of bull shit, FBI is already debunking this. IT WAS PLANNED EVEN BEFORE his speech was done. Your just as biased and narrative as the rest of "media". And this from a none-american perspective. You are only adding to the fire.
petestowne 6 uur geleden
So.. He can say birches, but he can't say shit?
melinda mack
melinda mack 6 uur geleden
You are a clown! the only truth that ever dribbled out of your mouth.....
giles alexandria
giles alexandria 6 uur geleden
The tight lettuce lastly bomb because flare surprisingly smash aboard a uncovered appeal. flawless, curious squid
jason Govender
jason Govender 7 uur geleden
Lie shut up
Susan Ryan
Susan Ryan 7 uur geleden
Stephen don't worry he's gone. But unfortunately you live in a very racist and divided Country. Very rich and very poor. Rich don't pay taxes,towards Medicare and Disability Care for all, plus OMG DON'T MENTION The ARA loved by gun selling criminals. Why can other Countries function without everyone owning a gun or assault rifles?
Maelo Lopez
Maelo Lopez 7 uur geleden
The church of Satan has put up billboards in favor of abortion and Warnock is also in favor. See! Who said there can't be unity in the U.S. (United in Sin 😉)
CristeM Tano
CristeM Tano 7 uur geleden
Why dont u just hang all of them.... The anerican dream is one big joke. Its so much more alive here in scandinavia
N.M. DUKE 7 uur geleden
Reporting is nothing but garbage anymore 😔
JamesRoneyMusic 8 uur geleden
This channel is nothing but about propaganda, lies and distorted views. Attack on the capital was already planned days in advance the FBI says. The attack actually started long before Trump ever mentioned about going down to the capital steps. There’s video proof and I would insist that the media is presenting the chain of events in the wrong time sequence. And we all know this house has access to this information rather he is also a black hat. 👉🏻 nlposts.info/past/fZialJulf2metYU/video
Jim Ziemer
Jim Ziemer 8 uur geleden
Give it a break. Trump didn’t incite anyone to riot. The people rioting are just nut jobs.
Lori-Anne Fay
Lori-Anne Fay 9 uur geleden
Narcissists can't apologize because in their twisted mind, they're never wrong. Sorry Donald no one loves you. His followers are simply derranged. That's not love.
Psycho Sociopath
Psycho Sociopath 9 uur geleden
GRANDPAS CAR KEYS... NUCLEAR... Ill give it to Trump... He got me watching Steven Colbert... classic Colbert, I will NEVER forget some of those statements.
Carlos The Rocker
Carlos The Rocker 9 uur geleden
Those idiots must have thought Trump was going to pardon them once they got thrown in jail. Poor Trump loving shmucks didn't have a clue that Trump could care less about them.
kulsoom sroya
kulsoom sroya 9 uur geleden
the fast action and reaction does not solve the problem of the nation.the Hon.house speaker. Ms. Nancy Pelosi needs to be more cool and composed to perform its job with the required patience and proficiency.to be revengful isn't a majestic style of it's high profile job.the Hon. President needs to be treated honorably, gracfully to set the better traditions as the political wisdom must be prevail to be the mark of proficiency of political related jobs*.the country youth is an asset of the nation the (key holders) of the destiny of devastated (ruined) nation must be treated soulfully, the future of the nation must be kept protected insightfully*.an insightful investigation needed to ascertain the route cause of the arising tense situation*. finally the flexibility serves better than rigidity*. Kulsoom Sroya.💚💥💦
kulsoom sroya
kulsoom sroya 9 uur geleden
*the Hon.Prophets leave behind their teachings lessons knowledge and wisdom to follow the path so that their followers may pursuit the path to walk upon and get blessings of the prophet*. Similarly the political heroes of the nations left their legacy to follow the (leading light) with basic ideology philo- sophy vision,logic,reason ings and rationals*. the nations who forget their heroes (ideals) are humi- liated.therfore; the Hon. Americans needs search out their forgotten lessons lying in the J.F.K liberary in the inaugral address of God gofted brilliant legandary leader' the ''heroe'' of the devastated (ruined) nation the Hon. John F. Kennedy who was assassinated by the enemy of America unfotunu natly If was not assasinated America was the proud "Rising Nation" of the 'desirable world' of this great planet (even) this world was entirely different today*. Kulsoom Sroya.💚💥💦
Craig Tysen
Craig Tysen 9 uur geleden
"Democrats" are a new word for "Fascists". Fascism - authoritarian ultra-nationalism characterized by dictatorial power, forcible suppression of opposition and strong regimentation of society and of the economy.
Lucy McKinney
Lucy McKinney 10 uur geleden
"Amoral"? Mccarthy, Cruz, Hawley and every one of those bastards are anti-moral.
Calvin Huynh
Calvin Huynh 10 uur geleden
The mean division fundamentally charge because taxicab prospectively bomb excluding a bouncy octave. fortunate, afraid grape
leslie woods
leslie woods 10 uur geleden
linda williams
linda williams 10 uur geleden
Also the video is a joke !
linda williams
linda williams 10 uur geleden
Isn't that how it works with him , video is a joke
misuyy fong
misuyy fong 10 uur geleden
Bruh you can literally see the onion in the woman's towel, were not dumb enough for you to fool us!
Wayfaring Stranger
Wayfaring Stranger 10 uur geleden
They stormed the castle not to accomplish some political objective, no. They did it for _views._ They just wanna go viral, both sides, it's sick, the problem is far worse than it appears to be on the surface. The ramifications...disturbing to consider.
beachvibe tarot
beachvibe tarot 10 uur geleden
The dark government set him up
misuyy fong
misuyy fong 10 uur geleden
"An empire toppled by its enemies can rise again. But one that crumbles from within, that's dead. Forever." -Helmut Zemo
beachvibe tarot
beachvibe tarot 10 uur geleden
Its staged, had nothing to do with trump
uncle Jessie Philippines Adventure
uncle Jessie Philippines Adventure 10 uur geleden
It was BLM and antifa that did that and they got arrested
J P 10 uur geleden
Maybe the people should of been peaceful like the protest in the spring/summer of last yr.
Anthony Augustine
Anthony Augustine 11 uur geleden
Don't judge you will be judge. You are committing a sin God is the judge. You will pay for sins
Anthony Augustine
Anthony Augustine 11 uur geleden
You are biased
Robert Shields
Robert Shields 11 uur geleden
What a fool tool of the networks.
J. Angelo Alconaba
J. Angelo Alconaba 11 uur geleden
7:12, 7:29 - 7:30 You could actually see something round and white on the blue towel she was holding. Read some where else said it was ice. Yeah right, it's solid white not clear as ice is supposed to be.
San_diegan69 Diegan
San_diegan69 Diegan 11 uur geleden
You mean the attack planned and carried out by antifa?
Rusty Kinks
Rusty Kinks 11 uur geleden
Most pathetic 'revolution' in history.
Mai Nem
Mai Nem 9 uur geleden
It was rubbish, wasn't it? They did the hard work - got inside the building, with a largely sympathetic police force, .... and then ... what next? Take selfies stealing a lectern, sitting in the speakers' chair wearing a silly costume, taking selfies with the fucking poliss! They killed a police officer by bludgeoning with a fire hydrant. ... But what was the end target? What was the strategy? They are all going to jail for a VERY VERY long time (they better do - or we can expect this sort of behaviour a lot more in future)- on a sort of violent Ferris Bheuller's Day Off. It's not a week's detention and 100 lines of "I will not invade government buildings" It's jail - United States jails are so bad that the UK government refuses to extradite Julian Assange because of their cruelty. No other reason. And that's what these "revolutionaries" are getting.
eva mcinnis
eva mcinnis 11 uur geleden
Biden and them on the left demon rat's did that!!!We the people isn't stupid!!The Almighty has everyone's Addresses and see's everything!!
Hanszl H
Hanszl H 5 uur geleden
Poor 'Little Eva' - Seek & Accept Help !!!
JesusLOVES You!
JesusLOVES You! 12 uur geleden
What an incredibly slanderous thing to claim happened. You need Jesus. You have lost your way.
Ke V
Ke V 12 uur geleden
I hope you American's feel better in February but if not our Canadian border are closed and we don't allow guns. It'ss only a few more days hang in there and shelter in place
Dude Man
Dude Man 12 uur geleden
When is this show going to make me laugh again? This is just getting worse and worse. Can you please make some good jokes not just hate filled opinions.....please pretty please
Jane Brown
Jane Brown 12 uur geleden
You ready for something really cool? I have been edited from public comment. I mean, it let's me type and it let's me think my comments make it some where but they go no where for any of you to see them. (from either of my phones. This would be a third phone...) so you're only informed from one end people. *AND THAT SHOULD ALARM YOU IF YOU HAVE ENOUGH BRAIN CELLS* But if that's what you want you have no right to call any body but yourselves stupid. Can't wait to see bidens kill list!!! And Colbert's a sell out puppet. *TRUST THAT* AND OH MY GOD. IM NOT EVEN A TRUMP FAN
hugabugbare 12 uur geleden
I used to LOVE the Colbert report, you were funny, now you are just a Trump hater, or maybe even worse, you hate Trump because it's easy, surely you can find things funny to make fun of all sides, like Leno used to do, and actually still be funny and not just a hater? TRY it, you were funny at one time!
Saula Senikau
Saula Senikau 12 uur geleden
"An empire toppled by its enemies can rise again. But one that crumbles from within, that's dead. Forever." -Helmut Zemo
Charles Rowe
Charles Rowe 12 uur geleden
This man is a domestic enemy of the United States of America and aTraitor.....What day did you sell your soul to the devil?
John Augsbury
John Augsbury 13 uur geleden
Antifa plant in the raid of the capitol? Impossible you say look it up. Capitol raid was premeditated and the time line was prior to Trumps speech but does the liberal brain trust care? They got their punitive political impeachment, great first step toward unity. Colbert is a clown.
Peter Lampropoulos
Peter Lampropoulos 13 uur geleden
Antifa staged. And stick to being a clown.
Barny Doherty
Barny Doherty 13 uur geleden
Trump cares for nobody but himself 😳 poor America need to pull together
J Downs
J Downs 14 uur geleden
Yep and how can anyone in House or Congress keep peddling the Witch-hunt message they wanna call his Impeachment this second time!!!!
Candace Longfeather
Candace Longfeather 14 uur geleden
You must brain dead
Jo C.
Jo C. 14 uur geleden
The 8.8k that put thumbs down are the Trump supporters🤣🤣🤣
Katrin Thode
Katrin Thode 14 uur geleden
Wow, sooooooo much HATE in your show...WHY? Are you scared?
Jo C.
Jo C. 14 uur geleden
If your maced you can not see or open your eyes.
Palmina D'Alessandro
Palmina D'Alessandro 14 uur geleden
You talking shit means #YOUTOO can be charged for treason...?...there might be serious copious amounts of people getting charged whether the crimes are true or false...scary?
hillock10 14 uur geleden
Trump, THE best President in our life time. Unbelievable accomplishments in just 4 years: 1. Three Excellent peace deals in the Mideast. 2. Led the effort to wipe out ISIS and the caliphate. 3. Negotiated superb trade deals with Canada and Mexico. 4. Handled the development of a Corona vaccine in record time. 5. Led the economy to superb numbers, record low unemployment for minorities in many years. 6. Appointed three constitutional judges 7. Addressed our border problems as promised 8. Committed 500 billion dollars to our Black urban communities 9. Signed grants of 250 million to Black colleges in the USA 10. Started the Hispanic Prosperity Initiative 11. Created opportunity zones in our inner cities. 12. Did not get us into unwinnable long wars in the Mideast. 13. Calmed down the situation with North Korea. 14. Improved the Veterans Hospitals situation 15. Committed more funding to our military. 16. Made the effort for mining precious metals in the USA a higher priority. 17. Led the country to energy independence. UNBELIEVABLE ACCOMPLISHMENTS IN JUST 4 YEARS! Thanks, Mr. President for a job well done!
Hanszl H
Hanszl H 5 uur geleden
can you really believe yourself ?????
Elizabeth Darsey
Elizabeth Darsey 14 uur geleden
You know... generally talented sarcasm may overdramatize but honestly I think you went a little easy! This epidemic of the true deadliest virus... “cowardly-ignorant-stupidity2021” is rampant! Hell I’ll happily take covid over that one!!
Roderick Shelton
Roderick Shelton 15 uur geleden
You are an entertainer..not a leader..stick to your game..not all citizens are ignorant..
Will Collier
Will Collier 15 uur geleden
Useless waste of human remains....
Eduardo Canete
Eduardo Canete 15 uur geleden
Without Trump, this man will be broke. Boring as hell, he doesn't talk about anything else. Only Trump, Trump and Trump.
Martin Russell
Martin Russell 15 uur geleden
The alive basin interestedly measure because siberian worryingly knit an a fragile index. tangible, goofy windchime
A M 15 uur geleden
The left was okay with all the BLM and Antifa riots over the summer at which several people died.
John Chibunna
John Chibunna 15 uur geleden
The secret beef chronically wave because platinum rheologically peck aside a hideous high kayak. sedate, stingy dibble
Daniel Dorado
Daniel Dorado 15 uur geleden
Lies and more lies
Intrepid Explorator
Intrepid Explorator 16 uur geleden
He's terrified of facing putin
Crystal Hairston
Crystal Hairston 16 uur geleden
The Revolution was clearly televized 😳😳
Michael michael
Michael michael 16 uur geleden
Stephen Colbert is one of my favorite TV personality's fan from Australia
Masonic Boom
Masonic Boom 16 uur geleden
Grace is right first
Tyrone Reese
Tyrone Reese 16 uur geleden
I wonder if any of the people that SHOULD be watching this , have actually watched it..my dislikes show how many have
CHOPPER GIRL 16 uur geleden
Link to said video? I want to watch it!
Moongazey Cat
Moongazey Cat 16 uur geleden
Trumpists.. shouldn't that be Trumpets?😁 Its a revolution....in a piano scarf!
Captain Obvious
Captain Obvious 16 uur geleden
I'm looking for a Mentor who's a hybrid of FBI proprofiler intellect and Harvard, Stanford level snarky degree. Colbert is the only credible name I can think now that the life coach assigned to me by the va is dead yo me now. peas sir can I have some, in the sick babies donation commercial voice wearing a wounded warrior Hoodie. if you're too busy, I get it. Hootie and blowfish and a traumatic brain injury have collaborated in s symbiotic unison to projdct...........you guessed it...................the weekest link.
Tram Nguyen
Tram Nguyen 16 uur geleden
If it is a true mob, it would be much worse. Like BLM or Antifa, the building would be burning and much more people would get hurt and kill. The cop shot a lady. Other die bc of medical condition due to the huge crowd and the cop die bc people pushing each other due to the huge crowd. Every protest will likely to have someone get hurt. The DC security should be to blame bc they know that there will be a lot of people show up and they didn’t prepared enough for it. It is security issue.
Captain Obvious
Captain Obvious 16 uur geleden
WWJD bracelets on the same wrist of the hand holding the southern pride flag proudly signaling William Lynch to cross the James River to head up 95 Through West broadsheet straight to write Lynch letters on Lincoln memorial. cspil Hill in lower case fonts now, aaaqwww. the house boat afloat the seemingly bottomless pit of insurance claim money print on paper made from the trees 🌳 of the Alaskan Anwar, isn't sinking due to the endangered animals clogging up the pipeline plot............... that view of Russia from the Palin back porch will never be the same can't wine an election, right,? the beautiful poetry of Donald Trump is an instant classic in the audible library of Mike Pence,..................a master of hand to gland combat
Barry Bailey
Barry Bailey 17 uur geleden
Mericans !!
Floodgate Studios
Floodgate Studios 17 uur geleden
I equate Trump with Charles Manson, they inspire death.....but Manson is in jail.....Time to go Donald
Carol Baker
Carol Baker 17 uur geleden
It's not over...
Bonnie Hundley
Bonnie Hundley 18 uur geleden
Anyone even know of Knoxville? Ha ha, the maced girl from Knoxville. I could not stop lol's !!!! Just cannot!
Jon L
Jon L 18 uur geleden
What happened at the capital was not ok, but none of these people on the left have any ground to stand on when it comes to rioting and insurrection. They sat by and said nothing while cities burned and people were killed and injured this summer. Seriously, stop pretending you are aghast at such behavior. You used it to your advantage as well.
adazedherring 17 uur geleden
First off, the blm protests were peaceful more often than not. Secondly, no one supported the looting, you can even see looters being stopped by protesters. Third and most important, EVEN A VIOLENT PROTEST ISN'T COMPARABLE TO DOMESTIC TERRORISM WITH AN ATTEMPT TO OVERTHROW A FAIR ELECTION.
Jon L
Jon L 18 uur geleden
Yes Steven, you are indeed a clown.
Frostbite76 18 uur geleden
Colbert used to be funny. Now he's depressing. Get some comedy writers, Steve.
adazedherring 17 uur geleden
Its a depressing existence.
jaylecia davila
jaylecia davila 18 uur geleden
the way they censored his name like its a swear word. O.O lol
N 18 uur geleden
Damn you Trump straight to hell.
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