Nancy Pelosi: The 2021 60 Minutes interview

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60 Minutes

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Days after her own office was ransacked by Trump supporters, the speaker of the House talks to Lesley Stahl about what she experienced that day and more.
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Clark Harney
Clark Harney Minuut geleden
Pelosi is the most delusional of all the people within USA government
alisen 4 minuten geleden
When the powerful leaders are threatened is terrorism but not the same for the powerless civilians who endured a summer of violence and destruction of property. Violence is even more vicious when people are unsafe on their streets. They preached violence and when they got the taste of their medicine are changing the tune... It’s a crazy world and these so called leaders are the root of all evils.
Tina Johnson
Tina Johnson 9 minuten geleden
The scenes all last summer were horrible! They were your BLM AND ANTIFA MOBSTERS! Disgusting
Tina Johnson
Tina Johnson 11 minuten geleden
The Democratic angry mob! You all are a disgrace to our Country!
Roger didit
Roger didit 12 minuten geleden
It took Speaker Pelosi six days to introduce articles of impeachment in the House, but it took her more than six months to negotiate COVID relief with Republicans
Mebs Still
Mebs Still 20 minuten geleden
She's ridiculous
Ice Man
Ice Man 21 minuut geleden
It is beyond belief that our American cousins permit or vote for such old, unrepresentative and elitist representatives. The Divided States that the CCP is feasting on.
alexandra Da cunha
alexandra Da cunha 22 minuten geleden
Emilio Delgado
Emilio Delgado 23 minuten geleden
Usually Pelosi looks bold and calm, however when she was asked about the covid relief funds and AOC she seemed too defensive and dismissive, too autoritharian, i would like her to engage in a discussion, given that this is an interview and she knows what type of questions are coming.
STACKING CHIPS DA HUSTLER 26 minuten geleden
CBS gotta get bots 🤖 to give likes 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
lissajean 29 minuten geleden
Nancy looks like she has a bruise on her left eye. It's yellow above like eye shadow, but it isn't on the other eye. I think she is paranoid.
Aussie Patriot
Aussie Patriot 30 minuten geleden
Both have a bloodshot left eye. I guess the Adrenochrome has been cut off... 👿 It's almost like the Muppet Show, but nobody's laughing... 🤡
Jim Carrasco
Jim Carrasco 35 minuten geleden
Peloci is a evil person!!! Ignore the violence that’s been happening over the last year. The Dem leadership is supported violence!!!
joe kuljanic
joe kuljanic 36 minuten geleden
Trump is the Antichrist The 144000 Ascended Master's are here
Jim Carrasco
Jim Carrasco 36 minuten geleden
Thanks for asking tougher questions!
william adams
william adams 39 minuten geleden
the sad thing is people believe her lies.
wilmer silmer
wilmer silmer 41 minuut geleden
Such a creep
Thurston Powell
Thurston Powell 43 minuten geleden
What an inept hollowed out soul
Thurston Powell
Thurston Powell 45 minuten geleden
Receiving millions from various social media platforms she now has the nuclear hotline.........Mark.....Jack....Jeff......I need a favor from its not for more money for the DNC.....its for........?
Thurston Powell
Thurston Powell 52 minuten geleden
This trash picker of a house speaker has lead the charge for four years to prevent our President from running for an elected office. She spent the past year wasting time with impeaching not only our president but making such outlandish claims constructed on lies that it would be a stretch any junior high schooler would believe. Most young people now understand government is not infallible. From Nadler to Shiff and Swalwell they are each a disgrace to democracy. While they went for our President, they could use their position of power wielded ruthlessly to go after anyone they target.
Joshua Bentley
Joshua Bentley 57 minuten geleden
So that didnt happen
Jordan Gulley
Jordan Gulley 57 minuten geleden
The "story" will continue in a minute... Lmao cool story bro, changed my life 🤣🤣🤣
The Hoff
The Hoff 58 minuten geleden
The President said to march over to the capital to peacefully and Patriotically make your voices heard. He is in no way responsible for this. These are not kids with him being their dad! And Pelosi should be just as responsible for all of this! Her and her party refuse to investigate anything with the election even though they know there are issues! She has also asked while on TV why people before were not uprising all across the country which is asking for violence!!! Stop trying to interpret things to fit your narrow minded views! All we needed was investigations on the last election and all of this could of been avoided as then even members that still support President Trump would not be able to say anything if the investigation showed nothing. But sad thing it wont show nothing as in Texas a woman was arrested for ballot harvesting and in closer states where it went for Biden laws were changed to allow no mail in ballot integrity!
Giovanna Giovanna
Giovanna Giovanna 59 minuten geleden
FIND COMMON GROUND?😂 This coming from the corpse that ripped up president Trump’s state of the union address! ☠️
JoAnn Hayden
JoAnn Hayden Uur geleden
oh please stop the lieing
Jerry Quinones
Jerry Quinones Uur geleden
She tryed to show emotions but couldn't.. She is cold and don't give a dam about nobody but herself. She just worried about doing what all her sponsor says.. Nobody likes her but she still the speaker... Makes no sense..
Kyle Miller
Kyle Miller Uur geleden
Does anybody else feel like theyve lost 10 IQ points after watching this?
Zach May
Zach May Uur geleden
She’s makes my skin crawl
Denver Gilbert
Denver Gilbert Uur geleden
Someone please answer 1 question for me. If there was no election fraud why did they not want GOP watchers to see what they were doing. They literally put plywood on the windows to be in private.
King Dick dfw
King Dick dfw Uur geleden
We dont want compromise or common ground with pelosi or the democrats. We want separation. Full stop. Split the union.
Alfredlian lian
Alfredlian lian Uur geleden
Grandma, be prepared to go to the jail, ok☺️😁☺️
Giovanna Giovanna
Giovanna Giovanna Uur geleden
🤔 they got this corpse out and she left her staff behind to fend for themselves!! 💩 She forgets to realize that the Capitol building belongs to the people NOT HER! She needs to go back into her crypt!!!!
King Dick dfw
King Dick dfw Uur geleden
I think skeletor was having a stroke the entire time..
John Smith
John Smith Uur geleden
Pelosi is evil incarnate.
Gardenia Toledo
Gardenia Toledo Uur geleden
Nancy Pelosi es una vieja loca que debe de retirarse. She is full of anger . Time to leave and give chance to the you generation. Go home and take a rest . Your mind it’s not working. You to take revenge on Trump . Get retirement
Sara.C Uur geleden
She is a horrible woman. Cut from the same cloth as Trump
Richie Reynaga
Richie Reynaga Uur geleden
We just need a new speaker of the house and more things would get done.
Jessica DuBois
Jessica DuBois Uur geleden
Someone check her for Bell's Palsy. Wicked witch of the senate. We know you have a turkey neck, get rid of the scarves, not working.
Mike DiPasquale
Mike DiPasquale Uur geleden
Missy Moonwillow
Missy Moonwillow Uur geleden
60mins has really gotten awful. This is like watching an episode of Charmed. Theatrics and fake emotions. Both these women are cold as ice. We all seen it.
Bunter Hiden
Bunter Hiden Uur geleden
They were not there to be antifa! Laptop time !!!!!!!
Alexander Garcia
Alexander Garcia Uur geleden
She a freaking lizard and holds no accountability.
R.G. Uur geleden
Dead Set, I love Nancy Pelosi, that she is so sharp and is working at 80. Bloody legend. Inspiring.
Robin Hahn
Robin Hahn 2 uur geleden
Fake tears, nancy... and Leslie, its not mr Trump..... its mr president . And he will forever be president Trump
Blade Saber
Blade Saber 2 uur geleden
want a job ? benefits time job with fixed elections , power over people and you get rich , just do as I say
Mandy Klemick
Mandy Klemick 2 uur geleden
Dems are completely delusional.
Patricia Lanman
Patricia Lanman 2 uur geleden
Who is protecting us from Pelosi? Check out her husbands business!!! She is preparing you to take a away your freedom of speech and guns because they are dangerous even though no One person but an officer shot a gun at the Capital! And for such a dangerous breech they sure came back in quickly.
Google Sucks
Google Sucks 2 uur geleden
HAHA READ THE COMMENTS. She thinks she is safe
Michael Halliday
Michael Halliday 2 uur geleden
Nancy is sick and deranged, she should be impeached. Where is the justice?
Dan Hunter
Dan Hunter 2 uur geleden
Food for thought crooked congress members that are caught should be stripped of there bank accounts, then have to depend on there very own state for money and food or both. See how it feels to lose everything you worked for.
Sarah A. S
Sarah A. S 2 uur geleden
She is 80???!!! Wow, looking good
Monirul Islam Khokon
Monirul Islam Khokon 2 uur geleden
Several dishonest judicial Magistrate had been engaged and helped Monir hosen crime activities. because monir hosen is giving bribes these several dishonest judicial Magistrate in lower court.monir hosen not only a killer but also land grabber in Narayanganj District. he could be making false deed/stamp, fake pay-order and fake money
Keikilani Garnett
Keikilani Garnett 2 uur geleden
old hag u need to go to old to serve us corruption at its finest people this is her that eats your money and laughs
Peter Pedersen
Peter Pedersen 2 uur geleden
Leslie, you come out swinging a lie! You are no longer the revered journalist. When you being with blame and accusation without following up with evidence, you have lost your touch. Sad.
Andy Koginos
Andy Koginos 2 uur geleden
Lesley is great I love how she presses Pelosi and she gets all uncomfortable lol
BETTERWORLD SGT0589 2 uur geleden
Once the Neanderthal is out, Madame Speaker and Majority Leader Schumer can concentrate on getting down to business with President Biden and pass critical legislation. Heightened security will likely be here to stay, as the extremists will most likely still be a threat.
Gentle Soft1
Gentle Soft1 2 uur geleden
This will be in History Books
Marilyn Nemeth
Marilyn Nemeth 2 uur geleden
What does on hold and waiting for a return call, are not these two different means of communication.
Fadea 2 uur geleden
This lady is a wacko how can she even have any power. She’s the one who’s dividing the country. At the end of the day our country should respect the president weather they like him or not. When Obama was president and there were a lot of people who did not like him no one caused chaos but now that trump is president all the people against him want to make him look so bad and get him impeached. Total B.S.
Marcos Duarte
Marcos Duarte 2 uur geleden
Looks like Nancy got her hair done again
1844junkercars 2 uur geleden
Joanne L
Joanne L 2 uur geleden
she is never responsible its always other people
Jessica DuBois
Jessica DuBois 2 uur geleden
For God’s sake. Antifa was involved in this. Never has there been violence at any Trump event. Nancy is the one who is delusional.
harper poppy
harper poppy 2 uur geleden
Weather you are black or brown or white, we all bleed the same red blood of patriots and when America is united, America will totally unstoppable . Feel no FEAR, as we all being protected...... by GOD!! :~ DONALD TRUMP
Monirul Islam Khokon
Monirul Islam Khokon 2 uur geleden
Monir hosen father's Saijuddin alias Sajo.address: Painadi, near at painadi graveyard.1 nnumber ward , Narayanganj city corporation of Bangladesh. Monir hosen is the most dangerous man and killer. he had been killed his neighbors alomgir punishment to monir cirimanality and corruption. please investagative report about monir.
Joanne L
Joanne L 2 uur geleden
skeletor can't get a tear out
G.M. Mayo
G.M. Mayo 2 uur geleden
She can barely walk! Running her dishwasher? Furious that OAC is calling her out? Evading Stahls question on growing younger people in view of hers, Shumers and anothers aging 80s! Shes pure vile and vindictive wo class nor respect. It has been said as one thinks of oneself so does one think of others. Sure she wanted to stay in her seat during the protest! She wouldnt still b here as Stahl said msybe they hate you! Crocodile tears! She should hsve been asked why het husband resigned under threat of prosercution! Her time is coming. Shes inciting violence for her lies and name calling the president. Pence shut her and Shumer down refusing their calls insisting he invoke the 25th. What is she so terrified of? Wait till delusional Biden comes in if he isnt impeached by reported Rep Greene asking for it! Pelosi is losing it. It is clear from even trying to challenge tough Stahl who clearly got to her!
Tom Madden
Tom Madden 2 uur geleden
Give the people what they voted for and they'll go away!!!! Dems are NOT good for this country,watch and see!!! PS Nancy you are such a phony POS!!!!!
Aarav Rapelli
Aarav Rapelli 3 uur geleden
5:10 😂😂
AshleyE 3 uur geleden
She's 80 years old and quicker than most people!
1Spike E
1Spike E 3 uur geleden
Speaking about your statements Nancy, “I just don’t know why there aren’t uprisings all over the country, maybe there will be when people realize that this is a policy that they defend,” If that isn't a call for chaos and mayhem, what is?
marisela pena
marisela pena 3 uur geleden
All of you patriot Americans making crude jokes about this elderly woman who has urged you-for generations-to take part in Your democracy should not be commenting if you have Not done your civic duty to educate yourselves and vote. Not just for POTUS but All state &fed elections. pick up a non-fiction book-bruh
Ron Baggett
Ron Baggett 3 uur geleden
Nancy is absolutely crazy!
Ron Baggett
Ron Baggett 3 uur geleden
Journalist are bought and have no clout anymore!
QueenBeeNC 3 uur geleden
Arrests are being made, they cannot hide that ANTIFA and BLM were involved (Sullivan even admitted truth in that during his arrest) in leading that, I will not say that there were not a few conservatives stupid enough to follow through. So, are these members of ANTIFA and BLM white supremacist nazis too? And did President Trump then order Antifa to do these things? 3 arrested so far, none Trump Supporters, so I wonder who really instructed them Nancy Dearest
Stacey Norvil
Stacey Norvil 3 uur geleden
Mafiya ,time to stop laying.
Wilbur Tuason
Wilbur Tuason 3 uur geleden
Pelosi is kinda witch
Andy Noel
Andy Noel 3 uur geleden
looking at the difference in tone that most 60 minute interviewers have with Dems vs Repubs is the reason why I don't watch 60 minutes any more, disgusting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Crystal Evans
Crystal Evans 3 uur geleden
She walks like a nursing home resident.
Mary Jo Ognibene
Mary Jo Ognibene 3 uur geleden
DEVELOPING: Sources on Hill say Pelosi coordinated the "snap impeachment" of Trump with Russia "collusion" hoaxer Schiff in part to distract from forthcoming damning revelations from declassified bombshell FBI docs exposing the Russiagate probe of Trump as a political operation
Gloria Stanley
Gloria Stanley 3 uur geleden
Pelosi needs to be removed immediately and permanently
David Kelly
David Kelly 3 uur geleden
No it’s respect and ####
rvca 1375
rvca 1375 3 uur geleden
My country's government is a joke
richard 3 uur geleden
so you haven't seen the latest figures then have you for president trump, Pelosi is scared of trump because he will destroy the democrats and there brainwashed followers,,,, i.e. antifa and blm groups
rvca 1375
rvca 1375 3 uur geleden
rvca 1375
rvca 1375 3 uur geleden
Im sorry but politicians in the US need to all be removed
Billionaire-Landlord 3 uur geleden
Great interview!
valiant v
valiant v 3 uur geleden
The left is just full of hate
T Wong
T Wong 3 uur geleden
TQ Nancy Pelosi - you did GREAT
skinny weenie
skinny weenie 3 uur geleden
Lock her up!
Ben Blackburn
Ben Blackburn 3 uur geleden
I get the impression that Pelosi is making everything personal between her and Trump. You can tell she singles him out. Accuses him and says he's the only one failing our country and accepts no blame or no accountability for anything herself. She sounds like Trump just with different labels
PUNN39 3 uur geleden
PUNN39 4 uur geleden
Pelosi is a POS
Ish Geber
Ish Geber 4 uur geleden
I was arguing with a friend over this “coup/ insurrection”. My friend’s best guess is that they wanted (plotted) and had hoped for a successful coup/ insurrection, to create anarchy, by kidnapping and or killing congress members. In this scenario and condition Trump would have remained President. I am not sure if that’s a stretch of things? What do y’all think?
Ben Ryan
Ben Ryan 4 uur geleden
Mainly peaceful though and no flames right Nancy?
Rio Perez
Rio Perez 4 uur geleden
This woman is Satan's bride
Daniel kishore
Daniel kishore 4 uur geleden
Without trump China will rule USA
Daniel kishore
Daniel kishore 4 uur geleden
She is danger to USA toxic personality. Satanist
bad news
bad news 4 uur geleden
Enjoy gitmo treasonous hag
Eternal Apparatus
Eternal Apparatus 4 uur geleden
All summer long the US was burning,looting, those where peaceful protesters. And she lalks about a broken door and mirror.
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