waking up at 5AM everyday for a week... *online school*

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Erika Diane

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waking up at 5AM everyday for a week... *online school*
instagram: erikadianeyt
pinterest: www.pinterest.com/erika_diane/
spotify: open.spotify.com/user/31dpfga2qg4mmp4t5n5dyv5bs?si=Oq_pMm9nQY-quxtqsTtgfg

how old are you? ➭ 15, 9th grade
what camera do you use? ➭ the canon 80D and the canon G7x mark ii
what do you use to edit? ➭ final cut pro x
what is your religion? ➭ non-denominational christian

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(I do not own any of the music used in this video, all credits go to their rightful owners)
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gil wanders - dreams - nlposts.info/past/q3S-p5fJhKVsqKc/video
Music by Mr. Thibs - Ink - thmatc.co/?l=C5CEAD6F
trees and lucy- quite cool - open.spotify.com/track/5PnUBsw1lJHgDsHQ0yievX?si=Zn8hxcnTSO6VXa21v4SlFA
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trees and lucy - lonely days - open.spotify.com/track/79Dv0VZ6TPqa4ease3qFKW?si=a39G4YrKQLCwxVutdjo2Zg
jeff kaale - monday - nlposts.info/past/fYLg1de1o3iqvYU/video
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💌Erika Diane
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Lancaster, Pa 17605
🌙sub count: 64,569 (THANK YOU)
woah you’re all the way down here! ily🤍

Erika Diane
Erika Diane 2 maanden geleden
HEY GUYS one of my youtube bff's (Kasi Kay) just uploaded the same video, go check it out! nlposts.info/past/oHXQy6q5foN63Gg/video
SweetStrxwberry Dag geleden
@ayushi's world omg no way its almost at 3 MILLION VIEWS I cant HOW DID YOU KNOW 😵✋🏻
Lakshmi MP
Lakshmi MP 3 dagen geleden
ok then
Jaslene A.
Jaslene A. 4 dagen geleden
Congrats on 2.3 million views
Bluerxses 4 dagen geleden
@ayushi's world over
Jaquelynn Belanger
Jaquelynn Belanger 6 dagen geleden
Love your videos
eleven loves eggos
eleven loves eggos 46 minuten geleden
where did you get your bible?
Priska Somba
Priska Somba 2 uur geleden
okay but, you're so pretty
Cotton Candy Girl
Cotton Candy Girl 2 uur geleden
Me who sleeps at 3am and wakes up at 7am🙁
CLAIRE NEUMAN 2 uur geleden
Enter your username
Enter your username 2 uur geleden
so inspiring this makes me wanna be a youtuber 2
Lexie Mason
Lexie Mason 2 uur geleden
How u so pretty
nihal Rfc
nihal Rfc 3 uur geleden
Your real lip colour is that
ysabella Francisco
ysabella Francisco 4 uur geleden
if ur 15 then im a goblin
diy supplies -soni
diy supplies -soni 5 uur geleden
Hey! You look like star vs evil of force character like star really in thumbnail you look really like that😊
kams 6 uur geleden
how did you have 60k and now almost 300k wow O_o
Rose 6 uur geleden
how old are you??
phia sterling
phia sterling 7 uur geleden
i take 2-3 hour showers (no cap) dont be ashamed anyone else?
aysha ali
aysha ali 8 uur geleden
How old are you because your face is cute and small👧🏻✌🏻
Ash Galaxy
Ash Galaxy 8 uur geleden
heeloooo i wake up at like 3:30 in the night and go to sleep at 10 pm
Artic White Fox
Artic White Fox 9 uur geleden
You are so so nice and Amazing
World of Edits._
World of Edits._ 11 uur geleden
You drink much coffee, it's not very good for you.
The ŁXMØÑ 12 uur geleden
Are you Jewish?
manly bunny
manly bunny 12 uur geleden
What's ur age not a creep just wanna know ur age
MDshadowgirl _1
MDshadowgirl _1 12 uur geleden
Well your lucky you can sleep because some people can’t like me for instants. I’ve been looking for a answer to my Sleep loss and if I get a good night sleep I will be ok but sadly I cannot reach that good night sleep because of this worrying feeling in my stomach at night that just veil not go away until I sleep and it’s keeping up at night so I can’t and there’s a possibility my life is at risk
Olivia Grace
Olivia Grace 12 uur geleden
If I would ever do that I would literally not be able to wake up for the rest of the week
Alileaf !
Alileaf ! 13 uur geleden
Here I am waking up at 10 am and it’s like 4 am rn lol I watched ratatouille a few times
iiAaliyahii xxHernandez
iiAaliyahii xxHernandez 14 uur geleden
For some reason i thought she was going to eat a whole carton of ice cream for breakfast 🤣
diane Guenther
diane Guenther 14 uur geleden
When I first saw this, I was like "why is a 9 year old drinking coffee?"
《 Carmella - Kun 》
《 Carmella - Kun 》 15 uur geleden
What’s your workout routine? New subscriber love this.
Danielle Burgess
Danielle Burgess 15 uur geleden
Hehe as soon as u started reading ur bible I subbed lol
Amy Gebauer
Amy Gebauer 16 uur geleden
love your vids and ps i could never wake up at 5 am
Ilaria-Rose’s World
Ilaria-Rose’s World 17 uur geleden
What apps do you use to edit I’m struggling and what camera do u use because I need to get one 🥰
Avery Fraley
Avery Fraley 19 uur geleden
Hey I know I am late on this but plz if you see this I am your biggest fan plz I would like you pull a all nighter for a week only 3 hours of sleep
Mayssoun Mouaouia
Mayssoun Mouaouia 19 uur geleden
What's the app you're using to do the montage
Mayssoun Mouaouia
Mayssoun Mouaouia 19 uur geleden
How old are you ?
xXmoonlight. gachaXx
xXmoonlight. gachaXx 19 uur geleden
Bruh you think thats bad when I was in college I did"t sleep at all for a week
Felisa Rey Gonzalez
Felisa Rey Gonzalez 19 uur geleden
I thought that she was a 6 year old I-
Nazli Fareedi
Nazli Fareedi 20 uur geleden
Why does she look like she's like 11 but she's still pretty lmao
Narjes Cheraghi
Narjes Cheraghi 20 uur geleden
She is ssooo bautiul
زۿـࢪاء مقداد 'ۦ
زۿـࢪاء مقداد 'ۦ 20 uur geleden
I am an Arab. I hope to learn English fluently like you 😔💗💗.
Jewel Jeandy Ann Taojo
Jewel Jeandy Ann Taojo Dag geleden
You're so pretty Erika! New subscriber here!
Mahee Prabhu JR MPL CT
Mahee Prabhu JR MPL CT Dag geleden
Hey! Can you make a video on your Face mask- Your skin was GLOWING!!!!
alpyonaela Dag geleden
noell3 oso
noell3 oso Dag geleden
How old is she???
miracle world
miracle world Dag geleden
I am also 15 and in 9th 😁😁😁
Fatema Bhuiyan
Fatema Bhuiyan Dag geleden
How old are u seriously you look like your 10 lol 😂
OliveRxses Dag geleden
I always think she looks so pretty and young-
sefirin kizi
sefirin kizi Dag geleden
I love you From Kuwait 💞
Zi Xuan子絢
Zi Xuan子絢 Dag geleden
how come she looks like she is 8? fam...
Afrin Dag geleden
hey bro we are same age and I'm also in 9th grade . 👌😌💖
Tahlia Kinnell
Tahlia Kinnell Dag geleden
I found her during quarantine and I literally love her
Bluey_The bird
Bluey_The bird Dag geleden
U don't need makeup ur beautiful on ur own❤
:3 davina
:3 davina Dag geleden
how old are you?
Sara Wilkinson
Sara Wilkinson Dag geleden
Why am I watching this the past week I’m went to bed at 5:30am and woke up at 2pm
SweetStrxwberry Dag geleden
Omg Erika I can’t believe this vid almost hit 3 million views... 🥺😵🥴✋🏻 EXCUSE ME? CONGRATS QUEEEEEN 🥳
Aubrey Adams
Aubrey Adams Dag geleden
It is now time I start to shop at Princess Polly..
Gabi SunsetYT
Gabi SunsetYT Dag geleden
Her being insecure about everything is so annoying
SweetStrxwberry Dag geleden
EXCUSE me? How could you say that to Erika she is like- amazing ;|
Gabi SunsetYT
Gabi SunsetYT Dag geleden
Girl why she making coffee she like 12
SweetStrxwberry Dag geleden
Shes 15 !!
Gabi SunsetYT
Gabi SunsetYT Dag geleden
Bro how old this gurl
SweetStrxwberry Dag geleden
Erika is 15 years old :)
Lilly Burton
Lilly Burton Dag geleden
Where was that lavender shirt from that you wore on Thursday???
gaming with the real wølfy ꧂
gaming with the real wølfy ꧂ Dag geleden
1:18 the body size compared to the head be like... 。  •   ゚。   . .    .    。 。.  .   。  ඞ 。  . • i never watched u before tho...but no hate we are all unique in our own way🥺😔🥰...sorry it was the jacket that made you look odd
Kimzey Delain
Kimzey Delain Dag geleden
You: waking up at 5 am for a week Me: going to sleep at 5 am
Aleia Ozturk
Aleia Ozturk Dag geleden
Omg girl u are so pretty !!!:)
Study Buddy Bestie
Study Buddy Bestie Dag geleden
You woke up at 4?!?!!!! Twice I’ve woken up at like 1-3 am- one time I actually toasted my bagel lol and then I noticed the time... yeah... 💕
dawngallo Dag geleden
omg i can't believe she was so excited ab 60k and now she has 290k three months later!!!
Vibe with Leah
Vibe with Leah Dag geleden
Yes it’s none of my business but...I would like to start a channel and idk what to edit on could you maybe tell me what you use :)
Asma Baziz
Asma Baziz Dag geleden
I have question How old are you and I love you so much
Melody Carteno
Melody Carteno Dag geleden
Isabel Roblox :3
Isabel Roblox :3 Dag geleden
Soy el comentario en español que buscabas :3
Amita Sharma
Amita Sharma Dag geleden
oooommmmmggggggggg ysysysyysysys nycccc lubb ittt
Adelaida Gondelles
Adelaida Gondelles Dag geleden
make the coffee the night before and then in the morning add ice or if u want heat it up but i prefer ice lol
ayeza iqbal
ayeza iqbal Dag geleden
7:45 i have that
Boba Panda’
Boba Panda’ Dag geleden
Aaaaaaaa you’re so pretty!!! You’re 15 just like me baha just discovered your channel and I love it! Hi from France 🇫🇷!! :D
GlossyGlossVibes YT
GlossyGlossVibes YT Dag geleden
i had to wake up at 3AM when i had school on 6AM o.O
Kavya Krishnakumar
Kavya Krishnakumar Dag geleden
Haloo from india😁
Emma Hend
Emma Hend Dag geleden
How old ae you you look so young
Anh Tran
Anh Tran Dag geleden
Her : wakes up at 5am and feels energized Me : wakes up at 8am and feels like i didnt have any sleep 👁👄👁
Leona Larres
Leona Larres 2 dagen geleden
How old are you i love you ur so pretty 💕✨🌸
Zehra Seymen
Zehra Seymen 2 dagen geleden
Türk varmı lan
Felia Clarissa
Felia Clarissa 2 dagen geleden
Can you make a video tutorial about how you edit your video? Pleaseeee...
Maja Nygaard Pedersen
Maja Nygaard Pedersen 2 dagen geleden
how old are you?
A. Marce Tell
A. Marce Tell 2 dagen geleden
You look good with your hair down
Buzziee Edits
Buzziee Edits 2 dagen geleden
This motivated me to do a lot more than I usually do!! Amazing video!!
x֮X֮ᑕᗩxᗞᗴᑎᑕᗴX֮x֮ 2 dagen geleden
i wake up at 4am so-
Ragaveena Manthrarajam
Ragaveena Manthrarajam 2 dagen geleden
The way she say coffee.. "Caffeee".. 😂 cute❤
Raescia Gayle
Raescia Gayle 2 dagen geleden
The video is so well editing her voice so satisfying on me
Normal Teenager
Normal Teenager 2 dagen geleden
The fact that we have the same morning routine-
Julienne Sabijon
Julienne Sabijon 2 dagen geleden
On behalf of all filipino citizens waking up early isn't even a tiring thing anymore bc we wake up at 4 am just to do chores even on school days
مها البارقي
مها البارقي 2 dagen geleden
Marchie Lynn
Marchie Lynn 2 dagen geleden
is just me or is there not enough milk in her cereal?
Taniska Singh
Taniska Singh 2 dagen geleden
She 15 - 9th grade Me 13 - 9th grade
Jayden Montemira Flores
Jayden Montemira Flores 2 dagen geleden
Love your videos so much Erika you ar so beautiful
Screen writing gals
Screen writing gals 2 dagen geleden
no one: erika: (caffee)
Just Gogy
Just Gogy 2 dagen geleden
Petra Čančar
Petra Čančar 2 dagen geleden
Me everyday wakeing up at 5.30 am and getting 4 hours of sleep and its all because of green tea...couse I dont like coffee and also not any soda or energy drinks...I am alergic😶😓
Jazzlyn Allen
Jazzlyn Allen 2 dagen geleden
I’m so confused on how she got 60k and only 2 months later she has 240k like how
soda cup
soda cup 2 dagen geleden
Your edits are so amazing and your video was really satisfying have a great day🤍
Craig Astle
Craig Astle 2 dagen geleden
I have the same energy drinks at my house where did you get them I got mine from Amway
Natalie Werle
Natalie Werle 2 dagen geleden
i like cant wake up at 5am like shit funk
eileen caldera
eileen caldera 2 dagen geleden
Ur so pretty🥰
Ayesha Khan
Ayesha Khan 2 dagen geleden
bruhh i literally take 1 whole hour to shower
Elvin Cengiz
Elvin Cengiz 2 dagen geleden
ı thought she was so young and small before hearing her voice lmao
gubles 2 dagen geleden
i cant tell if shes 11 or 16
It’s Khloe
It’s Khloe 2 dagen geleden
How old are you
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