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Karel Hnedkovsky
Karel Hnedkovsky Uur geleden
This guy shouldda showed up on Penn and Teller!
Christian Ehrnsperger
Christian Ehrnsperger 2 uur geleden
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Henry Ford
Henry Ford 4 uur geleden
Harshal Bhagwat
Harshal Bhagwat 9 uur geleden
He uses electronic cubes.
Muhammad Nasir
Muhammad Nasir 10 uur geleden
No that's not happening
C G 12 uur geleden
Mel B mouthing the word blue to Heidi was such a blow to that performance. I know he could have done it without her basically giving it away, but man I wish she could have just.... not done that?
Great Summer
Great Summer 13 uur geleden
Maybe it is led rubic cube
Emjei Morena
Emjei Morena 15 uur geleden
Me after 4 years still wondering how he did that lol
BAVKU bharvad
BAVKU bharvad 15 uur geleden
Noodle Squad
Noodle Squad 19 uur geleden
Umm, i know ow it is done (the throwing one) He puts it to two moves away from solved, then he does said moves as he is about to throw the cube
Michael Powell
Michael Powell 19 uur geleden
That guy is incredible!
Michael Powell
Michael Powell 19 uur geleden
9:50 Did not see that one coming. Wow.
Deathslayer _sava
Deathslayer _sava 19 uur geleden
Now what if they attepted the rubic cude solve world record
Michael Powell
Michael Powell 19 uur geleden
2:40 Pretty flipping incredible!
Robert Stump
Robert Stump 23 uur geleden
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Victoria David
Victoria David Dag geleden
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Michael Scoffed
Michael Scoffed Dag geleden
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Michael Scoffed
Michael Scoffed Dag geleden
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Steven Mark
Steven Mark Dag geleden
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Jackson Paul
Jackson Paul Dag geleden
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Olivia Emma
Olivia Emma Dag geleden
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Alvin Cares
Alvin Cares Dag geleden
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Mikias T
Mikias T Dag geleden
Anshul Ganediwal
Anshul Ganediwal Dag geleden
He is a great magician but all his tricks are exposed
NX Hazard
NX Hazard Dag geleden
1:31 he doesn’t pull out the cube that Simon mixed but he pulls out a cube that he mixed and he remembers how he mixed it up
Smart Gamer
Smart Gamer Dag geleden
Its. Next level😘
Gagandeep Kolambe
Gagandeep Kolambe Dag geleden
Shakuni mama vale cube bolte 😂😂😁
James Crouch
James Crouch Dag geleden
Sheep, tv magic is the lamest. The whole show is in on the tricks if necessary.
Recee James
Recee James Dag geleden
Mrs AVA is legit and her method works like magic I keep on earning every single week with her new strategy
Loco Pumping
Loco Pumping 2 minuten geleden
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James Lefrank
James Lefrank 10 minuten geleden
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James Lefrank 11 minuten geleden
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Lefrank James
Lefrank James 4 uur geleden
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Winning Choice
Winning Choice 4 uur geleden
I just contacted her and she attends to me nicely
Da GodOfWar04
Da GodOfWar04 Dag geleden
Quick fact the second act when he drops the scrambled cube Into his other hand and it becomes solved he just used an algorithm that makes one side 3 sides solved and 3 sides not solved. You shoe the unsolved part then drop it so the other side shows . I know because I have done this before
Relaxing Music
Relaxing Music Dag geleden
Soyaa-ah Dag geleden
wow amazing
Naun Almendares
Naun Almendares Dag geleden
I know the trick, he’s using the Click remote and freezing time.
T Ruck
T Ruck Dag geleden
Pause around 1:20 and look at the yellow side as he is about to put it in the bag. Now look at the yellow side at 2:00. interesting isn’t it?
crappy channel
crappy channel Dag geleden
11:25 Speed Cube Shop logo just sayin
crappy channel
crappy channel Dag geleden
Damm this guy should go to cube competitions
crappy channel
crappy channel Dag geleden
Wait he did
coolshadowfan Dag geleden
It's things like this that make me wonder if magic is real.
Umar Azeez
Umar Azeez Dag geleden
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Norah Elliana
Norah Elliana Dag geleden
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Norah Elliana
Norah Elliana Dag geleden
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Jordan Kavier
Jordan Kavier Dag geleden
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Jordan Kavier
Jordan Kavier Dag geleden
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Jonathan Wichterman
Jonathan Wichterman Dag geleden
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Anubhav singh
Anubhav singh 2 dagen geleden
6:55 if you can see clearly you can see one side of cube has not completely solved
Владимир Вжух
Владимир Вжух 2 dagen geleden
шаман мать его =) в средние века бы сгорел на костре , браво !
Deepanshu 2 dagen geleden
01:04 so cute❤️❤️
VITAMIN C STUDIOS 2 dagen geleden
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Sannidhya Raut
Sannidhya Raut 2 dagen geleden
Wait how i just slowed the speed to 0.25x still i can't see that he moved it! 3:21
Ketchup 2 dagen geleden
Yo check this funny clip of Indian and American
A s
A s 2 dagen geleden
Oh mi gossss🤙
Kaushiki Saxena
Kaushiki Saxena 2 dagen geleden
i got one of the trick 3:21 you won't find red green and white...the rest of the tricks are MIND BLOWING!!!!!!!
scarlet_reader_ Lol
scarlet_reader_ Lol 2 dagen geleden
*Pathetic Muggles*
Tyler Alvarado
Tyler Alvarado 2 dagen geleden
he broke simon cowell lol.
Fisherman Lad
Fisherman Lad 2 dagen geleden
Jperm: “hold my cube lube”
Bolo de cenoura
Bolo de cenoura Dag geleden
Cube lube
Fahad Terro
Fahad Terro 2 dagen geleden
احلا شباب بني ترو ترو ترو ترو ترو ترو ترو
Mashrafee Rahman
Mashrafee Rahman 2 dagen geleden
Thomas Moon
Thomas Moon 2 dagen geleden
Tomas Woetmann
Tomas Woetmann 2 dagen geleden
7:04 if u look carefully at the cube it’s not solved on one side …
Pabbidi Hemanth Reddy
Pabbidi Hemanth Reddy 3 dagen geleden
The only way it is possible is.....if the colours an the cube are generated by small displays on the cube.
Petro van den Berg
Petro van den Berg 3 dagen geleden
Good and swap
Bernzy 3 dagen geleden
5:10 bruh i think even non-cubers know how he did that
Gold Nugget
Gold Nugget 3 dagen geleden
The trick is the cube has springs so when he lets go it pulls back really fast
Thành Đạt Phan
Thành Đạt Phan 3 dagen geleden
I love magic❤
ConcreteAngelx3 3 dagen geleden
I love Simon’s reactions 😆
ВВВ ВВВ 3 dagen geleden
팩트만말함 3 dagen geleden
12:32 I can barely see the cube matched up in his hand
Wolf Leon
Wolf Leon 3 dagen geleden
this man could just brake the world record of rubik's cube
Heather Squires
Heather Squires 3 dagen geleden
I am not impressed what so ever. I am a speed cuber, I know exactly how he did that, every single thing. For example you can zoom in on the last act when Howie mixed up his cube it was totally different 10 seconds later. He did slight of hand to swap it out behind his back and he memorized how to scramble the big cube and his cube. All fake busted. Lol
笑Alpha-kun Dag geleden
A bit late yea?
Edison Sun
Edison Sun 3 dagen geleden that card's corner was gone already, he just teared it up to look like the corner was in his hand. i am wondering how did the judge ended up picking six of diamond like preplanned.
Helen Pearson
Helen Pearson 3 dagen geleden
HiroBoy 3 dagen geleden
I think it might solve its self I don’t know it’s just a random guess
DuCkY 3 dagen geleden
2:20 and 3:08 look at Simon
Krishna Chaudhary
Krishna Chaudhary 4 dagen geleden
1:3 simon said very good also show middle finger
Anil Sharma
Anil Sharma 4 dagen geleden
These people keep on changing the camera angle and everything is already fixed including the judges.
Balram ghatraj
Balram ghatraj 4 dagen geleden
Really really very genius magician in the word is he from our planet or alian I can't believe what I saw today I am from nepal this is my first experience whats a amazing g performance I want to say only 1 things wow I love it ❤
yh y
yh y 4 dagen geleden
jesus is coming soon. jesus is only savior and judge Psalms 50chapter 15. And call upon me in the day of trouble: I will deliver thee, and thou shalt glorify me.
World Peace
World Peace 4 dagen geleden
focus on the cubes while he asks nick where's he gonna put the cubes.. he's moving the cubes simply while putting the cubes on its location.. by slight of hand so fast hes gonna change the shuffled position of the cubes done by judges.
Christopher Landon
Christopher Landon 14 uur geleden
He did
Isylium 4 dagen geleden
faili se foirer à exactement 01:54 mais GG et j'en dirai sjamais plus a vous de payer 3000 euros pour connaitre le tour :)
Isylium 4 dagen geleden
i know that but we make wit perfect :)
zonny 4 dagen geleden
In he first one In the start when he said if there wasn't a second cube at that time he swapped out the cubes
Nagaraj Pattan
Nagaraj Pattan 4 dagen geleden
Moazzam Shahzad
Moazzam Shahzad 4 dagen geleden
This guy is brilliant
Wesley Baker
Wesley Baker 4 dagen geleden
That's not how the cube looked when Simon handed it to him, pretty sure. One side of the cube had a 2x2 square of yellow
Persian Gulf
Persian Gulf 4 dagen geleden
Cube is digital
SoyEntusiasta 5 dagen geleden
Firoz Md Tamal
Firoz Md Tamal 5 dagen geleden
অ্যালেক্স সডমায়ার
yogo pukk
yogo pukk 5 dagen geleden
the worlds got new
P Kkas
P Kkas 5 dagen geleden
3:32 isn't she in young Sheldon?
Ahmad Zadit
Ahmad Zadit 5 dagen geleden
Wkwkw gini ni karena orang nggatau, padahal ya orangnya gabisa apa2, yg permorm Jin nya😂🤣
Kelvin W.
Kelvin W. 5 dagen geleden
Indeed a genius! He calculated the shortest way to solve (or mix) a cube on stage and did it in less than a second!
LOGESH 5 dagen geleden
It is a kalakkal magic.
Truong Nguyen
Truong Nguyen 5 dagen geleden
The last act he switch the cube when he take from the 4th judge
Saswati Ghosh
Saswati Ghosh 5 dagen geleden
Awesome, mind blowing🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯
James Harry
James Harry 5 dagen geleden
Do people not see how these tricks are done?
Bungalow Bill
Bungalow Bill 6 dagen geleden
How? Do the cubes have a magic button & whirrrr.. how did he remove one cube out so easy... ahhhh..? they're trick cubes, clever but not REAL Rubik's (a lawsuit is comin')
Sheikhmuhammad rasheed
Sheikhmuhammad rasheed 6 dagen geleden
The cube he put in was made of paper
FBI 6 dagen geleden
Fernada Aline
Fernada Aline 6 dagen geleden
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Walter Gunter
Walter Gunter 2 dagen geleden
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Walter Gunter
Walter Gunter 2 dagen geleden
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Walter Gunter
Walter Gunter 2 dagen geleden
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Walter Gunter
Walter Gunter 2 dagen geleden
Walter Gunter
Walter Gunter 2 dagen geleden
*+....1 5 6.........7 2 5 2..........4 7 4 4*
Daniel Wilson
Daniel Wilson 6 dagen geleden
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Jyoti tirkey
Jyoti tirkey 6 dagen geleden
I really like it, wow and wonderful
JEG Story
JEG Story 6 dagen geleden
wow wow wow amazing...... doooooo that.......
Shah nawaz Ansari
Shah nawaz Ansari 6 dagen geleden
He must be having jinni in his command
Search Cash
Search Cash 6 dagen geleden
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Catherineagnes 7 dagen geleden
he has wires on his head
Swapan Ghosh
Swapan Ghosh 7 dagen geleden
Ana Morales
Ana Morales 7 dagen geleden
Amazing ..i enjoy watching
Jark Mann
Jark Mann 7 dagen geleden
Kirk B
Kirk B 7 dagen geleden
WHY that idiot with rubiks cube doesnt compete inchallenges if its genuine?
Vinay khanna
Vinay khanna 7 dagen geleden
the real question is " is that legal" absolutely not:
Ahmad Lababidi
Ahmad Lababidi 7 dagen geleden
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