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Niq T
Niq T Maand geleden
me give my kids a choice as they got older but when they were like 1 I would rotate these fromage frais, croissants, grapes or raisins and sometimes cereal like mostly Weetabix but as a treat coco pops but that has a lot of sugar so only like every so often xx
Niq T
Niq T Maand geleden
Make the food look fun on a plate, make a smiley face or a car etc
Flipper Maand geleden
Why no alcohol ?
Lindsay Johnson
Lindsay Johnson Maand geleden
Unload the dishwasher :)
RedPat Maand geleden
What were you celebrating other than Benin’s car? You said two things...🤔
Athene677 Maand geleden
It is your diet that is causing your deficiencies. Stop watching Netflix documentaries and do a little research. Long term veganism/vegetarianism has its problems. Please research the benefits of a carnivore diet and put your health and your family's first and stop trying to follow "trends". You can be better than that. Just do a little research yourself. If you are eating nutrient dense foods that are bioavailable to humans, you don't need any lab made, fake vitamins. You are an influencer... Please influence in a positive way and have some animal protein and fat. Out natural diet!
Hanna Å
Hanna Å Maand geleden
När mina killar var yngre gav jag ofta banan pannkakor till frukost åt dem och toppade med hallon. Det var en stor favorit! 😀
Diana Jabłońska
Diana Jabłońska Maand geleden
Hey Janni. I think I saw somewhere that drinking orange juice and vitamins is not a good idea as vitamins are not properly " distributed". Maybe it is a myth but maybe worth to check ;)
Fee Räikkönen
Fee Räikkönen Maand geleden
Maybe you should consider buying Leon some Kongs for Christmas 😂😋
ExcelloLux Maand geleden
Check out The Social Dilemma on Netlfix HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT, a Documentary about how NLposts Google Facebook Instagram etc ex executives and ex presidents of these companies talk about how their job was to make their apps as addictive as possible for the consumer plus it goes political since Cambridge Analytica got caught doing insane things watch Cambridge Analytica Uncovered on youtube by a undercover journalist!!! 😁😬
William Travis
William Travis Maand geleden
enjoyed the video!
William Travis
William Travis Maand geleden
Whiskey's a cutie! So fluffy soft!
Layla Maand geleden
Oh so nice that you tried panettone!! So traditional to eat it in Italy during the holidays
Maria G
Maria G Maand geleden
"The nice part of Monaco" 🤣🤣🤣
daniel lomar
daniel lomar Maand geleden
daniel lomar
daniel lomar Maand geleden
benni.... will be a father again wow that man is a MACHINE the best way to have many children without paying child support
Anastassia Mähler
Anastassia Mähler Maand geleden
beautiful family :)
Yve Rose
Yve Rose Maand geleden
My daughter thrived on marmite toast (very small amount of Marmite) and bananas for breakfast. Readybrek always went down well with very small diced apples in for texture.
Frida Andersson
Frida Andersson Maand geleden
Mina barn har älskat leverpastej :) antingen på små brödbitar eller som tärningar :)
SHAR Maand geleden
Peanut butter on toast with honey on it. That's what I have and kids like peanut butter.
Foxie Dog
Foxie Dog Maand geleden
Cheerios, dry in a bowl, then let him have his sippy cup of milk. Is whiskey on instagram? 🐕🐕🤗🤗😘😘🥰🥰😍😍
Janneke Detlefsen
Janneke Detlefsen Maand geleden
These vlogs are a pure serotonin boost for me ❤️
Julia Meyer
Julia Meyer Maand geleden
Would be cool, if you could do a pregnancy update.. really wonder how you are also compared to your first pregnancy. Thanks and love
Golds Maand geleden
The vitamins are the biggest fraud ever. The lie can be so big that the trut is hard to find. Natural vitamins are the real thing. You can get problems whit your blood flow from dose vitamins and more problems that would be to much to write about.
Golds Maand geleden
Jon doesn't seam to have anything to vlog about.
Fran In the building
Fran In the building Maand geleden
Our daughter (12 Months) loves bread with cream cheese on it or with spreadable sausage. I don’t know if you can buy it in monaco :)
Fillemon Х
Fillemon Х Maand geleden
What were they celebrating 🥳?
Flavius Tanigoi
Flavius Tanigoi Maand geleden
1.50 - I don't drink Coffee ..... 2 minutes later in be-role shots she has a coffee in her hand XD :)hahah
Janni Olsson Deler
Janni Olsson Deler Maand geleden
Hahaha, yes but I meant straight after! Waited at least 1 hour 🙈
Malin Hernar
Malin Hernar Maand geleden
omg, that dog is just to cute !
jason poihegatama
jason poihegatama Maand geleden
iron we get mostly from red meat! you will need to look at vegetables that have iron. Beet root is one.
Henry Franqui
Henry Franqui Maand geleden
For about...farina...
josefineolinder Maand geleden
Så mysig vlogg janni
Amanda Tapper
Amanda Tapper Maand geleden
Laura my life
Laura my life Maand geleden
So nice to see your vlogs, every time I watch it it feels so natural. Big respect 🙌
Eldrik K
Eldrik K Maand geleden
Leon är verkligen urgullig😍🥰
Dimpho Solo
Dimpho Solo Maand geleden
Can we have the energetic Jon back?
Joy Felicity Jane
Joy Felicity Jane Maand geleden
I make these super simple "breakfast cookies" and I've been told they're great for toddlers! Just take out the maple syrup, so so easy! I wrote the recipe in this post : xx
Aurélie Jenna
Aurélie Jenna Maand geleden
cuuuuteeeeeee 💗💗💗💗
Christel Jonsson
Christel Jonsson Maand geleden
Men nog är väl havregrynsgröt det bästa, kör hårt med egen sked. Typ en grissini i handen, bryt en lång på 3. Lägg fram grissinisticks å majskorn, ostkuber, gärna mozzarella och fetaost,( ha den skurna i småkuber i burkar kylen). En macka delad på att med philadelfiaost eller gott smör eller någon mjukost, typ Kavlis räkost eller annan smaksättare. Havregryngröten, lägger du i blöt minst 10 min innan matdags, så grynen blir mjuka.Vispa ordentligt. Lägg in gröt som mellis åxå.Med olika toppings, detta då Leon blir mer och mer rörlig, och kräver mer och mer mat. Toppings, blåbär mixade ordentligt med stavmixer, samma med hallon, eller både och, men mixa hårt. Socker och kanel mums. Varför inte kokossocker, eller honung. Mjölk i pipmugg på sidan om. Om för varm gröt blanda i litet kall mjölk. När han går i gåstolen,kan du servera mosad banan med litet mjölk,mums. Lätt att ta med i en burk också, när man är ute, eller havregrynsgröt och mosad banan i burk ute. Hurra grind nere, snart grind uppe.
Mari Anna
Mari Anna Maand geleden
Your editor is doing a great job, Janni! I just thought she deserves some recognition :)
Melissa Field
Melissa Field Maand geleden
My 18 month olds favourite breakfast is a version of french toast. I mash a banana, whisk in an egg, add some vanilla and cinnamon and mix all together. Then I dunk some whole-wheat bread in it and fry it in a tiny bit of butter. It’s mess free so good for them to eat with their hands.
Erik Andersson
Erik Andersson Maand geleden
Try overnight oatmeal with some berries on top to Leon👍🏻👌🏻.
Alexandra Kar
Alexandra Kar Maand geleden
Watch Outlander! It's so good!
Bernd Ecke
Bernd Ecke Maand geleden
Hello the Harbour in Monaco is nice,will there be an ice scating rink this year?? an Idea for Leons Breakfast: Banana ,Apple ,oats,coconutmilk,linseed drink..nice taste and healthy.. greetings
marvona Maand geleden
Hi Janni, since I’m eating millet, there is no problem with my Iron. Greetings from Germany ✳️🍀✳️🍀✳️🍀
Annie Vlogs애니 로그
Annie Vlogs애니 로그 Maand geleden
I feel like Janni gets prettier and prettier each day :) Love from South Korea! XX
Mouse Haus
Mouse Haus Maand geleden
Oye snygg Leon 😅😊
Nicole Capper
Nicole Capper Maand geleden
banana pancakes/waffles they always love :) 1x banana mashed with 1x egg can add some cinnamon
Nicole Martha
Nicole Martha Maand geleden
Can we get a comment on your unnecessary traveling during these times?
Nicole Martha
Nicole Martha Maand geleden
@Mari Anna They traveled to Monaco, from Marbella, back to Marbella, to Sweden. And her girlfriends come back and forth.
Mari Anna
Mari Anna Maand geleden
What unnecessary traveling? They went to Sweden to renew their passports... As far as I know that's kind necessary 🤔
Klaus commentz aranguiz
Klaus commentz aranguiz Maand geleden
Anni Anny
Anni Anny Maand geleden
Whats about Banana Pancakes?
Diane Rivera
Diane Rivera Maand geleden
A 1 year old can eat anything you can. Eggs, oatmeal, pancakes, waffles, french toast, cereal, fruit, bacon, sausage. My boys ate everything. Scrambled eggs and pancakes were favorites.
Mbali Ngema
Mbali Ngema Maand geleden
What's a Janni vlog without a click and wink?!😉😍
Helena Maand geleden
Var är era vinglas från? 😀
nina magnusson
nina magnusson Maand geleden
Risgrynsgröt med smör o mjölk är poppis här hemma just nu🎄🎅🏻
ARM Music
ARM Music Maand geleden
Cerelac ?? Kids have that I suppose
ARM Music
ARM Music Maand geleden
Coolest parents 😂🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
ARM Music
ARM Music Maand geleden
Benni is definitely the coolest elder brother.
ARM Music
ARM Music Maand geleden
Perfect thumbnail
Rae Edwin
Rae Edwin Maand geleden
Lives of the super rich
Micke Storström
Micke Storström Maand geleden
The official papers are in. Benni is finaly adopted! 🤣
Lord Rob
Lord Rob Maand geleden
I would guess and say that they are either moving to Los Angeles or like Jon and Rickard said before build a house in Marbella together but now with Benni ;D
Chloe M
Chloe M Maand geleden
Please can c’est normal do that dressing gown again! It looks lush!
Muhammad _F_F
Muhammad _F_F Maand geleden
What are they celebrating
Kigoz4Life Maand geleden
probably some new douchebag product or launch..
Lisa Adriane
Lisa Adriane Maand geleden
those leggings arent doing you any favour .. ;) & you're wearing your mask upside down. The "harder" part belongs on your nose, not chin ;)
Kristina J.
Kristina J. Maand geleden
Would you like to read a comment like that about yourself? Kind of sad if putting others down makes you feel better. I think Janni looks stunning!
Sofia Johansson
Sofia Johansson Maand geleden
När kan man köpa den super fina morgonrocken ??🤩🤩🤩
Emi Maand geleden
Where is the black shirt/sweater from 4:49 ?😍
Qinisile Phungula
Qinisile Phungula Maand geleden
We liked it lol.
Оксана Кравченко
Оксана Кравченко Maand geleden
My one year old eats -pancakes, oatmeal porridge, syrniky ( traditional Russian quark pancakes) with honey or berries, yogurt
Marion s
Marion s Maand geleden
Is Benny still single?
Mari Anna
Mari Anna Maand geleden
Yes, he said in a q&a he's not looking for a relationship atm since he's got a lot of projects going on
Romy Girardin
Romy Girardin Maand geleden
Thank you for making the effort to keep vlogging end congratulations on the big news!
Sandy C
Sandy C Maand geleden
I love this blonde tone on you. Looks super good👌💕
pernilla wirenblad
pernilla wirenblad Maand geleden
Smörgåsrån med leverpastej, min son äääälskade det 🙂
Em Daugherty
Em Daugherty Maand geleden
I’m predicting that they’re celebrating about their houses that they’re building in Indonesia 👌🏻
Jeanne G-M
Jeanne G-M Maand geleden
@Alice C maybe Benni’s going to live with them, juste like good old times 😂
Alice C
Alice C Maand geleden
Yeah a house is possible, but why would Benni celebrate that? Maybe a boat? I don’t think they sold cest normal, the whole family have the name tattooed😅
Jeanne G-M
Jeanne G-M Maand geleden
or maybe they bought a new home in Monaco ! Now that baby 2 is on her way they'll need more space :)
HYYPERLIC Maand geleden
@Snorkel Enrisåker, in this case, we should have an eye on "their" business info if something changes in the upcoming week(s) -,+Berlin/Amtsgericht+Charlottenburg+%28Berlin%29+HRB+209351+B
Snorkel Enrisåker
Snorkel Enrisåker Maand geleden
@Em Daugherty Pretty sure they sold Ces't Normal. Guessing to the company Onepiece since they already had a small stake.
deinemudda Maand geleden
Hahahaha Janni you are exactly like me when u see a dog „awwwww awwwww I can’t“ too cute 😂😍
Peter Harris
Peter Harris Maand geleden
as a matter of fact there are compact led star lights on amazon black friday..
Martina Maand geleden
Tips på plockmat, är att skära en brödskiva med smör o pålägg i små tärningar.
marieke post
marieke post Maand geleden
Thanks, nice vlog!😇😍🥰
Benjamin_W Maand geleden
jag är så glad att du ladda ut en video idag
Benjamin_W Maand geleden
its my b day
Moreno Gabbanelli
Moreno Gabbanelli Maand geleden
Goodmorning Janni.....Ciaooo Leon..........
Ruth Long
Ruth Long Maand geleden
Hi janni just wanted you to know that in the states we usually say load and unload the dishwasher personally I hate them we had one growing up we just never used it oh and I always feel like Benny is part of the family so I'm glad he was there anyway can't wait for the next video ❤️🎅🤶🐩🌴🍓🍷🎄🎁
Ersatz Mode
Ersatz Mode Maand geleden
Please do not feed your child dead animals.
Anna Sophie Kodesova
Anna Sophie Kodesova Maand geleden
Jeroen Dutoix
Jeroen Dutoix Maand geleden
Is Jon depressed or something? Bed at 07u30, not saying much.. so weird..
Dimpho Solo
Dimpho Solo Maand geleden
I agree, he used to have so much energy and zeal
Mari Anna
Mari Anna Maand geleden
He's up super early, he said sometimes he gets up at 4. So not weird to go to bed early as well. I don't think it's cool to assume someone is depressed
The Denzy Bird
The Denzy Bird Maand geleden
I love the dolphin sounds Leon makes when he's happy! Did Benny get his own place? Much love to you, guys
Mari Anna
Mari Anna Maand geleden
He's living with a room mate in an apartment in the same building
Athina Gioka
Athina Gioka Maand geleden
Leon is so cute🤗love your beautiful family🙏🥰
Lisa_ and_Christian
Lisa_ and_Christian Maand geleden
Why dont you do a test and make several breakfast options: oatmeal, eggs, yogurt, breakfast cereal, bread and cheese, and maybe something totally random. Give Leon a little tiny taste of each. Then put them all on a towel on the floor and ask him which one he wants for breakfast. In fact, try this over the course of 3 days and see if his choice stays the same. BE SURE TO VLOG IT THOUGH. :)
Arthur08880 Maand geleden
Have you guys worried about living in a 1 bedroom apartment with leon and a baby and the constant danger of leon falling down the stairs?
Ricardo Leffering
Ricardo Leffering Maand geleden
@K Stefanie True, there is literally no other reason to live in Monaco. People say that they like living in Monaco are liars.
Callie Masters
Callie Masters Maand geleden
When Jon was doing the daily vlog, it was very easy to count up the days in each location and see they were way short of the 6 month Monaco residency requirement. I counted one year and it was much less, like half that, as they spent so much time in Spain, indonesia and traveling around Europe and the US. Kind of embarrassing to keep saying they lived there when it was more like a vacation stay.
Mari Anna
Mari Anna Maand geleden
@Dee Dee If you want to maintain the validity of your residence card, you must live in Monaco at least 183 days each year.
Sandy C
Sandy C Maand geleden
@Dee Dee oh I did not know that. But I wouldnt mind living in Monaco it is so pretty and cozy. 😊
Dee Dee
Dee Dee Maand geleden
@faisalleeds They can afford that huge house in Spain because they avoid paying taxes by living in Monaco for 180 days a year. It comes with a price. They'll probably just get a bigger apartment.
TiffiT. Maand geleden
I always forget that your pregnant again! 🙃 I can’t imagine what it’s going to be like with two! 💗💙
Emma A
Emma A Maand geleden
that puppy is cuter than any baby
Mari Anna
Mari Anna Maand geleden
Sorry but all baby animals are cuter than any baby 🤭
micky,0 kotze014
micky,0 kotze014 Maand geleden
Not cuter than you 🙃😂
9Cob Maand geleden
Eggs yogurt steak fruit potatoes for breakfast
Miro Rikà
Miro Rikà Maand geleden
Sarah Febrina Harmaini
Sarah Febrina Harmaini Maand geleden
yessss a new vloggg i'm so happy
Nicole Shepherdson
Nicole Shepherdson Maand geleden
Hey, when my son was 6months I did pancakes (due to severe acid relux), scrambled eggs, you can put yogurt in a bowl give him a spoon and let him go, fruits, i made homemade muffins, maybe try a cream of wheat since its smoother than oatmeal, my son didnt like the texture, hes 3 and still doesnt. My son ate everything at that age, now not so much, I keep telling my mom, I cant wait til hes older and ravages the frig lol. Good luck!!! How is your pregnancy going? Hope all is well Ns
Patricia Maand geleden
Are you guys going to stay in the apartment in Monaco when you have the 2nd baby ?
Callie Masters
Callie Masters Maand geleden
They'll have to move into a bigger apartment eventually, but it's so expensive they can wait until the kids are much bigger. They're only there a few months a year anyways.
Mari Anna
Mari Anna Maand geleden
I remember Janni said she wanted to give birth in Marbella since she prefers the hospital there :)
Patrick Woods
Patrick Woods Maand geleden
Bye bye hooray ! Leon walking like an Egyptian all the best nice to visit with you . Hi Benny !
Fanunu Maand geleden
Beautiful Janni! 🥰🥰
Chandrika Vithana
Chandrika Vithana Maand geleden
Hello baby bye 👮️👋
Elke Aerts
Elke Aerts Maand geleden
from which brand are the earings? :) (11:50)
NikiSwe Maand geleden
David Maand geleden
Benni seems to be the incredible cool uncle :D
Leoni Mirel
Leoni Mirel Maand geleden
Make som banana pancakes have oatmeal in them. And some berries etc. Avocado on some white soft bread, garnish the avocado with a bit flavor of your choice. Cucumber sticks, bread with cheese spread...
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