Buying a big track loader

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Andrew Camarata

29 dagen geleden

Buying a Caterpillar 977 crawler loader from an auction, trucking it home, and operating it for a few hours digging into a rocky hill side.

McNea 13 uur geleden
Levi needs some cannabis :P
cleonjr81 Dag geleden
Andrew I wish you would make your videos longer, I am an older person that used to be like You. Know All I can do is watch guy's wrenching and doing things thiere way. Got mad Respect for you Andrew.
Kanaka Maoli
Kanaka Maoli Dag geleden
Cody is inspecting that boulder the left. He is thinking, hey dude (Andrew) don't leave that thing there it's not safe man. Smart dog
tim mayer
tim mayer Dag geleden
Financially, I think Andrew is in MUCH better shape then we can imagine. If he owns a piece of equipment and it breaks, he fixes it in short order. Most of the used equipment he buys was probably sold by its owner for lack of funds to repair it properly. Andrew has access to these funds.
mrdiealot1 2 dagen geleden
*Owns a home made castle* *Ownes a dozer and a welder* Just gotta wait till the county or city violates your rights and bam kill dozer 3.0
N Dirt
N Dirt 4 dagen geleden
Watch those track seals on a 977, tight turns will blow them out and tracks will get real loose.
Lord Edward
Lord Edward 4 dagen geleden
Looks like your preparing to recreate the Grand Canyon in New York State! LOL!
Donald Swink
Donald Swink 6 dagen geleden
How you going to haul it.
Andrew Camarata
Andrew Camarata 5 dagen geleden
Not planning on moving it. But can hire someone.
Bryan Kinash
Bryan Kinash 7 dagen geleden
A zip line from the castle to the end of your driveway would be an absolute blast!
klaus nielsen
klaus nielsen 8 dagen geleden
14:48 ha ha
klaus nielsen
klaus nielsen 8 dagen geleden
3600$ or 36000$ ???
LN KJV only
LN KJV only 8 dagen geleden
Repent to Jesus Christ! Are you a sinner? Saint Luke 5:32 KJV I came not to call the righteous, but sinners to repentance. Saint Luke 13:3 KJV I tell you, Nay: but, except ye repent, ye shall all likewise perish.
Mike Mosley
Mike Mosley 8 dagen geleden
You should run some of that stuff through a small gold plant and see what comes out lol
Jerry Parker
Jerry Parker 9 dagen geleden
Hello Andrew, you have bought a very good machine in the 977K. I saw many of these in action when I was a young cat mechanic in the 1970's. It has an engine and transmission that are perfectly matched for hard work. Its not often that you see a fully enclosed cab on this model, a very good option. Just remember that digging in solid rock will shorten the life of any machine. I will be following you now and look forward to more videos of this machine. Thanks!
Adam Hallett
Adam Hallett 9 dagen geleden
Can’t wait until Andrew get a flat bed for himself. Diesel creek bought a military 5th wheel form the 60s. Would be an amazing addition if you could find one at action for yourself.
Donald Mends
Donald Mends 11 dagen geleden
Trackloaders with out rippers are practically useless.
Robert Butler
Robert Butler 12 dagen geleden
I know that this machine has tracks but why did you not call it by its right name and that is a bulldozer?
william foreman
william foreman 12 dagen geleden
Pretty cool 😎 👍
Henry Ramp
Henry Ramp 12 dagen geleden
the key is to TILT back as you move forward, not lift a tilted bucket as you move forward.
James luther Cantrell
James luther Cantrell 13 dagen geleden
Hey Andrew camarata I watch your NLposts videos as much as I can how much did it cost for you to make sea land home and i really like the hot tub and that door
Steve M
Steve M 13 dagen geleden
Andrew, how are you going to move the 977 to jobsites? Can you haul with your larger dump truck?
Andrew Camarata
Andrew Camarata 13 dagen geleden
Its too big. I'll hire someone if I really need to move that.
Na Na
Na Na 14 dagen geleden
Maybe needs a tunneling machine to get to other side.
J Hemphill
J Hemphill 15 dagen geleden
You had to hire a semi truck with a low-boy? C'mon dude, how can you not already own your own?
J Hemphill
J Hemphill 13 dagen geleden
@David Null That's the joke. Camarata has everything.
David Null
David Null 13 dagen geleden
The cost of a lowboy for a short local move is at least $500 ... then it has to be moved back home another $500. It really isn't practical or economical to have your own motor tractor and lowboy unless you are trucking every day, the cost of insurance and registration is just crazy.
Root Edge Gilmour
Root Edge Gilmour 16 dagen geleden
I need one of these for when i find some cars blocking my driveway or my cars
Joe Laughlin
Joe Laughlin 17 dagen geleden
Good purchase! How’s the track n rollers, sprockets?
Mike K
Mike K 18 dagen geleden
Can you install an attachment on your 977 on the back? It looks like something can be installed there, what is it?
Mike K
Mike K 18 dagen geleden
How will you transport the loader to job sites? You don’t have a tractor trailer. You will have to pay lots of money every time you use it
jake waters
jake waters 18 dagen geleden
I'm just starting in excavation work, just bought a 2021 kx71-3, have a 35 hp tractor , could use some tips on being profitable. What part of new York, I'm in Vermont
Kristine Jackson
Kristine Jackson 18 dagen geleden
How much was it
chop boss
chop boss 19 dagen geleden
Andrew get a roto tilt bucket for ur excavator
chop boss
chop boss 18 dagen geleden
@David Null and
David Null
David Null 18 dagen geleden
"roto tilt bucket for your excavator" A good name brand rototilt bucket for Andrew's excavator is around $25,000, that's more than the price of the excavator.
chop boss
chop boss 19 dagen geleden
Crazy how low those trailers are
Joeziah Babb
Joeziah Babb 19 dagen geleden
You should buy one of those chinese tandem rollers off alibaba... I'm ordering one but I won't have it delivered until after August so I'd be interested to see if you could get some use out of it. Even if it breaks down I'm sure you could Jerry rig it. I ordered the 25hp diesel model, 4400 lbs ride on tandem vibratory.
heavyearly 19 dagen geleden
NOTHING sounds like a 977 working
Ulf Tillberg
Ulf Tillberg 19 dagen geleden
If I calculated somewhat correctly, you spend more money on fuel for your pet projects every quarter than I earn in a year 😊
Chris Teal
Chris Teal 19 dagen geleden
Good machine right there. Spend A LOT of time on one over the years on derailments sites.
mister kluge
mister kluge 19 dagen geleden
awesome- nice looking machine. whoever invented that style of lowboy trailer was a genius
Dennis Fahlstrom
Dennis Fahlstrom 19 dagen geleden
How will you get the 977 to the job site? None of your trailers can handle 25 tons ...or can they? Can the larger 10 wheel dump truck haul something this heavy and a big trailer?
David Null
David Null 18 dagen geleden
The cost of a lowboy for a short local move is at least $500 ... then it has to be moved back home another $500. It really isn't practical or economical to have your own motor tractor and lowboy unless you are trucking every day, the cost of insurance and registration is just crazy.
Kurt New York
Kurt New York 19 dagen geleden
Need to get yourself a trackhoe. Only thing I don't see you have, and get a ripper for it, you wouldn't believe the difference it makes with rock and frost. Plus you can charge more ;)
John Smith
John Smith 19 dagen geleden
BABY KILLDOZER... Lets build it!
HavinAgudTime 20 dagen geleden
Tread on those who tread on you
Paul Spitsen
Paul Spitsen 20 dagen geleden
Your new Cat 977 needs some Caterpillar stickers and a clamshell bucket. Cant wait to see it in action on your next job. Will you have a transporter move it for you or do you have plans for a new trailer? Always love your videos!
Mhurtle65 20 dagen geleden
Nice man.
Razaah Omerta
Razaah Omerta 21 dag geleden
Wow, she takes some pretty big bites.
Man cave Garage
Man cave Garage 21 dag geleden
Andrew: asks Cody how he’s always wet me: looks at my dog wondering the same thing lol
mvgwizz 21 dag geleden
I’m the same age as Andrew and I love sharing these videos with my friends and family. Both my wife and daughter love watching the new ones together as a family.
Gregory Bondi
Gregory Bondi 21 dag geleden
Nice! Cant wait to see that on a job
Joe G.P.
Joe G.P. 21 dag geleden
so do you have a traier and truck big enough to move it ? seeing as you had to hire someone to move it the first time, i guess you don't
Bill George
Bill George 21 dag geleden
Buy a Cat 992 then you can put that little one in its bucket 🤣
jkwo2007 22 dagen geleden
Do you have 50 toys already?
Robert pas paschal
Robert pas paschal 22 dagen geleden
you should see about getting a 1500 pound hammer for your hitichi to hammer that hard rock
Benjamin Beytekin
Benjamin Beytekin 22 dagen geleden
Congrats to a 977! Excellent strong track loader.
Pauric Lawler
Pauric Lawler 22 dagen geleden
That machine sounds amazing
khaanych for gamers
khaanych for gamers 22 dagen geleden
Gratsz, Andrew!
Emerson Antônio muzniski
Emerson Antônio muzniski 22 dagen geleden
Donald Hayes
Donald Hayes 23 dagen geleden
( dog ) dad got a new toy
Mr. Anonymous
Mr. Anonymous 23 dagen geleden
Bro you took moving mountains to another level .
Юрий Тенянов
Юрий Тенянов 23 dagen geleden
UserName 23 dagen geleden
How does this guy make money to pay for all these toys? Just curious because making videos consumes a lot of time, not leaving much for making $
Louis Glen
Louis Glen 23 dagen geleden
A 933 would round things out very nicely. Each one of them has their niche.
Teckin 23 dagen geleden
Only Andrew would buy something at an auction that he has to tinker with even before it moves for the first time. hehe. I wish I had his skills.
A Stanton1966
A Stanton1966 23 dagen geleden
Amazing how good that low boy driver backed right in and hooked the trailer first time. I would of been there an hour.
Tony Luke
Tony Luke 24 dagen geleden
People will be kicking themselves in few weeks if they miss the opportunity to buy and invest in bitcoin
David Null
David Null 18 dagen geleden
If anyone is wondering, all the comments in this thread are from bots, not real people - beware.
Smith Kent
Smith Kent 23 dagen geleden
@Larry Andrew He is really nice how do I get in touch with expert Charles Jones
Larry Andrew
Larry Andrew 23 dagen geleden
Really, trading crypto with Mr Charles has been game changing for me
Kelvin Synedy
Kelvin Synedy 23 dagen geleden
Expert Charles jones has really made name for himself
Charlie Stephen
Charlie Stephen 24 dagen geleden
His success story is everywhere 😦
Thom Ream
Thom Ream 24 dagen geleden
Shoot, I give him 3 weeks before Andrew has that entire mountain leveled off. Thank God he's not into airplanes...
rob77ist 24 dagen geleden
Love the challenger
william canterbury
william canterbury 24 dagen geleden
after the two billion, four hundred ninety seven million eight hundred thirty five thousand one hundred and four ads . . .lost interest!
David Null
David Null 18 dagen geleden
NLposts Premium for your entire family, No more ads on NLposts.
Ian Walker
Ian Walker 24 dagen geleden
I wish Andrew would just keep digging into the hillside until he has enough room for a nice garage for all his equipment. That would be sweet.
Ma Ma
Ma Ma 24 dagen geleden
Andrew has ALL the toys, AND he knows how to use them!!!!!
david bailey
david bailey 24 dagen geleden
Get a pair of QC15 Bose head phones.
david bailey
david bailey 24 dagen geleden
Knocked the rust off the teeth
david bailey
david bailey 24 dagen geleden
That Cat sounds good under load
david bailey
david bailey 24 dagen geleden
Needs a 4 in 1 bucket
jeff debernardi
jeff debernardi 24 dagen geleden
That rock was some weight 💪
Howard Teschner
Howard Teschner 24 dagen geleden
It's must be great to have your own playground to test all the new toys !!
Del Spooner
Del Spooner 24 dagen geleden
Andrew has like 2 of everything. Just missing some mining drilling/mucking gear now. That's whats missing. A mine.
Jonathan Badham
Jonathan Badham 24 dagen geleden
two new sprockets and a clutch band and adust them as well
Jonathan Badham
Jonathan Badham 24 dagen geleden
is your clarke giving u issues my uncle danny has a d8 been sitting for over 10 years it ran but needs some work it needs the clutch band replaced and the linkages all need grease i hear these dozers can eat u0p 3-4 cases of oil in one sitting
Sam H
Sam H 24 dagen geleden
11:04 *Whatcha doin honey?* *Aaah, you know, just diggin my hill*
TC93 24 dagen geleden
That old cat sounds beautiful ❤️
Carl Stout
Carl Stout 24 dagen geleden
tracks look wore out no cleats beautiful machine !!!!!
Andrew Camarata
Andrew Camarata 24 dagen geleden
Track loaders don’t have cleats like bulldozers
Richard Rattansingh
Richard Rattansingh 24 dagen geleden
You should have seen the 983
Marc Overfelt
Marc Overfelt 24 dagen geleden
did the guy say how much he paid?
FISH_ADDICTS 24 dagen geleden
Best NLpostsr in the world this guy is amazing & has teach me so much been watching him for 3 years now
chevyfan 82
chevyfan 82 24 dagen geleden
scott sorter
scott sorter 24 dagen geleden
beast mode
Rob Banks
Rob Banks 24 dagen geleden
For an old machine it can still hall arse .
Eli Green
Eli Green 24 dagen geleden
Looks like Andrew needs a semi truck and a lowboy now
davidtanner4020 24 dagen geleden
Where was the auction? Looks like it was a good one
Eddie Patterson
Eddie Patterson 24 dagen geleden
Right towards the end he had that thing almost vertical using it like a skid steer. If anyone can do this it’s definitely Andrew. If anybody can put equipment through any difficulty working environments it’s definitely Andrew.
Sassy Sasquatch
Sassy Sasquatch 24 dagen geleden
would the 20 ton trailer with the pay star be able to tow this dozer?
Sassy Sasquatch
Sassy Sasquatch 24 dagen geleden
@Andrew Camarata nah it's fine just send it.
Andrew Camarata
Andrew Camarata 24 dagen geleden
Not really, this machine weighs 24 tons, and its too tall.
Jack Richards
Jack Richards 24 dagen geleden
nice machine. wanna get that crowd action going earlier so you push the teeth as much directly toward the mounted orientation as possible. start breaking those teeth off and repairing them, you'll catch my drift! also would help to blast some light charges into the hillside and loosen the spoil up? working smarter instead of harder. genuinely don't want rock and soil flying through the air around there !
Phil B
Phil B 25 dagen geleden
"What are you doing?? How are you always wet?" 😂 Story of my life
Алексей Седов
Алексей Седов 25 dagen geleden
realrayra 25 dagen geleden
answers the question of 'where does he get these fabulous toys?'
David Catlette
David Catlette 25 dagen geleden
977 beast but wait cat did make a 983 track too? But the hyd lines under the floorboards are a bitch too work on i know
K G 25 dagen geleden
I don't know much about heavy equipment, but I just feel that the 955 would be a better choice because of the fact that it's half the weight of the 977 which would make it easier to transport around. You also summed up at the end what I thought when you put them side-by-side; the scoop is bigger, but not a big difference. The jobs you take on makes the 955 the perfect size when you need something more than a skid-steer.
mcd5082 25 dagen geleden
That’s a great truck driver
Jordan Patrick
Jordan Patrick 25 dagen geleden
I’d love to see Andrew do some tree clearing with this thing.
Flat Thunder
Flat Thunder 25 dagen geleden
Now this is a serious track loader! Wow! 👍. Any plans for your own low boy transport?
Liam Alferness
Liam Alferness 25 dagen geleden
U need a semi truck with trailer it would be so good
J. A.
J. A. 25 dagen geleden
I was going to ask. What's the loader for. But i guess the last one wasn't enough for the mountain
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